The Bosch battery s5 002 how to charge it

Bosch car battery charger

The Bosch S4 is the best choice for drivers. It provides sufficient power for normal functions, such as the stereo, air conditioning and power windows. Bosch PowerFrame technology gives you up to 20% longer life than its competitors and up to 15% more power during cold start. The Bosch S4 is ideal for all vehicle brands and meets international standards. The battery allows drivers to operate the vehicle at extreme temperatures and has additional safety features, such as anti-lock braking systems. Bosch PowerFrame technology provides a 30% increase in total lifetime with minimal self-discharge and good performance, in the range of frequent short-distance stops. Specifications:

  • Cold crank amp 540cca.
  • Length: 246mm.
  • Width: 175 mm.
  • Height: 190 mm.
  • Capacity: 60 Ah.
  • Warranty: 4 years.
  • Terminals: 0 / 1.

The differences between maintenance free batteries?

To get the answer to this question, you need to understand in general terms how lead-acid batteries work. They work in two modes:

  • Discharge. When consuming current, the lead which makes up the negative electrode reacts with the electrolyte and turns into sulfuric acid salt (lead sulfate). As a result the density of the acid solution decreases.
  • Charging is a reduction process. When voltage is applied to the terminals, the lead sulfate in the electrolyte is reduced to metal at the negative electrode, and the acid density increases.

When charging from an elevated voltage (more than 15.6 V), the electrolyte composition becomes low in lead sulfate, the electrolysis of the water contained in the solution begins. It disintegrates into gases. oxygen and hydrogen, which is visually accompanied by bubbles. the battery “boils”. In the old style power sources this was considered a normal process because the density of the solution was constantly monitored through the holes with plugs made in each jar.

The new batteries, called maintenance-free batteries, are made in a sealed casing. this is their main difference. To increase the reliability of the sealed cells, the following changes have been made to the design:

  • Calcium and silver were added to lead to extend product life;
  • To remove gases a special valve is installed in the body which does not let water vapors in the solution, which helps to keep water in the solution;
  • There are windows for checking the electrolyte level or part of the housing is made of semi-transparent plastic.

Due to the sealed casing there is no unnecessary evaporation, but it is not possible to add electrolyte or water to the battery. So you have to charge it with the right voltage and current to avoid the acid level dropping due to boiling.

Bosch S4 Silver

The “Bosch” S4 series of batteries is also called the Bosch S4 Silver, as a result of the patented “silver technology”. By adding silver to the battery plates, Bosch achieves a significant improvement in battery performance.

Compared to the previous S3 class, the Bosch S4 Silver has the following features:

  • The cold start current has been increased by 15%;
  • The service life has been increased by 20%;
  • starts the car engine in all weather conditions;
  • Fully provides energy to a vehicle with average needs;
  • available in versions for european and asian vehicles.

The universality of “Bosch” S4 is confirmed by the fact that it covers 97% of the market of passenger cars. it can be installed on almost any car. And the innovative PowerFrame grid technology gives the Bosch S4 Silver the following advantages

  • The stable grid frame prevents corrosion and edge buildup, which prevents damage to the cage or shorting due to negative plate-to-grid contact;
  • The pressed manufacturing technology gives a good adhesion of the active mass and increases the strength of the grid. thanks to this the battery charges quickly;
  • The optimized shape, with the conducting cells oriented to the central contact, reduces the resistance and gives the best conductivity.
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How to charge

Now to the question of how to properly charge your maintenance-free battery.

There are 2 methods in total. It is a constant current or constant voltage charging.

In both cases you can charge your maintenance free battery at home with constant current or voltage.

Each option is worth considering separately.

Constant current

To begin with we should talk about how to charge maintenance free batteries with the direct current method.

It is recommended to use this method if the battery is heavily discharged.

The disadvantage of this method is its duration. Otherwise it allows you to compensate the loss of charge and return the battery its ability to work.

To charge your maintenance free battery with the most common battery charger you will need to monitor all parameters carefully. Therefore it is better to use automatic chargers.

