The better to cut quartzvinyl tiles. Operation Rules

The better to cut quartzvinyl tiles

Special requirements are imposed on the surface on which quartzvinyl tiles are laid. The floor must be carefully cleaned and leveled, all defects are leveled.

  • Remove garbage, remove traces of fat, colors, polishes, and dilute;
  • Level the surface with leveling mixtures or cement screed;
  • Fill in cracks, chips, potholes with putty;
  • Apply a primer;
  • Check humidity. It should not exceed 5%.

For plywood, OSB or GVL sheets (a wooden base is covered with these materials):

  • Grind the differences between the sheets to level the surface;
  • Remove garbage, dump;
  • In the presence of defects (cracks, cracks). Putty;
  • Check humidity (acceptable up to 5%).

Self.Leveling floor. The best surface for quartzvinyl tiles

Paul marking

On the floor surface, the axes are broken. To do this, find the centers of two opposite walls and with the help of a coated cord, connect them in a fishing line for a trimmer. The center is marked on this axis and through it, at right angles, a second fishing line for a trimmer is carried out. As a result of the markings, 4 identical rectangles are obtained, relative to which the tile is laying will be made.

The axial lines of the markings should be crossed strictly at right angles

Installation of tiles

Cvarsvinyl tiles can be mounted by means of glue and bloodless compound. In the first case, the adhesion of the tiles with the floor is ensured by dispersion or contact glue. This installation model is the most common.

Another case is a bloodless connection, it is possible only when using the latest PVC series of tiles with Click locking connection. Thanks to the Ship-Paz system, quartzvinyl tiles with a lock connection during installation are connected only to each other, bypassing the need for adhesion to the floor. To do this, just insert the groove of one tile into the longitudinal deepening of the other and snap them. In other words, laying such quartzvinyl tiles is performed in the same way as the laminate.

Quartzvinyl tiles with a lock connection are easily mounted and is also easily dismantled. For example, when moving to another apartment, you can disassemble the coating of quartzvinil and take it with you

When using ordinary adhesive tiles, the first thing is to apply glue on the prepared surface with fan.Shaped movements. Start from the most remote sector from the doorway. After laying the elements, the next sector is smeared, then the next one, etc.D. Glue for the installation of quartzvinyl tiles should be applied evenly with a spatula with A1-A2 rates. In this case, its consumption will be optimal and will be 0.25-0.35 kg/m2. Immediately glue the tiles on fresh glue, since he has not yet gained the necessary adhesive properties. Only after 8-10 minutes, when it dries a little, you can start installing.

The laying of adhesive quartzvinil tiles is carried out from the center to the periphery

Quartz vinyl tiles for the floor are available in the form of tiles and strips. The strips should begin to be laid along the center of the axis and lead from yourself, in one of the sides, moving along previously laid strips. The laying of square tiles begins from the corner, where the marking axes intersect, strictly inside the sector of the most remote from the entrance. The installation of tiles should also be on your own. Other styling schemes are possible, all of them are depicted in the instructions for quartzvinyl tiles. Each element after gluing is rolled with a roller from the center to the edges for better adhesion to the floor.

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Possible layout schemes of quartzvinyl tiles

Quartzvinil tiles and strips should be laid tightly to each other, without gaps. Compensation seams between the walls, pipes and other stationary objects, it is not necessary to do.

If necessary, cutting on the front quartzvinil, markings are made, along the line of which a cut is carried out by about half the thickness. Next, the tile is bent and the final cut is made.

Pruning of quartzvinyl tiles is performed by an ordinary building knife

Preparation for operation

As soon as quartzvinyl tiles are laid, it is necessary to remove the remains of the glue that could remain on the surface and squeeze out of the seams. The glue is easily rubbed with a soft cloth moistened in ethyl alcohol.

On quartzvinyl tiles you can walk immediately after laying. Loading furniture is allowed to be 24 hours when the glue is completely dry. Wash the floors, final cleaning should only be 5 days after installation.

Layers of quartz-vinyl tiles

Quartz-vinyl tile includes environmentally friendly materials: high-molecular plasticizer, natural pigment, stabilizer and lubricant. If we take as a percentage, then about 80%. Natural quartz, and only 20%. Vinyl and other additives. In its composition, a quartz-vinyl coating is closer to the mineral quartz than to polyvinyl chloride, which affects the quality and characteristics of the material.

