The chainsaw longitudinal sawing device with your own hands

How to saw a log into boards with a chainsaw: equipment and technology. Makeshift sawmill from a chainsaw

A sawmill is a woodworking machine used for longitudinal sawing of blanks made of various types of wood. It was invented in the Bronze Age and was originally used in shipbuilding. To design a sawmill with your own hands, you need to know the device, the principle of operation and the main varieties of this unit.

Features of the sawmill

Usually for sawing with a sawmill are wild logs. They have an irregular shape and irregular structure. That’s why they are fixed in a static position and the cut is made by the carriage with the sawing tool. Otherwise it would be very difficult to get a straight cut. An exception to this are large industrial sawmills where the saw is stationary and the logs are hydraulically pressed into the cutting assembly.

Long logs are always cut lengthwise from the bottom of the log to the top of the log. Otherwise, any saw will get stuck or break.

In general, a machine for sawing wood consists of such parts:

  • cutting element. saw.
  • Motor that drives the cutting units.
  • Carriage to feed the saw to the timber.
  • Carriage rails.
  • Wood holding carriage and log feed unit.
  • The frame that holds all the parts together in a single piece.

Depending on the design, some parts can be combined with each other. For example, a chainsaw, often used in homemade sawmills, combines the cutting part and the drive.

For large industrial logging sites, complex designs with specially designed for this purpose devices and saws are used. In a household, there is no need for such tricks. As a rule, the improvised materials are used that can saw an average log into planks.

Next, we will consider from what improvised devices you can make a sawmill at home with their own hands.

The variant of making the simplest sawmill on the basis of a chainsaw

The first variant of the sawmill is quite simple, so everybody can make it, spending not more than a couple of hours. To implement this method does not even need a welding machine, so let’s get to work. Initially we prepare the necessary materials:

  • Steel hollow bars with the size of 5×5 cm and a length of 1 meter. The number of such bars is 6 meters (all depends on the length of the tool bar)
  • Connecting elements in the form of fastening bolts with a diameter of 8-10 mm in an amount of 10 pieces

When all the component parts for making the device are ready, you can proceed to.

  • Initially, you need to make a lattice base of steel bars
  • The size of the base is equal to the length of the tool bar
  • This base is the guide when sawing logs
  • To fix the tool and adjust it, two bars are fixed perpendicular to the base
  • On the ends of the bars, which are fastened to the base, clamps must be made to secure the chainsaw bar with eyes, through which the chain will move freely

As a result we get the following device, as shown in the photo below.

Specifically for the manufacture of this sawmill, a welding machine was used, which reduced the cost of connecting elements. However, it can also be made without welding, but with a drill. You can decide for yourself which is better, but in the end you get an extension of the functionality of a useful household tool. a chainsaw. How this type of sawing equipment is made, is described in detail on the video.

Features of the homemade sawing variant

Saw a log into boards is easy to do with a tool made by your own hands. Fabrication of equipment is not complicated:

Scheme of a home-made sawing machine

  • As a support, you must apply the frame from the school desk or a tube with a cross section in the form of a square, its optimal size is 20×20, it is allowed to use more.
  • Construct two clamps, on one end mount a crossbar with two holes under the tie bolts, in the middle make a ledge for the bar.
  • For the longitudinal sawing of the log into boards it is important to make a support frame, its width must be less than the length by 7-8 cm.
  • Then two 10 cm long elements are welded to both sides, holes are made for bolts, and a handle is attached in the middle for convenient operation.
  • After that, insert the clamps into the grooves, install the bar, everything is carefully fixed.

Working with a homemade tool is not difficult, you will need two goats, they will serve as a support, as well as you need to prepare a metal rail or board, the element will be a guiding element. Place the logs underneath and adjust the height as necessary.

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Sawing technique to cut the log lengthwise

Carry out a longitudinal sawing operation using a horizontal nozzle. To get the boards even, it is important to use a specially prepared guide, its role is played by a metal rail or a board of high strength.

