How to increase the speed of your power tiller. Additional accessories

Stroker for power tiller with his own hands and care of it The power tillers have been considered high-class and reliable helpers for the farmer for many years. A lot of functionality is added by the attached equipment, which allows you to turn a classic single-axle tractor into something more versatile and useful. Today’s article…

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How to increase the speed on a Cascade power tiller

Install the valves This procedure should be done only when the engine is cold. The metal expanded by heat does not allow performing it correctly and accurately. Wait about 3 or 4 hours. It is recommended first to blow off the motor with compressed air, and ideally. to wash it. After disconnecting the wires from…

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How to increase the output of the compressor

Compressor choice The main thing to keep in mind when choosing a compressor. there is no “one size fits all. Choose the equipment you need for the job and the amount of work to be done. We have already touched on the choice of compressors in the context of the choice of spray guns. In…

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