the grass trimmer stalls and won’t start

Gasoline grass trimmer does not start? Causes and solutions on the example of Elitech T750

In general, such a conversation should begin with the fact that after the purchase of garden gasoline tool would be better to initially read the instructions attached to it. Then many problems could have been avoided. But once it has happened gasoline grass trimmer does not start, it is necessary to look for the sources of inoperability. And in this article we will consider the main reasons why the trimmer for grass does not start on the example of Elitech T750, as well as tell you general recommendations for operating such a tool.

It is necessary to begin with the banal! Let’s see how to start the gasoline trimmer for grass. It may be that the reason lies here.

Trimmer won’t stay running, fixed.

First you need to bring the red toggle switch on the grass trimmer boom in the “I” position. This means turning on the power. Then you need to switch the fuel lever on the carburetor and use the button “suction” fuel (similar to the dropper on the carburetor). It is necessary to supply gasoline to the engine. Return the fuel lever to its original position. At the end sharply pull the starter knob toward you. Grass trimmer should work. Try several times if the first time does not work. If the situation has not changed after such manipulations and does not start the gasoline trimmer for grass, then you should first examine it yourself, before you take it to the service center. There are two main reasons why a garden grass trimmer won’t start:

  • Power circuit failure.
  • No fuel.
  • Let’s start with ignition problems. In most cases, it is caused by the need to change the spark plug in the engine. This is how it is done:
  • First of all, we must take care of safety precautions, making sure that the grass trimmer is turned off. Put the above described toggle switch in the “STOP” position.
  • Then we remove the rubber guard from the spark plug and the terminal of the electrical wiring. With a special spark plug wrench, we unscrew the spark plug and replace it.
  • After that, reassemble the unit and perform the above procedure for starting the grass trimmer.

The second reason why the garden tool does not work ran out of fuel. On the Elinech T750, the fuel tank is located near the motor, but also on most trimmers it is there. We unscrew a cap from a tank and fill in there gasoline (the best option AI-92, it is inexpensive and does not clog up the carburetor as Ai-76). Do not forget to add to the tank a special oil for engines, 50 grams per tank are enough, without it the engine will “sneeze” and will quickly fall into disrepair. After closing the tank cap, wipe dry cloth surface trimmer for grass and his hands. Also do the above-mentioned manipulations on the inclusion of a garden tool.

If the gasoline trimmer for grass does not start still, then it makes sense to give it a repair. And the reason for this decision is simple if you do not have the appropriate skills, fixing the equipment is almost impossible.

In order that the tool would have served as long as possible and did not arise similar problems, you should first of all, read the instruction manual trimmer for grass. Also, pay special attention to engine runtime trimmer for grass make a small break every 15 minutes of work and, finally, properly care for the tool, wipe it after work, lubricate the graphite grease. Following such simple rules can significantly increase the life of the tool and it is possible that you do not have to look for reasons why the gasoline trimmer for grass does not start.

grass, trimmer, stalls, start

Why the lawnmower stalls: causes and solutions

The reason why your tool abruptly stops working, namely, the engine does not pick up revolutions, breaks them off, or in the vernacular “stalls“, there may be more than one. Often not only the engine itself is to blame, but also related systems, units of the unit, completely other details related to the preparation of the fuel-air mixture, its quality, transportation to the engine of the tool. Let’s consider the most typical situations:

  • It does not pick up revolutions. The mechanics of the engine may be damaged or there may be problems with the carburetor, but the main reason is the clogging of the air filter. To change the situation, you need to remove it, clean it, and if the latter is no longer subject to, then change it for a new one, promptly making an order on our website. Also the grasshopper will not pick up speed if the cable from the carburetor is constantly flying off. disassemble the unit and fix it firmly, or buy a new one if you find cracks or other types of deformation on the element.
  • At high revs. The cap on the gas tank is clogged. you need to clean it or buy a new one. often the cause is an unregulated carb. We give information about correct adjustment of all screws in the informational articles. Check the quality of the fuel intake hose and replace it with a new one if necessary.
  • When heated. Occurs at moments when the fuel in the carburetor is literally boiling. It can also appear in the variants, if the carburettor choke is of the sparse, rotary type (not disc type). The only option is to replace the carburetor with a new one. There is also a variant of a punctured wire or ignition coil. In this case, change the element of the latter.
  • Turns on and shuts off (right after starting). An unadjusted or misadjusted carburetor is the main cause of this situation. Distinct vibration will indicate an uneven fuel supply, and competent adjustment of the unit will help correct the situation.
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We hope you’ve found the right answer to the question: Why the lawnmower cuts out, and all the catalog parts offered today, as always, are at your service. Whether you need a grass trimmer piston, a new carburetor, or related items. you’ll find them all at the Benzo Zip store.

