The fuel pump is not pumping on the power tiller

Before finding out the reason why the diesel does not pick up speed, the owner should determine under what conditions it occurs: the problem appeared suddenly or developed for a long time, is manifested on a warmed up motor or while driving, whether there are no accompanying symptoms, whether it has long been repaired.

If the owner attributes the problem to recent interventions in the design of the car, for example, with the replacement of the timing belt, it makes sense to contact the professionals who serviced the machine. The situation with the loss of power of the engine is probably solved by correcting errors in the repair from the category “they forgot to connect the sensor”.

If the fact that the engine does not pick up revolutions, only one side of the problem: the ICE trots, periodically drowns and vibrates too much, in-depth diagnostics is indicated.

Generally, the indicators of the fuel-air mixture influence how quickly and accurately the engine picks up revolutions:

From here. searching for the causes of rpm problems in the ignition system, air supply, fuel supply into the combustion chamber.

Gasoline pumps are often positioned as pumping elements, considering that they are fuel pumps

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For those who do not know where the fuse VAZ-2114 gasoline pump is, it is located in the same place as the relay. You can see it from the passenger compartment. The best way to get to it is through the hood.

So, under the hood, near the windscreen, there’s a box. You have to open it and look for the upper fuse. Its current strength is 15A. It also says on it that it is for the fuel pump. If the fuse contact is intact, then it’s alive. If the contact is faulty, the fuse needs to be replaced.

Here are the typical faults of this unit and this way you can diagnose it.

Milking machine does not work

On the vacuum gauge, the pressure is higher than working 46-48 kPa

1.1 The vacuum regulator is damaged or clogged

Check the air supply to the regulator. If necessary disassemble it and then clean it.

Calibrate with a known good vacuum gauge or get a new one.

Pressure on vacuum gauge is below working pressure for milking

Calibrate with a known good vacuum gauge or replace with a new one.

Check all lines and repair leaks.

Check rubber gasket for leaks.

Separate instructions for pump malfunctions below.

2.5 Foreign objects or dirt in the manifold

Disassemble and clean manifold internals.

3.1 There is a leak in the air or milk line

4.1 Vacuum regulator is not working properly

Repair or readjust vacuum regulator.

5.1 Overload protection cut out the motor

Turn the system on again after 2 minutes. If the problem persists, call the service center.

After disconnecting the machine from the mains, replace the fuse with a working one.

5.3 Power switch is defective

Contact the service center listed in the product data sheet.

How to start the single axle tractor correctly?

After you bought your single axle tractor, you should not immediately start it, even if the consultants assure you that the equipment is fully operational. You need to start with the preparatory work.

The first thing you must do is check the oil level in the engine. There must be a sufficient amount of it. If it does not, you need to add oil. If you run the engine without oil it will break down immediately. You can buy power tillers like the Caiman with an oil level gauge. If there is little or no lubricant, the engine simply will not start. This is very convenient and greatly prolongs the life of your machine.

After that you need to fill up the fuel. When buying, check with a consultant or in the instruction manual for the type of gasoline that is suitable for your model of power tiller. If the machine has a two-stroke engine, then the fuel must be diluted with oil in a certain ratio. Never use low-quality fuel, or fuel that is not suitable for your power tiller.

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The final step in preparing the machine to start is to check all connections and fasteners. All moving parts should not be tight. their work should be elastic, but smooth.

There’s a slight difference between starting a diesel and petrol tractor. The petrol unit is started this way:

  • open the gasoline cock;
  • The choke lever must be in the “start” position;
  • The ignition must be off;
  • pump with the mechanical starter a couple of times;
  • now the ignition must be turned on;
  • Pull the starter motor again.

If you have an electric starter, then you can turn on the ignition immediately. The starter will quickly pump fuel into the carburetor.

With a diesel motorblock, things are a little more complicated. The new machine is completely leaking if, of course, no one has started it. To pump it, you need to crank the starter. The process will be longer than that of starting a gasoline-powered machine, but in the end the single-axle tractor will start.

If you have a manual starter, you can jerk it, but you can also start the single axle tractor another way. For this you need to open the fuel tap, and already from it unscrew each connection to the nozzle itself. You unscrew the connection, wait for fuel to come out, then screw it back on, moving on to the next.

