Tool for wire stripping and twisted pair wire

Tools for work with twisted pair and signal cable

The quality of a structured cable system is affected by many factors. This quality of cables, quality of equipment and skill level of installers. But there is one more factor that is not always taken into account. these are tools for crimping twisted pair. There are different names for this tool. pliers, crimpers, crimper. You can buy crimping tools in wholesale and retail at affordable prices. We offer products from reliable manufacturers Cor-X and Ripley.

A tool to strip the insulation from a twisted pair

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tool, wire, stripping, twisted, pair

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  • For precise wire stripping 0.12. 0.4 mm (26. 36 AWG)
  • Adjustable stripping lengths from 1 to 50.8 mm
  • Hardened steel blade (hardness RC58)
  • Ergonomic handle
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The SureStrip stripper is a multifunctional tool for cutting and stripping of shielded and unshielded telecommunication cable of categories 3, 5, 5e, 6

  • Simultaneous stripping and trimming
  • Stripping conductors from 0.4 to 0.5 mm
  • Cut wire after stripping to specified length 39.68 to 42.86 mm
  • Ergonomic design
  • Interchangeable blades
  • Simultaneous stripping and trimming
  • Wire stripping 0.25 to 0.32 mm
  • Cutting the wire after stripping to the specified length 22.22 to 28.57 mm
  • Ergonomic design
  • Replaceable blades
  • Simultaneous wire stripping and cutting
  • Strip conductors from 0.5 to 0.65 mm
  • Cutting the wire after stripping to the specified length 33.33 to 39.68 mm
  • Ergonomic design
  • Interchangeable blades
  • In clothespin design with return spring.
  • Removing the outer insulation of a twisted pair with a diameter of up to 6.36 mm.
  • Depth-of-cutting wheel.
  • Strip outside insulation off 4P/6P flat telephone cable.
  • Two Level Stripping of RG-59/6 and RG-7/11 coaxial cable.
  • Blade life: 5,000 operations.
  • Cable and wire cutter.
  • Interchangeable blades.
  • Length: 127 mm.
  • Weight: 113 g.
  • Preparing a wire for coiling
  • Simultaneous stripping and trimming
  • Wire stripping 0.4 to 0.65 mm
  • Wire cut to specified length after stripping 38.1 44.45 mm
  • Replaceable blades

DataShark PA70029 is a universal low-cost tool for cutting and stripping outside insulation from UTP / STP cable (telephone and twisted pair Cat5, Cat5e Cat6) and various types of coaxial cables.

tool, wire, stripping, twisted, pair

Universal low-cost tool for cutting and stripping UTP/STP cable

Automatic Wire Stripper Crimper Cutter Unboxing and Review (From AliExpress)

The tool is designed for cable stripping UTP/STP category CAT-5, CAT-5e, CAT-6, as well as for cross-cutting with a 110 blade.

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The Greenlee SureStrip stripper is for stripping and cutting twisted pair and coaxial cables

Strippers for twisted pair

Wires must be stripped before they can be spliced. The special tools are for this purpose. Depending on application, they can be used with twisted pair network, fiber optic, coax, electrical, and other types of cable. Therefore, before you buy a specialized device, you need to determine the specifics and scope of its application, the activity of the specialist, the type of wires to work with.

The cutter is one of the most popular tools for stripping copper and other cables of insulation and other sheaths. It is a simple but functional variation of the stripper. They strip outer and inner conductor insulation without damaging inner conductor material. Three removable blades for quick stripping. Use for different cross-sections of wire. Special screw in the case allows you to adjust the depth of cut for different types of wires without the risk of damaging the conductor. Can also be used as a cable stripping tool.

Wire Strippers for stripping twisted pair wire

REXANT 12-4042 Twisted Pair Strip & Trim Tool (ht-S-501B)
REXANT 12-4231 Twisted Pair Termination and Cutting Tool MINI (ht-318M)
Twisted pair termination and cutting tool 110 (ht-3141) 12-4201-4
REXANT twisted pair termination tool 110 (ht-314B) 12-4221
Twisted pair stripping and trimming tool (ht-S-501B) 12-4042-4
Tool for termination and cutting of twisted pair 110 (ht-324B) REXANT 12-4222
REXANT 12-4201 twisted pair termination and trimming tool 110 (ht-3141)
Tool for stripping “shielded/unshielded twisted pair” HAUPA 200068

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