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The lawn mower does not start or stalls?

Many owners of gasoline lawn mowers sooner or later face technical problems of this technique. Most often, problems arise after three to four seasons of active operation of the lawn mower or after the equipment spends the winter in an unexplored garage. These problems are manifested as follows:

  • The lawn mower will not start
  • The lawn mower starts up, but soon stalls
  • The engine of the lawn mower is working with interruptions
  • The engine of the lawn mower does not work at full power

It doesn’t matter what engine is on your mower: dear Japanese Kawasaki or a simple Chinese Lifan, during the years of operation these problems are more likely to appear in all lawn mowers. However, do not be upset and rush to take your mower to the service center. In the vast majority of cases, the lawn mower can be easily repaired with your own hands. In this material, we will tell you step by step how to do it!

We identify the cause of the malfunction

To repair the lawn mower yourself, it is best to be guided by the principle of “from simple to complex”. First, check if there is enough gasoline in the tank. If the mower stopped starting after wintering, it is worth draining the old fuel and replace it with a new. Sometimes low.quality gasoline comes across, which can give a precipitate or even delay in the winter, and some gas mowers are very sensitive to fuel quality.

If there is confidence as gasoline, but the lawn mower does not show signs of life, the next thing you need to do is check the spark. To do this, remove the wire with a cap from the candle and twist it with a special candle key, which should go with the lawn mower. Then throw the cap on the candle, attach its threaded part to the metal part of the engine and ask someone to pull the starter. At this moment, a bright blue spark should appear, which is clearly noticeable even during the day. Keep in mind that you need to lean the candle against the clean metal surface of the engine, which is not covered with paint and which can be current.

The structure of a gasoline lawn mower

Before repairing the device, you need to figure out what it consists of. There are many models of gardening from different brands: self-propelled, non-self-propelled. All of them are arranged the same. The component structural elements:

  • Platform on wheels;
  • gasoline engine (starter, carburetor, ignition and fuel supply system, air damper, filter, piston system, fuel tank.);
  • manual handle;
  • water.jet nozzle;
  • cutting elements (knives);
  • grass collector (container);
  • Freshly cutting out unit;
  • buttons, control levers;
  • Corps (aluminum, steel, plastic).

Restoring the performance of electrical equipment

Mowers, inside of which electric motors are located, most often begin to be capricious due to oxidation of contacts. The terminals are covered with a layer of scale from excess humidity in the room or in another place of storage. It is also worth checking the absence of a break in wires in problem areas. For this operation, a multimeter or other tester type is used.

When a set of garden equipment contains a brush engine, we identify the performance. Brushes can wear out quickly, leading to a lack of contact. The reptity of them costs relatively little, and it is easy to find it in specialized stores, where they sell spare parts for such a technique.

Asynchronous engines are also in wait for the malfunctions. They refuse capacitors. A similar situation is diagnosed at home is problematic. It can be detected by indirect symptoms:

  • The sound of a buzz is heard;
  • When starting, the case twitches slightly;
  • significant heating of the motor occurs even at a slight load;
  • Reduces are reduced.

It is worth diagnosing the condition on the tolerance/button and the voltage supply to the electric motor. Когда проведено тестирование описанных узлов, а нарушений в работоспособности не обнаружено, то вряд ли удастся исправить поломку газонокосилки своими руками. Then you will have to use the services of the corporate service.

At high speeds

When a braid for grass stalls at high speeds, this is due to the following problems:

  • clogging or clutching a valve located on the gas tank lid;
  • The carburetor was diluted under the influence of vibrations arising during the operation of the mechanism;
  • problems with the circulation of the fuel mixture;
  • atmospheric air
  • The hose intended for fuel fuel cracked or slightly connected.

The carburetor is regulated by relying on the operational instruction to the trimmer. For configuration, it is often enough to weaken the tightening of its body. If there are problematic issues with the circulation of the fuel mixture, then it can gradually enter the carburetor. After its production, the engine stalls at high speeds.

