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Specifications and features of the Partner 350

The device chainsaw Partner 350 is not too different from previous models of the line. However, the tool has a number of features that contribute to the popularity among users. The main characteristic of the model is the simplicity of its design and its reliability. Among the distinguishing features of the unit is the presence of a fairly powerful engine for this class of tools (36 cm3 motor) and a 0.4 m long bar. Oil mixed with gasoline is used as fuel.

The 350S also has the following advantages

  • Low weight and easy operation of the 350;
  • Oregon saw chain with 52 links;
  • electronic ignition system for accelerated start of the motor;
  • Air filters with a double-system to clean the air flow (large particles of wood and sawdust do not reach the filter and significantly increase the life of the filter);
  • economical consumption of oil (the oil pump turns on automatically only during cutting);
  • anti-vibration system that facilitates the operation of the tool;
  • A primer for easy winter starting;
  • Chrome plated piston and cylinder help to extend the life of the tool;
  • maximum safety of the saw due to its reliable brake system.

And the chain brake can be controlled in manual and automatic modes. Proper adjustment of the Partner 350 chain saw, compliance with the manufacturer’s instructions, and timely service will keep your saw in good working order for a long time.

The Partner 350 is an affordable, high-quality chainsaw

The Partner 350 chain saw is designed for residential and commercial use. The designers focused on compact and reliable design, economical power package, wear-resistant bar and cutting chain, less reliance on service and repair services.

Partner is a subsidiary of one of the leading manufacturers of household and professional appliances Husqvarna, so the model and its similar versions are on a par with products of this brand.

Chainsaw “Partner” 350: device, characteristics, repair with their own hands

Partner 350 chain saw. a productive and reliable chainsaw from the Partner brand. This manufacturer is a part of the Danish Husqvarna group, which has greatly influenced the quality and functionality of its products.

Lightweight and handy, this chainsaw will come in handy for gardeners and homeowners. Lightweight and compact size makes it easy to carry.

Oil Pump Repair Partner 350 Gasoline Saw. Oil Pump Repair and Drive Sprocket Replacement

The oil pump on the Partner 350 chain saw needs to be repaired if the oil flow has completely or partially stopped. The oil pump mechanism consists of the pump itself and a worm gear pinion, which is driven by a sprocket coupled to the clutch.

The most common failure of the oil pump, it is a lack of threads and splines on the pinion or splines on the worm gear. The situation can be corrected by replacing parts with new ones.

To remove the oil pump on your Partner 350 you will need to remove the side cover and guide bar of the chain saw, then clamp the piston and use a wrench or a home-made wrench from a 24″ socket to unscrew the clutch.

Clutch has a high moment of tension, so it is necessary to use a screwdriver and twist strictly clockwise. Do not try to unscrew the clutch with a hammer and chisel, it often causes damage to the mechanism and is bad for the crankshaft bearings.

To change a Partner 350 drive sprocket, you simply unscrew the clutch, remove the old part, and install the new one. The sprocket is mounted on the shaft through a needle bearing. When replacing the sprocket it must be checked for defects and lubricated. Use regular Lithol or any grease that can withstand high speeds.

Adjusting the carburetor on a Partner 340s chain saw. Pull the carburetor on your Partner 350s chainsaw with your hands

Properly adjusting the carburetor on your Partner 350 chain saw can eliminate the above-mentioned problems. This job starts with a disassembly of the. Adjusting the carburetor on a Partner 350 chain saw requires knowledge of the construction of the assembly.

When disassembling the components to repair your Partner carburetor, the following tips are helpful:

  • When removing elements of the saw Husqvarna with his own hands of the design need to act with the utmost care. Each part needs to be removed. It is wise to dismantle components in the sequence in which they are removed. This helps make the reassembly process as quick as possible. The unit can be disassembled quickly.
  • The upper cover is held in place with three screws. It is necessary to carefully perform their disassembly. Under the removed cover is a foam layer. It performs the function of the air filter.
  • It will be necessary to remove the filter rod in the saw. To do this, you must remove the gasoline hose.
  • To adjust the carburetor on your Partner 350 chain saw you will need to remove the carburetor cap on the cable. For this purpose carefully remove the fuel hose and disconnect the carburetor. Take it off slowly.
  • After completing the above steps you can begin to adjust the carburetor on your Partner 350 chain saw. Note that this type of operation is considered to be quite time consuming. It is necessary to adjust in stages. the individual parts are small. It is important not to lose them when disassembling, adjusting.

