How to insert a self -tapping screw into an electric screwdriver. Magnetization and hardening bit

Is it possible to drill an electric screwdriver Not always an electric screwdriver. A multifunctional tool. Often he performs certain tasks. But sometimes you have to deal not only with wood and simple fasteners. There are bricks, concrete and metal in the work. In this article we will talk about whether it is possible to…

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How to insert a screw into an electric screwdriver. Tips for women on working with electric screwdriver

How to use an electric screwdriver correctly Many novice masters often have a question of how to use an electric screwdriver, at the first acquaintance with it. This happens almost everyone, but the study of the principles of work and operating rules does not take much time due to the fact that the modern tool…

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How to insert a blade into a hand jigsaw

Saw blade clamp repair Unfortunately many producers of power tools, often economize on materials, which reduces the service life of the produced devices. The jigsaw blade clamp is also subject to occasional breakage, which is subject to serious pressure during operation. Below we will tell you what can happen to the sawblade clamp and how…

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