Table for a manual circular saw with their own hands

The table for the circular saw with your own hands

Saw four blanks with the dimensions 152 x 508 mm for the supports of extensions D. To determine their final width, place the coping saw on top panel A Place a long straight board rule on the saw table and support handle B. so that its ends extend beyond the edge of the platform. Measure the distance from the rule to the underside of the bottom panel. Saw the D-support blanks to this width and save the trimmings.

To mark on the supports of the expansions D the centers of the holes into which the pipe ends are inserted. mark on one end of the bottom panel A the centers of the openings between the pipe guides C Draw the center lines for the outer opening at the front and for the inner opening at the back.

A manual circular saw can be used for this purpose quite normally. The power and diameter of the disc directly depends on what and how much you are going to process. Remember also that clamping to the table steals up to 20 mm of the maximum cutting depth so that single-handed saws with a 120 mm blade are not suitable for this application. Having a circular saw with depth and angle of cut adjustment features will give you more options for fine machining parts and cutting drawer grooves.

Features of a circular saw

Knowing these features is extremely important, you must take into account the modes of operation of the saw, know the type of loads and take all possible measures to strengthen the most important nodes. Only with this approach is it possible to achieve long and safe operation of the home-built machine.

What are the common features of woodworking machines?

High speed of the saw’s teeth. This is how the quality of the sawing process is ensured. But the high revolutions of the saw blade cause serious injuries, during the manufacture of the machine you should pay very close attention to safety. It is obligatory to install all the devices available on the production copies Don’t think that some of them are superfluous, and you can upgrade the factory samples for the better. All points of safety rules are written in the blood of injured people, do not repeat tragic mistakes.

It is not meant to be able to withstand high static loads, although this is very important. The table can withstand these kinds of high forces without any problem but at the same time it vibrates under even relatively minor dynamic and multidirectional loads. Such a condition does not have a negative impact on safety, but noticeably worsens the quality of the cut

On the surface of the lumber are noticeable traces of teeth, it is difficult to maintain the specified linear dimensions, etc. д.

Fire and electrical safety. Absolutely all electrical appliances, motors, starters and other special fittings must be installed in strict accordance with the requirements of PUE. You should know that dry sawdust is not only a great burner, but at a certain concentration in the air form an explosive mixture. By the way, burning sawdust is difficult to extinguish, it floats on the water and continues to burn.

Do not make the simplest machine at the expense of safety devices, strictly follow the recommendations of the designers. Decide what you need, a woodworking machine or a fresh problem?

Drawing and dimensions

Before you start working, it is recommended to make a drawing of the product. On it indicate all the dimensions, materials of manufacture and other important information. Make a high-quality drawing of any furniture item can be made with the help of special computer programs.

Making a drawing of the table, be sure to take into account the size of the circular saw. Each brand of tool will have a certain size.

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If you like to leave materials on the table during the work process, then the size of the table top should be at least 120 by 120 cm.

What is needed to create

To get to work, you need to prepare carefully.

Materials and tools

For a homemade table you will need a solid metal or wooden base. Some masters prefer to make tables of aluminum, steel.

table, manual, circular, their, hands

It is difficult to work with large volumes of wood with an ordinary circular saw, so it is better to set it on a table.

Important! The wood must be treated with a special agent that has an antiseptic composition to prevent rotting processes.

Materials that will be needed in the process of work:

  • the base, the thickness of which is not less than 22 cm;
  • bars for reinforcing and making the support (you can use 5 pieces of trim board);
  • wooden dowels, 10 cm in size (12 pieces or more will be needed for the work);
  • carpentry glue;
  • metal fasteners (not less than 4 pieces, and the exact number depends on the dimensions and length of the table);
  • Metal corners in the amount of 10 pieces;
  • self-tapping screws.

Before the work you need to prepare the tools. For the marks take a pencil or marker, a meter, a tape measure, an electric jigsaw, a hand model router. To process the wood, you will need a grinder, sandpaper of different grit levels, which removes the jagged edges.

A modern jigsaw is equipped with a built-in safety feature, electronic speed control, vibration and noise level dampers.

Also needed are a planer, a drill and an electric screwdriver. Materials and tools are prepared in advance and placed in the workplace.

It will go much easier if you use an electric screwdriver.

Determine the design and construction

To choose a design, you need to decide on the base material. For wooden tabletops suitable for sheet wood species of trees, which are resistant to rotting processes with proper antiseptic treatment. A special hole is made in the base for the disk.

The table for the circular saw can be constructed by yourself, exactly adhering to a certain scheme.

For the wooden base use a sturdy base of four stakes, planks of 50×150 mm. It must be stable to ensure safety. Curved or bent sheets of metal are not suitable for the work, because there is a high chance of injury.

Constructing the element with your own hands allows you to make the saw as suitable as possible for individual conditions.

You can make a simple design or equip it with a wedge blade of a removable design. Additionally perform a disc protector, so that the work shavings do not fly on the person who will work at the table. If you want to saw at an angle, you need to add details to adjust the angle of the blade.

You can adjust the product to the required size, to distribute everything so that it is convenient for you.

For circulation make a guide carriage of the table. It includes the following elements:

After choosing the design of the structure, it is necessary to make drawings of the table for a circular saw with their own hands.

A handmade model will be one of a kind, which makes it unique.

Drawings and diagrams

Please note! You need a blueprint to prevent errors in the process.

