That you can saw a end saw. The end saw may provide for power from the 220V network or from the battery. The latter are mobile devices that are usually used on construction sites where there is no electrification. With the help of such equipment, boards and a beam are prepared for ceiling, floors, manufacturing fences. Battery saws are equipped with batteries for 18V, 20V, 36V, 54V. The more voltage, the more powerful the tool.

That you can saw a circular saw

Today we will continue the conversation about the tools necessary in the carpentry workshop. Find out how the disc drink differs from the circular saw.

Some beginner masters poorly understand the differences in these two tools and often confuse them. The fact is that the same working body is used in them. A saw disk. It is a steel circle, on the outer edge of which the teeth are located, like a saw. The disk is installed on the electric motor axis. During work, he rotates and saws the material.

The main scope of these saws is woodworking. When installing the appropriate saw disk, such tools can be used to work with aluminum and plastic.

What is the difference between the end saw and the circular?

The purpose of the end saw

The name “end” serves as an indication of the purpose of this saw. The design of the ends of the workpiece, the cuts of wood across the fibers. In this, it differs from the closest relative. A circular saw, which is usually used for longitudinal cutting of a tree.

Modern powerful engines and especially strong saw discs allow the end to cut not only wood, but also plastic, thin metal profiles and pipes, composite materials based on wood. For these materials, the concepts of “longitudinal” and “transverse” are very conditional: if such terms are applied, then we are not talking about the structure of the material, but about the form of a specific workpiece. Of course, the form of the workpiece can be very diverse, sometimes without a clearly expressed longitudinal axis.

The applicability of the end saw in one case or another is determined exclusively by the convenience of serving a specific workpiece. Thus, the name “end saw” cannot be considered fully reflecting the potential of this tool, just such a name has historically entrenched in stationary disk saws with a mobile cutting knot.

The end saw can cut the material not only at straight, but also at randomly chosen angles, for which it is sometimes called electric stupid. Over, many modern devices allow a change in the angle not only in the horizontal, but also in the vertical plane, t. E. She is capable of sawing and leaning. With the help of a end saw, you can even choose grooves if necessary.

provide, power, mobile, devices

As you can see, the possibilities of this tool are much wider than you might seem at the beginning. It is not surprising that the endings can be found more and more often in small carpentry, at construction sites, in home workshops. They resort to their help in the manufacture of window frames and doorbells, when laying floors (a parquet board, laminate, skirting boards) and other finishing work (cuts of lines, various aluminum and plastic profiles), in the manufacture of wooden furniture.

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Makita LS 1040

At one time, carefully evaluating the upcoming front of the work, we decided to purchase a professional unit that will allow you to perform the most accurate and pure cuts that will be as safe as possible. In their native store, they examined a lot of samples and made a conscious choice in the form of the end saw Makita LS 1040. The eminent manufacturer with an excellent reputation and this time did not let us down. For several years, the saw has been working without having lost its characteristics, without failures and breakdowns. Sometimes such moments fall out that we operate it on the principle of “on Monday turned on. Turned off on Saturday”.

As always, we attached great importance to the compactness and weight of the tool, although this is just the case when these parameters are not so critical. So, the machine, in comparison with many similar models, is rather miniature, while its weight does not exceed 11 kilograms. It is very convenient for carrying, you just need to fix the power unit in the lower position, in the upper part of which there is an additional bracket handle.

The engine on this end saw is installed quite powerful and resourceful. 1650 watts and 4600 about./min. Respectively. These are decent and very important indicators, because, as you know, the higher the speed of the canvas, the cleaner the cutter.

For LS 1040, a disk with a diameter of 260 mm is suitable, with it you can handle relatively flat blanks up to 130 mm wide, the maximum cut depth is 95 mm at a right angle and 67 mm. At 45 degrees. In the vast majority of cases, such parameters were enough with a margin. Only once did we not manage to use our end saw due to a large width of the part-we were 25-centimeter panels of prefabricated cork floors. Only the end with a long mechanism could help us out.

