How to check the angle grinder armature for inter-turn short circuit

What burns most often in an angle grinder.Signs of rotor burn As Shakespeare said, “Nothing lasts forever under the moon. Household appliances, alas, are no exception. It happens that even the most reliable mechanism fails. And you should be ready to meet this fact without panic, with the firm belief that there is no such…

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How to check the armature of the angle grinder at home

Features Modern electrical equipment is equipped with motors with additional protection devices such as thermal fuses, thermal relays and motor speed sensors. Thermal fuses interrupt the power supply circuit at a certain threshold of the engine heating. Its serviceable condition will be evidenced by a tester reading as a short circuit; Thermal relays replace fuses.…

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How to remove the bearing from the angle grinder armature

How to properly repair the angle grinder with their own hands The bearing units in bucking machines are under great strain as the work progresses. This is the reason for frequent failure of angle grinders due to wear or destruction of the bearings. You can remove the defective bearing and replace it with a new…

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