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Today, the performance of construction and repair procedures does not do without the best bolsters, suitable for all occasions. Angle grinder is named by people in the country where the first versions came to us, and is still an indispensable tool for grinding/sawing of various surfaces. This article will help you study the features of this type of equipment to find the ideal option for your needs.

Types and features of plate grinders

In addition to power and performance parameters, angle grinders are also distinguished by the principle of the power supply:

  • Network. The power source in this case is the electric network. The advantages of this type include:
  • a wide variety of modern models;
  • unchanged power, even during prolonged work;
  • Large range of attachments expands the range of applications;
  • low price.
  • dependence on the presence of a socket near the work area;
  • movement is limited by the length of the power cord;
  • unstable operation is possible in case of voltage fluctuations.
  • Cordless. They work on removable rechargeable batteries. Their main advantage is complete independence from the socket, which allows you to work with the tool in any place. It is also worth noting the high level of mobility and convenience of the operator due to the absence of wires.
  • to save the charge power is less than in the mains devices;
  • the operating time is limited by the battery charge;
  • when little charge remains, the power of the tool decreases;
  • higher price.

There is also a division of angle grinders by wheel size. It is from this parameter depends on the thickness of the material to be cut.

Cutting discs angle grinder have a diameter of 115 to 230 mm. It is important to understand that larger discs require more power from the tool. Thus, discs for angle grinders can be classified as follows:

  • 115-125 mm for simple tasks;
  • 150-180 mm for most construction and repair work;
  • 230 mm are used with powerful bolt cutters in professional construction.

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Metabo angle grinder. productive, efficient and highly reliable professional grade angle grinders, designed to work efficiently under heavy loads.

Today, the company Metabo is one of the world leaders in the manufacture of bolt cutters and supplies its angular grinders to businesses and craftsmen working in various sectors. from small shops and private craftsmen, to large industrial plants and construction companies. Metabo angle grinder can be found on shipbuilding shipyards in Germany, on the construction of famous skyscrapers and islands in the United Arab Emirates, on construction sites in the U.S., Canada, Russia, Ukraine and other countries.


The maximum disc diameter and continuous operation time depends on the motor power.

  • Up to 1000 W. low-power angle grinder copes with polishing and grinding of metal and concrete materials. Perfect for the apartment or private home.
  • From 1000 to 2000 W. suitable for cutting profiles, angles, pipes, fittings or metal sheets. Can be used for continuous work.
  • From 2000 W. powerful angle grinders for cutting ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles, laying pipes and electrical wiring. Applicable for heavy construction or professional works.

Rating of the best grinders 125 mm for home 2020. Top 6 models

angle grinder. the tool is universal. It easily cuts hard materials (stone, concrete, brick, ceramic tile, metal), scrapes, grinds, scrapes and even sharpens sharp cutting objects. The secret behind this machine is its unique bevel gear. It is this that makes the machine very easy to use, and therefore. widely used.

Working element of the angle grinder. disc or wheel. Its dimensions can vary from 115 mm in diameter to 230 mm. The diameter of the disc is directly related to the power of the device. The higher the power, the larger in size the wheel can be used. The big circle cuts and cleans anything, but it’s also big and heavy. That’s why the best angle grinders are. are those with a circle diameter of 125 mm, but again, it all depends on the task that is assigned to the angle grinder. This size is the most optimal and very popular for household repairs and construction, for the home workshop.

Facilitate your choice of angle grinder will help our rating of grinders 125 mm for the home. It includes the most convenient and reliable angle grinder from popular manufacturers.

angle grinder. an excellent assistant to the owner during repairs at home, in the garage or in the cottage. And for it to serve him as long as possible, it is necessary not only to properly use it, but, first of all, choose a quality tool, proven in practice and proven itself from the very good side. So, the 10 best angle grinders, based on feedback from users who tested them in work.


Handy, inexpensive angle grinder with 125 mm disc diameter and variable speed capability. Despite its very small size, it impresses with its power (900 watts). The tool is fast and without problems copes with its tasks, whether it’s grinding or cutting materials.

Ergonomic handle ensures the safety of working with an angle grinder. discs can be easily removed and, conversely, fixed on the machine. With variable speed control. Tool does not overheat. Cord length of 2.5 meters.

Bort BWS-905-R

Compact 125 mm angle grinder, attractive for its low price and high power. Low weight (1.Low cost (only 8 kg), so you can work long hours without rest and without interruption.

Variable speed, spindle can be set. angle grinder is equipped with a protective cover, additional brushes and a handle, a key for replacing discs. On the body is a button, designed to lock the power on if accidentally pressed.

  • Low weight.
  • Convenient to work with one hand.
  • Low price.
  • Robust design.
  • Short mains cable.
  • Quickly heats up.

Hammer USM 1200 E

High-power angle grinder with discs up to 125 mm in diameter. It has a high performance, the user can easily perform both cutting and grinding work. Speed adjustment allows you to set the angle grinder to a mode that suits the operator.

Feature of the grinder is the handle, which can be fixed in two positions. on the left or right, making it more convenient to use. Also, the special appeal of the unit gives the spindle lock, making it easy to change accessories.

