How to cut a log into boards with a chainsaw

Sawing and sawing wood Some people have the opportunity to take a certain area in the forest for logging, to dissolve the trunks, but how can a chainsaw dissolve a log into boards, if with this never had to deal? Those who have been engaged in logging for a long time, can do it without…

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How to cut skirting boards on the ceiling with a wire cutter

With what and how to cut a plastic baseboard The skirting board is the element that gives the finish look. The connection of the walls with the ceiling and the floor must be made very accurately and beautifully. Choose the right skirting boards, coordinate them with the walls, floor and ceiling, install the corners. it…

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How to saw a board into boards with a manual circular saw

Making the kerf without stopping It is desirable not to stop during the sawing of wooden parts. The circular saw has to run smoothly in the material and not interrupt. Otherwise the boards will be left with irregularities and cuts, which will prevent further use of the wood. Movement should be smooth and soft, so…

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