Tools for assembling furniture with their own hands

Making furniture with their own hands: all for this in the store

Assemble furniture with their own hands is not so difficult, in addition, it is a direct savings. Accessories can be ordered in a special store. You will not have to pay for assembling, measuring, lifting to the floor and other components. It is best to start with items such as a closet, nightstands, shelves, kitchen. These are the easiest options for making. After all, the interior items of the living room or bedroom use complex designs and materials.

Electric jigsaw

It is simply indispensable in the manufacture of cabinet furniture. Needed primarily for sawing various parts of complex shapes, mortise and trim on the spot. For example, when installing the kitchen, you will need to cut holes for the sink and hob. this will do an electric jigsaw. And it’s also indispensable for making small cuts (sawing fiberboard, cutting countertops, and more). The electric jigsaw will partially replace the profile-cutting machine and the format-cutting machines in home conditions. It will need special saws (for wood and chipboard)

tools, assembling, furniture, their, hands

Tools for assembling furniture with their own hands

So, in front of you are laid out boards of different sizes, rolled edging on several sides. Let’s start.

The first and most necessary is an electric screwdriver. It is needed for screwing screws, screws, hinges on the door. It is a basic tool, you can’t do without it.

It is not bad if you also have an electric drill for drilling holes for fasteners. Or better yet, combine them into one tool. a drill. electric electric screwdriver. Here it is important to choose cordless tools, because the cord will interfere.

Drill (mains, t.е. with cord) Drill. Electric screwdriver (cordless)

First, you will need wood drill bits of the right diameter for screws. When selecting them, remember to keep in mind the maximum diameter of the socket of your electric screwdriver. The most common drill bit is 5 mm. Useful when installing door handles, dampers, shelf supports (such as rafixes), hardware.

Secondly, the armature drill bit. This is a special drill, which in one go makes a narrow (5 mm) and wide (7 mm) hole for mortar (about them, a separate item). Besides, this drill immediately countersinks the hole for the head of the faceplate so that it sinks completely into the chipboard.

Thirdly, the Förstner drill bit. They are needed for drilling holes for door hinges (35 mm), rafters, turnbuckles. The Forstner bits drill very cleanly, with almost no splintering. The holes are made with smooth walls and a flat bottom.

Measuring tape. A length of 3 metres is quite sufficient.

Bits for the screws and mortar screws you use.

Pencil. You need it for marking.

Screwdriver. For screwing in raffix and anything else you can’t reach with an electric screwdriver.

And last is the angle bracket. The professional replacement for “that shelf over there” for 90° corner marking and drafting.

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In addition to tools, you’ll need consumables

Screws. For installing handles, hinges, etc.

Screws. These are also screws, but with a special “recessed” head. Several advantages over other types of fasteners make them very popular in the furniture industry. These are the advantages:

They are resistant to heavy loads, so they can be used to fasten heavy pieces of furniture;

They are aesthetically pleasing because the cap lies flush with the base;

They are reliable and durable. Confirmation screws do not break, provide a tight and strong connection, prevent loosening of furniture, last for decades.

Rafixes. These are shelf supports. Easy to install, reliable. And most importantly. inconspicuous.

Ties. Ties with a screw from Blum are often used. They allow you to accurately and securely fasten the furniture body, while not visible from the outside of the furniture body.

Of course, this is not a universal list, each case must be approached individually. You may need a jigsaw, a cackle, a stapler, depending on what furniture dream you have decided to realize. This article lists the basic tools and supplies.

And if you need advice in choosing a tool, come, call, go to the website of the Company “Lamed”.

Additional tools for making furniture at home

How to choose and use a furniture jig?

Furniture conductors are widespread and of good performance. Many are interested in how to choose and use the furniture conductor? Below we will talk about a fairly simple, but most functional tool that greatly facilitates the process of assembling furniture. It allows you to quickly and with extreme precision create technological holes without marking. These devices are indispensable for the assembly of furniture and other joinery. Given the simplicity of the device, you can make it yourself.

What tools are needed for furniture assembly?

After selecting and purchasing furniture, the owner is faced with the choice of how to mount and install it. The vast majority of modern specialized showrooms provide the services of professional assemblers. An alternative option involves the independent performance of all the necessary work.

Naturally, this approach to solving the problem allows you to reduce the financial costs. At the same time you need to know what tools are needed for furniture assembly, and have certain skills. It is not unreasonable to get acquainted with the instructions, which are freely available.

The process of self-made drilling conductor

Most professional craftsmen prefer to make a furniture drill collar with their own hands, saving a lot of money for the purchase of a factory device. To create the device, the specialist will need:

  • electric drill;
  • locksmith’s kit
  • angle grinder on metal;
  • equipment for welding works;
  • material that you will need for making the tool (rebar, bushes, etc.).).

If you have the material for the planned furniture device, begin the work process.

The blueprint of a self-made conductor for drilling holes for mortars

To make a furniture conductor with their own hands, pre-prepare accurate, scrupulously thought-out drawings of the desired tool with the necessary dimensions. To correctly make a sketch will help the template of the conductor, a sample of which is available on the Internet or from craftsmen engaged in repairing furniture. When making the template of the tool, it is worth rechecking the accuracy of marking several times, so that the product will be of high quality.

tools, assembling, furniture, their, hands

Making the conductor will require perfectly accurate drilling of guide holes and hardening of the finished fixture

Having prepared the template tool for making the holes, the following steps are performed.

    Use an angle grinder or metal saw to cut the reinforcing bar into pieces.

We take the armature with a square cross-section, cut a piece of necessary length, sand it with sandpaper, make the template holes

To make the stop use metal plate, which is bent at an angle of 90 degrees and together with a piece of prefabricated fittings fixed in a clamp

Cut the threads and connect the two parts into one construction

Metal bushings are installed when creating the hole-making tool, making the fixture reliable. Steel bushings can be found in car repair shops.

Prefabricated conductor with swivel stops

Buying or creating a conductor for furniture with their own hands, highly qualified specialists increase the speed and accuracy of drilling when assembling furniture products, thereby freeing up time for other important activities. With a conductor device, craftsmen work quickly and efficiently.

Assembling furniture with their own hands

Despite the fact that at any time you can order a professional assembly from a master, many users decide to assemble their own furniture products. Before you begin this process, you should familiarize yourself with the available recommendations and peculiarities.

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