The PARTNER cordless chainsaw is made in Sweden and is ideal for do-it-yourselfers and home builders. Affordable price, easy to operate and maintain, reliable and safe. The mid-range and lightweight PartNER home-use chainsaws are fast and easy to maneuver. Well-balanced and very popular all over the world. For homeowners or landlords, the PARTNER chainsaw is the optimal choice. It’s perfect for making firewood for the winter or tending to the garden. a chainsaw with the best compact, lightweight design.

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Carburetor adapter for Partner 350 chain saw.

Starter ratchet for Partner 350 chain saw.

Carburetor adapter gasket for Partner 350 chain saw.

Piston bearing for Partner 350 chain saw.

Chain saw blade bearing for Partner 350.

Carburetor repair kit for Partner 350 chain saw.

Starter for Partner 350 and 351 Saw, Poulan.

Brake Handle for Partner 350,351 Poulan Chainsaw.

Crankshaft for Partner 350, 351 and Poulan chainsaws.

Ignition for Partner 350, 351 Poulan chainsaw.

Piston assembly for PARTNER 350 chainsaw Cylinder diameter: 41 mm

Piston ring for PARTNER 350 chainsaw Diameter: 38 mm

Piston assembly for Partner 350, 351, Poulan chainsaw Cylinder diameter: 41 mm

Clutch plate, one-piece, PARTNER 350.

Carburetor for Partner 350, 351, Poulan chainsaw.

РЕМОНТ PARTNER 350 | Партнер | Не смазывается цепь | Бензопила не запускается

Air filter for Partner chain saws.

Shock absorber kit for Partner 350,352 chain saw.

Oil Pump Plunger for Partner Chainsaws.

Air filter for Partner and Poulan chainsaws

Complete piston for Partner P738, P740, P842 chainsaw.Cylinder diameter: 41mm

Features chainsaw with unique ignition system, dual chain brake, anti-vibration system on handle, and other advantages. Correct selection of consumables will increase service life. The service life of the machine can only be extended by proper repair and maintenance. Timely maintenance prevents breakdowns even with long and efficient use. The entire line of Partner saws has an air-cooled, two-stroke, single-cylinder gasoline engine that is economical and easy to maintain. Repair is possible with your own hands, just read the instruction manual. The manual has a diagram for mounting and dismounting of spare parts. Chainsaws are highly stressed, so parts of fuel system, air cleaning system, ignition system and other components may be needed. If the engine is out of order, it may be necessary to replace its parts and assemblies: muffler, carburetor, clutch, ignition module. Sometimes it is necessary to change bearings, washers, springs, bushings, starter parts.

To buy Partner parts, it is necessary to know some of the parameters of a particular unit, as chainsaw models may differ in the design of the body and the volume of the engine. Consumables chain, tire and drive sprocket, they are replaced as they wear. Every 3 months (if tool is used sparingly), change air filter and fuel filter. The store carries genuine and non-genuine parts for the entire line of Partner chain saws: 350, 351, 351 XT Chrome, 352, 370, 371, 371 XT Chrome, 382, 390, 400, 401. It is recommended to use only fresh fuel with high octane number, to replace on time damaged parts, gaskets and seals. Clean cooling fins, air inlets and spark arrestor screen. The chainsaw’s lightweight construction helps you solve small problems. The easiest breakdown may be a broken chain, so it is easy to replace. Repair of piston-cylinder group is more expensive, it is commensurate with the cost of the tool, so you should not save on fuel quality. It is better to buy a fuel additive of a well-known brand, observe the proportions indicated on the package.

On our site you can buy a plastic pipe soldering iron, in addition you can buy hand-held power tools, as well as a servo voltage regulator, have a nice shopping!

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How to repair your Partner 350 chainsaw at home

The real owner can do without a chainsaw? This is nonsense! Many small and not very small things will stop without this tool: branches cutting, brush pruning, small carpentry repair, etc.д. What’s to say, you know better than anyone how much you need a chainsaw.