At idle

At single speeds, the common reasons for stopping a trimmer for grass are as follows:

  • reducing the speed of the gearbox when heating it, which is a consequence of the use of inappropriate fuel mixture;
  • clogging of the throttle;
lawn, mower, heats, stalls, reason, channel

If a carburetor is a problem place, then the technique will stop at the “cold” and with a “hot” launch.

Why is the lawn mower smoking

If the electric lawn mower is smoked, you must carefully look at the signs of a malfunction. The cause of the breakdown can often be set by the color of clubs rising from the unit.

The lawn mower smokes white smoke

If the smoke from the device rises white, then most likely it is caused by wear of piston rings. Normally, they form a seal between the walls of the cylinder and the piston. If the rings are damaged or too worn out, the oil will flow through them and get into the combustion chamber. As a result, the lawn mower will begin to be hopped with white, her work will worsen.

Another common reason why the lawn mower smokes is to enter the oil muffler. This usually happens after turning the unit on the side. White smoke in this case does not represent a big problem. After the oil burns out, it will stop standing out on its own. But often it is impossible to allow such a situation, this will negatively affect the performance of the device.

A Mower That Quits When Hot

Attention! If the unit smokes white, it is worth checking the oil level in the system. If most of it leaks, using the lawn mower can be dangerous.

Oil flows into the muffler of the lawn mower usually after cleaning the deck

The lawn mower smokes black smoke

Black smoke usually speaks of problems with the composition of fuel. It appears mainly for two reasons:

  • Carburetor malfunction. This node is responsible for mixing fuel and air in the optimal ratio. If the performance of the element is broken, the mixture will be too rich. There will not be able to burn completely such fuel, carbon will accumulate in the system, due to which a black child will form.
  • Air filter problems. This element prevents dust, grass and other garbage entering the engine. If you do not clean the filter for a long time, it will inevitably clog and stop freely passing the air. As a result, too saturated fuel is formed, and a black child will appear.

If the lawn mower smokes dark, this is a serious danger to the garden unit. Most likely, the device will not break the first time. However, before the further use of the lawn mower, you will need to first eliminate the malfunction, otherwise in the end it will fail.

The lawn mower smokes and stalls

If the garden unit not only smokes, but also stalls after the start of work, the reason is usually inappropriate fuel. In particular, the malfunction provokes:

  • too high oil level;
  • incorrect position of the air damper regulator;
  • the use of gasoline, which was stored in oil tank.

Check if the device smoke due to the low quality of fuel is very simple. It is necessary to empty the tank and pour good gasoline with an octane number recommended by the manufacturer in it. If, after starting the engine, the children disappears, then the problem can be considered solved.

Sometimes the unit still smokes after replacing fuel. In this case, it is necessary to measure the level of oil in the system. If it exceeds the Max mark on a special probe, you need to pump out excess.

If the lawn mower smokes, you need not only to drain excess oil, but also replace the praised oil seals

The lawn mower smokes and warms

Sometimes the lawn mower emits smoke, but continues to work, although it overheats a lot. Typically, the malfunction is caused by the following reasons:

  • too long the work of the unit;
  • increasing the load on the engine due to clogging with the knife part;
  • damage to the motor winding;
  • wear of the engine brushes.

When a child appears and when overheating the device, you need to urgently turn off the lawn mower and conduct its inspection. All garbage, which scored the working part, is removed, they allow a gas station to cool properly. If, when you re.turn on, the unit is still smoking and warming up, you need to disassemble it and check the engine’s serviceability.

What to do if the lawn mower smokes

If the lawn mower was smoked with white smoke, you need to turn off the device and conduct maintenance. Perform it as follows:

  • Check the condition of air and fuel filters, if necessary, clean.
  • Replace oil, the quality of the internal elements of the device largely depends on the quality of which largely depends.
  • If necessary, install new cylinders and piston rings instead of worn out.
  • Remove and disassemble the carburetor, clean it of contaminants or completely replace it.
  • Check the condition of the spark plug, if necessary, remove the carcass from it or install a new element.
  • Drain the fuel from the system and pour fresh high.quality gasoline.

After that, the unit is assembled and check whether it continues to smoke after serving.

Attention! If you can’t eliminate the problem with your own hands, it is better to give the lawn mower to the service to repair the engine and other complex recovery work.

