The force of impact of the perforator what to choose. Engine location: vertical or horizontal

Peorator or shock drill?

All modern electric drills have a drilling mode with a blow. Can a drill compete with a peorator in the processing of solid materials. Concrete and stone? Our answer is unambiguously negative. The fact is that the blow of the drill is very weak, its strength is not even indicated in the technical characteristics.

Rates jump onto each other

The picture shows how the drill is arranged: the repayment movement of the cartridge is given by ratchet brows, jumping on each other during rotation. When drilling, it feels like a small vibration of the tool. To get at least some effect, you need to squeeze a drill into a wall with a force of 10-15 kilograms.

Another thing is the peorator. It dries the hole in any concrete, like in a tree. It’s all about the power of the blow that reaches dozens of joules. Helps to develop such power. Pneumatics.

Air pressure increases the energy of the impact

The diagram shows one of the options for the design of the penetrator. The electric motor rotates the shaft on which the swinging bearing is installed. It is also called “drunk”. The bearing is associated with the wall of the air cylinder. Inside the cylinder, the air gap separates a flying piston from the wall, to which a spite of the tool is attached. Due to the swing of the bearing, the pressure in the cylinder increases or decreases. Due to the air pumping, the power of impact on the brisk increases significantly.

The first peorator was invented in the middle of the XIX century for miners. Manual drilling machine chopped up pieces of breed in the mine. Electric Peorator appeared in 1932.

Despite the fact that the drill and the peorator are similar in appearance, they are completely different tools. In the cabinet of the home master, of course, there should be an electric drill for drilling holes. But, if you repair an apartment with concrete walls, you have plans to install sockets, a hitch of shelves and duties of grooves, we recommend taking a peorator. You will spend ten times less effort on putting an apartment in order.

The disadvantage of the pea is a loud rattling sound that spreads throughout the house so that the source cannot be localized.

The peorator costs more than a drill, but your doubts will disappear as soon as you make the first hole and feel what this powerful machine is capable of.

What should be taken into account when choosing a peorator

This tool can be: with one drilling mode, with two modes (drilling plus a blow), as well as with three modes (deterrence is added to the previous two modes). In addition, the weights are classified by heavy, medium weight and lungs. The latter will not be harder than 4 kilograms, the average will “pull” from 4 to 5 kilograms, and the most severe devices of this type can weigh 5-10 kilograms or more.

The energy of the blow

One of the main parameters of the device is the energy of the impact. Joules are used to measure it. Light models have no more than 1-2 joule strike, and the more serious peorators can hit with a force of 8 to 15 joules. The greater the energy of the impact, the greater the diameter of the hole can be obtained. Когда эта величина достаточно мала, то прибор работает не эффективнее, чем дрель ударного типа. At the same time, he will not pierce the hole, but to drill it. As a result, his equipment will wear out extremely quickly, and you will not have to dream of high performance.

Speaking about the energy of the impact, you need to know that it does not depend on how forceful to press on the peorator handle. But when working with a shock drill, the situation is just the opposite. If the entrepreneurial seller of the instrument store to attract attention talks about the increased energy of the impact of the penetrator, listen to his words skeptical.

You should know that the value of this parameter exceeding 10 joules will lead to a rapid failure of your tool. Indeed, with such high loads, its tight inserts will be destroyed over a very short period of time.

If you need a peorator for drilling small openings for dowels and anchor bolts, then see compact models of devices with an energy of hit 1. 2 J:

If, in addition to drilling holes for the dowel, it is necessary to produce: stroke, cut out the sockets, drill a large diameter, choose medium-power devices with an energy of the impact– 5. 8 J:

If the pedorator is needed to dismantle the walls and break through the aisles, then look at powerful devices with the SDS Max system and 10 J or more energy energy or more:

The frequency of strikes

If we calculate how many times in one minute the piston of the device on its boiler hit, we will get a value called the frequency of shock. The larger it is, the higher the speed of punching holes. The productivity of the pedorator depends on both the frequency and on the energy of the impact. Manufacturers that produce the most durable and efficiently operating devices in their models harmoniously combine these two parameters.