For mechanical starting, you open all the taps and turn the throttle to the center position. With the decompressor out, pump a couple of times, holding it with your finger. Then lower the decompressor and pull to its original position. Push it again and don’t hold it, pull the starter. the single axle tractor should work.

Gasoline pump engine MS-10P single axle tractor Motor Sich video.

A fuel pump, aka a gasoline pump, with a mechanical drive of diaphragm type, is designed to supply fuel to the carburetor in the MC-10P engine power system.

At first I did not think to write an article about the engine gasoline pump MS-10P, as it is a common mechanical diaphragm gasoline pump from VAZ and ZAZ, all kind of familiar, not once disassembled, rebuilt and repaired these gasoline pumps.

Know them without pictures and photos, we can say that from memory. But then I thought about it and decided to write a short article to show what it consists of a gasoline pump with a mechanical drive diaphragm type, as by and large, these pumps are a thing of the past and many already do not have those Zhiguli and Tavria on which it was installed.

So we can say that this article is for those who have not caught these simple mechanical diaphragm-type gasoline pumps.

Gasoline pumps for VAZ classics and ZAZ produced by two manufacturers JSC DAAZ 2101-1106010 and TD Pekar 703-1106010, imported analogues and cooperative I will not consider

A lot of controversy at one time what gasoline pump is better JSC DAAZ or TD Pekar, especially given the quality of spare parts sold in auto markets (samosbor).

From my personal experience, I can say that in all VAZ, which I had, I always worked normally and without complaints gasoline pumps DAAZ, but real, factory.

But like I said, that’s not what the article is about, so I’ll continue.

So, a gasoline pump with a mechanical drive of diaphragm type, used on the engine MS-10P single axle tractor Motor Sich.

Complaints about the work of the gasoline pump on the engine MS-10P, I have not heard, as in itself this gasoline pump is time-tested and millions of miles on the domestic passenger cars.

There were a couple of isolated complaints that when heated gasoline pump ceases to pump fuel, and as the engine cools down again pumps, but then figured out that the cause of all wedged under the rod. in the hole of the plastic spacer under the

It is solved simply, it is necessary either to grind the rod a little, or to drill a hole in the plastic spacer a little, depending on how you like it.

There are some old childhood illnesses of these petrol pumps. overheating and as a result. vapour lock, there is nothing complicated here too, because everybody knows and remembers that it is necessary to cover the petrol pump with a wet rag and after a while it will work again.

Or as an option, the installation of an additional heat shield video.

If there are any questions or additions, please feel free to write in Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Honda Dio Scooter Garage Fuel Pump Repair.Kherson

The latter are installed on fuel-injected Honda Takt, for example, on the model AF Between themselves, these devices differ not only in their Honda Dio 34 gasoline pump and principle of operation, but even Honda Dio 34 gasoline pump location: This is due to the fact that for the effective work of the mechanical gasoline pump must be located as close to the carburetor, otherwise it will not work at low pressure. Electric gasoline pumps, unlike their mechanical counterparts, do not suck fuel, and as it pushes it into the engine, and its work is controlled by a special electric board.

The latter also takes into account the fuel to air ratio, throttle position and even the chemical composition of the exhaust fumes.

The gasoline pump installed in the Honda Lead works as follows: The manual starter turns the crankshaft with an eccentric cam. It is the cam that activates the gasoline pump. The top of the eccentric cam acts on the push rod causing it to press the drive lever. The lever lowers the rod and the diaphragm, thereby creating a vacuum chamber in which the fuel can flow.

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When the lever returns to its original position after turning the cam, the spring starts to act on the diaphragm and the rod, pushing the fuel from the diaphragm of the Honda Dio 34 gasoline pump, but in the direction of the engine.

After the Honda Dio 34 gasoline pump engine these actions will be performed each time with full rotation of the crankshaft. Accordingly, the faster the crankshaft rotates, the tighter the fuel flow will be to the engine.