Naturally, the Makita LS 1040 has a small-sized saw table made of cast aluminum, but to work with long blanks (skirting, cashing), you can install two-stage P-shaped stops that are inserted into the openings of the village. I will say right away, we practically do not use them. Either we manage “as is”, or if the work is long and painful, then we collect an impromptu supporting workbench with a length of 3.5–4 meters (about two meters on each side) and a width of 30–40 cm. In height, it must correspond to the working plane of the bed. The table, of course, has a parallel emphasis, however, its height is not always enough to cut wide corner fillets.

The turning platform (round section) of the saw moves very easily, the stopper is clear, with a reliable screw fixation. To install the most common angles (15, 22.5. 30 and 45 degrees) there are special grooves, in the right position a characteristic click is heard. The range of horizontal settings is somewhat expanded, which seriously facilitates life at non.Standard angles. So, if on the left side at our disposal 45 °, then to the right can be fixed by 52 degrees. There is an opportunity to tilt the disk vertically, here without surprises. Only to 45 degrees and only to the left. Note that all the instrument components are collected extremely high quality, there are no backlash in principle, the cut is completely accurate.

Like any modern end saw, Makita LS 1040 has a number of systems responsible for safety. The first is a mobile protective casing, which itself exposes the disk when lowering the power block on the harvesting, no auxiliary levers need to press. It is made of durable transparent plastic, so it does not interfere with the review of the working area. A special “splitting knife” acts with it. A device that protects against the jamming of the disk. The next system is a smooth start. The cutting canvas does not tear from the place, but accelerates gradually. It is very important to give him the maximum speed before starting work, it takes about 2 seconds. The comrade has a saw (about it a little later) without such an option, so the starting currents are so exceeding the nominal that the ending is knocking out introductory machines after time. Another useful system is an electrodynamic brake. He smoothly, and most importantly quickly, stops the disk immediately after you release the button. And this also saves time, because until the canvas stops, no body movements are better not to produce. There is a blocking of random inclusion. If you need to replace the disk, the shaft is tightly stopped by a special latch. As always, the Makita company equips its instrument with a solid bag, a pipe, you can connect a vacuum cleaner pipe.

This ending is one of the simplest in the line of this manufacturer, and in comparison with the catalogs of other top companies. In a specialized workshop, she will not be able to replace a full.Fledged sawing machine, but on a construction site, when she often has to work in a limited space, with small details, LS 1040 is clearly what needs. The safety, reliability and functionality of this tool does not cause any doubts, we are never afraid that something will go wrong, and an expensive workpiece will be spoiled. It will be necessary to give for such a beauty somewhere around 420–440, but she is worth it.

How to choose a end saw?

In order not to make a mistake with the choice of ending, you need to compare not only technical parameters, but also understand how this tool works.

Reducer reducer device is responsible for the transmission of the rotational movement of the engine. There are three options:

Tough transmission of pluses: exclusion of the possibility of slipping. Cons: noise, tangible vibration of the tool, repair only in the service center. Belt transmission pluses: less noise and vibration during operation. Cons: the belt break is not included in the repair under the warranty, the consumable will have to be sought and changed on your own. Saws without gearbox Pros: duration of work. Cons: low torque.

The engine on the installed engine depends: the speed of operation, the maintainability of the tool, and the level of overload.

Asynchronous engine pluses: less noise, high duration. Cons: low power, large weight.

Collective engine pluses: high torque and performance in work. Cons: regular maintenance.

Besting engine pluses: high torque, silent work, long life, lack of reaction to moisture, dust and other external factors. Cons: High price.

Power power. One of the key technical parameters. Models from 800W to 2500W are presented on the market. Most Popular. Ends 1600W and 1800W. Their capacities will be enough for homework and production.

  • The blanks can be taken thicker and harder;
  • The risk of overload or overheating is reduced;
  • The larger the power, the greater the diameter of the sawing disk;
  • The weight of the tool itself is growing that we reduce its mobility.
  • Parts with a disk up to 250mm are designed for homework and private use.
  • Disks from 250mm and more. For professional use in production or construction.

Popular manufacturers of end saws

Despite the wide variety of presented end machines, among them we can distinguish products of manufacturers that are most popular among consumers. We are talking about companies such as Bosch, Metabo, Hitachi, Dewalt and Makita. In addition to them, many interesting solutions can be found in the line of the manufacturer “Corvette”.