The process itself looks as follows:

  • In the first stage you must select the current of 10% of the battery capacity. If the battery is 70 Ah, then the charging current will be 7 Ah.
  • At this current it is necessary to charge the battery until about 14,4V is displayed on the terminals at the voltage measurement.
  • When the voltage reaches 14.4 V, the electrolysis process begins in the electrolyte. That is, water will decompose into hydrogen and oxygen. Such a release of gases is dangerous for a sealed case. It is important to reduce the charging current by half to reduce the intensity of bubbling. The current is reduced to 3.5 A.
  • In the third stage the voltage will already be 15 V. At this point the current should be reduced by a further factor of two. That is, up to about 1.75-2 amps.
  • Then check the voltage and current intensity at 10-15 minute intervals. If they remain constant, the charge is complete.

With this method every driver can recharge any maintenance-free battery from his car at home.

Constant voltage

Also at home often performed the charge unattended dead battery from the car by the method of constant voltage.

bosch, battery, charge

When charging, the voltage is set at 14.4 volts. But it is best to match the charging voltage to the type of battery used.

bosch, battery, charge

A few examples can be given here:

  • Antimony batteries are charged at 14.4 to 14.6 volts;
  • For silver ones it is 14,7-15,5 V;
  • for calcium ones 15.6-16.2 V is relevant;
  • EFB can be charged at 14.5 to 15 volts;
  • if it is AGM, then 14.2-14.8 V;
  • for GEL needs from 13,8 to 14,4 V.

After setting the necessary voltage, you need to watch the gradually decreasing current. When the values drop to about 200 mA, charging is considered complete.

How to charge Bosch batteries

Maintenance of Bosch batteries is minimal, but like all batteries, they require periodic recharging. It is best to charge with a special charger of the same manufacturer, it requires a minimum of hassle, operated by pressing a button.

When using a different charger you need to observe some nuances. Maintained batteries must be charged with current equal to one-tenth of their capacity and carefully monitor the voltage. AGM batteries can be charged with any amperage, but must not exceed the recommended voltage.

Any battery can be charged at plus temperature, if it has been brought in from the cold. let it warm up at room temperature. Clean the case and terminals before charging. Always connect the charger in the correct polarity. For those batteries that have a lid that can be opened, monitor the volume and density of the electrolyte and top up if necessary. Also during the charging process, you must monitor the temperature of the casing. if it gets warmer than 40-50 degrees Celsius stop the process and let it cool down.

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Important! Never store the battery in a discharged state.

The technical progress does not stand still

Until 10-15 years ago car owners had to regularly service the battery (check the density of the electrolyte, refill with distilled water, etc.).

Today maintenance free batteries are a thing of the past. In their place came more modern and reliable (according to the manufacturers) maintenance-free power sources.

All that is required from motorists is to monitor the voltage level and timely charge. The only question is how to do the job right.


Valera Great battery for all occasions. A pleasure to use. Charging is infrequent, but maintenance is minimal. Keeps well in cold weather. Last winter was very cold, but all was well.

Alexander I own a used car with mileage, especially for it I use a simple budget battery Bosch. It’s serviceable, but maintenance is minimal. Sometimes a refill is required, but most importantly. recharge on time.

Egor Good battery, a little pricey, but worth it. Minimal hassle. maximum result. I have been using it for five years and I am satisfied with it.

The manufacturer is installing maintenance-free batteries in modern cars more and more often. There are many recommendations on how to charge an unattended battery, but they are all too complicated and the average motorist does not always manage to penetrate into the essence of the process of charging the battery. In this publication we will consider a simple and effective way to charge a car battery, using the example of Bosch silver S4.

Before you begin the process of charging, you should immediately determine the age of the battery. Unattended car batteries that are more than five years old are a waste of time to charge or recharge. Even if you manage to do something with it, it won’t work for long. It is better to take old batteries to the recycling department.

