The wick in a Bosch gas water heater won’t light

Of course, not always the gas water heater wears out or breaks down so thoroughly and irrevocably that there is no way to do without the help of a specialist. According to the reviews of the same locksmiths gas and maintenance service, in 70% of cases the repair of gas columns is reduced to the usual maintenance and repair of minor defects, usually associated with poor quality parts or improper adjustment.

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The list of work available for in-home gas furnace repair can include the following activities:

  • Minor repair and repackaging of coupling and wrenching of piping connections;
  • Replacement of the elastic membrane in the water-gas regulator of the column;
  • Cleaning and adjusting the operation of the draft sensor;
  • Cleaning and flushing the heat exchanger;
  • Repairs of the ignition board.

In a separate category we can allocate such an operation as repair and soldering of heat exchangers.

It is clear that there is a certain category of expensive water heaters, packed with automation and electronics, which just does not make sense even to try to repair at home. For example, the repair of gas-fired boilers Electrolux or Vaillant will cost less in the service center because of the high cost of spare parts. Exceptions are especially critical units, such as three-way valve or the ignition switch board, it is better to buy them from an authorized dealer, even if the price is higher. This is the only chance to repair and not to kill an expensive Italian or German column with a substandard spare part.

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Problems in the work of gas stoves Bosch Therm What is the cause and how to repair

One of the highest quality gas appliances is a column is a Bosch, but it as any mechanism can fail, consider the main faults of gas columns Bosch.

Very often the lack of connectivity to the central hot water supply does not allow you to provide your home or office with decent comfort. Luckily, modern gas-powered equipment allows you to make your own heating system. But even despite the fact that problems with gas water heaters occur less frequently than interruptions to the central water supply, you must always be prepared for such a situation and detect a breakdown on time.

Troubleshooting tips

Reliable operation of gas equipment begins with the proper selection of systems, because each manufacturer of gas columns has its own pain points:

  • For example, Bosch has initially weak thermocouple and igniter. After 3-4 years of operation, the thermocouple needs a global cleaning;
  • Russian water heater Ladogaz VPG 10 is sensitive to water pressure;
  • Popular budget OASIS rather quickly begins to malfunction with poor water quality. All of these points and future operating conditions must be taken into account when buying equipment.

If the trouble has started, you need to act as follows:

How to Relight / Turn On Bosch Hot Water Gas

Service standards for gas equipment requires hardware testing of faults, and a specialist must have a permit to service the network. Therefore, in the case of any problems with columns and boilers, the services of home craftsmen are not the best way out. Repair work should be entrusted only to professional certified organizations for the maintenance of gas networks and equipment.

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Here you can watch a video on how to repair the igniter of the gas water heater yourself:

To ignite the old gas water heater is not so difficult. Switching off is done in reverse order. First, the main burner is turned off, after that the water is shut off.

How to ignite the speaker with a piezo element

To replace the classic columns with lever control, came the models with mechanical switches in the form of knobs. The cabinet provides for piezor ignition of the wick, which allows you to light the gas boiler without matches. The order of ignition is as follows:

  • Electric valve is plugged in. usually enough for 15-20 seconds., That enough gas has accumulated on the wick to ignite.
  • It is required 2-3 times to press the piezo element. When properly aligned and working properly the module enough to click once to ignite the wick.

Further steps are the same as in the case of the speaker, which is ignited from matches. If the piezo element malfunctions, ignition is carried out from matches.

How to ignite the heater with the ignition

Those who have used automatic gas-fired instantaneous and storage water heaters know that the user does not need to perform complicated manipulations, as in the case of old-style models. In modern gas-fired boilers there is an automatic system that gives a signal to turn on when the hot water tap is opened.

The spark appears due to the automatic ignition, running on batteries or electricity. Provided the water heater is in good working order, a few seconds is all it takes for the burner to start and the consumer begins to receive hot water.

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Why the gas water heater flaps when you turn it on

The reason why the gas water heater slams hard when the water is turned on is because too much gas has accumulated before ignition.

Ideally, the gas should mix with air in a certain proportion and then ignite. If more fuel has come in or combustion products are mixed in, the flame flares up with a loud unpleasant pop. To fix the breakdown, it is important to understand why it happens. All repair operations on the water heater must be performed with the gas valve turned off.

The most popular reason for the igniter going out is a faulty thermocouple. When the igniter goes out there is a lack of heat, because there is no fire, the thermocouple detects it and turns off the gas. Thermocouple. an element that is designed to turn off the gas in the case of intermittent operation of the gas burner.

Why does the gas water heater light up and go out:

Faulty flame ionization sensor; Faulty solenoid valve or servomotor; Bad contact between sensor and control unit; Ionization sensor out of range of flame.

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