At High RPM

When the grasshopper stalls at high rpm, it is due to the following problems:

Top Reasons String Trimmer Not Starting — String Trimmer Troubleshooting

grass, trimmer, stalls, start
  • clogging or jamming of the valve located on the gas tank lid;
  • the carburetor is unadjusted due to the vibrations that occur during operation of the mechanism;
  • Circulation problems fuel mixture;
  • atmospheric air intake;
  • The hose intended for fuel intake is cracked or loose.

The carburetor is adjusted based on the operating instructions for the trimmer. To adjust it, it is often sufficient to loosen the tightening of its housing. If there are problems with the circulation of the fuel mixture, it may flow into the carburetor little by little. After its development, the engine will stall at high revolutions.

At idle rpm

At idle speeds, common causes of a grass trimmer stopping are the following:

  • Reduction of gearbox speeds when it heats up, which is the consequence of using an unsuitable fuel mixture;
  • Throttle blockage;

If the problem area is the carburetor, the equipment will stop both at “cold” and “hot” start.

The grass trimmer does not start

Like any technique, grass trimmers are susceptible to various breakdowns. Often at the beginning of the dacha season, owners of such tools complain that the grass trimmer does not start, and we have to look for the cause of the malfunction.

For those who have recently purchased a grass trimmer and are still on the “you” with this technique, the information on why the grass trimmer does not start and what to do in such a case will be useful. So, let’s find out what can cause this.

Not starting the gasoline trimmer for grass. 10 possible causes

Before you try to adjust the tool yourself, carefully study the manual for its operation. Perhaps the information you find there will give you some ideas. Otherwise, you will have to look for the cause of the malfunction by the method of selection. It may be one of the following:

  • The toggle switch on the shaft is not in the “on” position.”. This is one of the elementary steps, but sometimes beginners forget to turn the tool on before starting it.
  • Such errors include the lack of fuel in the tank. If you have run out of fuel, but you forgot about it, just fill the tank (usually located near the engine) with gasoline AI-92.
  • Missing, improperly mixed or incorrectly proportioned engine oil. You should ideally add no more than 50 grams of oil on a regular basis. This will serve as extra lubrication and keep your grass trimmer’s engine running. Also note that there are different types of oil (“synthetic”, “semi-synthetic”, “mineral”). they all affect the operation of the machine differently.
  • If the grass trimmer does not start after winter, drain the fuel left in the gas tank and change it with fresh fuel. It is especially important for small low-powered trimmers with small motors, sensitive to low-quality mixture. In addition, over the winter, sediment can form at the bottom of the gas tank, which causes problems with the operation of the device.
  • Excessive fuel priming can also be one of the reasons the grass trimmer stalls and won’t start. When the air valve is blocked, the spark plug is flooded with fuel. It should be unscrewed and dried, then inserted in its place and try to start the engine by holding the throttle trigger. It is advisable to check it beforehand for the presence of spark between the electrodes. If there is no spark, the spark plug should be replaced.
  • Problems with the filter. If your weed trimmer does not start well, remove the air filter and start the tool without it. If everything works. the filter should be replaced with a new one. As an option. thoroughly clean and blow out the old one, but the replacement will still have to be done sooner or later.
  • Grass trimmer stalls and won’t start? try to clean the so-called breather. an element designed to equalize the pressure in the gas tank. It can be cleaned with a normal long needle. A clogged breather is often the cause of the malfunction.
  • The machine has the knives removed. some models will not work under this condition.
  • Leaky valve. You can check this with a pressure gauge. If the pressure begins to drop, you should determine which part of the carburetor is defective. Most often the carburetor gasket wears out.
  • Sometimes after a long period of operation, you may notice that the grass trimmer has overheated and will not start. First, you should know that it is mandatory to take breaks. The number of hours of continuous operation recommended for this model should be specified in the manual. Also, the problem of overheating may lie in a faulty ignition coil or in the air cooling system, which prevents overheating.

If none of these actions gave no result, you should contact a repair shop or service center.

Dry and wet plug: what it means and how it affects the start of the motor

Most tool owners immediately resort to checking the condition of the spark plug contacts. This is done in order to understand from the condition of the plug what may be the reason for the inability to start the lawnmower engine. Based on the condition of the spark plug contacts, you can draw appropriate conclusions as to what could be the cause of the malfunction. Diagnose the spark plug on a banzocosa in the following order:

  • Unscrew the spark plug, and then inspect it. The ideal condition of the electrodes. if they have brown soot (brick-colored). If the spark plug is wet and has black or white soot on it, it is an indication of a related malfunction
  • If the spark plug is wet, there is a portion of unburned fuel in the combustion chamber that does not need to be drained. Clean and dry the spark plug contacts and then check that the spark plug is in good condition. To do this, connect it to the candle holder, and place it not on the surface of the cylinder. Turn the ignition on, and pull the starter handle lightly. The spark plug should be able to provide a good and undamaged spark. If the spark is weak or not there at all, then the spark plug should be replaced
  • The grasshopper may also fail to start because of a large gap between the spark plug pins. The value of the gap between the electrodes of the spark plug should be within the range of 0.7 to 1 mm. To set the gap, use special dipsticks
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Important! Drying the contacts of plugs, by burning them, is categorically contraindicated, as this method will lead to destruction of the detail. If the spark plug has a spark, but the weed trimmer does not start, the reason is the fuel mixture in the combustion chamber. To make sure this is the case, follow these steps:

  • Fill the cap from a PET bottle or syringe with 20 grams of fuel
  • Pour it into the combustion chamber through the spark plug hole
  • screw in the spark plug
  • Put on the candlestick and start the engine

If the lawnmower engine starts after these steps, then the cause of the malfunction should be looked for directly in the fuel line and carburetor. If the engine does not start, even after these actions, then you need to check the good condition of the high-voltage wire.