Therefore, it is better to pay attention to reliable brands, the products of which are distinguished by excellent quality and amazing durability. Specifically about the best manufacturers, we will talk a little further.

The capacity of the penetrator

Peorators are less powerful devices than electric drill. This is due to the fact that drilling is much harder than drilling. Therefore, the shaft of the penetrator during operation does not require such high rotation speed as the drill. In devices with different types of cartridges, the power is different. 400 to 800 watts consume models with cartridges like SDS-Plus. The SDS-MAX orals with 1.2 kilowatt cartridges have power. Actually, choosing this tool, it should not be done on power. This is not the most important parameter.

Spindle rotation frequency

The speed of rotation of the peorater shaft is lower than that of the drill. This was already mentioned above. Depending on the class of the device, the value of this value can be from 600 to 1500 revolutions per minute. The speed of rotation is reduced with an increase in the power and performance of the peorator. This is due to its structural features. After all, in productive models, the optimal diameter of the equipment is large enough. In general, the shaft of the device rotates only in order to remove the dust after drilling. Little drill has to rotate faster, and the big one is slower, otherwise it will be too quickly worn out.

Porators with high speed of the shaft rotation have considerable weight, which does not facilitate the convenience of use. In addition, in such high.Speed devices, spiral grooves wear very quickly, with which drilling waste is removed from the place of work. Because of this, the device begins to heat up quite hard, and as a result it can even jam it in the hole.

Type of cartridge for attaching drills

The most common 3 systems of drill mounting. If a small peorator weighing up to 4 kilograms is required, it is better to choose a model with the SDS Plus mounting system. Holes such a device can make no more than 3 centimeters with a diameter. Usually this is enough for domestic needs, and such peorators are most in demand by customers.

Professional models, sometimes weighing up to 11 kilograms, are equipped with a SDS Max type attachment system. These devices are characterized by large sizes. However, they are able to break through the holes of rather large. Up to 5.2 centimeters.

Two types of fasteners, on the left of SDS Plus, right SDS max.

Recently, another type of mount began to be used. SDS-Top. It is well suited for the manufacture of holes with a diameter of 1.6 to 2.5 centimeters. This mount is often used in devices manufactured by Bosch.

Peorator operating modes

Now we will consider in more detail how peorators differ from each other with different number of operating modes. So:

The simplest devices are single.Mode. They work in the same way as an ordinary drill. If wooden and metal surfaces have to be drilled, then they are quite suitable.

In a dual.Mode device, the axis can not only rotate, but also make oscillatory movements during rotation.

A tri.Mode peorator as an additional function has the ability to strike without spindle rotation. Such a device is the most universal, it can simply drill, drill and hammer and just hammer.

The variety of peorators suggests that each of them can have various modifications. In this case, they can be performed with one, with two or three operating modes. If we talk about the latter option, then it costs more, of course. But if there is work to be done, as for drilling, so for drilling and crushing, then you definitely need to stop on a triple device.

force, impact, perforator, choose

Surprising coupling

This element of the penetrator is designed to protect the device from overload at the time of jamming or chisel jamming. When jamming the coupling, it disconnects the working organ from the engine, turning it off. Thanks to this, the unit will not be subjected to serious overloads, and the engine will not burn.

In many cases, the electrical power of the penetrator fully satisfies the needs of the user. Note that the electric models are more powerful than the battery ones, and they can work for a longer time (the battery will not be discharged at the wrong time). The only minus in them is the limited length of the network cable, but this problem is solved by the purchase of an extension cord.

The battery model should be bought only when the autonomy of the device is the main factor for you. For example, when it is necessary to perform work at the facility under construction, on which there are no working sockets yet. However, wireless models have a lower power (and, accordingly, by the power of the blow) than electric ones, and they charge for a long time. Also the cost of battery models is many times more electrical.

The peorator is the same thing that the shock drill?

Outwardly they are similar, but arranged in different ways. The peorator and the shock drill are used in various areas.

