The attachment on the drill saber saw with his own hands

Jigsaw based on an electric jigsaw with his hands

Due to its versatility, ease of operation, efficiency and safety, the sabre saw is beginning to gain more and more popularity for domestic needs and professional repair work. It is difficult to be fatally injured with such a saw, and, if safety is observed, the operation of the electric sabre saw is so safe and comfortable that it is gladly used by women as well. And many craftsmen are even able to make such a tool themselves, for example, from an electric jigsaw.

In fact, “Sabre” is an electric hacksaw, which appeared as far back as 1927 (of course, not in the same form as now). Designed for sawing wooden and some metal materials, which it copes with perfectly. Narrow and long form of the tool allows to work in the tightest spaces. In addition, with the right blade, the Sabre cuts stone, ceramic, foam blocks, some composites, plastic and glass. Small saber saws are convenient to work on the weight.

Sabre saw and jigsaw can be called distant cousins. They are similar in many ways and at the same time opposites that complement each other. That is why many come to the question: “What is better to choose??”. One of the main differences is that the jigsaw allows you to cut oval, round and wavy profiles, while the Sabre is only available in rectangular. In addition, the jigsaw produces more precise cuts, while the rival is a kind of “destroyer”, compensating for sloppiness with speed. Obviously, both mechanisms have their advantages over each other, so it is wrong to say that one is better than the other.

But when combining these two devices, perhaps we will get something special. Let’s finally find out how to assemble this indispensable household tool by ourselves.

Getting ready to work

Factory grinding machine. rather expensive equipment that not everyone can afford. In addition, it is characterized by large dimensions, which will prevent operation in a limited space. The design is not technologically complicated, which allows you to make the assembly with your own hands.

The stage of preparation for assembly includes two stages:

  • Creating a drawing. It should contain exhaustive information about the future grinder: the construction, the materials and tools needed to assemble the electric saw by your own forces.
  • Tool selection. For work you need an angle grinder, a drill and an electric jigsaw. Consumables must match the working material. most of the machine elements are metal.

Further information. Some elements of the design can not be made by one’s own hands. you need to find a turner.

Advantages and disadvantages

Why bother making this home-made jigsaw when you can simply insert a longer saw into the jigsaw?? How are the efforts justified?

Well, firstly, even the longest saw of an electric jigsaw is inferior in size to a saw from a sabre saw. This improvement makes it possible to saw thicker objects. Secondly, sawing thick enough bars is simplified by the fact that this product allows you to saw in the downward direction and away from yourself, while the jigsaw, for example, can only forward and away from yourself.

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Of course, this homemade machine has some disadvantages. For example, the small amplitude for a sufficiently long “Sabre” blade. The electric jigsaw has a less comfortable handle when used as a conversion.

In any case, if the use of this tool is required only occasionally, then it is quite suitable as a worthy substitute for the original, thanks to which it will not have to spend in vain.

Advantages and disadvantages

Why bother making this home-made device if you can simply insert a longer saw into the jigsaw?? How the effort is justified?

Well, firstly, even the longest jigsaw of the electric jigsaw is inferior in size to the saw of the sabre saw. This improvement makes it possible to saw thicker objects. Secondly, the sawing of sufficiently thick bars is simplified by the fact that this product allows you to saw in the downward direction and away from yourself, while the jigsaw, for example, can only forward and away from yourself.

Of course, this homemade product has some disadvantages. For example, the small amplitude for a sufficiently long blade of the Sabre. The electric jigsaw has a less comfortable handle when used as a conversion tool.

In any case, if you only need to use this tool occasionally, it is a worthy substitute for the original which does not cause you unnecessary expense.

Characteristics of sabre saws.

The main parameter that determines the performance of the tool. The more powerful the saw, the faster it will cut, and the longer and “toothier” the blade can be installed in it. But, along with power the weight increases notably, and for a tool that is always in your hands, it’s a serious argument against extra power. Together with power the price rises considerably, and it is a serious argument for any tool. In addition, models with high power and long heavy blade vibrate noticeably while working, and for such saws it is appropriate to install anti-vibration systems, which makes the tool even more expensive. Therefore, before you choose the most powerful model, you should decide what thickness of materials you plan to saw. the maximum cutting depth is directly related to the power of the saw, that’s why the choice often starts with cutting depths of wood and steel.Cutting depth. This is, in fact, the same power, only expressed in more comprehensible values. Means how long the blade can be put on this saw without fear of it getting stuck in the material and overheating the tool. Actually, it is possible to put a long blade on a low-powered tool, and even saw with it, but the productivity will be small, and the risk of tool damage will be quite high.

Maximum frequency of the saw blade.

