Tool for stripping cable insulation

Wire strippers for stripping

Insulation tool for stripping round cables (0.5-6 mm²) KVT WS-09 61671
Wire stripper (0.05-10 mm²) and crimping lugs (0.5-6 mm²) WS-04A KVT 61668
Wire stripper; curved blade INGCO HPK82001
Stripping tool 3 in 1 (crimping, stripping, cutting) INGCO INDUSTRIAL HWSP102418
Wire stripper (up to 10 mm²) WS-12 “Jaguar” KVT 69476
Crimping and stripping tool for wire 8.5″/215mm INGCO HWSP851
Stripping tool for crimping and stripping wires 10″/250mm INGCO INDUSTRIAL HWSP101
Wire stripper, hook-shaped blade 8-28 mm2 HAUPA 200031
Tool for stripping 0,2-6mm2 HAUPA 210695
Insulation tool 180mm/7″, Steel 65MN INGCO HWSP04

6mm, With cutting function INGCO INDUSTRIAL HWSP15608″ / Stripping tool 0.5mm

6mm, With cutting function INGCO INDUSTRIAL HWSP15608

Wire stripper for KVT WS-06 60409

Tool types

Modern tools used for stripping wires and cables are classified in several ways:

Two methods, thermal and mechanical, can be used. The first is typical for small cross section conductors and small amount of work, the second is for professional service and a large number of operations.

Depending on how the sheath material is affected, mechanical methods are divided into two varieties:

  • Cutting. The cutting edge of the tool carefully cuts the sheath around the metal wire, and then the smallest portion of the sheath is simply peeled off the side of the conductor.
  • Breaking. Special prongs clamp the conductor in the working part of the tool, and then the sheath is torn off along the conductor with force.
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The choice of method and type of tool is primarily determined by the cross-sectional area of the conductor, the complexity and volume of work.

Tools are divided into 2 categories according to the number of operations performed to cut the sheath within a certain time interval:

  • Household. They include electrical wiring knives, side cutters, pliers. Fixtures are designed for stripping wires for small amounts of work.
  • Professional. These are primarily strippers, pliers, pincers, and pullers. Make it possible to quickly strip conductor sheaths.

The knife is most often used in household conditions, because of its availability, ease of use and low cost.

Depending on automation level, the tools are divided into manual, semi-automatic and automatic. This classification is typical first of all for professional tools.

И57. Stripper (Tolsen, Rexant, Shtok, KVT)

И5775. Stripper HS-2204 for wire stripping 0,6-2,6 mm (Electromontazh)

И5779. Wire stripper 38050 for wire insulation stripping 0, automatic. (Electromontazh, made by Tolsen, China)

И5704. Tool 12-4231 Rexant HT-318M MINI type for making and cutting of twisted pair (Rexant)

tool, stripping, cable, insulation

Strip LARGE Wires FAST! Professional Wire Stripping Tool

И5734. Stripper 61668 WS-04A for removing of insulation.insulation stripper.wire. 0.05-10 automatic. multifunctions. stripper (KVT)

И5741. Stripper 69278 WS-11 for insulation stripping of 0,05-10 kV automatic. multifunctional. stripper (KVT)

И5700. Insulation stripper 10028 INDUSTRIAL 160mm up to 10 kV. (Electromontazh, pr. Tolsen, China)

И5780. Stripper 10013 for stripping wires insulation up to 10 kV. (Electroinstallation, made by Tolsen, China)

И5701. Tool 12-4201 Rexant HT-3141 type 110 for twisted pair termination and cutting (Rexant)

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И5705. Tool 12-4201-4 Rexant HT/HY-3141 type 110 for twisted pair termination and cutting (Rexant)

И5737. Stripper 61671 WS-09 for wire stripping 0,5-6 wire stripper (KVT)

И5743. Stripper 60409 WS-06 for wire stripping 0,2-6 automatic stripper (KVT)

И5706. Pliers 12-4001 Rexant HT-150B for wire stripping 0,2-6,0 (Rexant)

И5707. Pliers 12-4005 Rexant HT-766 for stripping wire insulation 0,2-6,0 (Rexant)

И5736. Wire stripper 61670 WS-07 for stripping. 0, automatic. multifunctions. stripper (KVT)

И5702. Tool 12-4221 Rexant HT-3140 type 110 for making and cutting of twisted pair (Rexant)

И5711. 12-4024 Proconnect HT/HS-1041 stripping tool for cable cross section 1-6 kV. mm (Rexant)

И5721. Tool 12-4016-4 Proconnect HY-302 for stripping coaxial cable RG 58-59-6-11 (Rexant

The tool for stripping: the right tool for different tasks

A professional electrician should have a tool kit that includes the necessary tools for stripping wires. One of the most common operations an electrician encounters daily is stripping wires for subsequent connection. A special tool for stripping can help you cope with this task.

To choose the right tool for the proper job, it is important to know what tools are available and what they are best suited for. Each such tool and device is designed for a specific purpose. The user should take this factor into account.

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