And now about the technical aspects of charging. The charger with which you will be charging must be fully automatic, i.e.е. The charging process must be controlled by a program of your choice. The program will be able to control the necessary charging current and will provide constant supply of necessary charging voltage. It is also worth paying special attention when connecting the charger to the battery terminals. Always attach the red terminal to the. the black one to the minus. If the terminals are not color-coded, look directly at the sockets of the charger and make the correct connection.

Remember that charging the battery must be done in a well-ventilated room, since harmful substances are released during this process.

bosch, battery, charge

And one more nuance, if you charge from time to time only the battery of your car, then buying the necessary charger is a waste of money, because charging a maintenance-free battery in a specialized center will cost you much cheaper than buying a device.

How to open a Bosch S4 battery

How to open a Bosch battery


The high bar, which many years ago was raised by the car battery manufacturers Bosch, is still an unattainable limit for many other manufacturers. Batteries of this brand have proven themselves in the global and Russian market. how to add water to the maintenance free bosh s4 60 amp battery. Thanks to modern technology Bosch provides easy starting even when the engine is cold, the self-discharge rate is very low, which allows using the battery after long idle periods, a large power reserve (the volume of electrolyte is increased, because the thickness of the grid is reduced), and fast charging battery provides a special structure of lead grids. And this is only a small fraction of the advantages possessed by car batteries Bosch, which experts have recognized the best for use in urban areas. Batteries for passenger cars Bosch s4 silver/12v. Technical. Because of their high quality and number of variations and series, these batteries can be matched to any vehicle, including the JIS standard. That’s why buying a Bosch battery

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How to provide your car with a reliable power source for five-seven years.

How to refill the battery BOSH S4

How to add water to the maintenance-free Bosch S4 battery

Bosch S4 Asia 70 Ah Battery

Dismantling the non-disassembled Bosch S4 battery

The battery has been in use for almost 6 years. Bosch and Varta batteries are still.

Online store services

To understand the range of batteries Bosch in our online store will help you our manager-consultant. The purchase will not cause you any troubles, but only pleasant feelings, because our specialists will not only deliver the battery to the address you want, but also will install it. Bosch s4 battery company elektromotor kiev. Contact phone how to choose. As a result you get a high quality certified car battery

at a very reasonable price and in addition. a two-year warranty on it.

All batteries Bosch, offered in our store

They are certified, have excellent technical characteristics and are designed for both foreign and domestic cars. In addition, the battery is recommended for Asian cars.

In the hustle and bustle, as it always happens: it was the Bosch s4 silver line (004). 560 409 054 (vin). Now you can not worry about a long idle time: the engine with a new battery starts instantly, the battery has a huge power potential and a variety of models, so the best battery can be matched to any car. with the maximum compliance with the level of power consumption. Increasing demands that are placed on the car batteries, explained simply: the load on the power grid of modern cars with appliances that increase the comfort and safety. After all, it is so important for us to be not only safe, but also comfortable in the car. And a dead battery, you’ll agree, can completely ruin your plans for the dayAlmost one hundred years ago, Robert Bosch, the founder of Bosch, said some words that still define the corporate culture of the world-famous company.

I recently encountered such a problem when my wife put the Mercedes in the garage and forgot to turn off the fog lights :aggressive: as a result. the battery died and it was impossible to open the electric. Bosch s4 silver battery. charged-battery.from.

Our online store also value the trust of customers, so we offer you the best quality product. car batteries Bosch

How long did it take to charge a dead battery?

Not serviced battery is good, but if you kill it once to zero, then after that he almost dead (especially in winter).

Dream. Never failed on FORD. Recharged once every six months for stands on a kopeck.

Maintenance free. does not mean it is not rechargeable!

Hello please tell me, I have the same battery and charger, a year ago also did this procedure is ok, but there was a different battery.I hooked it up, but the diode that is supposed to flash just stupid lights out?or it flashes later?self-diagnosis shows that works.It’s not too hot?

me, on this particular charger did not flash. one of the lights just change color. To be honest I only charged it once and can’t really remember.)

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