Instructions for laying the castle quartz-vinyl tile “Click-Drop

One. Preparation for laying the Fine Floor quartz-vinyl tile with the Click-Drop locking system 1.One. Rules for transporting and storage of packages 1.2. Requirements for base 1.3. Recommendations for the preparation of base 1.4. Requirements for the premises where styling 1 will be carried out.5. State building standards 2. Tools necessary for styling. 3. General instructions for laying the Fine Floor quartz-vinyl tile with the Click-Drop Castle Castle System 4. Rules for laying the Fine Floor quartz-vinyl tile with the Click-Drop locking system with a free (“floating”) way 4.One. Preparation for styling 4.2. Starting 4.3. Coating 4.4. Laying tiles in the doorways, around heating pipes and complex interior elements 4.5. Last laying of the last row 5. Rules for laying the Fine Floor quartz-vinyl tile with the Click-Drop Castle Connection System for glue-fixer 5.1 General instructions 5.2 Applications of glue-fixer 6. Rules for laying the Fine Floor quartz-vinyl tile with the Click-Drop locking system for heating 7. Rules for the care and operation of the castle quartz-vinyl tile Fine Floor 7.1 operation 7.2 Care

One. Preparation for laying the Fine Floor quartz-vinyl tile with the Click-Drop Castle Connection System

One.One. Rules for transporting and storage of packages. Packaging must be stored and transported by gently laying them on an even horizontal surface. It is forbidden to put packaging vertically (on the end). It is forbidden to store packaging in places with high humidity. Before the start of installation, the acquired flooring must be kept in the room where the styling will be made. Packs should be in a horizontal position in stacks with a height of not more than 15 packs at a temperature of 18 ° C to 24 ° C for 24 hours.

One.2. Requirements for the base. The base for quartz-vinyl tiles should be: even: the maximum permissible difference in the height of the surface of the base is 2 millimeters per 1 linear meter; unrequent, step changes, pits and tubercles are unacceptable; Monolithic: cracks, breaks and voids are unacceptable; the integrity of the structure of the base is necessary; Pure: before installation, it is necessary to carefully remove all the garbage and dilute the base, make sure that there is no spill of construction fluids, oil stains, etc.P.; Sukhim: the rate of moisture content in a cement screed without heating ≤ 2%, in a cement screed with heated ≤ 1.8%, in anhydride screed (calcium sulfate) without heating ≤ 0.5%, in anhydride screed (sulfate of calcium) with heating) ≤ 0.3%, in the wood base ≤ 12%; Not dusty: it is unacceptable to use loose, forming new dust, base; Solid: the base should not be deformed from the applied loads, in particular pressure from the legs of the furniture and t.P. Quartz-vinyl tiles are plastic material and the point load is completely transmitted to the base.

better, quartzvinyl, tiles, operation

One.3. Recommendations for the preparation of the base: Old flooring (laminated parquet, parquet, cork and carpet coatings, linoleum, PVC tiles, etc.) must first dismantle. It is advisable to dismantle ceramic tiles. If this is not possible, then it is necessary to fill the floor with ceramic tiles with a specialized leveling composition in accordance with the relevant instruction. A wooden base of boards must be covered with sheet materials with a thickness of 10 mm (moisture-resistant plywood, OSB, dodged wood-bearing plate), fixing them with self-tapping screws with a step of 250 mm, according to the technology of fastening leaflets. When arranging the base from sheet materials on the logs, sheets (moisture-resistant plywood, OSB, dumped wood-bearing plate) must be laid in two layers “into a run”, fixing them with a step of 250 mm in a step of 250 mm. According to the technology of fastening sheet materials, the joints of sheets of the lower layer are overlapped with “overlap” with sheets of the upper layer. All recesses from self.Tapping screws and joints of sheets should be covered with unsaturated putty and polished. The existing dry concrete base, if necessary, is leveled with a finish.Based spaces.

One.4. Requirements for the premises where laying will be carried out. During the laying of the flooring, the air temperature in the room should be from 18 ° C to 24 ° C; The temperature of the base (floor) within 24 hours before the start of the installation and 24 hours after its completion should not be lower than 15 about C; The maximum allowable humidity in the installation room: 70%; The “warm floor” system should be disconnected 24 hours before the start of the installation.

One.5 state building standards. The conditions of styling must comply with applicable state norms and standards. In the event of a contradiction of state norms and standards with this Instruction, it is necessary to be guided by a more stringent norm.

Tools necessary for styling. Roulette; Metal square; pencil; A blade building knife; Ritual cord or laser level; A rubber hammer or a special rolling roller; Conductor/lining device (it is possible to make tiles from trimming).

General instructions for laying the Fine Floor quartz-vinyl tile with the Click-Drop locking system system.

3.One. Fine Floor quartz-vinyl tiles with the Click-Drop Castle Connection System. This is a free flooring, during the installation of which, as a rule, there is no need to glue it or otherwise fix it to the base.