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Professional Makita L. S. 1040

Many owners of this cutting machine call it a very effective tool for performing accurate and pure cuts. Of the distinctive features, high power indicators (1650 W) and resignation should be distinguished, which is 4600 revolutions per minute. Equipment for woodworking meets all safety standards, which is greatly facilitated by the presence of a protective casing made of transparent plastic.

As follows from reviews, many owners have used such endings for many years and do not complain about reducing their qualitative characteristics. This model is suitable for those who are looking for a mobile version of the tool for woodworking, because it has small sizes and has a weight of not more than 11 kg.

provide, power, mobile, devices

The model is designed to work with a 26 cm disk. This is the perfect importance for consumables in order to effectively perform with its help ending flat blanks with a width of 13 cm. When using a tool at an angle of 45 degrees, you can perform a drink up to 67 mm deep, and under the straight line. 95 mm. Many users note a high level of quality of the performance of the working nodes of this saw model. The unit is equipped with a long mechanism, which was positively noted by users forced to work with wide wooden blanks.

Features of endings of various manufacturers

Of the features of the endings that Makita produces, a small width of the saw should be highlighted. All models are delivered with a long mechanism. There are two special rods in equipping these endings for reliable holding of the block. It is this design that is one of the popular LS 0714 models. LF 1000 saws are ideal for processing large parts, which are supplied with auxiliary supports that greatly simplify the operation process.

The assortment of Bosch also contains many models of end saws with a wood extension equipped with auxiliary supports and beds, which are made of aluminum and magnesium alloys. Many owners find this solution correctly, as this increases the strength and mobility of endings. One of the in demand by the manufacturer is GCM 10, whose working weight is 15 kg.

Cutting devices manufactured by the company Corvette are equipped with a special mechanism for longitudinal length. Among other structural elements there is a special laser pointer. Users approved this innovation that increases the accuracy of cuts.

The solutions that Dewalt offers differ from competitors using the XPS system. A similar mechanism can also be detected in endings from the company Corvette, however, the device introduced by Dewalt has a shift displacement function, which is projected from the sawing disk. Many consumers call this system very convenient due to increasing the accuracy of sawing.

Products manufactured by Hitachi are equipped with working blades that are ideally suitable for cutting at an angle of 30 and 15 degrees. Nobody produced such endings on the market before, since all the devices offered earlier could only work at a standard angle of 45 degrees.

Cutting saws from Metabo have turns and slopes of sawing discs. Consumers as a whole are satisfied with the produced endings, calling them simple in circulation.

Where Japanese endings are made

The line of cutting saws from this manufacturer includes about 450 different types of devices. 8 enterprises are engaged in their production. Enterprises located in Germany, Great Britain and Romania are involved in the manufacture of endings. On the territory of each of these countries there is one factory. There are an additional 5 factories located in Japan.

The presence of a broach function in the end file allows you to perform a cut to a large length than the diameter of the saw disk. Such devices are equipped with special guides that allow you to move the head with the disk in the transverse direction of the table. This makes it possible to saw wide blanks, usually up to 200-350 mm. The end of the broach with the function of the broach has well.Viewed external design differences. 2 guides on the head of the head mounts are immediately striking, as well as an elongated tire on the table for the stop, equipped with a cut for the passage of a saw disk.

The end saw can also be equipped with the upper table. This function is found on an amateur instrument, which is designed specifically for close workshops. The upper table allows the use of the saw also as a circular machine. You can cut bars, boards on it. Using various home.Made consoles to expand the countertop, you can even cut a large sheet material, such as plywood, wood.Fiber plate, etc.D.

Most end saws are equipped with a laser pointer. Its beam reflects a fishing line for a trimmer on the workpiece, according to which it will be made a disc. This allows you to very accurately adjust the part on the marks to exclude even a millimeter error. Often, in a budget instrument, a laser pointer does not reflect a real fishing line for a trimmer to perform a cut. This must be taken into account and check the presence of error before performing a responsible saw.

The end saws may also provide for the illumination of the working area. This is a very valuable property of the tool if there is insufficient illumination in the workshop. Even if the saw is located in the dark corner, working on it is comfortable.

