The power button of a Zubr crosscut saw does not work

Rating of medium price models (from 4000 to 50 000 )

Makita LS1040

  • tool life up to 5 years and more in many cases
  • Quality of cut, clear factory calibration
  • Large saw blade

The best mitre saw on the Russian market according to customer reviews. Small tool for cross and rip cuts. Works with wood, laminate, plastic, soft metals. Powerful engine of 1650 W. Maximal width of the workpiece is 135 mm.

Bosch GCM 8 SJL

Saw provides straight and cross cutting of wood. Has two safety guards for safe operation. An indispensable tool for restoration work, flooring and construction of frame houses.

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Metabo KGT 305M

The tool has not only a trimming saw but also a circular table saw for rip sawing. Compact size and low weight ensure ease of mobile use. LED work light illuminates the cutting area clearly. Securely locking the spindle when changing the saw blade.

Trim saw lineup

Let’s take a look at the Zubr trimming saw lineup. It includes such models:

  • Saw Zubr, subseries zptk 305 1800 plr “Master”, crosscut saw, with broach, 1800 W, belt transmission, disk 305mm;
  • Trim-cutting combination saw Zubr zptk 305 1900, “Master”, disk 305 mm, 1900 W;
  • Zubr, sub-series zpt 255 1800 plr, “Master”, facing, with broach, belt transmission, 1800 W;
  • Zubr. Combination Sidewinder Saw, subseries zptk 255 1800 “Master”, 1800 watts;
  • with broach, saw “Zubr” subseries zptt 255 1800 lr, 1800 W, “Master” series;
  • Zubr“, subseries zpt 210 1600 pl, 1600 W moving head, laser;
  • Zubr“, sub-series zpt 255 1800 lm2, “Master” series, 1600 W;
  • combined Zubr zptk 210 1500, “Master” series, 1500 W;
  • Zubr“, sub-series zpt 210 1400 l, “Master” series, 1400 W;
  • Zubr“, sub-series zpt 190 1100 L, 1900 W, “Master” series;
  • combined “Zubr” zptp 255-1800, 1800 W;
  • Zubr“, sub-series zpt 210 1300 L, 1300 W;
  • Zubr“, sub-series zpt 255 1600 L, 1600 W;
  • Zubr“, sub-series zpt 255 1800 L, 1800 W;
  • Zubr“, sub-series zpt 305 1800 L, power 1800 W;
  • Zubr“, sub-series zpt 255 1800 L 02 with drain extender, 1800 W;
  • Zubr“, sub-series zpt 210 1300 l 02, saw with a drain extension;
  • Zubr“, sub-series zpt 210 1300 l 02, saw with drain extension.

Albert King. Crosscut Saw

Zubr crosscut saws: an overview of the model range

Convenient and reliable in operation, the Zubr crosscut saw is in demand in professional construction, private business and the private production sector. The range offered by the manufacturer makes it possible to choose a domestic or professional model with specified technical and operational features.

The branded lineup includes traditional tools and combination tools, with woodworking machine functionality. Having enough powerful electric motor and a set of saw blades the cross-cutting combination saw of Zubr Master series allows to work with wood, different types of plastic and soft metals.

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