Echo motor gap on motorcycle. The first way to eliminate the malfunction: checking the candle

Cutting device. operator from random contact with the cutting head and discarded objects. Trued knife. Cuts a nylon string for string length settings for the required scope of braids for grass. The shaft tube is part of the device that serves for Energy supply to the transmission shaft. Front (circular) handle. Light, suitable for The…

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trimmer for gasoline grass where to fill the oil. First start

Trimmeres care The durability of any motorcycles available is directly affected by the proper operation and care of the garden tool. The operation of the lawn mower depends on this, as well as its effectiveness and speed on the site. There is a list of rules and recommendations, adhering to which the owner of a…

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How to sharpen a chain of a chainsaw with a file. First about horror stories

Sharpening chains of chainsaws with your own hands The use of chainsaws allows you to change the size and shape of wood and other materials. The cutting element of the chainsaw is a chain that moves at high speed during operation. There are blades on the chain, the geometry of which causes quick cutting. Over…

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