What compressor capacity you need for painting

Compressor Types Perhaps the most correct classification of compressors, comes from the way the air is forced into the receiver. Beginning from the method of operation of the pumping device, you can draw conclusions about the effectiveness of the unit as a whole, and conclude on the advisability of its use in certain works. To…

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How to check compressor capacity kt 6

Compressor KT6 three-cylinder, vertical, two-stage, intercooled, belongs to the group of W-shaped compressors These compressors are used on diesel locomotives of TEP, TEP7, TEP60 series, shunting locomotives TEM1 and TEM2. Modification of compressor KT6 is compressor KT7 with reversed direction of rotation of the crankshaft and used on diesel locomotives TE10, TEP10, 2TE10 series. Compressor…

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