And the popular chainsaw Partner named so not by accident she is not worse than a partner helps in the economy. And if that chainsaw breaks down, it’s hard to do without it. Luckily for the Partner chain saw, you can try to do the repair yourself. Let’s see when it’s possible.

How to check the spark on a spark plug?

It is not uncommon for a chainsaw to fail to start because there is no spark at the spark plug. How to check the spark on the spark plug? The easiest way, which recommends the owners of chain saws with experience. is to unscrew the plug, and then put the high-voltage wire on it. After that, you need to ensure that the body of the spark plug in the part where the thread is located, and the cylinder block. Next, pull the starter grip as you normally do when starting an instrument.

After doing this you should see a bright blue spark. If there is fuel in the tank and its supply is open, but there is no spark, the magneto is broken or there is a break in the wires. Check for continuity in the electrical circuit and the magneto.

STIHL spark plug

A popular question is also this: chain saw does not start, but the spark is. what to do? The first thing to do. check whether the breather works properly, whether the air filter is in normal condition. The filter is easy to clean; if it is worn, simply replace it with a new one.

Repair of a Partner 350S, where did the gas come from in the muffler??!

Good evening dear Pikabushniki! Since my post with a video about the repair was deleted, someone saw there some kind of advertising, I decided to write a typical post with photos, which will not achieve anything, but somehow it does not matter, maybe someone will be helpful post.

Partner 350S repaired, customer said gas is leaking from somewhere and won’t start.

partner, does, start

Take off the top cover and see the homemade throttle cable, ala wire with terminal. No wonder, on this type of chain saw the cable is very often broken on the carburetor, and if you remove it carelessly, the chances of breaking it increases.

We measure the compression with a Soviet compressometer, the second time was almost 8 atmospheres, the result is not bad, given that the saw was lying in the cold.25. You can see how the muffler and the cylinder is covered with frost when driving into a warm garage.

Remove the muffler to see if the piston and cylinder are scored. You can visually see that everything is in order. But the muffler was full of gasoline, that already alerted us, we send it to the stove for burning. Mufflers on these saws are often clogged with soot, as have small output channels, what should loss of power and not develop speed.

We remove the carburetor and disassemble for examination, the membrane standing at the bottom of the carburetor slightly hardened, because of it the fuel needle was not fully closed, and as a consequence, the pressure from the gas tank was pressing gasoline through the carburetor at rest in the cylinder and flowed into the muffler, the main reason was found, put a new repair kit and carburetor collect it.

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Now disassemble the handle, take out the old throttle cable and put in a new one.

We install new gaskets, a new air filter.

partner, does, start

Бензопила Partner 350 отказ в работе Причина и устранение неполадок

We screw the carburetor adjusting screws L H all the way in, not too much, and unscrew it to 1.5 turn, let’s start the chainsaw, if the chainsaw starts, let’s assemble everything else. Then we start up the chainsaw, let it warm up, regulate idling by the tachometer and the maximum rpm by the H screw of the same tachometer. Trying to saw, if the saw doesn’t pull or shuts down on the gas, you need to open the L screw a little more and try again. Once it’s perfect, you can give the chainsaw back to the customer.

What an exemplary order in the tool, I’m jerking off

I have the same saw. Thank God it’s been running for about 5 years now without a problem. I changed the spark plug and filter once. Though we don’t use it much. Just a question, the chain oil is leaking. Somewhere around the tensioner, can you tell me what the problem might be?

I have the same Partner. I’m sick of changing plugs every six months. First the power goes down, then it’s in the log, and then it stops. It occurred to me one day. The stench from the exhaust is the same as a Zhiguli on the choke. It’s a rich mixture!

I went to look at the carburetor, but it has screws taped over and it’s prohibited to turn it in the manual. Wanted to blow the air filter, but there was no air in the compressor anymore, put it off.

Started without a filter. The exhaust is fine and the power is up! Blew into the filter with my mouth, and it’s deaf, not blowing. Flushed it with gasoline, blew it out. Very tight filter. Here’s the reason for the rich mixture and spark plugs. The filter does not let you breathe. I used a dishwashing sponge because I can’t find any spare parts from the Partner.

Did you have that problem?? You can see in the last pics that the filter is new, and not the same as the stock one in the first photo.

