Tools for cutting leather into strips

AK-20 TYPICAL cutter

TYPICAL. Cost-effective solutions and a wide range of industrial sewing machines! than 20 years on the Russian market!

The FIRST factory-manufacturer of industrial sewing machines in China. The largest state-owned company, founded in 1946. TYPICAL is one of the top Chinese manufacturers by quality and production volume.

TYPICAL is a winner of prestigious awards: “China’s Famous Brand” и “China’s Renowned Label” TYPICAL awarded by the Chinese government for its contribution to China’s economic development and high export performance. TYPICAL has successfully passed all the tests and received a number of world certificates:

  • ISO9001 Quality Management Warranty System Certification
  • EU CE Safety System Certification
  • ISO14000 Environmental Management System Certification, etc.

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Cutting Leather Straps 101. Using a Strap Cutter

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Narrowing of zakotivok for belts, strips of leather of individual sizes and dimensions. Worth 29 UAH / sq.m.Dm (for example, the approximate cost of the strip 1303 cm 120.00 UAH.) Various colors of skin can be used (your choice) at your request, namely: blue, black, brown, pink, burgundy, black and green, and others! (Check with manager) information about fabrication of belts, installation of fittings, sewing of leather products, logos and other works with leather: 0966, 0648. Delivery to Ukraine in convenient for you way (Nova Posta, Justin, Ukr Post) Payment by the card PrivatBank, Monobank, OLX-delivery, invoiced payment. Skins always in stock, delivery the same or next day. When ordering in Комментарии и мнения владельцев or by phone, specify the width, length and number of lines. The width of the smoothing tube must be calculated according to the fittings with which it will be used. Width of the instrument up to 40 mm will be reduced by 1 mm, width 40 mm and more will be reduced by 2 mm.

Knife for gutta-percha. is a thermo knife, which is used in dental practice for cutting off gutta-percha pins, when using the technique of lateral condensation and gutta-percha filling in the mouths of root canals. With this device you will no longer need to heat the instrument on an alcohol torch.

Leather cutters

Cut straps from remaining leather! From a piece of leather of size 1.3cm you can cut a strap up to 7.5m long. Replacement blades (#3002-00) sold separately.

Craftool strip cutter

Extremely simple but very practical band cutter. You will be pleasantly surprised by how easily you can cut strips of leather up to 10 cm wide. Press the padded side of the leather against the handle and pull the leather toward you to cut the strip. Comes complete with one knife. Replacement knives for sale Art.№ #3081-00. Measurements on the ruler are in inches and centimeters.

Deluxe TandyPro double skinning machine

One of the best leather bifurcation machines on the market today. When you see the steel plate of this machine, you will be sure that it is ready for multiple uses. The 155mm plate blade is great for trimming a strap to the desired thickness or for thinning its ends for curvature. The adjustment will help you set constant parameters for your skin treatment.

TandyPro’s premium leather tools are designed and manufactured in China by experienced professional leather craftsmen. These beautifully designed tools are made of steel, brass, and wood-based composite material. They are ergonomically designed for comfort, ease and precision and will last a long time. For professional work with high quality leather and premium leather goods.

Craftool Hi tech dual leather machine

One of the best leather bifurcation machines available today. When you see the steel plate of this machine, you’ll know it’s ready for multiple uses. The 120mm blade of the plate is great for trimming a strap to the desired thickness or for thinning its ends for curvature. Adjustments help you set constant parameters for leather processing.

Rotary strip cutter

Rotary strip cutter designed for precision cutting leather into straight strips. Leather of any length can be fed into the machine and cut to 10oz (4mm) thickness with adjustable cutting widths from 1/8″ (4mm) to 5″ (127mm). The cutter can be used to cut leather for horse bridles, leather belts, leather laces, various leather products and more. Includes 127 mm wide shaft, 20 6 mm wide spacers, 12 3 mm wide spacers, 4 knives #3971-10 1 mm wide, and 4 guide blades #3971-11.

Spare parts available for purchase: disc strap cutter blade (2 pieces) #3971-10 or disc strap cutter guides (2 pieces) #3971-11, plastic rotary strap cutter roller (1 piece) #3971-12.

Benchtop Strip Cutter

This tabletop cutter makes it easy to cut straps, fringe or leather laces for weaving. Great stuff for making saddles, saddlebags for bikers and leather souvenirs. Cuts leather from 3mm to 7mm wide.5 cm. Replacement blades for sale #3061-00.