At the drill, the main working details are 2 gear rates, which, with constant use, wear out quickly, you have to put new. When working with her, you need to make great efforts. The disadvantages include a high degree of return and weak amplitude.

The penetrator has no such shortcomings. It has more power and speed, lasts longer.

Anti.Vibration protection

In view of the strong vibrations of the tool, tunnel syndrome may develop from frequent work with it. This is a professional disease of most workers who have to use the apparatus every day for a lot of hours. Depending on how often you plan to use a peorator at work, pay attention to the type of protection against vibration.

Passive anti.Vibration protection

Presented in the form of rubber linings on the handles and the tool case. Seals may be present in other parts. Their goal is to keep the penetrator more convenient and only slightly remove fatigue. Suitable for compensation for the load in the periodic use of the tool.

Active anti.Vibration protection

Consists of internal counterweights with springs that absorb fluctuations. The handle of the apparatus joins the body on hinges that prevent the transfer of vibration from the shock mechanism to the operator. Hands are less tired at the end of the day, overall performance increases.

See how active vibration protection works:

If you have to use a peorator for 3-6 hours every day, then do not save on high-quality vibration protection.

Hyundai H 850. 4503 rubles

Hyundai H 850, originally positioned as a household instrument of the average price segment, only formally (because it costs up to 5,000) can be attributed to budget peorators. After all, thanks to the presence

  • Reverse,
  • 3 full-fledged operating modes and an additional function, expanding the possibility of deterrence,
  • Electronic speed adjustment (with a gashter),

This device is able not only to hammer and drill, but also well enough to drill. The ability to block the spindle for a “clean” blow in a certain position (the 4th function, which with the options for drilling and a murmur is immortalized by the massive bas-relief “4 functions”)-brings the Hyundai H 850 closer to the stable demand of the middle class tool.

The negative attitude of the domestic consumer to the Boers, which is equipped with this model, is known. But here it should be understood that this equipment is a consumable of material, even if not very high quality. And, coupled with a relatively short network cable and a mediocre case, such an approach to the manufacturer can be regarded as an excellent attempt to reduce the cost of the kit without significant damage to the quality of the tool.

The characteristics of the value
Weight, kg 2.7
Boor fixation option SDS
Working modes Dicking, drilling with a blow and without
Impact power, j 3.2
Shock frequency on xx, b./min 5600
The speed of rotation of the shaft on xx, rpm 1250
Power consumption, W 850
Drilling wood / metal / concrete, mm 30/13/26
Additional. Functions Safety coupling, fixation of the chisel in any position, reverse
Power cable length, m 4
Origin development / off. Production Korea / Korea, China
Price, 4503

How to choose a professional peorator

Professional modeling modes differ from household models with power, endurance and a long period of continuous operation. To choose the best version of such a power tool, first of all, you need to pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • Type of shock mechanism.
  • Power and energy of the blow.
  • Type of fastening of the drill.
  • Anti.Vibration protection.
  • Spindle rotation frequency.
  • Brush reverse.
  • Network or battery tool.

The professional class cannot be called a cheap tool, so the master should clearly understand what qualities the optimal model should have.

Type of shock mechanism

In the peniterators, one of two types of shock mechanism can be used: pneumatic or electromechanical.

force, impact, perforator, choose

Pneumatic shock mechanism

The principle of its operation is that the piston of the drive mechanism compresses the air cushion. The second, free piston, is surrounded by air on both sides. He moves forward to the brisk, passing the created effort to him.

Then the piston of the drive mechanism moves back. At this time, a free piston pushes away from the box that moves back. The compression of the air cushion on the other side of the free piston increases, forcing the piston of the drive mechanism to stop.

Under the influence of high pressure, a free piston flies back to a brisk with increased speed. The blow is transmitted to the equipment during the operation of the tool.

Watch the video The principle of operation of the pneumatic shock mechanism:

Important! Choosing a peorator for professional use, it is worth giving preference to an impact mechanism of pneumatic type.

