the grass trimmer does not pick up speed

grass trimmer at idle speed works with interruptions. the lawnmower does not develop full performance. Repeat the test at idle

Grass trimmer, which has a gasoline drive. it is a useful thing for owners of homesteads, lawns, and when the grass trimmer suddenly stalls, the work of clearing the area of grass stops. The device itself is a fairly complex mechanism, so there are many different causes of its failure. The most frequent problems are listed in the operating instructions. To know the reasons why the grass trimmer stalls, you should know in order to effectively perform the repair of the device yourself.

Malfunctions with a chain saw that are associated with the fact that this device does not start, are classified in a certain way by service specialists. They stand out faults with the following nodes of the mechanism:

  • The engine, which can wear out or fail the piston and bearings, crack the crankcase;
  • The fuel system, with a possible clogged filter or carburetor problems;
  • mechanical damage to wires, tubes, hoses;
  • ignition circuit.

In order to correctly determine the node where the failure occurred, you need to pay attention to the circumstances under which the grass trimmer stalls.


Grass trimmers are reliable and durable (of course, if properly maintained). The most common faults are caused by contaminated components.

If the motor of your lawnmower does not start, does not pick up speed, does not reach the power you need or suddenly stalls, the cause may be:

  • low-quality fuel (fuel mixture), the case may be in long-term storage or failure to comply with the formulation of the mixture;
  • grass has gotten wrapped around the brush/blade head shaft;
  • clogged air filter/muffler;
  • unbalanced carburetor.

the lawn mower stalls

Buying a lawn mower, you need to be prepared for the fact that, as in all other similar tools, it can also have breakdowns that will require repair.

But you should not run straight to the service center and pay a lot of money masters, convincing you of the presence of severe malfunction in the device.

lawnmower stops at high revs on gas

Perhaps the most common complaint associated with gasoline trimmers is “the lawnmower stops”.

Naturally, the prerequisite for this can be a fairly severe malfunction. The two-stroke engine trimmer for grass does not develop speed stalls. Lawn mower fs 130 gives gas stalls. But in most cases, the situation is even simpler than it seems at first glance.

grass, trimmer, does, pick, speed

To cope with such a malfunction, first try without the help of others to understand the causes, because, having found the cause, with a malfunction to fight even easier, and sometimes it even self-liquidated.

In fact, the circumstances is when the lawnmower cuts off at high revolutions, there are many of these circumstances.

grass, trimmer, does, pick, speed

Why the Chinese mower does not pick up speed?

Lawn trimmer does not pick up speed, a very common malfunction and of course does not always have the usual solution.In this.

lawnmower does not pick up revolutions, the cause of malfunction and troubleshooting

The first start of a new lawnmower.took out the mesh from the muffler, it works.

Another one, it is the presence of faults in the power system.

In that case, the lawnmower will stall at idle rpm. The grass trimmer Champion stops at revolutions. lawnmower Goodluck 4300 stops mowing at revolutions video. Lawn mower keeps cutting off at high revs. Lawn mower stops at high revs. Problems with the power system can lead to rarefaction or improper adjustment of the carburetor.

razregulirovaniya can lead to vibration, which take place during the mower.

Improper lawn mower adjustment, on the other hand, can be corrected simply by adjusting it according to the requirements specified in the instruction manual.

In addition, sometimes gasoline grass trimmers can stall because the valve located in the gas tank cap is simply clogged or stuck.

To find this out, try using a braid by loosening the gas tank cap.

If it works properly in this mode, clean the valve.

at high rpm

When a grass trimmer stalls at high speeds, it is due to the following malfunctions:

  • a clogged or stuck valve on the gas tank lid;
  • The carburetor has become misaligned due to vibrations from the mechanism;
  • problems with fuel mixture circulation;
  • Atmospheric air leakage;
  • The hose intended for the fuel intake is cracked or loosely connected.

, Based on the operation manual to the trimmer. To adjust the settings, it is often sufficient to loosen the housing. If there are problems with the circulation of the fuel mixture, it may flow into the carburetor little by little. After it is exhausted, the engine stops at high revolutions.

How to start a STIHL brushcutter

Notes on how to start a STIHL brushcutter

  • Before you start your petrol grass trimmer it’s a good idea to read the manual and check your STIHL grass trimmer for all its parts. It can then be assembled.
  • An important step is fuel preparation and refueling. Prepare the mixture in a measuring container. Fill it with gasoline and oil in the specified ratio. Use a funnel to pour the mixture into the fuel tank.
  • When starting the machine for the first time, turn the ignition on without opening the choke. You should put the unit on a flat and smooth surface for stability. Now. It is necessary to pull the cord sharply 3 to 5 times. The air damper can be opened in any case: whether the engine starts or not.

