Boat electric screwdriver how to make. Features of the manufacture of the screw part

Electric screwdriver for ice discovery, which tool to choose and how to finalize the screw If you look for a really high.Quality and productive electric screwdriver for good winter fishing, then you are recommended to pay attention to several primary characteristics of this tool. Voltage and battery capacity Based on the alleged loads, it is…

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How to know the date of manufacture of a Bosch battery

How to know the date of manufacture of the battery Many motorists when buying a battery want to know exactly when their battery was manufactured. All manufacturers include the date of manufacture in the production code printed on the battery case. In this article we will analyze in detail what the codes on the batteries…

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How to know the date of manufacture of Bosch batteries

Varta, Bosch, Hanza, Berga, Energizer, Perion, Black Max, Safa, etc Can be assembled in 7 countries, but as a rule only Czech Republic and only AGM batteries from Germany are imported to Ukraine. Place of application. top cover, the code can be in the far right or in the far left corner, also in European…

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