How to sharpen a disc saw. How to determine wear?

How to make a machine and sharpen a disc circuit saw instruction with a detailed description For sawing wood, a specialized power tool is used, as well as gear wheels that are blunting over time and cannot cope with the fulfillment of their tasks. In order not to buy a new cutting nozzle, the discs…

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How to wear a trimmer for grass for grass. How to mow a gas toss with a fishing line correctly

Trimmer care for grass: Rules and recommendations A beautiful well.Groomed lawn, a neatly trimmed lawn. This is the result of using a trimmer for grass for grass. Using this tool, you can quickly put the site in order. Unlike the lawn mower, a small and maneuverable tool easily penetrates into hard.To.Reach places (around trees, near…

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Why do the brushes on an angle grinder wear out quickly?

The principle of operation of an electric motor is based on the interaction of a conductor with a current in a magnetic field. The main element of its construction is the permanent magnet for DC motors, the excitation winding for AC motors. The rotor (armature) has its own winding, which is energized by a brush-collector…

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