Quartzvinyl Plick for walls

Nowadays, quartzvinyl tiles for walls are actively used for decoration of hallways and bathrooms. It is advised to trust the installation of tiles on the walls, and on the floor, a good master. The conditions for installing tiles on even walls are identical, as for the floor.

The laying surface should be leveled and firmly done. PVC quartzvinyl tiles can be installed on plastered walls and on drywall, which is often used to create ceilings in the house.

Relatively safe for fallen dishes and other easily beating objects

Ceramics and porcelain tiles virtually do not leave the chances of a fallen cup or plate. The laminate is less dangerous, but the risks are also high. On the quartz-vinyl coating, the dishes rarely beat. Many note this fact in their reviews.

Cutting flexible slabs when laying

Convenient blade knife. A traditional construction tool for changing the length and shape of flexible lamellas, including quartzvinyl tiles. It is cut on the front side, it is better on a metal ruler, then they break and complete the cut on the inside. See the substrate, sometimes there is an arrow indicating the direction of laying.

You can’t do without cutting. Rows according to the technology, fit with a displacement. Reaching the wall, they always get an excess length of one piece. For this, tiles with detected defects (at the edges and angles) are often used, they are used when pruning under communication and under the skirting board.

Any layer can start with a whole piece or trim, then lay a strip, reaching the next wall. If there are heating pipes or other holes for communication, you will have to draw a template and mark and cut quartzvinyl lamella on it.

Important! Sometimes you have to feed wooden details of the interior, partitions from GKL or a door box so that tiles are better. The cut template must be checked from all sides so as not to cut twice.

Wood or “stone” pattern does not require fitting. Look carefully, so that 2 the same plate with the same textured pattern does not match. The lamella can be deployed or put on a little different design.

Advantages of quartz-vinyl tiles

Quartz-vinyl tile perfectly combines the entire universal set of quality parameter and has properties that make it possible to use it in almost any room. Manufacturers managed to combine the entire list of necessary criteria in one coating that symbolize that this material is really high.Quality and reliable.

The composition of the material

The material contains quartz sand, which gives the coating strength, vinyl provides the plasticity of the created composition, and high heat resistance and wear resistance is achieved due to the application of the upper layer of polyurethane, which is able to withstand any mechanical loads.

In addition, the polyurethane layer has high moisture resistance, so this coating can be used in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in the lobby and in other rooms, since the material is laid in the joint, which is completely eliminated by the penetration of moisture to the black base and has additional waterproofing protection in The form of glue. The material has a high coefficient of thermal stability, which completely eliminates deformation during temperature differences.

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A wide assortment of coating deserves special attention, a huge number of different textures are represented in the line that imitate any finishing material. The modern collection presents a wide selection of textures. Wood, slate, ceramics, stone. A high frost resistance indicator allows the use of quartz-vinyl tiles on open verandas.

Self.Adhesive floors

Acquainting the types of vinyl coating, a separate group can indicate self.Adhesive floors. Adhesive material closed by a special protective film is applied on the back. This coating greatly facilitates styling and bother yourself with the choice and search for glue. The cost of such a coating is not much higher than usual.

Protective layer

Quartz-vinyl tile is covered with a protective layer, which has the highest-43rd class of wear resistance. He is not afraid of the fall of heavy objects, the effect of chemicals, the tiles are resistant to scratches and other damage. The protective layer gives the tile an anti.Slip effect, which reduces the risk of possible falls and injuries.

The structure of the coating

The structure of the coating is multi.Layered and consists of 5 parts:

  • Base (a layer of glue with a protective film), in other words it is a self.Adhesive floor.
  • Layer of polyvinyl chloride (main layer).
  • Decorative layer with an image. There is a very rich selection of both monophonic coatings and with various drawings (patterns, images, imitation of natural materials, etc.D.)
  • The transparent layer of polyvinyl chloride, which is a protection against ultraviolet radiation.
  • A layer of polyurethane treated with ultraviolet rays, which protects the coating from mechanical damage.

The advantages of quartz-vinyl coating

  • Resistance to mechanical damage (with proper use and care, vinyl will last you for many years).
  • Water resistance (high humidity is not a hindrance for using vinyl in bathrooms and bathrooms).
  • Durability (period of operation up to 20 years, depending on the class of wear resistance).
  • The possibility of laying self.Adhesive tiles on the old flooring.


  • Since the tiles are quite flexible, a perfectly flat base is necessary for laying. Otherwise, the shortcomings of the floor will be noticeable.
  • Self-adhesive tiles cannot be glued to a cement screed, in such cases it is better to purchase products with a spike-paz mount.
  • Additional floor insulation is required (unfortunately, the vinyl coating has a small thickness).
  • Pretty high cost.


