Cut in half and several more pieces. How it is more convenient to cut cabbage with significant volumes

Cutting into two equal parts, part one Cutting tasks are the area of ​​mathematics, where, as they say, the mammoth did not lie. Many separate problems, but in fact there is no general theory. In addition to all the well-known theorem of Boyai-Hervin, there are practically no other fundamental results in this area. Uncertainty. an…

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If the worm is cut in half the halves. Do worms of mowed grass love?

Necromancy on planarias Flat worms of planaria have long been known for their outstanding abilities for regeneration. If you cut the planaria in half, both halves usually turn into normal worms: a new tail grows at the front end, on the back. New head. Contrary to widespread opinion, rainworms do not have this ability, after…

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There is a steel magnet if we saw it in half

Edited by: The scope of application of permanent magnets today is very wide, but the purpose of their. USREOU/ЄDRPOU code 22976428Trade supplies: permanent magnets. Title: Permanent Magnets: Reference book Author: Altman A.V. Б., Herberg A. Н., Gladyshev P. И.et al; Edited by Yu. Pyatin Publisher: “Energy” Year: 1980. Pages: 488. Abstract: The reference book provides…

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