How to make a hole without a drill. How to drill a large diameter hole in the metal

How to make a hole in a metal without a drill Which of us did not have to twist the drill in our hands, holding it with pliers to make a hole in a piece of wood, cursing that there is no electric carrier or simple mechanical? Well, there is not always a drill, or…

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Drilling large holes in a brick wall

How to drill a hole in a brick. How to drill a brick wall with a drill properly: sequential execution of the process Certain skills and the right tools are required. Nevertheless, there is nothing complicated about it, and you can drill a brick wall yourself, without resorting to the help of craftsmen. Brick wall…

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Cutting out of a large angle grinder with their own hands

Types of fixtures, their advantages and disadvantages There are two types of cut-off machine designs, differing in the location of the angle grinder, which can be home-built. The first unit is a bed with an angle grinder rigidly fixed under it. Only the saw blade is visible on the work surface and slides freely through…

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