It can take up to 15 pulls for the first start. After starting the engine, it is worthwhile to idle for warming up. After some time, it is stopped with the Stop button.

Note! These instructions are universal, because to start a STIHL lawnmower you must follow the same steps.

In the case of starting an electric trimmer for grass is much easier: you need to read the manual and act in accordance with it. Electricity instead of fuel. It is a mains powered machine, so it’s important to make sure there is enough power to get the grass trimmer up to speed.

After each use, both gasoline and electric trimmers need a thorough inspection.

Any minor repairs can be repaired quickly and yourself by following the instruction manual. But sometimes you can not start the machine with your own hands. In this case, it is better to ask for professional help, especially if it concerns a problem with the engine and the development of the revolutions of the grass trimmer or lawnmower.

Chainsaw repair and maintenance with their own hands

The of chainsaws are decreasing, which makes them more popular and accessible not only to professionals, but also to ordinary, so to speak, amateurs. However, there is a widespread correlation. The lower the price, the less reliable the device and more frequent failures, as the chainsaw also matters. But for chainsaws of any price range, most failures can be avoided with proper operation, maintenance and timely servicing. But no one is immune from chainsaw failure and other technology. Consequently, these are the main types of chain saw faults, methods of their diagnosis, elimination and repair.

All the main faults of chain saws can be divided into two main categories:. failures of the engine and its various components: the fuel preparation and feeding system. ignition, piston group with crankshaft, exhaust system;. malfunction and failure of other components: lubrication system, clutch, chain brake, tire and others.

There is a wide range of trimmers from different manufacturers on the market. They are characterized by common reasons why the revolutions drop. Also each unit is equipped with the instruction manual. It contains the necessary recommendations on the matter concerning the model to be used.

If in the process of self-troubleshooting a positive result could not be achieved, it is better to seek help from the professionals. It is also necessary to involve professionals in solving the problem in the absence of minimum experience and skills in such matters, so that no harm is done. The most complex component is the engine. Only experienced craftsmen are allowed to work with it. When the lawnmower is on warranty service , The best option is to contact a service center, where they will conduct diagnostics and repair equipment.

When buying a lawn mower, you must be prepared for the fact that, as in all other similar tools, it can also have breakdowns that will require repair.

But do not immediately run to the service center and pay a lot of money to masters, convincing you of the presence of severe malfunction in the device.

When the air damper opens

It happens that the unit stalls when the air damper is opened, working normally at idle. This is due to air suction from the system, caused by the presence of cracked fuel hose or packing problems. The carburetor metering system may also malfunction, with the mower stopping after the choke is opened.

All of the possible causes of the lawnmower stalling and how to fix them are contained in the following video

There are many reasons for the mower stopping, but the most common malfunction is related to its carburetor. They can occur in any number of cases. The most problematic option is when a serious breakdown occurs, and it will be necessary to purchase new parts or replace the lawnmower.

To ensure that the grass trimmer works properly for a long time, you should strictly follow the requirements of the instruction manual. It is necessary to fill the machine with a fuel mixture suitable for its composition, the device must work at a moderate load.

Why does the lawn mower malfunction at idle speed?

Users repeatedly ask about stopping the grass trimmer “on hot”, that is, when the mechanism started, worked for a while, and then took. and stopped, stalled. The causes of this situation are as follows:

  • problems with the carburetor choke;
  • Gasoline in the carb can even boil;
  • If the ignition is damaged, the grass trimmer will also heat up and stop.

In each situation, check the parts for durability, and if they have already outlived their time. order new ones from specialists. Let’s name one of the most popular situations: the lawnmower stalls at idle speed. This happens for a reason:

  • the carburetor is out of tune or has been improperly adjusted;
  • the carburetor is dirty;
  • the air filter is heavily contaminated;
  • using the wrong fuel can cause the gearbox to run low;
  • your grass trimmer may stall when idling if the throttle is clogged;
  • there is air in the carburetor system;
  • the lawnmower gets a lack of gasoline to work properly, that’s why it stops.

We are sure that you have received a maximum of useful information and found a way out of your individual situation by means of our technical advice. We have all parts, like brushcutter starters, accessories and accessories at the lowest price in the country. Hurry up!

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