The high-voltage wire, like the spark plug, belongs to the consumables. If there is a suspicion of failure of the armature wire of the grass trimmer, then it should be replaced. If, after the steps taken, it is not possible to make the lawnmower engine start, then the following recommendations should be taken into account:

  • If there are doubts about the serviceability of the spark plug and the high-voltage wire, it is recommended to replace them immediately
  • Check the serviceability of the spark formation, and if there is no spark on the new spark plug, then the breakdown is related to the ignition unit. failure of the coil
  • The ignition coil is not repaired, but replaced. If, indeed, the diagnosis indicates a faulty ignition coil of the lawnmower, it is not difficult to replace it with your own hands
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How to Fix a Trimmer That Won’t Start!

If there is a spark plug, and at the same time it is dry, and the grass trimmer at the same time does not want to start, then proceed to check the next node. air and fuel filters.

Important! If the spark plug electrodes have a red or pink color, it means that the fuel you use contains a large number of additives. You should stop using such fuel by changing your gas station or gasoline brand.

turf trimmer does not turn on hot

Lawn trimmer won’t start when hot: what to do??

Certain difficulties arise in the operation of gasoline trimmers. Most of them are related to clogs inside and engine wear and tear.

But what to do if the grass trimmer refuses to start on hot? What it means? The grass trimmer works for half an hour and then stops, and after that you can’t even start it.

  • Poor fuel quality. What kind of gasoline do you fill your lawn trimmer with?? STIHL and Husqvarna tools will not run on cheap fuel, they need at least Ai-92 gasoline from a reputable gas station. It is not necessary to save on gasoline, because the repair of the cylinder-piston group can constitute a third of the cost of the tool itself. When preparing the fuel mixture, comply with the fuel and oil proportions specified in the Operation Manual. Note that gasoline mixed with oil loses its properties over time, so it must be used within two weeks. The fuel mixture must always be fresh!
  • Fuel filter in the tank. If the lawn mower will not start, be sure to check the condition of the part. Take into account that the inlet pipe must not be left without filter.
  • You have checked everything you can, but the lawnmower still won’t start ? Maybe you forgot the air filter. It should be removed and then the machine should be run without it. Doesn’t start? Then you need to either clean the old filter or put a new one in.

The flywheel of the grass trimmer, also called magneto rotor with magnets, is keyed to the shaft.

It’s usually a good connection. Under the flywheel is a packing gland that keeps oil out of the crankcase. But when it wears out, masters have to remove the flywheel and replace the oil seal with a new one.

grass, trimmer, stalls, start

Otherwise, the oil floods everything, including the air filter.

However, it is not easy to remove the key: people make special pullers.

I, while searching for information on trimmers, came across a video of one craftsman, who was brought to repair a lawnmower, where the flywheel key was missing. Probably a factory defect. Naturally, such an engine does not start.

Such a cause should also be kept in mind.

Excluding the mower filters malfunction, as discussed in a previous publication, it is necessary to check the breather. The breather is a part that is responsible for normalizing the pressure in the tank. When the fuel gradually goes from the tank to the carburetor, the pressure increases (vacuum is created). To discharge the vacuum inside the tank, the breather is used. a kind of valve, which is located on the cover of the tank tool. This valve has a filter element that filters the air that enters the tank.

Over time, the filter gets clogged, and causes a vacuum in the gas tank. Banal, but in 30% of cases the grass trimmer malfunction in the form of inability to start is associated with a clogged breather. The breather plug on the trimmer can be cleaned, and you can continue to use the tool. To make sure that the grass trimmer malfunction is caused by the breather is as follows:

  • Unscrew the lid of the gas tank
  • If during unscrewing it occurs air bleeding, it is already possible to assume with 100% certainty that the breather valve is out of order
  • Screw on the cover and start the lawn trimmer engine. If the grass trimmer starts, but stops after a while (when the amount of fuel in the tank is reduced), it is necessary to clean the breather plug

You can clean the breather plug with an ordinary sewing needle. Many people don’t even know about this important detail, so they often don’t understand what to do when the lawnmower engine won’t start. Answering the question about the impact of the breather valve on engine starting, it is necessary to say that it has a direct impact. Excessive fuel tank pressure prevents fuel from getting to the carburettor and the engine will not start.

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