How to adjust the valve on a walk -behind tractor. Valves adjustment on the AGRO Motoboblock Procedure Procedure

Motoboblock adjustment: carburetor, valve, fuel system The adjustment of the motorogue carburetor should be carried out periodically in order to operate the mechanism. A possible cause of changes in the operation of the motor block may be a carburetor. To do this, the device is disassembled, cleaned and regulated (set up). Regardless of the carburetor…

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Tool for replacing valve guide sleeves

Replacement of valve sleeves in the classic car To replace the valve guide sleeves is quite rare, although it befalls most owners of cars VAZ classic family. To begin with the purpose of these most bushings they, proceeding from the name, are intended to limit the spatial movement of valves in relation to the cylinder…

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Safety valve for the compressor with his own hands

Air compressor from auto parts Fundamentally different design in the air compressor, which is collected on the basis of a ZIL compressor and a free-standing engine. This is a more powerful piece of equipment that can also be used to connect a pneumatic tool. Very noisy unit. Compressor unit layout drawing: 1 Compressor from ZIL-130;…

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