The difficult thing in this process is to make the first saw cut, for this it is necessary:

Drawing a board sawn lengthwise

  • Assemble the leading ruler, it consists of two boards fastened together at an angle of 90 degrees.
  • Place the log on the supports, firmly fix its position.
  • Check if the logs are level.
  • Use self-tapping screws to fasten the guide rail to the supports.
  • In the horizontal position, fix another guide rail, the element will rest on the ground, but at the same time fix the log.
  • Cut the log.

During the second sawing, experts can not use a leading ruler, the guide will serve as a received board. The second cut is made perpendicular to the first.

Secrets of cross-cutting

Cross saw is used for obtaining firewood or decorative interior elements. Sawing is carried out according to the following principles:

Sawing styles

  • Place the log horizontally on the timber supports, which should be 0,5 m high.
  • Clean the bark off it.
  • Using an axe or a saw, make small marks along the entire length, they must be at an equal distance from each other.
  • Make a crosscut.

No special tools or attachments are needed for the crosscut. For such work an ordinary chain will be perfectly suitable, but its rings must be strong.

Additional accessories

often than not, chainsaws are used for cutting logs into boards with additional devices.

Such devices or nozzles for chain saws can be bought in a store, and make their own. First, let’s look at the attachments of industrial production:

  • Debarker. An accessory on a chainsaw, by means of which it is possible to skin a log, to clear it from knots and knots or to cut grooves in a log.
  • Nozzles for cross and rip sawing. This is a device for sawing logs with a chainsaw for making boards.
  • Chainsaw attachment. An accessory that allows you to turn your chainsaw into a top-end angle grinder. At least for home use, it’s perfect.

In fact, there is a great many such nozzles, but we will not go into them, because we have already listed above the necessary for us to work.

How to saw a log into boards with a chainsaw, making boards ourselves Video

You can do a lot with a chainsaw. and with the help of different attachments, it becomes a very versatile tool. Not sure how to saw a log into boards with a chainsaw? We’ll tell you about much more than that now!

A chainsaw. a tool for all occasions

Most chainsaw owners have no idea what opportunities are hidden in this seemingly single-function tool. What functions other than cutting logs for firewood, the chainsaw can perform in skilful hands. But think about it. the tool is absolutely autonomous, you put fuel in the tank and work wherever you like!

Powerful, compact and safe gasoline engine with its unpretentious character and ability to work in the toughest conditions conditions conditions conditions a wide range of work.

Another good thing about this chainsaw is its leak-tight fuel system, which, together with the carburettor membrane type, allows it to work in various positions, except when it is upside down.

The centrifugal clutch also provides reliable protection against overloading and breakdowns.

Look at the chainsaw from a different perspective. you hold in your hands an amazing tool for its capabilities! It is a universal drive for a variety of applications, not only for cutting wood, but also for cutting metal and stone, pumping water, drilling holes and even serving as a low power motor!

Multitool with my own hands

The most popular attachment, which is even produced by chainsaw manufacturers themselves, is the chain saw attachment, which turns the chainsaw into an autonomous semblance of an angle grinder.

The attachment consists of a bearing unit with a shaft with a pulley attached at one end, which is driven by a V-belt. On the other end there is a mandrel for fixing abrasive wheels. Changing circles, such a chainsaw-angled grinder will be able to cut stone, tile, brick and even metal.

Of course, the circle is hidden in a protective casing, without which the work of such a tool would be pure gambling. lucky or not!

Of course, there will be a lot of people who call this method a folly, because you can buy a normal angle grinder and not bother to change any there nozzles! But in practice the idea is absolutely justified. high-revolution saws equipped with such attachments work not worse than usual grinders. Of course, they can’t compete with professional high-powered tools, but they are worth it in the household. In this device there are two undeniable advantages. the autonomy of work and saving money.

Another professional attachments, which you can buy in specialized stores are the so-called debarkers.

Their functions just correspond to the purpose of the chainsaw and, in fact, increase its capabilities. in addition to sawing wood with debarkers it can be processed, namely cleaned from bark, growths and limbs, as well as cut grooves in logs, which is useful in the construction of wooden log houses, and give a rounded surface a flat shape.

