Tile and porcelain tile cutting tools

Tools for tile work

When working with tiles it is always necessary to use tiles of unusual length or width. To get a tile of the right size, you need to cut it. The tile cutter is designed specifically for this purpose. But which is better: a manual or electric tile cutter?

Features of a handheld tile cutter

For a small amount of work, the handheld tile cutter is ideal. The tool is used for cutting tile with a thickness not exceeding 1.5 centimeters. Usually hand-held tile cutters look like pliers.

In order to cut the tile, it is necessary to make an incision on the enamel side with a diamond disc. Then on the place of the cut make a split with a metal angle, which is on the tool. Some models are equipped with a circular cutter that can be used to cut circular holes of any size. The price of manual tile cutters with a circular cutter is higher than on simpler models.

Features of an electric tile cutter

The decision to buy an electric tile cutter is made when a large amount of work needs to be done. With such a tool, you can quickly and accurately cut a variety of tile sizes. There are two varieties of electric tile cutter:

The top motor allows you to perform a better quality tile cutting. That’s why professional tile cutters most often have this design. For the tool to work long hours, it needs water cooling. Such devices are called electric water tile cutters. You can buy the product by pickup or delivery within the region.

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When and with what to cut a porcelain tile

Of course, this happens in the process of laying it thanks to the use of a special tool. But here the next question immediately arises. how many tiles should be cut?? One thing is when you need to lay tiles in the bathroom floor, in which case, depending on the chosen pattern of installation, you will need to cut tiles from ceramic granite to ten pieces, a maximum of several dozen.

Another thing is when the tiles are laid in the future sales area of a supermarket. In this case the cutting of porcelain tiles will be performed in large quantities, it will be necessary to cut hundreds, if not thousands, of tiles. And this quantity will essentially depend on a way of laying and a created pattern.

Fragment of a panel made of porcelain stoneware

tile, porcelain, cutting, tools

Then the next logical question arises. how to cut porcelain stoneware in such a big volume?? Therefore, it is necessary to consider a few specific situations when there is a need to cut porcelain tiles.

  • Installation of porcelain stoneware is made in a small apartment, in a small room. There is no pattern, the tiles can be laid using the normal method. Cutting of porcelain tiles is required, but it will be necessary to cut not too much, and for this purpose the manual tile cutter is quite enough.
  • A large surface finish is made (industrial premises, a store, etc.).д.). Tiles can be installed in the usual way or using one of the possible shapes (parquet, offset, diagonal, etc.).д.). With this installation to the question than to cut porcelain tiles, followed by another answer. it is best to use an electric tile cutter, t.к. there is a considerable amount of work to be done.
  • In the two previous situations, a straight cut of the porcelain stoneware was necessary to fit the tiles in place.е. From tiles simply cut off all unnecessary things. This cutting is usually done in a straight line. However, if you have to lay a complex ornament, drawing or paneling, you may need to carry out the cutting of porcelain tiles on a complex profile. The same may be required when adjusting, for example, the steps of the stairs to the desired shape. Then it is usually necessary to resort to the help of outside organizations, performing, for example, hydro-abrasive cutting of porcelain stoneware, or another type of its cutting.
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How to cut tiles more practically at home

Hand tools include tile cutters, or their forebears. glass cutters.

Power tools can be universal, designed for various operations (angle grinder, jigsaw, power drill) or special. Special tools include tile cutting machines.

How to cut porcelain tiles?

In the process of tiling walls or floors with porcelain tiles, it is usually necessary to cut or shape the tiles.

As it is known, porcelain tile is a more durable material than ceramic tiles, so the use of hand tools for cutting it will be ineffective. suitable in this case would be a professional electric tool.

Of course, if your repair is done by professionals, they have the necessary devices and skills to use them. If you have decided to do the repair yourself, you can buy or rent the necessary tool for cutting tiles.

To begin with, let’s consider the advantages and disadvantages of using a particular tool for cutting porcelain tiles.

angle grinder with a diamond disc, according to experts, is quite easy to use tool for both straight and curved cutting. In the application of the angle grinder, it is recommended to use the dry method of cutting. After using an angle grinder, chips appear on the edges of the tiles. If it is not possible to hide them in the process of laying, the edges of the porcelain tile must be treated. The disadvantage is that the use of an angle grinder. the most dusty and noisy method of cutting tiles. In addition, it is very important to follow safety precautions if you plan to finish the repair with a full set of extremities. Use a protective respirator, goggles and headphones.

5 Ways To Cut Tile. Everything You Need To Know For Your First Tile Project

Using a tile cutter is the best way to cut a neat edge of cut porcelain tile. The tile cutter can be electric or manual.

To cut porcelain tiles with an electric tile cutter it is recommended to use a diamond disc. The technology of cutting by this method involves cooling of porcelain tiles with water. If this function is not provided by a particular model of electric tile cutter, the tile and the surface must be wetted by hand.

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Using an electric tile cutter: mark the future cut with a marker, fix the tile firmly on the sliding base of the tile cutter, guide the tile along the blade with one hand, release the pressure at the end of cutting. Always wear safety glasses when using a tile cutter.