The size of the ball should be 5. All is done very simply, to mix up that or hard in principle, the design of this pump is so simple that particularly think there is not about.

lapping of the valves I carried out with a bolt, a washer of such size that its diameter was slightly larger than the diameter of the seating Honda Dio 34 gasoline pump I used a washer with a rubber band, which is usually used for metal tile-drill and, actually, the fine abrasive paper. Here is my “device”. Maybe someone has your own options, or a special tool, I will say that I do not have such a tool, I did the job with what I have.

You slide this tool through the hole so that the sandpaper is facing the seating we need to align.

Gas pumps

Then, from the back side, we clamp the bolt in the drill and proceed slowly to level the surface, I do not advise to do it at high speed, preferably at medium and watch for the evenness of the leveled surface.

A minute or two, the surface is ready. Such Honda Dio 34 gasoline pump operation repeated with the second side, there is also a valve. The result, the engine started at the first time from the starter, I did not even had to pump the system. What was in the carburetor sump was quite enough to start the engine, and before the moment when the reserve ran out, the gas pump had time to pump a new portion of fuel.

The whole point of the Honda Dio 34 gasoline pump that any gasoline pump must create pressure. So, if the pressure is not created by the pump, the fuel is rather poorly injected, as a consequence, you begin to pull the foot or twist the starter, until the carburetor is completely filled with gasoline.

Power tiller fuel pump

By eliminating the depletion under the valves, we ensured tightness and the ability to Honda Dio 34 gasoline pump the very pressure that we really need. Once you’ve repaired the blowout under the valve, don’t forget to check whether the valve or. If you happen to need to replace the ball washer you can get it out of a Soviet bearing. The size of the ball should be 5. All is done very simply, to mix up that or hard in principle, the design of the pump is so simple that there is not much to think about.

I lapped the valves with a bolt, a washer of such size that its diameter was slightly larger than the diameter of the seating Honda Dio 34 gasoline pump I used a washer with a rubber band, which is usually used for metal tile-drill and, actually, fine sandpaper. Honda Dio scooter gasoline pump repair gasoline pump and piston.

Help the channel with a coin: Here is my “device.

Maybe someone has their own options, or a special tool, I will say that I did not have such a tool, I did the job that the Honda Dio 34 gasoline pump. You put through the hole with this device in such a way that the sandpaper was directed to the seating, which we need to align.

Then clamp the bolt to the drill from the back side and proceed slowly to level the surface, I do not advise to do it at high speed, preferably at medium speed and look for the evenness of the leveled surface. One or two minutes, the surface is ready. The same operation is repeated with the second side, there is also a valve. The result, the engine started at the first time with a Honda Dio 34 gasoline pump, I did not even have to pump the system. What was in the sump of the carburetor was quite enough to start the engine, and until the moment when the reserve is over, the gas pump has time to pump a new portion of fuel.

The whole point is that any gasoline pump should create pressure.

On some forums, I read that it fluctuates around 0. So, if the pump does not create pressure, the fuel is rather poorly injected, and as a consequence, you begin to pull the foot or turn the starterponponponka Honda Dio 34 gasoline pump is not completely filled with gasoline.

By removing the depletion under the valves we created a hermetic seal and the ability to create the pressure we really needed. That’s it, the job is done, the customer is satisfied!

The other day Honda Dio 34 gasoline pump freedom to the same manipulation held with the “Newbie” and “Honda”, but could not get my hands. After you’ve eliminated the scrap under the valve, don’t forget to check if the valve is seating or. If it doesn’t fit even a little bit, you have to bend it just a little bit so that it fits over its entire area.

By “just a little” I meant just enough to be enough for the valve to pop the Honda Dio 34 gasoline pump, no. You are unlikely to find a new valve, so if you can not control the force in your hands, leave it to someone who has more hand feel and a good eye.

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I hope it was someone interesting and useful. Rate, subscribe, comment and Good luck on the road! Check the hose, maybe Honda Dio 34 gas pump burst. Try removing the filter. But most likely no compression, check the gaskets. Take apart the gas pump, check the gaskets. I forgot to add. Pump some gasoline in the carburetor and start it up.

Does not start, I say if the mouth to pump gasoline in the carburetor comes, this problem is not as important as the fact that the air does not suck.

