Tools for clearing snow from the roof

Scraper vs. shovel

Compared to a shovel, a propeller is a more ergonomic tool. Usually has a wide bucket that can handle large areas of snow. In one pass you can clear up to 70-80 cm of drifts, which saves a lot of time and effort. the bigger the bucket, the lighter the snow, and for wet, heavy crusty snow you need a small, stable bucket, preferably with ribs.

The engine is suitable for work only on flat areas. It is less maneuverable than a shovel. So, if you need to clean a wide driveway, such as the garage, choose the engine, and for the winding narrow paths is more suitable shovel.

A shovel usually has a single shaft, sometimes with an extra handle on top. The handle is wide, U-shaped and easy to hold. Not much strain on the back muscles. Two people can operate the engine with this handle, including children and the elderly. But there are also scrapers with a single handle, like a shovel.

telescopic roof scraper with aluminum shovel

The aluminum roof scraper is great not only for cleaning snow but also for removing ice, icicles, melted snow, and leaves.

The working edge of the blade is at an angle to the roof surface and does not damage the roof.

The working scraper blade is made of a solid aluminum alloy, and it is almost impossible to damage it while working.

Material: frost-resistant plastic connections, rubber handle, aluminum tubes and a working shovel;

Snow shovel

Of course, the best option. is to ask for help from professionals. However, you can make an independent cleaning of the roof, especially if you still at the stage of construction to provide everything you need for this. easy stairs, safety rails. To carry out cleaning of the roof of the house from snow have to stock up on special tools and devices. First of all, you will need a wide snow shovel with a handle that is easy to grip, such that it can not only be held in the hand, but also tied to the belt.

In addition to a shovel, you will need a scraper, perhaps a small ice axe to remove thick layers of ice. For insurance be sure to buy a rope and a special safety belt, as well as with a great steepness of the roof, a hook to catch the ridge of the roof. You will also need a ladder of appropriate height.

  • Aluminum strip;
  • threaded rod M8;
  • tarpaulin or thick plastic sheeting
  • Plastic and aluminum tubes 20, 25 mm;
  • 2 castors.
  • bolts, nuts.

From the aluminum strip to bend the U-shaped billet frame.

The height of its sides should be slightly greater than the usual thickness of snow that accumulates on the roof. The width of the bracket is made at your discretion, but preferably not less than 50-60 cm.

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The edges of the workpiece are drilled for the threaded rod. It is cut with a reserve to exceed the length of the width of the workpiece from the strip. It is necessary to put a stud in the bracket, and put the wheels on its edges.

It is to be secured with nuts so that it can be screwed through.

A long strip of tarpaulin or polyethylene film is fastened to the stud. Its length should be slightly longer than the slope of the roof to be cleaned.

Then a pipe handle is installed on the workpiece. It can be made collapsible by connecting several tubes of different diameters. Fasten the tube to the strip can be a couple of bolts. Be sure that the first tube should be plastic, because it is flexible and will allow the tool to adjust to the desired angle.

Review of the Avalanche Snow Removal System

Then a rigid metal pipe is attached to it.

To use the tool, you need to go up to the slope of the roof and lay it on the edge of the roof. Then we roll the device with the wheels to the ridge of the roof. As a result, the snow will slide down the tarpaulin strip. Will be left to remove it with a shovel if it gets in the way.

Cleaning equipment

Cleaning companies are coming more and more into our lives. A few years ago, few people had heard of them or had any idea what they were, much less used their services.

tools, clearing, snow, roof

However, today they are very common, becoming more and more popular and in demand.

In Europe, cleaning companies have long occupied its niche, but we have actively developed only the last 10-15 years.

meter snow removal device for cleaning snow from the roof “Chistokrush

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This device will make it much easier for you to shovel snow on your roofs. No more reaching and balancing to scoop up snow on the roof with a regular shovel.

This device, on the contrary, should be pushed away from you, pressing the lower slat with a dense synthetic fabric to the slope of the roof. The snow itself will roll down the slope. Good for clearing snow from roofs:. polycarbonate. of metal tiles;. Soft roofing;. slate;. Profiled sheeting.

