How to rivet the segments of the mowing. Segment mower for a walk -behind tractor

CS: GO-2, 1 mowering device and adjustments The braid is used to mow natural and seeded herbs. Brief technical characteristics. Performance for 1 hour of the main work. 1.25. 2.3 hectares. Capture width. 2.1 m. Working speeds. 6. 12 km/h. The average cut height is 60 mm (natural herbs) and 80 mm (seeded herbs). Finger…

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How to make a segment mower with your own hands

Segment mower for tractors The segment mower for your power tiller or tractor works on the principle of a pair of scissors. The cutting blades (“fingers”) are reciprocating and travel parallel to the ground. The blades of grass caught between the moving and stationary segment are cut like scissors. The cuttings are distributed into two…

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Which mower is better with a rotary mower or a segment mower?

Before you buy a particular mower, familiarize yourself with the most popular and widespread options. Compare their and main features. Consider the pros and cons. Only then make a concrete choice. and more. Top manufacturers include: Ghepard The professional segment mower for power tillers Ghepard (MBK0012013) has a working width of 92 cm, which is…

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