With the help of quartz-vinyl tiles, you can realize any design fantasy. A variety of designer decors of vinyl floors allow you to create such types of flooring. Vinyl floor is easy to care for: to remove contaminants, it is enough to walk with a damp cloth.

Advantages and disadvantages of quartz-vinyl tiles for the floor

The floor material is a strong wear.Resistant coating with a number of significant advantages. However, like any building material, quartzvinyl tiles are not devoid of some disadvantages.


The most significant advantages of the quartz-vinyl coating include:

Simplicity of laying. Products are characterized by strict observance of geometry, which minimizes the need for adjusting the flooring elements. Plates are easily cut by a conventional cutter. When laying floors, there is no need to use various substrates, which significantly reduces expenses. The costs will become even less if you do work on styling with your own hands, which is quite possible for home craftsmen;

Wear resistance and high strength. Quartzvinyl coating is not afraid of mechanical influences and is not subject to abrasion. Thanks to these properties, the material can last 30 years or more;

Minimum care requirements. You can clean the floor of quartzvinyl tiles with any available method. The tiles can be washed, cleaned with a brush or using a washing vacuum cleaner, on the aesthetic characteristics of the coating this will not affect. In addition, the surface of the products is covered with antistatic compounds, which prevents the accumulation of dust in the joints;

The maintainability of the flooring. Since quartz-vinyl tiles are piece material, replacing the damaged area of ​​the flooring of special difficulties will not cause. The main thing is to have a reserve with a suitable texture and coloring;

better, quartzvinyl, tiles, operation

An anti.Slip effect. It is almost impossible to slip on such a coating, so the possibility of getting household injuries is minimized

This is especially important for the bathroom, where the presence of a common phenomenon on the floor;

Resistance to physico-chemical influences. The material is resistant to aggressive chemical compounds, ultraviolet radiation, exposure to high temperatures (up to 70C) and mechanical damage

Such properties provide a long period of operation without loss of aesthetic characteristics;

Wide selection of colors and textures. In a construction store, you can choose quartzvinyl tiles for any interior, from natural wood, to marble floors. In addition, there are plates that are mosaic elements.

In addition to the advantages listed above, it is worth noting the affordable cost of floor material, which is on average from 500 to 1500 /m2.


The deficiencies of quartz-vinyl tiles are much smaller, and yet they are:

  • Despite the fact that the material does not pose a real threat to humans and pets, you can’t call it environmentally friendly. The only natural component included in its composition is quartz sand;
  • The tiles are really resistant to mechanical influences, however, the installation of heavy furniture will most likely leave characteristic traces on the flooring;
  • Laying plates requires thorough preparation of the base. Even insignificant defects in the draft can spoil the overall impression of the work performed;
  • Use tiles of various manufacturers for laying floors is extremely undesirable. This is due to the fact that a certain standard for the size of the plates does not exist. In addition, inconsistencies in castle joints may occur.

Against the background of positive qualities, the disadvantages of quartz-vinyl tiles do not cause serious concerns, as evidenced by customer reviews who have already used this material.

Guillotine and blade cutter

Two tools that relate to special. These devices work as follows:

  • A laminate strip is laid in the guillotine, the cut line specifically for the blade. Then put pressure on the working organ using a long handle. Littleness of the guillotine is a small cut length, difficulties may appear when cutting a wide board at an angle;
  • A blade cut is similar to a photographic. Hybrid development is used immediately scissors and guillotine. The advantage of a blade cutter is the ability to make long.Term passages of the material, which, with a certain dexterity, will allow to process some dimensions of the boards along.

Guillotine and cutter relate to professional tools. They provide very higher purity and accuracy of cuts, allow you to process an unlimited amount of material with measured quality.

Electric jigsaw

Working with a jigsaw is pleasant and swift. The tool has a small weight, which allows you to perfectly delay it during the saw. With all this, the mechanism does not actually form dust, which makes it a unique option for personal use.

better, quartzvinyl, tiles, operation

The flaw of the jigsaw can only be an incorrectly selected file. Bad products will simply tear the laminate, forming ugly ends, which will have to be additionally cleaned. To get a benign carvation, the jigsaw must work at the highest speed.

Manual cut of laminate occurs relatively occasionally. For such purposes, both stationery knives and hacksaw are used.

Several minuses of this approach should be highlighted:

  • The process of cutting using manual tools takes a lot of time. This, in turn, affects the effectiveness of laminate installation.
  • To get a high.Quality slice, it is necessary to act very carefully and slowly. To do this, you need to have relatively extensive experience working with similar materials and tools.
  • Get a carving without chips using a hacksaw is actually unrealistic. Therefore, often the place of the cut is additionally cleaned.
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