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Scraper attachment for clearing snow from the roof is universal, and is attached to the main pole. Nozzle consists of a rod. fastening to the main pole, a frame that cuts the snow from four sides, and a sheet on which the cut snow rolls. Rollers on the sides do not allow damage and scratch the roof.

The kit includes a collapsible 1.5 meter pole, a total length of 9 meters, nozzle with a snow blade.

Why remove snow from the roof

Snow accumulation on the roof carries several dangers:

  • If the roof is pitched, it is possible avalanche-like descent accumulated snow. As a result, people and animals passing by can suffer, and there is a risk of damage to personal property.
  • Flat roof type does not save the situation, because the long accumulation of precipitation increases their weight. It is fraught with deformation and partial destruction of the roof.
  • Thawing, the snow turns into water, which can find even small cracks in the roof. As a result, the roof will begin to leak, and freezing in the cracks, the water can expand it.

To avoid unpleasant developments, it is recommended to remove snow from the roof regularly. Today’s industry has anticipated a lot of people’s needs and offers a variety of tools for cleaning. But they can be made on their own, saving a certain amount of money.

Next, we will consider a few effective tools for cleaning the roof, which everyone can make themselves, or use the tools that are available to most people.

Scraper to remove snow from the roof telescope to 9 m

Scraper to sweep snow from the roof of an indispensable winter tool for a private home. The scraper bucket is made of impact-resistant ABS plastic with a thickness of 2 mm. The bucket has seven ribs, which makes the scraper bucket even stronger. The scraper bucket has optimal dimensions of 6214 cm. The telescopic aluminum handle consists of 4 joints, which can be extended up to 7 meters, or up to 9 meters when a person is tall, which makes it easy to reach areas on the roof that are hard to reach. At the end of the telescopic handle is a T-shaped plastic holder with reinforcing ribs to better hold the squeegee when working.

If you live in an area with a lot of snow, clearing snow from the roof is not something you are unfamiliar with. In well-designed homes, snow removal from the roof is rarely necessary. However, not all houses are well designed. Some homes have a porch with a flat roof that collects snow. The porch is an addition to the house and is often designed in retrospect. Other houses have low-pitched roofs that are steep enough to accumulated snow slip naturally.

If the winter is very snowy, it is advisable to partially remove the snow from the roof. Especially when heavy layers of snow gradually caked, thaw, forming a solid ice. Its weight can cause deformation of the roof and even the rafter system.

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If the roof with a slight slope, the snow can be removed from the top, without special safety devices. First remove the snow at the eaves and gradually go up to the ridge. On flat roofs or roofs with a small slope snow must be removed, because when the snow melts, its mass will prevent water from running off and it can find its way under the roof. The roof will simply leak!

tools, clearing, snow, roof

With roofs with a steep slope is more difficult to remove snow, it is better to do it from the ground without climbing on the roof. To do this, you need to extend the elbow of the telescopic snow scraper handle to the required size.

We always have a special snow scraper for removing snow from the roof with a long telescopic handle. They can quickly and easily clear away both fresh and packed snow.

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How to properly remove snow from the roof?

So, the easiest way to clear snow from the roof is to climb up on the roof. Many people think that this is the most adequate option. What is difficult here? Climb on the roof, nothing will fall on your head from there, you can clearly see where else to clean and in what direction from the roof to dump. Here’s just one important danger: there may be an unexpected layer of snow under the ice, and it is easy to slip on it.

Not to mention the fact that the wet, caked snow itself is slippery. That’s how and fall from the roof, unfortunately, unless the enterprising comrades do not “catch” snow guards and at least some, but the insurance around the belt.

In order not to damage the roofing itself, try not to overdo it and do not remove the snow completely. You can safely leave 10-20 cm of snow, which will not create any load on the roof.

If you’re sure the snow is loose, light, and won’t cause much trouble, then it makes sense to “trim it. This is not difficult to pull with a tight rope. So, option one: a rope with a load thrown over the roof ridge and, twitching, break the integrity of the snow cap, why everything quickly falls down.

On the downside, there is a risk that the snow will rip the gutter system with it:

And on the roofs of the extensions in general can be done this way:

Another risky but popular option. to sit on the roof ridge and from there with something long push the snow away from you.

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