Tarpan moth-cultivator oil change in gearbox

Instruction manual

Tarpan single axle tractor, the instruction manual for which will be reviewed below, has a very interesting feature. it can easily be disassembled into two component parts for more convenient transportation.

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It consists of a power pack, power unit, fuel system and control elements. The second part is a geared unit, which consists of a gearbox, gearbox, wheel or tiller, and two brackets, a rear and a front.

Gearbox oil change

On different internet forums a lot of people ask how to change the oil in the Tarpan engine block? To begin with you need to drain the oil into a dish, and then pour it into the gearbox to the optimum value (350 ml). The oil is filled and the old one is drained through the opening with a plug.

It is recommended to drain the oil immediately after completing all works, when the oil has not yet had time to cool down.

Many people are also interested in what oil to fill in a gearbox of Tarpan motoblock? According to the instructions, you should use SAE 90 oil for the gearbox.

Regarding oil for the engine, then the required oil grade is specified in the manual to the engine itself (different models of Tarpan power harvester use different engine, so the oil will be different).

Gear oil change

Replacement of oil seals in the gearbox of motor-block Tarpan is carried out in case of oil leakage from the gearbox. This should be done immediately, because in the case of total leakage from the gearbox, all of its components will fail rather quickly, t.к. cannot run for a long time without oil.

Classification of oils

To increase the life of a gasoline or diesel engine it is necessary to make the right choice of engine oil. Its untimely replacement reduces life of the engine. How to choose it, how much oil and how to fill a single axle tractor. about this let’s talk more. Each set of tractor or power tiller includes a mini-tractor and product data sheet. The annotation contains the list of suitable types of fuel and lubricants that can prolong the life of equipment. Oil in the engine performs its functions:


With air cooling the grease settles on the walls of the hot cylinder. These deposits contaminate engine parts and make lubrication processes more difficult. That’s why there are antioxidant additives in the lubricant. They clean the cylinder walls from carbon deposits and extend the service life of the power tiller. Different climatic zones require different lubricants. They differ in viscosity, composition and purpose.

Rototiller Gearbox Oil Change


Aggregate Tarpan TMZ-MK-03 is an ergonomic modular design that allows not only easy to transport equipment in their own tc, and store it in the cottage, as the machine takes minimum space in comparison with other similar devices for agricultural activities.

A power tiller can be operated with various types of detachable attachments. The four-stroke motor of the machine is painfully simple to install and dismantle without any help from others. Motor power is 6 hp. с. This line of equipment also contains devices that run on a Japanese engine, the power of which will be the least. The gearbox and plug are housed in an oil bath. The device has a single-speed gear, the working area width depends directly on the type of additional equipment used. Motor cultivator can work together with a plow, lawn mower, rake, milling machine, ice scrapers, snow plowing equipment.

Never use summer automotive oil in the winter. At the first opportunity, experts recommend to make sure to replace the car oil in the snowthrower to a specialized lubricating liquid.

Therefore, it is strongly not recommended to use automotive engine oil to keep your power tiller in working condition. After all, the use of automotive leads to accelerated depreciation of the cylinders and engine piston group as a whole, which eventually causes the engine failure.

Tarpan snow blower oil change in the gearbox

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tarpan, moth-cultivator, change, gearbox

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Tarpan moth-cultivator oil change in a gearbox

Rural life imposes a certain mark not only on the man himself, but also on the activity he is engaged in. Living in the countryside, it is almost impossible to do without a personal vegetable garden, where you can grow a variety of vegetables, herbs and, of course, potatoes.

However, in order for this to be possible, it is necessary to carry out annual preliminary soil preparation, i.e.е. plow and cultivate it, so that the harvest can grow normally.

Previously, plowing was a rather labor-intensive process, using manual labor and primitive tools, but over time, this process has been greatly simplified. This was made possible by the partial automation of the entire process, through the use of special equipment such as a single axle tractor.

With the help of this device you can perform almost the entire range of agricultural work, which makes it almost indispensable in the household of every dacha owner and farmer. In our country are popular with a variety of brands of power tillers, both domestic and foreign.

The value of the first ones is in their relatively low cost and not bad performance. These criteria fully meet the single-axle tractor Tarpan, which is the brainchild of Tulamashzavod Production Association.

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