Debarkers can be either circular or drum. The former serve to cut recesses and mounting grooves, and the drum are used to remove bark from logs, they are also called debarkers.

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The device is a drum or a mill fixed in a bearing unit. They are driven by the V-belt drive, for which there is a special pulley on the axle.

Depending on the pulley diameter and the number of motor revolutions, you can change the speed of such a tool for optimal woodworking.

Basically, the nozzle is an ordinary centrifugal pump that is attached to the saw and is actuated by the same pulley and belt. The principle of operation is the same as with all centrifugal pumps. one hose is lowered into the water, the second serves as a pressure hose.

Before starting work, the liquid is poured into the engine through the plug, so that the pump “grabs” the water to be pumped. The rotation of the turbine generates a lower pressure inside, thanks to which the water is pumped out.

The device, in fact, the simplest, but imagine what good it can be, when the country house is de-energized, and the issue of water supply must be resolved urgently!

With the help of special attachments a chainsaw can be turned into a drill or a winch, and even into a boat motor, capable of developing speed up to 20 km/h with fuel consumption of 1 liter per hour. However, these are rarer cases, while the devices for longitudinal sawing of logs, or, as they are called, minipiloramy, are quite common.

How to saw a log into boards with a chainsaw. vertical attachment

First of all, it should be noted that no one aims to make a professional log sawing with a minimum of waste.

Professional work also needs the right tool, but the attachment for sawing logs longitudinally will solve many small problems in the household.

Let’s imagine, for example, that in your garden an old pear tree has withered away, and you just needed a few planks to hammer a hole in the shed. Instead of letting the tree trunk go to firewood, you can use the nozzle to get the material you need.

There are two kinds of longitudinal sawing adapters: vertical and horizontal. The simplest arrangement is exactly the first variant: the adapter is attached to the rail at its base, and the guide bar ensures straightness of movement of the adapter.

The whole construction is attached to the board, which is the stop for the sawing and at the same time the guide bar.

The accuracy of such a device is not high. with its help you can cut rough boards or give a log an uncomplicated square shape, however, before such a device and tasks are set accordingly.

How to saw a log lengthwise. saw horizontally!

Much greater cutting accuracy is provided by the horizontal design, which is a rigid frame attached to the chain saw bar in two places. at the base and at its end. The attachment points can be shifted, providing the necessary width of the kerf. Of course, such a device is designed for small logs, the diameter of which will not be more than the length of the bar.

How to saw a log lengthwise with a chainsaw. an overview of the most effective devices

In the process of carrying out various works, there is often a need for longitudinal cutting of logs or logs. The most different types of equipment can be used for this. from stationary sawmills, to small units, but these options cost a lot, and if you need to perform a small amount of work, then sawing logs with a chainsaw will be the easiest and most rational solution.


The advantages of using this option

First of all, let’s understand what advantages this method of sawing has:

The ability to work in any environment unlike electrical equipment, which has a tendency to get wet, the chainsaw can operate in the most unpleasant conditions without causing structural damage, because all the components of the chainsaw are adapted for outdoor use and even in the presence of precipitation
Workability If you are going to work for a long time, you need equipment with power of about 7 horsepower or more, it can withstand considerable loads, while the quality of the work will be consistently high
Autonomy Since the device runs on gasoline, you do not depend on electricity and can construct a structure for sawing in any convenient place. This is especially convenient when working in places without power lines
Convenience The inertia brake in chain saws works faster than in electric systems, and the soft start and chain speed regulation ensure high quality of work, even if you have no such experience


In addition to all of the above factors, do not forget the low cost of the construction, the purchase of a stationary sawmill will cost several times more.

Another plus can be considered the mobility of the device, you can easily transport it to the right place

An overview of some options

We will tell you about the two most popular designs, which provide the best quality when working, and you yourself will determine what is more convenient and preferable in your case.

Homemade version

To begin with, let’s consider how to make a device for sawing logs with a chainsaw with your own hands.