  • Sufficient power (1200 watts).
  • Keeps well rpm under load.
  • Spare brushes available.
  • Always keep the start button depressed throughout the entire operating time.
  • Rigid power cord.

Zubr angle grinder-125-1100 TM3

Great angle grinder with soft start at an affordable price. Its power (1100 W) allows you to perform even quite complex and time-consuming work. Model has an ergonomic design, easy to operate and simple to maintain. The optional handle that comes with it can lock into two positions, making it even more convenient to operate.

In addition to speed regulation, it has a button that locks accidental start-up and overload protection.

  • Good power.
  • Soft start.
  • Convenient ergonomics.
  • 5 years warranty.
  • Tight start button.
  • Short mains cable.

Parkside Angle Grinder PWS 125 G6 TESTING

Sturm! AG9512P

Easy-to-operate 125 mm angle grinder with variable speed at an attractive price. It will be indispensable for its owner in carrying out a variety of works: cleaning surfaces or their grinding, cutting metal and other materials.

Handle with removable auxiliary handle, which can be mounted in three different positions on the machine. Also features safety guard to prevent dust, debris, and sparks from getting on the operator and spreading over long distances. Locking the power on the angle grinder allows you to protect all members of the family from injury if you accidentally press the button.

Bosch GWS 850 CE

Simple and robust angle grinder with 125 mm disc, attractive due to its low price and high performance. It can easily machine all surfaces and cut through different materials. Discs and brushes are easy to remove and install.

angle grinder is equipped with an ergonomic handle, which makes operation even easier and more comfortable, as well as a protective cover, which prevents sparks from spraying and flying over long distances.

  • Low weight (1.9 kg).
  • Reliability.
  • Compact size.
  • Long cord.
  • No safety device against unintentional start-up.
  • Uncomfortable shroud fastening.

AEG WS 13-125 XE

Excellent tool in compact dimensions. Reasonably priced and powerful. The angle grinder copes superbly with its tasks and is equally good at sanding surfaces and cutting materials.

The particularity of this model is that it is easy to change accessories (discs, brushes) and to adjust the cover, without using keys and other additional tools. The supplied handle is easy to handle, it does not vibrate and locks firmly into place on the housing.

  • Good power (1300 W).
  • Low noise level.
  • Can be held comfortably in the hand.
  • Easy to replace nozzles.
  • Reasonably high weight (2.4 kg).
  • It heats up quickly at low speed.

Metabo WEV 15-125 Quick

Reliable in operation, functional unit. Its price might slightly confuse the buyer. But it is well worth the money. The user will never regret this choice for a long time.

High performance thanks to the incredible 1550W motor power. That said, the angle grinder fits perfectly in the hand, as it has a small size. It is easy to operate, thanks to its comfortable body and ergonomic removable two-position handle.

  • Safe to use.
  • Reliability
  • Well-built.
  • Long mains cable (4m).
  • High cost.
  • Flimsy speed adjustment mechanism.


One of the best angle grinder 125 according to the reviews of owners, which also has adjustable speed and soft start. Apart from its original appearance, it is distinguished by its superb power that makes it a high-performance tool. It cuts and grinds any surface and material quickly and efficiently.

The angle grinder is equipped with an active dust extraction system, a reinforced gearbox design, and unique graphite brushes. It has an accidental button lock function, overload protection. Also includes extra detachable two-position handle, wrench, and safety guard.

  • Easy to use.
  • High power (1500 watts).
  • Conveniently located speed regulator.
  • No backlash on the body.
  • Reliability.
  • High price.

Makita 9565CVK

A good angle grinder, distinguished by its reliability and functionality. Powerful 1400 W motor provides the user with incredible high performance, regardless of the type of work performed, whether it is grinding or cutting.

Compact size coupled with light weight makes it easy to operate the tool. Angle grinder has automatic brush cut-off for heavy wear, starting current limitation, accidental start lock.

angle, grinder, adjustable, speed
  • Excellent performance.
  • Light weight (1 kg).8 kg).
  • Multifunction.
  • Handy spindle stop button.
  • Cost.
  • Tight trigger.

angle grinder. device and use

The angle grinder is popularly called an angle grinder, because the first such devices were imported from Bulgaria. This tool is widely used in construction, repair work, auto repair shops, and other applications.

With grinder you can not only grind and clean metal surfaces, but also cut metal, brick, ceramic tiles, stone, wood. The main difference between the angle grinder and linear grinders is the location of the motor axis and the grinding disc at an angle of 90° with respect to each other, which is realized thanks to the gear transmission.

The construction of the angle grinder is quite complex, its main elements are:

  • motor;
  • Gearbox, which changes the direction of rotation and transmits torque to the cutting wheel;
  • the spindle to which the wheel is attached;
  • body;
  • A protective cover to protect against flying sawdust and dust.

Some units can operate at the same specific speed, while others have a variable speed control. Replaceable consumables are required to work with the angle grinder. abrasive discs or cutting discs of different diameters.

Buy angle grinder is worth, if the upcoming work related to the processing of metal joints, stripping, scraping or grinding surfaces, grinding walls. for angle grinders can vary significantly, as they depend on the type of device, its technical capabilities. A professional grinder will cost more than a simple angle grinder designed for the home workshop.

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