П.С. Your post about the Interscola repair came out in “The Best” and you mentioned this article in passing. That’s how I got here. And your information is useful! And the tool stand. exemplary! I’ll do the same.

Hello. I want to buy a Makita chainsaw. In your experience what is the best model to get?

Where were you before? I could not figure it out with my partner in the summer, and I could not find a normal explanation of the cause. It turned out that the mesh is blocked on the exhaust pipe and the diaphragm in the carburetor was damaged.

Very similar symptoms happened to me on the saw !Sturm. It is about 15 years old, if not more.Only cleaned the spark arrestor screen twice. And here’s started spitting gasoline in the muffler, and if you start it does not develop power and stops under load.I guess I will have to take a carburetor too. Can you advise me some online spare parts store?

Greetings masters!) I read all the Комментарии и мнения владельцев in this post and the post about Interskol in the hope to find a solution to his problem, but did not see(

The saw. Same exact Partner 350s. I’ve been sawing wood for the bath for three years and didn’t have a problem. Then it started moping little by little, stronger and stronger every time. Now it’s not possible to saw at all. Starts up, runs smoothly, saws. But after 30-40 seconds under the load power just drops and the saw stops smoothly. The situation repeats after it cools down.

Cleaned the filter, reduced the filter in the muffler by half (although the muffler was relatively clean), carburetor blew, the piston does not show scuffing, no cracks in the insulator, spark plug changed.

What else could be the cause?? Which way to dig?

Where can I get a repair kit for Partner 350, the old, which is still with a rod actuator throttle? In my city, even the official service center could not help. г. Perm.

How much did it cost the client in the end?

Why do you need a compressometer?? The question is not of a general nature, but specifically to repair chain saws. What kind of fault does it detect??

Why do I ask, in my shop is hanging on the stand service compressometer from Husqvarna. They showed and told me about it at the training. But in practice it turned out to be not very necessary. They only get to know if the rings are lodged or not. But if the rings are worn, it’s much easier to find. I can also feel the wear on the piston rings on the exhaust side. In doing so, the compressometer will show different values depending on whether there is fuel or not and how much oil in it. Here I am almost 2 months with this compressometer poked into chain saws, and the other craftsmen only smirked looking at my efforts to diagnose something them. But so far I found it only useful, to show a stubborn customer that the worn rings to the thickness of a hair. is the cause of the problem, rather than “adjust my carburetor and nothing else” (was an isolated case).

Maybe there is a trick to this tool that I do not know. Customers have been asking to check the compression more and more lately

I’d have to master, two brushcutters to look at.

You also use an angle grinder wrench to remove the clutch)

It is not very clear from the photo, but in my opinion on the outlet side the piston is black. Probably not the right oil in the chainsaw. The piston doesn’t have long to live.

And it would be worth mentioning that the screw, which is screwed on the stop and behind the muffler plate. taped. If you do not have a normal tool, do not spoil it. Although, if it has unscrewed before, no problem.

Oh, thank you, I have a saw like that, I’ll keep it.

I got a problem with it. The chain falls off often even though the chain is new and tension is normal, it is not over tightened.

The Greedy Pays Twice. I wouldn’t even take that shit for free. I have a STIHL chainsaw myself and it’s been 7 years since I had any problems. Didn’t even change the chain and sprocket.

Partner 350 Starts and Stops. s

Why does the chainsaw quit on the gas??

Hello! If you came to this page, then, apparently, your chainsaw stalls when you press the gas, and you want to know why this happens and what to do about it. What, however, will try to help you in this dilemma, parsing the more common causes of such a failure, as well as ways to fix them.

Partner P350 does not start earlier ignition hits in the return line

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To begin with, I will write for users-beginners that many chain saws before work asks to warm up the engine at idle for about one minute. Why the chainsaw starts and stops. the reasons and. Why does the chain saw go off and doesn’t start or why does the STIHL chain saw go off? Until the engine is warmed up, the chain saw might cut off when you add gas.