First of all make a calculation of the dimensions to transfer them to the cardboard. In it make a hole, which should fit the dimensions of the saw. Before creating the drawing and diagram, you need to buy cutting tools. Universal holes are not provided in this design because they will not provide maximum stability, safety and endurance of heavy loads.

To make a table for a circular saw is quite feasible for every master.

You can leave a little extra space for tools or wooden workpieces. Suitable sizes: 120×120 cm.

An example of a drawing of a table for a circular saw:

Difficulties in the process will not arise if you carefully study the issue.

Scheme with a detailed description and dimensions:

The table is made with the assumption that the hand tool will be installed and fixed on the table, turning it into stationary equipment.

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Safety requirements

Self-made table under the saw. not such a difficult task as it may seem. In case there is good material at hand, its characteristics are chosen correctly, and the power of the device ranges from 500 to 1000 watts, the above instructions will be the basis of work.

It should not be overlooked that at any stage of the production of the table should control the accuracy of its own operations. Otherwise, if there are deviations in size or deformation of the legs during the tie of the ribs, it will be very difficult to resume stability. Nevertheless, the production of a table for a circular saw with your own hands is an absolutely real task for a few hours.

Stationary machine

Circular machine, as close as possible to the factory models, requires a competent approach to assembly, so before making a circular saw of the stationary type, it is necessary to think through all the details. In principle, the table mini circular saw from the stationary differs in the height of the bed, which depends directly on the nature of the work performed and the size of the workpieces that will be processed by the device. One-time work can be carried out on a compact table saw, with a circular saw from a manual circular saw can be easily hidden in a shed or closet, and the carpenter, who is constantly manipulating with lumber, will need a stationary self-made circular saw. Below you will find a diagram detailing all the elements and accessories for a circular saw of this type.

As can be seen from the figure, homemade circular saws of this type have a clear design, and drawings like the one presented above, greatly facilitate the process of their assembly. Before you make a circular saw, as well as mount a circular table with your own hands, let’s consider each detail of the unit separately, so you know all the subtleties of its operation and installation.

table, manual, circular, their, hands

The table for the circular saw

The table for a manual circular saw with a slot in the center is sometimes remade from an ordinary kitchen one, or assembled from planks or metal profiles. Experts strongly recommend covering the table for circular saws with a sheet of galvanized metal, as without coverage the base is threatened by abrasion in the center from the constant friction of the lumber, which in turn will adversely affect the quality of the kerf, and the depth of cut will be uneven. Cross ties that strengthen the sawing table is better to make from 60. 80 mm steel angle with a horizontal segment outward in order to simplify the installation of the side limiter. Self-made table, on which the circular saw will be installed, must be strong and stable, and it must be securely fixed in a fixed position.

Circular saw blade

Toothed disc should be elevated above the surface of the circular saw table by a maximum of one third of its diameter, otherwise it will not cut wood properly, and the process itself will become dangerous. If you need to cut a bar with, for example, 100 mm in diameter, the similar parameter of the cutter should not exceed 350 mm, but the engine needs to have power from 1 kW. For workpieces over 150 mm in diameter a handmade mini circular saw is unlikely to be suitable. Some factory-made circular saws have a riving knife that is installed behind the blade at a distance of 2. 3 mm from the saw teeth. It eliminates the jamming moment due to the clamping of parts of the sawn workpiece, so it can be very useful in the case of assembling a home-made circular saw.

Adjustable side stop

It is possible to put a qualitative stop from a steel angle of about 80 mm, which is 3. 4 cm longer than the construction of the table. The flat sides of the corner are bent down so that their width was one and a half cm thicker than the thickness of the table. After installation, the stop is fixed to the homemade circular saw table in a given position with screws. This element is adjusted according to the template placed between it and the cutter.

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Shaft, which is installed on the circular saw is the most responsible unit, so its boring and testing together with the disk should be done only by a specialist with special equipment. Products made of pipe with a carelessly fixed the circle is excluded at once, because the slightest error in the work of this element will turn into major troubles such as equipment failure, damage to the workpiece and personal injury to the operator. The optimal solution is to buy a ready made shaft with a seating place for the torch. It is better to give preference to ball self-aligning bearings, which have a curved inner surface, otherwise the home-made node will quickly collapse and the shaft, mounted on a home-made circular saw, will become worthless.


In our case, the belt drive will be ideal, but it is better to refuse from the rigid gear mechanism, as such a self-made machine does not guarantee safety. If you suddenly find a nail in the lumber, the rotor of the motor will cause the disc to break, which can lead to injuries. If the inside diameter of the belt pulleys is small, there will be slippage, and the tensioned belt will serve as a kind of damping. The gear ratio is usually selected on the basis of the engine speed, necessarily taking into account the allowable number of revolutions of the disk. The smaller the diameter of the saw blade, the higher its rotation speed can be, and the cleaner the remodeled unit will cut.


Among self-made devices, the most popular is the circular saw, assembled from the motor from a washing machine.This choice is explained by the fact that its scheme of work is best suited for such purposes. In contrast to the collector units, which are usually equipped with power tools, the motor from the washing machine operates at a lower speed, which means that it shows a longer operation, has higher efficiency and is not so prone to all kinds of clogging. You can also use a three-phase motor, but then you will need the additional cost of buying the starting and working condenser, so economical to do the device from a washing machine. Here, in general, are all the wisdom.

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