Honda Dio 34 Fuel Pump Repair

How to determine the fault of the pump? The easiest way is to unscrew the high pressure fuel line (metal pipe) from the pump and nozzle, loosen the fuel line coming from the fuel tap (rubber hose) and make sure the fuel comes to the pump, thereby release the air lock from the fuel system, then be sure to screw in. Set the control lever in the start position, squeeze the decompression valve and crank it. If the fuel pump on your power tiller is not working, there will be no fuel coming out of the outlet. So we determined that our “guinea pig is lame”. We remove it from its seat by unscrewing the rubber hose and three bolts which hold it to the body. Carefully take it out (if you didn’t manage to do it at once, use control lever to lift it up. down in order to release adjustment slider from fuel control fork). The pump is removed, let’s start to disassemble.

Use an awl or a small screwdriver to remove the spring ring (red arrow). under it, in the opposite direction from the ring lock (in yellow) there is a cotter pin (in blue). To pull it out, you need to press a little on the roller (green). simply shake it out (good it sits there loosely, in case it does not fall out, spray with cleaner or WD-40).

Pull out the pressure roller, the spring with the plunger (pink). the adjusting gear (black) and the slider (orange), in the manual called the river, regulating the fuel supply. On the outlet side, unscrew the intake valve holder (shown in gray). pull out the intake valve itself (blue) and the spring (purple).

In most cases, I don’t disassemble anything else, because I do with the measures. But if you have to change the discharge cylinder, you have to unscrew this bolt (brown arrow) and unscrew the cylinder. About this later if you have any questions.

Everything we disassembled should be washed with cleaner or gasoline. The plunger should not go in too easily, but not too tight either (check it without the spring). After cleaning, reassemble everything in reverse order, special attention should be paid to the marks, when installing the adjustment gear, the marks should match on the slider and the gear (white), and the mark of the discharge piston (red), it should look up when installed.

On the assembled fuel pump, the fuel adjustment slider should move freely, without much effort. To check the pump without setting it in place, move the slide all the way to the right and a little back to the left (when looking at the pump outlet). Then with your hands firmly press the pushing roller until it stops. You should hear a slight pumping sound. Putting the pump back in its seat.Be sure to put the slider in the slot in the fork guide (red).

TATA 178F Universal Fuel Pump

Universal fuel pump TATA 178F is a structural part of the fuel system of a diesel engine. Suitable for 6-9 hp air-cooled engines.

Pump fuel TATA 178F is compatible with motor tractors, power tillers and other agricultural machinery models Vityaz (TATA) HT105, HT105E, Zubr HT-105, HT-105E, XA-031, Weima (Weima) WM1100A, WM1100AE, Aurora 105, 105E, Forte HSD1G-105, HSD1G-105E, Zirka (Zirka) LX2062D, LX2060D, GT76D01, 2094D, Kentavr MB2060D, MB2070D, 2075D, 2080D, 2081D, Kama 610, 610C, 610CE, 610L, Zarya SH-135, SH-135E, Dobrynya MT-105E, MT-105, HT-105E, Bulat (Bulat) BT1100A, C653P, Brigadier MK-105RD, MK-105ZD and others.

Weight of part 360g. Our online store offers to buy a universal fuel pump TATA 178F at a bargain price in Ukraine with the official guarantee of the manufacturer.

Manufacturer TATA
Engine brand 178F (6 L.с.)
Type of motor Diesel
Type of cooling Air
Type Fuel Pump
Weight, gr 360
Warranty 21 day
Country of origin of the product China
Vityaz (TATA) HT105, HT105E
Weima WM1100A, WM1100AE
Avrova 105, 105E
Forte HSD1G-105, HSD1G-105E
Zirka LX2060D, LX2062D, 2094D, GT76D01
Zubr HT-105, HT-105E, XA-031
Centaur MB2060D, MB2070D, 2075D, 2080D, 2081D
Kama 610, 610C, 610CE, 610L
Zarya SH-135, SH-135E
Dobrynya MT-105. MT-105E, HT-105, HT-105E
Bulat C653P, BT1100A
Brigadier MC-105RD, MC-105ZD

Not all models in the table. If you have not found your single axle tractor here, call the phone number on the website (or order a callback) and our manager will advise you.

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