So, if the warmed up chainsaw can idle, but shuts down on load, it means that

  • Improperly set or clogged carburetor. the most common case;
  • it does not have enough air, the consumption of which increases sharply with the increase of RPM. this means that the air filter is dirty (the case is rare, because filter pollution occurs uniformly, so the user at first notices the loss of power);
  • it does not have enough fuel, the consumption of which also increases with increasing speed. this means that the fuel filter is dirty (also an infrequent case);
  • Well, the most disgusting case, if between the piston and the cylinder wall is an excessive friction associated with a lack of oil in the fuel consistency. after such work chain saw, you are likely to fly into the repair of piston group, because the piston and the walls of the cylinder formed zababia, which prevent the saw.

Handwheel does not work

Handwheels on this saw don’t break often. Most often it is because of overheating of the engine. In this case, the repair of the chainsaw “Partner 350″ with their own hands should begin with the removal of the protective cover. After that, the first thing to look at is the engine. In some cases, the tire may burn out. If there are no dark spots on it, you can immediately twist the flywheel.

In order to make it easier to get it out, you must first detach the crank. It is located directly above the flywheel. To do this, you will need a Phillips screwdriver. After that, the flywheel can be easily unscrewed from the panel. Especially the head of the flywheel should be inspected carefully. If it is deformed, then the flywheel will have to be replaced. In this case, it is necessary to tell the store the exact diameter of the head.

Checking the main systems of the chainsaw

If the chainsaw immediately after the start cuts out, it means that there was a breakdown of some part of the equipment. It is not possible to identify the cause immediately, so you have to check all the parts in sequence.

The first thing to do is to check the gasoline tank of the chainsaw. Fuel may simply not be enough to work properly, so you need to prepare a mixture in accordance with the norms of mixing oil and gasoline. Gasoline must have the highest octane rating, and oil is usually chosen according to the recommendations in the owner’s manual.

If the cause is not the amount of fuel, the next cause may be the spark plugs. Not only the spark plugs are checked, but also the high-voltage wire from the lugs. The gap at the plug should not be more than 0.5 mm.

If the gap is too small it means that there is some deposits on the spark plugs and it needs to be cleaned, then refit the parts and check if the chain saw will start or not. It is also recommended that from time to time you replace the spark plugs completely with new ones, even if they are in good condition.

Another reason why your chain saw stops after you apply gas is because your carburetor or fuel filter is broken. Clean the fuel filter yourself is simple enough, unlike the carburetor, which has a more complex design, and therefore it is best to entrust this part to professionals.

Why a chainsaw won’t start or stops when idling?

There are cases when the chainsaw stalls at idle speed. Most often the cause is contamination of the muffler, which can be easily cleaned without the help of specialists. It is also possible to solve problems by adjusting the carburetor. On this part of the chain saw there are two bolts with the letters L and H. The bolt, which is called L, is responsible for the revolutions of the chainsaw.

To increase the idle speed, you may need to turn the bolt a half turn and that will probably solve the problem. Do not forget that the carburetor is quite a complex system and its adjustment may not be possible for an ordinary person. If you set the wrong RPM value, you can deform the internal system of the chainsaw, so it is better to entrust this work to professionals.

What to do if the chainsaw stalls under load?

Very often chain saws with a powerful power unit shut down when the load is increased. The cause may be just a dirty fuel filter or gas tank. The best thing to do with such a problem is to replace the entire fuel filter, especially since it does not cost too much. If that does not help, it is recommended to check the mixture quality.

precisely, it is necessary to prepare a new fuel mixture, having previously changed gasoline. Maybe it is just the quality of gasoline, and the low octane number simply does not allow the chainsaw engine to achieve sufficient power at excessive loads.

A chainsaw stops when the engine speed increases

In cases where the chainsaw starts to stall at high speeds, you need to check such parts as:

The air filter gets very clogged during operation, so it must be cleaned and possibly even rinsed under warm water, but before installing it, you will need to dry the part well. Then disconnect the fuel hose from the carburetor.

If no liquid flows through it, it means that it is just clogged and it is recommended to clean it or buy a new hose. If the mixture is leaking all the way through the fuel hose, then the filter need not be checked. In all other cases, you need to clean the breather plug with an ordinary needle, and replace or flush the gasoline filter.

The cause may even be in the gasoline pump. It is a matter of checking the wear of this part. If the fuel leaks through the walls of the gasoline pump, then it must be replaced. If the fuel is not leaking through the walls, then that is not the reason why the chainsaw stops at high RPM.

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