The instructions for the work are as follows:

It is best to use the frame of the old school desk or a square tube with a side of 20×20 or slightly larger. First of all, two clamps are made, these are elements 50-60 cm long, at one end of which is welded crossbar with two holes for the tie bolts and a small projection in the middle to clamp the bar, on top of the element is attached the same configuration, the photo below shows the finished elements, as you see everything is pretty simple, and, having a handy welder, you can make them very quickly.

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The clamps must be of such a size that the width of the bolt arrangement is slightly greater than the height of the bar

To saw a log longitudinally with a chainsaw, you need a frame, the width of which should be 7-8 cm less than the length, to two of the sides perpendicularly welded two elements 10 cm long, they should be slightly larger, so they went into the clamps, they need to install two fixing bolts, drilled a hole and welded nuts, so they screw fasteners, in the middle welded handle for easy movement. The system is assembled as follows: first the clamps are inserted into the grooves, then the chainsaw bar is inserted and carefully secured. The distance is chosen depending on the thickness at which the sawing is to be carried out. To understand how it is done, look at the photo, which shows the construction in the assembled form, the price of the issue. a few metal elements and welding rental for an hour.

Now let’s tell you how to saw a log into boards with a chainsaw using this design:

You will need two trestles, which will serve as supports, they must be of such a height as to ensure the convenience of the work. As a guide, it is best to use a reliable metal rail or a sturdy board. It is possible to make this element from an angle or other metal products. A log is placed at the bottom, which should be set at the desired height, and then you can start working. After the first pass, the log is raised to the right height, and the process repeats.

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The work is fairly simple, the main thing is to accurately place everything and fix it securely


Don’t forget that a chainsaw must be fitted with a chain to cut wood longitudinally, this will ensure high speed and quality sawing.

Ready-made solution

Very popular option Big Mill Timberjig, this is a special set for the equipment of a mini sawmill. Sawing a log into boards with a chainsaw with this device is simple and effective.

When you buy this option, you get everything you need, let’s talk about how to organize the cutting of logs:

The design is cleverly designed to be simple and sturdy

, As a result you should have a T-shaped structure. It will be a stop ruler in the delivery set there are corners, which are designed specifically for these purposes To its ends by self-tapping attach supports, it is not necessary to use nails, as it is much more difficult to remove them subsequently it is done through the clips, which are also included, and remember that the line for the trimmer saw cut is not on the edge of the guide, and 10 millimeters above so it is much more convenient to work. Fix this position with two supports, if you do not understand something in the description, look at the photo, it shows everything clearly, in addition, in the kit always comes with an instruction with detailed diagrams.

Safety Precautions

A chainsaw is a dangerous tool that requires caution and attention. The use of additional devices greatly increases the risk, because the cutting tool is not visible while sawing, which dulls the vigilance of an inexperienced worker. It is necessary to ensure complete safety when moving the carriage, set all handles at a sufficient distance from the moving chain. In addition, it is necessary to observe all standard safety requirements when working with a chainsaw:

  • Use only a chain saw in good working order;
  • Do not refuel while the saw is running;
  • Always refuel in the open air or in a well ventilated area
  • Do not smoke while fueling or working;
  • carry the chain saw in its carrying case only after it has come to a complete standstill;
  • Only start the chain saw after it has been removed from the cut;
  • monitor the actions of the helpers, so as not to accidentally injure them;
  • Use personal protective equipment. goggles, gloves, headphones.

The requirements are simple, but they allow you and your assistants to stay healthy and able to work.

The carriage for a chainsaw, created by your own hands, significantly expands the capabilities of the tool. It becomes possible to produce different types of lumber, the accuracy and precision of work increases. However, at the same time there is an increase in the danger of using the tool. All self-made carriages and other devices represent a risk group, therefore it is not recommended for people without proper experience and skills to take up manufacturing of such devices.

It is necessary to estimate correctly own possibilities and level of knowledge, degree of danger and responsibility of such works. If the user has sufficient training and experience, the process of making a carriage will not take much time and will give him a useful and convenient device.

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