How to make a receiver for the compressor with their own hands

A compressor from a gas cylinder with their own hands. Compressor with their own hands: installation options How to make a receiver from a propane cylinder A compressor is an indispensable thing in the household, at home. This is especially true for those who have their own workshop and like to make things or do…

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Receiver for the car compressor with his hands

How to choose the best air tank parameters Like any technical product, a receiver has a number of technical parameters. Among them are: Volume, l. Humidity. Operating parameters, e.g., limits for humidity, temperature. Characteristics of the place of installation of the compressor unit. It must be installed away from heat sources, fire and explosive substances.…

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How to make an additional receiver for the compressor

Determine the parameters In addition to capacity, the receiver for a compressor can be characterized by the following parameters: According to the requirements of PB 03-576-03 it is forbidden to use receivers that have surface defects, be it corrosion, dents and cracks, as well as those that have not passed the test of the efficiency…

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