During the operation of the lawn mower in mountainous regions with sparse air, it is better to use a special high.altitude corrector

Fault prevention

Preventing problems with the launch of the lawn mower allows compliance with simple operating rules for the device. When using a lawn mower, it is necessary:

  • use only high.quality fuel mixture recommended by the manufacturer;
  • completely fill the tank with gasoline, while avoiding its hit on the engine itself;
  • Do not use the lawn mower in the rain or in very cold weather;
  • take breaks during operation of the device to allow the engine to cool and relax;
  • When using the lawn mower, do not provide excessive pressure on the device;
  • try to promote the unit in only one direction as much as possible, not to make sharp chaotic movements forward and backward.

At the end of the warm season, the lawn mower must be correctly removed for storage. After the last use, it is turned off and allow the engine to cool, and then clean the device. Remove pollution from knives, filters, channels and other removable elements. In the process, it is best to use special products that clean the metal parts well and at the same time do not cause their corrosion.

Before the first launch of the lawn mower in the spring, you must first check the presence of oil in the system

The remaining fuel from the gas tank before winter needs to be completely drained. It is recommended to launch the lawn mower at idle and wait until it disconnects on its own. this will mean that the mixture has been developed to the end. After that, the device is lubricated from rust, wrapped in dry fabric and cleaned in a warm room with a low level of humidity.

Attention! It is not recommended to store the lawn mower in the winter in an unheated garage. After several months in the cold, the unit often does not start in the spring.

Why and what to do if a trimmer stalls for grass

There are several reasons why the trimmer for grass stalls when the grass. Usually the problem is provoked:

  • wear of engine elements. piston, bearings, crankcase;
  • malfunctions with fuel supply. a carburetor can fail in the device, sometimes a malfunction causes a clogged filter;
  • mechanical damage to hoses, tubes and cables;
  • disobedience with the ignition chain.

Most often, under a load for one reason or another, an old trimmer for grass, which has long been in operation, stalls for a particular reason. But sometimes the owners of new gasoline devices face problems.

Why is a trimmer for grass stalling when pressing gas, increasing speed

If the trimmer for the grass stalls when you give gas, then the problem is usually a malfunction of the carburetor adjustment. The malfunction often occurs if the device was inaction for a long time, and then received a significant load. Sometimes the unit stalls immediately after increasing speed, if before that it was operated in difficult conditions with violation of the rules.

The following reasons are also leading to problems with the performance of the device:

With stretching or rupture of the fuel hose in a gasoline trimmer, the elements that have become unusable must be changed. If the reason is in the clogged valves and filters in the unit, they are quite simple to clean.

If the reason that the trimmer stalls for the grass is caused by problems with the carburetor, the problems are accompanied by vibrations

Another common problem is that the trimmer for grass stalls with increasing speed due. In this case, you need to find the instructions for the device and carry out the reconfiguration of the unit. Often it is enough to weaken the tightening of the carburetor body.

Why does a trimmer for grass stall at idle

Garden trimmer for grass often stalls even at idle. The reasons for the malfunction are usually simple. First of all, the improper adjustment of the carburetor affects performance. it leads to problems both at high speeds and in idle mode. Turning off the device can provoke clogging of an air filter or throttle.

Sometimes a trimmer for grass stalls if incorrect fuel is used for it. The gearbox for this reason overheats and reduces momentum.

Pt 1 How To Cut Tall Grass with Cheap Lawn Mower. Mowing Tall Overgrown Grass

If a malfunction occurs, it is necessary, first of all, to inspect the carburetor unit and perform mechanical repair or configuration. If the cause is of poor.quality fuel, you need to replace the mixture with a more suitable.

lawn, mower, heats, stalls, reason, channel

What to do if the trimmer for the grass starts and immediately stalls

If the trimmer for the grass does not gain momentum and stalls immediately after starting, the problem usually consists in improper tuning the carburetor. In this case, fuel in the system comes unevenly, the gasoline unit vibrates and cannot work normally. Repair consists in reconfiguring a carburetor unit according to the instructions from the manufacturer.