Comparative characteristics

For convenience, the basic parameters of the presented models were collected in the overall table:

Mark Power Speed Disk diameter The weight
Zubrov ZPT-210-1400 l 1300 watts 5500 vol. 210 mm 5.5 kg
Hammer STL1400/210 1400 watts 5000 vol. 210 mm 6.5 kg
Metabo KS 216 m lasercut 1350 watts 5000 vol. 216 mm 9.4 kg
Hammer STL1200/210C 1200 watts 4500 vol. 210 mm 9 kg
Makita LS1040F 1650 watts 4600 vol. 255 mm 11 kg
Bosch PCM 8 S 1200 watts 4800 vol. 216 mm 11.1 kg
Makita LS1216 1650 watts 3200 vol. 305 mm 26 kg
Bosch Professional GCM 12 GDL 2000 watts 3800 vol. 305 mm 32 kg

The need for application

A sought.After manual end of wood is used to form the necessary ends of the blanks during the transverse cut of the beam perpendicular to the fibers. This is its main difference from a large or small ordinary manual circular, which is most often involved in the longitudinal dissolution of blanks.

The installed powerful electric motors significantly expand the capabilities of this equipment. A trim saw for metal, pipes, plastic or composite materials appears. In such raw materials, transverse or longitudinal operations differ little and relate to a greater extent not to the texture of the material, but to its structural features or form of workpiece.

Metabo ending is characterized by simplicity of the design, which includes: base, saw disk, engine and handle with the start button

The trim of the end is used in different cases due to the convenience of feeding the workpiece. The very name of the equipment, including the word “end” is only a historically fixed name, however, it does not fully reflect the rich Spectra possible operations.

Pile saws are capable of cutting not only perpendicular, but also under the necessary user with an angle. In this regard, this equipment is sometimes called an electric corner stall. Models of recent generations provide processing not only in a horizontal plane, but also under different inclination or vertically. If necessary, it is even possible to select grooves.

With the help of a end saw, you can perform diagonal cutting of the material with high.Accuracy of the cut

Based on wide possibilities, such equipment can be found in different places:

As can be seen from the photos presented, the machine easily fits into any home workshop or garage. Often an electric end saw is almost indispensable in the manufacture of window frames, the production of doorbells, during laying floors and other finishing work.

Characteristics of the end saw.

Power. One of the main parameters that determines the maximum diameter of the installed disk and, accordingly, the depth and width of the cut. It makes sense to choose power based on the alleged tasks. So, for the ending of interior platbands and skirting boards will be quite enough capacity of 1000-1400 watts. If it is also supposed to end with wide moldings and cut the parts at an angle to the vertical (this increases the depth of the cut), the power of 1400-1800 watts will be optimal. The same capacity range will be the most suitable for a universal tool. And finally, the construction tool will require the maximum disk diameter and the maximum engine power is from 2000 watts and more.

All other things being equal, it is better to choose a more powerful model. The engine power, of course, has some influence on the price of the end saw, but not as large as the fame of the manufacturer and the quality of manufacture of parts. The weight increasing with power for this tool does not matter much. It is designed for a stationary installation. Therefore, it is better to overpay a little for a power supply, which. In relation to electric motors. Is never superfluous: it is well known that any electric motor will last much longer if it is not used at the limit of power.

The greater the maximum speed of the disk rotation, the cleaner and better (without chips and burrs) will be cut. At the same time, some materials cannot be treated at high speed. For example, plastic and polyurethane foaming moldings and skirting boards can melt when cutting at high speed. If such materials are supposed to be processed by the end saw, you should choose among models with speed adjustment.

The outer diameter of the disk determines the maximum depth of the cut, and if the saw does not have a long mechanism, then the width of the cut. Therefore, the choice of the diameter of the disk should be done according to the required depth and width of the cut. For most interior elements, enough depth of drank in 50 mm and 120 mm width is enough. External platbands and decor elements may require a depth of up to 100 and width up to 200 mm.

The angle of inclination and the angle of rotation determine the angle of the future connection “to the mustache”. To connect parts at a certain angle, each should be sawn off at half the angle. 45 degrees for connecting at a right angle, more than 45 for connecting parts at an acute angle and less than 45. For connecting at a blunt angle.

To prevent jerks when starting the engine, there is an option of smooth start. Equipped with this function of the saw, although they will cost more, but will last longer due to a decrease in adverse effects on the engine. And the risk of spoiling the part by a sharply strolled disk will be less.

You should also pay attention to the gearbox, its presence and type.

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