Electromechanical shock mechanism

Electromechanical system creating shock effort is more often equipped with light models. In such systems, the lever spring is driven by an eccentric. She moves forward and backwards the shock device. Through a special drummer, the force is transmitted to the equipment. The recoil is absorbed by the spring, intensifying when moving the mechanism forward. This system is less resilient, is not used for long.Term, high loads on the tool.

Watch the video The principle of operation of an electromechanical shock mechanism:

Power and energy of the blow

Professional models have an energy of the blow from 7 to 27 j. The higher this indicator, the more productive and durable the tool. The power of the professional type tool is from 1 kW.

Such equipment is distinguished by a wide range of functions:


  • Drilling holes, including with a diameter of more than 100 mm;
  • Drilling natural stone;
  • Clushing concrete with the expansion of openings;
  • Creation.

Type of fastening of the drill

For fixing the drill in the peorators, fast.Free systems of type SDS mounting system are used. The most common is the SDS Plus drill system, but it is not used on professional peorators. For professional models, the mount was improved. In the power tools of this category, an mount of the SDS Max type is installed. Intended for operation in high shock load mode.

The cross section of the shanks SDS Plus and SDS Max:

SDS Plus.

SDS Max.

The diameter of the shank of the SDS Max equipment is 18 mm, which makes it more reliable. The design of the cartridge has a number of features. The shank in it is fixed using 5 grooves. Often oratories with SDS Max operate in 2 modes: drilling with a blow or just a blow. Therefore, it is impossible to use the poosor of the presented class for simple drilling and creating exact holes.

Shippoint SDS-Max equipment.

force, impact, perforator, choose

Anti.Vibration protection

Professional class peorators are equipped with active anti.Vibration protection. With such a power tool, you can work throughout the day, taking only small breaks.

The basis of the anti.Vibration system is a dynamic counterweight, which is located inside the case of such devices. The mechanism absorbs vibrations that are transmitted to the hands of the master. This significantly reduces the likelihood of developing an occupational disease called tunnel syndrome.

Anti.Vibrational system of the penetrator.

Dynamic counterweight device:

In household models, a simple passive anti.Vibration protection is provided. Therefore, it is undesirable to apply such a technique in professional activity. Over time, health problems may occur.

Spindle rotation frequency and shock frequency

The speed of the tooling of the tool depends on the spindle rotation frequency. This indicator is inversely proportional to the power. Rotation is necessary for the withdrawal from the hole of the sludge formed during the drilling process.

100 Days in the Calamity Mod Draedon Update. Modded Terraria 1.3.5

If the master more often uses the peorator to drill holes, it is better to give preference to a model with an indicator up to 2000./min. For drilling, a high rotation speed is not needed and a peorator with a spindle rotation frequency of up to 1000 about./min.

The frequency of impact is one of the most important indicators of the penetrator. The higher this value, the faster the drilling will occur.

1 place. Metabo Uhev 2860-2 Quick 600713500

The best network shock peorator for professional work is equipped with a two.Speed gearbox and an anti.Vibration system that is strongly reducing the load during use. The engine will last a long time due to a high degree of protection against dust and damage. Metabo Uhev 2860-2 is designed for intensive use at home or professional activities.

The case of durable rubberized plastic weighs 3.3 kg, but thanks to the right weight and pleasant ergonomics, you hardly feel this. The tool can maintain the speed you need, and it can be adjusted automatically. The special shape of the handle reduces the load on the brush during prolonged operation. You can not be afraid to work in dusty rooms due to multilayer protective windings and protection of switches.

A 1100 W electric engine creates an energy of hit 3.4 J. Up to 4,500 beats and up to 2100 revolutions are made per minute. Torque is limited to 18 nm. This power is enough to make a hole with a diameter of 35 mm in a tree, 13 mm in metal, 28 mm in concrete. The SDS cartridge is included and fast.Sounding for drilling. The speed of rotation adapts to the material, and when jaming the drill, the shaft and the coupling stops, which contributes to the safety of use. The network connection occurs with a 4-meter cable with fracture protection.

force, impact, perforator, choose
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