Engine stop causes fuel supply valve. The element must be carefully cleaned, and then installed back in place. If the lawn mower still stalls immediately after starting, perhaps the valve is too tight and it needs to be loosened. In this case, the fuel mixture will begin to circulate through the system freely, and problems with the performance of the unit will disappear.

In some cases, a gasoline trimmer for grass stalls due to the fact that the hose contains damage that pass the air. During the repair, you need to replace the fuel tube with a new.

Attention! If the damage in the hose is insignificant, it is allowed to simply add a revolution drive. This will allow you to drive out air bubbles from the fuel system.

What to do if the trimmer works and stalls for the grass

Owners of garden gasoline units are faced with the fact that a trimmer for grass stalls at large speeds after a short work. First, the device begins to function with jerks, and then gradually stops.

Typically, the reason is the overheating of the system. gasoline in the carburetor simply boils. A trimmer for grass can heat up if the ignition circuit coil or wire is damaged. There is no point in repairing worn details, they are simply changed to new working.

The use of a trimmer for the grass does not lead the use of not disk, but rotary damper in a carburetor

What to do if the trimmer for the grass overheats and stalls

If a hot trimmer stalls for grass, the situation is a great danger to the performance of the unit. Repair should be carried out immediately, otherwise the device will be completely unusable, and it will be more difficult to restore it.

Overheating of the unit usually cause the following reasons:

  • The use of inalitions. pour fuel into the tank with precisely with such an octane number that is recommended by the manufacturer;
  • a large amount of air in the system. for this reason, the enriched mixture releases an excess of heat;
  • non.compliance with the proportions of oil and gasoline in the preparation of fuel;
  • The thick layer of soot on the muffler. soot is a good heat.insulating material, the gasoline braid for the grass during operation is very hot and stalls;
  • The displacement of the axis of the spit.headed head inside the bar. for this reason, the rotation slows down, and the load on the engine increases.

If the gasoline unit stalls, you need to carefully examine it and eliminate first of all possible deformations of the structure. Then it is necessary to study the fuel parameters. If they do not correspond to the recommended, gasoline is replaced with a more suitable. If unnecessary air gets into the system, it is necessary to independently or with the involvement of specialists to adjust the position of the carburetor damper.

Sometimes a gasoline trimmer for the grass overheats and stalls because there is too old fuel in the tank. Use a fresh mixture for the unit, which was stored no longer than two weeks.

Attention! A trimmer for grass will overheat if you use it for too long, or mow with a weak device hard thick grass.

How to avoid breakdowns

Many breakdowns of a gasoline trimmer for grass can really be eliminated if you remove the causes, but if possible, it is recommended to, in principle, avoid faults. Simple measures allow to maintain the unit in a working state:

  • You need to use a trimmer for grass in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer. It is impossible to use a weak device for removing hard weeds on the site, it is also not recommended to use motorcycles in excess of the due time. The gasoline unit needs to be turned off regularly and allow it to cool down.
  • During the operation of the device, it is necessary to monitor the state of the cooling system. To maintain performance, the channels in the case are regularly cleaned, like the starter’s ribs. The clogging of the system often becomes the reason that the unit stalls from overheating.
  • After using the gasoline trimmer for the grass, too, you need to clean. In this case, the procedure is not carried out for a hot unit, at first it must completely cool. For cleaning, use solvents, kerosene and other products allowed for use by the manufacturer.
  • Before cleaning, the motorcycles for storage must be drained from the tank, the remains of unused fuel. If this is not done, the gasoline mixture will fall into heavy components and will clog the channels of the carburetor, which will subsequently cause malfunctions. After draining the fuel, the device is launched at idle and waited for it to turn off.

With the onset of autumn, a gasoline trimmer for grass must be correctly removed for storage. First, the residues of the fuel mixture are drained from the device, and then the unit is disassembled, rinse and clean all removable components.

lawn, mower, heats, stalls, reason, channel

Before harvesting gasoline motorcycles for storage, you need to evaluate the condition of its parts, carry out the necessary repair and replacement of nodes. Air filter needs to be cleaned. The engine is partially disassembled, rinsed and blown by moving elements, and then applied a new grease. To maintain the piston part, the candle is unscrewed and the piston itself is lifted to the top point, and a little oil is poured into the opening opening and the crankshaft is twisted several times.

