Electronic indicator screwdriver how to use. Testers of a non -contact type voltage

How to use an indicator screwdriver and why it is needed Today I will tell you about the indicator screwdriver, for which it is needed and most importantly, how to use it. Indicator screwdriver, phase indicator, or, as it is briefly called the people, indicator or probe. This is the device with which you can…

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How the ignition on the chainsaw works. Electronic ignition scheme on the chainsaw features of the design, the principle of operation and the special repair specialty.

Chainsaw ignition system. Device, verification and adjustment The ignition system of the chainsaws is a number of details that form a spark when starting the engine engine. In most cases, the ignition system is a fairly reliable node, but sometimes, for various reasons, some of its details fail. Let’s study the features of the repair…

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