The chainsaw longitudinal sawing device with your own hands

How to saw a log into boards with a chainsaw: equipment and technology. Makeshift sawmill from a chainsaw A sawmill is a woodworking machine used for longitudinal sawing of blanks made of various types of wood. It was invented in the Bronze Age and was originally used in shipbuilding. To design a sawmill with your…

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Sharpening the chain of a chainsaw for longitudinal sawing

Chain sharpening for rip sawing A simple hand-held device that is suitable for sharpening chainsaw chains in the field. Patriot manual CFG Universal hand device weighing 730 grams, suitable for all types of chain saws. round files with suitable diameters: 4.0 to 5.5 mm. LUX-TOOLS Versatile mobile device made in Italy. ParameterValue Weight, g 417…

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