Store a gasoline trimmer for grass in winter is necessary in a warm room

Electric trimmer for grass vibrates

Many mowing users noticed that some time after the start of the apparatus, it begins to vibrate very much. On some trimmers, mainly in models more expensive, an anti.vibration system was installed in the form of shock absorbers seized between the engine and the bar. But in some cases, even she does not save from strong vibration. The reason that strong vibration appears in the trimmer, there may be a small amount or complete absence of lubrication on a hard or flexible shaft located inside the rod of the apparatus.

Replacing the lubrication of the hard shaft is as follows:

  • Apply a small amount of lubrication to the shaft and evenly smear it along the entire length of the part, including the slots at the ends of the rod (if they worked, the shaft will have to be replaced);
  • After lubrication, insert the shaft back into the bar and put the gearbox in the same place.

The lubrication of the flexible shaft is as follows:

  • unscrew and remove the mowing head;
  • remove the bar from the electric motor by unscrewing a couple of bolts;
  • Pull out a flexible cable from the bar;
  • Lubricate the cable with grease along the entire length.

This is done like this: first you need to lubricate the end of the cable, and then insert it into the bar, after which, as it moves into the pipe, you should apply grease to the part and evenly distribute it on the surface. Then insert a bar with a flexible shaft into an electric engine and fix it.

In the event that the lubricant did not help, and the vibration continues to appear, you will need to change the flexible shaft.

The trimmer for the grass is very hot

Overheating of a trimmer for grass can occur for many reasons:

  • Gasoline has not the same octane number indicated in the instructions for the unit;
  • the proportions of gasoline and oil during the preparation of the fuel mixture are not observed;
  • A mixture of fuel with butter has long been prepared (the mixture cannot be stored for more than 2 weeks);
  • The trimmer for the grass works more than the time instructions;
  • A low.power trimmer for grass on thick and hard grass is used, the device works with overload and quickly heats up;
  • shifted towards the bar or the cassette lid clutched.

The latter occurs if you install a mowing head inappropriate for this unit, or when the axis shifts inside the bar. These changes make it difficult to rotate, the load on the engine increases, and it overheating.

Repair of malfunctions of an electric mower

Long grass that has wound on them can be led to jamming knives. For repair, you need to turn off the device from the network and twist the cylinder in the opposite direction.

If the electrical device is silent, the drive belt breaks the resulting result of wear: it can be stretched or broken off. This means that you can not do without replacement, for which you need to remove the protective cover.

The new belt is first installed on a small gear of an electric device, then, put on a large pulley, and turning it on.

To replace the power cable of this electrical device, it is necessary to de.energize the device and unscrew the lid.

To disconnect the cord, insert the hexagonal key into the hole with the wires, freeing the clamp.

The new power cord is installed in the reverse order.

The reason may also be hidden in a faulty power switch, which is simply replaced by a new.

Repair of an unexpectedly stopped electric engine

If the motor worked, but suddenly stalled, you need to check the crankshaft and the piston. perhaps they were overwhelmed. This is due to the absence of oil in the crankcase. It is better to contact specialists with this breakdown, as in the case when the electric motor of the lawn mower requires repair.

For non.precise operations of the lawn mower, the owner must conduct its regular maintenance after the end of the working season, t.e. Before her premises for winter storage. This will cost cheaper than repair or buying a new electrical device.

Among the main measures that ensure the reliable operation of an electric mower is clean. The mowed grass accumulated under the neckline causes erosion of metal parts. The compressor or blunting will help to remove the remaining weeds.

The electric motor of the mowing is air cooling, therefore, it also requires a cleanliness that is a key to effective functioning. Suitable for cleaning the cooling ribs soft brush and compressed air.

Timely oil replacement specified in the use guide will become the key to prolonged work, as well as the periodic cleansing of the air filter.

In the presence of a certain experience, it is easy to repair the lawn mowers with your own hands. The video below will help in this.

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