To cut porcelain tiles with a good manual tile cutter, according to the professionals, is possible under the following conditions: the presence of a new roller, the thickness of porcelain tiles not more than 12 mm, a straight cut (diagonally more difficult), the width of the cut not less than 5 cm (the wider the cut, the easier it will break off).

A little tip: if you will be cutting porcelain stoneware for the first time, please take some spare tiles for practice.

We hope that our recommendations will be useful for you. If you already have experience in cutting porcelain tiles at home, please write us about it in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Electric jigsaw

If you have an electric jigsaw, you can use it to cut tiles. It is necessary to buy special saw blades for ceramics. Plain saws will not work, as they are designed for working with soft materials.

It is recommended to soak the tile for several hours before cutting it, so that no dust would form while working. So that the dust does not bring inconvenience, you can also choose the right tool. For example, Dnipro-M LE-80P and LE-850P electro-blades can be connected to a vacuum cleaner.

Do not use a pendulum motion when cutting tiles. it will affect the quality of the cut. One of the main advantages of an electric jigsaw is that it allows you to make curved cuts. It will be useful for those who make compositions from tiles or lay them on a surface of irregular shape.

Stone. This is an expensive face finish, to the acceptance of which the customer approaches with close attention. The same applies to porcelain stoneware. it is a fine finishing material, but its processing requires maximum accuracy and certain efforts. In this case, a machine for cutting granite tiles a special device that allows you to get the best results in the work will be just right. They are recommended for use by professionals and hobbyists alike, and provide the ability to successfully perform a wide range of tasks.

Machine for cutting ceramic tiles: basic types

If we consider this tool in terms of design, all units are usually divided into:

Manual. Such a machine for cutting porcelain tiles can cope with material up to 15 mm thick. Its components are:

  • tile platform;
  • cutting element usually a roller;
  • carriage for securing the roller;
  • guide for the movement of the carriage;
  • Handle for pressing tiles to the base.

According to the principle of operation, the manual tile cutter for porcelain tiles can be:

The main advantage of these units is their quite affordable price, mobility, low weight and ergonomic design.

Electric. Porcelain tile cutter with an electric drive provides application in the professional sphere, and provides for such components:

  • tile platform;
  • electric motor;
  • A diamond disc equipped with a protective guard;
  • a system designed to supply water to the disc.

Electric tile cutter for porcelain tiles is divided into equipment:

  • With a fixed disc in the process of work the processed material must be fed manually;
  • With a moving disc the stone-cutting mechanism moves along a set line, which greatly simplifies the work and allows you to cut tiles without the risk of injury.
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The right tool for cutting porcelain stoneware

Porcelain tile is a relatively new finishing material, which is also called gres, kerogranite.

Electric tile cutter with water cooling

Gres is stronger than natural granite and has the following positive properties:

  • hardness and wear resistance;
  • low water absorption coefficient;
  • Resistant to the action of chemicals;
  • resistance to temperature fluctuations;
tile, porcelain, cutting, tools

Due to the high physical characteristics of gres, when working with it can not do without special tools and techniques, knowledge of which will help you choose what to cut porcelain tile most effectively. The advice of a familiar professional in each case will also not be superfluous for you.

Professional tile cutters and tools for cutting tiles and mosaics

Tile cutter. specialized tools, for cutting ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, gres, all types of mosaic and natural stone.

Most tile cutters are manual, or mechanical, and electric. Some craftsmen cut tiles with an “angle grinder” or take them to special workshops where the tiles are cut with the same tile cutters, only on a more industrial scale.

Manual tile cutter, is a tool, the basis of which are: a working table and the cutting mechanism, respectively. Depending on the complexity of the machine and the manufacturer, the work table can be equipped with a measuring ruler, a special tool for cutting tiles at an angle, etc. useful equipment. The size of the table indicates the maximum size of tile that can be cut.

The cutting mechanism is a handle with a special wheel attached to it and special stops that break the tile at the place of cutting. Almost all cutting wheels are made of titanium alloys, which greatly increases their service life.

Electric tile cutter is a machine, in which the cutting part is a special disk, driven by an electric motor and cooled by water. This type of tile cutter is used when finishing large areas, when speed becomes the cornerstone. Accordingly, the cost of such machines sometimes exceeds the cost of handheld tile cutters by several times.

It is worth choosing a disk for the electric tile cutter with great care.к. The manufacturer not only produces different diameters, but also tries to fit each disc for a certain material. So the tile cutting wheel is not always suitable for cutting natural stone.

Please note that not all ceramic tiles can be cut by hand. Some tiles are coated with a thick layer of glaze that the wheel just can’t cut through. Always check with the manufacturer what tool can be used to cut tiles.

A hand held tile cutter

This is an uncomplicated device for cutting tiles in a straight line.

To cut a tile, place it under the cutting wheel (4) on the platform (1) of the handheld tile cutter. Use the lever (5) to cut a tile once with the wheel. Use the clamp (3) to break the tile along the cut.You can measure the right tile width with a ruler (2).

The handheld tile cutter is easy to use and relatively inexpensive, but you can’t cut tile strips smaller than 5 mm with it. Also, after cutting tiles with a manual tile cutter the edges of the tiles are rough, and if necessary, they should be treated with a coarse emery cloth.

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