High blade speed is necessary for cutting hard materials: metals, stone, ceramics. When cutting soft wood, performance is only related to power, but when cutting steel, the cutting speed also depends strongly on the maximum blade frequency. If you intend to use the saw for cutting hard materials then a variable speed control is also necessary.Pendulum operation. A close look at the saw blade shows that only the cutting edge of the teeth is sharpened. The trailing edge of the teeth is not sharpened and, when the blade moves back, creates resistance, increasing the load on the motor and increasing the depth of cut to almost nothing. The pendulum motion reduces this resistance by raising the saw slightly on the return stroke. The result is a marked increase in sawing performance. Obviously, this feature will only work in straight cuts. when there is free space above the back of the blade. When cutting curved lines it is best to switch this function off.Type of power supply. Getting rid of the long, permanently tangled “tail” is a dream for every gardener working with garden electronics. If the sabre saw is not supposed to be used at home, but “outdoors”, the choice of a cordless tool can quickly justify itself. There are only two disadvantages of cordless saws, but they are both weighty: low power and high price.Saw blade quick clamping. The ability to quickly change the blade without additional wrenches or screwdrivers, of course, greatly increases the versatility and convenience of the tool. Unfortunately, it increases the price. the simplest and cheapest models do not have this function.

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An important parameter for a tool that is designed to work “on a weight”. If you intend to use the saw in “awkward” conditions, when you can not always get a good grip with both hands (e.g. when pruning garden trees) it is better to choose a lighter model.

Some models have a soft start function

Without affecting the productivity of work, this parameter, however, significantly increases the safety of the tool and its life. The first is by the lack of sudden, jerky jerks that can tear the tool out of your hands when you start working. The second is by eliminating the stresses to the engines that are caused by these jerky movements. After choosing a model, you can look at it again carefully. whether it has a support shoe ? Being able to rest the tool on the material to be cut through often helps a lot. In addition, the support shoe is almost essential if the saw is to be used for cutting shapes out of sheet material. Sometimes the shoe is not fixed strictly at 90 degrees, but can deflect, allowing the saw to cut at a given angle to the surface. This expands the tool’s capabilities, bringing it closer to electric jigsaws.

Producers persistently prove that all manual work can be mechanized. Hand-held drills are replaced by electric drills, chain saws by gasoline-powered saws. What about the hacksaw?? Here it is. cordless and cordless sabre saw, both for wood and aerated concrete, capable of working on concrete, metal and even stone; how to choose it, we will learn from the article!

Let’s equip the body of our device

Surely everyone understands that the shaft alone will not work in isolation. It needs to have stops on which it will be held and relative to which it will move. They should be such as in the photo. two squares with holes under the free movement of the shaft on the flats side, and fixing holes with threads for bolts on the side of the ribs. Assemble the construction (photo).

A saber saw from a drill is possible

With the small plate with four through holes around the edges we cover the construction, and fasten it with bolts. This will be the first case cover.

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At this stage our nozzle should look like this (photo)

On the opposite side we place two squares with mounting holes for bolts. They should be of such size that the third square, which will be placed between them, could move freely relative to them.

The middle square must be prepared. On it we place two small bearings on the screws. They will slide over the large main bearing attached to the shaft.

Cover the squares with a cover similar to the first and tighten it with screws. The nozzle is almost ready. You can see how the shaft with the bearing moves by pulling back and forth the middle square.

Principle of converting an angle grinder into a chain saw

Any homemade equipment depends on the quality of the original materials. How many times in your life it happened that you planned some work, but could not carry it out due to lack of suitable equipment? At such moments, you can turn to improvised means and with your own hands assemble the right tool on the basis of another.

If to briefly describe the process of converting the angle grinder or angle saw into a chain saw with your own hands, it will look as follows: it is necessary to cut the link connection and make a cut in the middle of the tooth so that the cutting edge of the chain teeth would reach the wood during sawing. For your comfort, you can also install handles.

Principle of operation and design

The design of the electric hacksaw is quite simple and similar to the construction of many power tools. It includes:

The pusher converts the rotary motion into a reciprocating motion. In some models there is a so-called pendulum stroke. Its distinctive feature is that it raises the saw while moving in the opposite direction. This movement is provided by a pendulum mounted on needle bearings. The main task of the manufacturer is to make a precise adjustment of the pusher’s stroke.

Materials used:

The construction is as follows. The belt runs along the axis of the bar, as in the factory, the pulley is dressed and mounted on a sprocket, which can be used and further with the saw bar, in the node of the angle grinder removed the pinion, and under it is made pulley. welded.

Then, the two rails were shortened so as not to interfere with the belt and welded.

The friendship bar is turned to fit the bolt cutter and welded to the coupler.

Homemade gasoline cutter, it’s a cool cut, but if you clamp the circle by hand. torque is off, with a wrench stands great, I think you can and tighten.

That’s how you get a homemade chain saw for metal, the nozzle is removable, and the chainsaw can also be used for its intended purpose.

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