Razor cutter

These sharp cutters quickly cut through straps and anything else you need. They are equipped with an adjustable angle gauge and an additional blade that is mounted in the handle. A great choice among the versatile and quality cutters! Supplied with 2 interchangeable bases (one base for straight cutting and a guide for cutting at an angle) and interchangeable blade #3061-00.

Pliers for rivets

An indispensable tool for cutting studs to the right length when installing rivets and pins (copper and solid brass) from our product line. The tool can also be used to remove previously installed rivets and clips for repairs. Lightweight pressed steel alloy is resistant to heat, cold and high stress. The thermoplastic rubber grip is comfortable to grip, even when your hands are wet. There is a tutorial video below the picture.

Length: 20.32 cm Width: 7.11 cm Color: gray, black, silver Material: steel alloy, thermoplastic rubber

Leather scissors

Leather scissors. These inexpensive 7″ (approx. 17cm) long scissors feature sharp, stainless steel cutting edges designed for cutting thin leather or t.п. materials. Very comfortable scissors thanks to the long handles.

Leather scissors

The sharp serrated edge, easy grip and vinyl handles of these scissors make them a craftsman’s dream. They cut the toughest leather evenly and easily. Made of strong steel.

Leather scissors

Professional leather scissors. Easily cut leather up to 5mm thick. Made of high strength steel.

Leather scissors

Leather scissors. These inexpensive 7″ (about 17cm) long scissors feature sharp, stainless steel cutting edges designed for cutting thin leather or t.п. materials. Very comfortable scissors thanks to the long handles.


This scissor allows you to cut patterns on tracing paper. Sold in several versions.

tools, cutting, leather, strips

Circular cutter

This scissor allows you to cut patterns on tracing paper. Sold in several designs.

Leather cutter

This knife allows you to cut patterns from templates on tracing paper. Sold in several designs.

Swivel blade

This stainless steel swivel blade is designed for regular use. The pivoting ball bearing turns the contour fork smoothly, making this tool perfect for the professional tanner. Large diameter 1/2″ (12 cm) cylinder with 3/8″ (9 cm).5 mm) wide hollow-sharpened blade.

Adjustable leather chisel

Great tool for creating sharp edges, e.g. when making bags. Groove depth is easily adjusted with the adjusting screw. Easy to use. Metal case.

Super bevel edge applicator

This machine makes it easy to adjust the thickness of the leather in the right places. High quality solid handle with ergonomic shape. Three cutters in a set. Replacement blades (#3002-00) sold separately.

Edge mowing blade

Cheap edge trimmer option. Its shape specifically does not allow you to cut deep into the leather. One cutter in the set. Replacement blades (#3002-00) sold separately.

Strip cutter (1.6 mm to 4.8 mm)

Cut leftover leather into narrow strips for laces. Up to 7.5 m of lace can be obtained from a single 10 cm piece. Cutter can be adjusted to 7 different widths (4.8mm, 4mm, 3.6mm, 3.2mm, 2.4mm, 2mm, 1.6mm). Suitable for cutting 2.8-3.2 mm thick leather. Replacement blades (002-00) can be purchased separately.

Metal strip cutter

Another type of simple cutter for leather of aluminum construction. It has the advantage of a different attachment for the cutter. cutting can be easily interrupted if necessary. Supplied complete with one blade. Replacement cutter for sale Art.№ #3085-02. Measures on the ruler are shown in inches.

Adjustable union folding tool

Adjustable line tool for leather. For parallel lines, inside borders, decorative and other works. Easily set from a narrow line, to a line up to 8mm (5/16″) wide. Line width adjustable with a screw.

45mm rotary knife

Easy Grip Rotary Cutter is good for leather, paper and fabric. Replacement blades for sale Art.№ #3043-00.

Disc cutter with a 60 mm comfort grip

Contoured handle with soft cushion for a comfortable grip. Protective guard on the knife section. Convenient fingertip locking device is easy to operate. Disk cutter cuts leather, paper, and fabric perfectly. Replacement cutting blade #3039-00 available.

Folding knife

Professional aluminum knife with ergonomic handle for comfortable and safe cutting of thick hides and leathers. The knife has a folding mechanism with a safety device to prevent accidental opening. Also includes 6 interchangeable blades made of high-quality steel.

Recommended for cutting on plastic #3464-00 or rubber #3461-01 backing. Replaces a set of 5 knives, designated with code #3061-00.

Precision craft knife

Easy to use. Durable aluminum handle and blade and protective plastic cap. (Additional interchangeable blades available.) Use the Protecto board or Poly cutting board as a cutting block to help protect your tools and tabletop from damage.

Scalpel with 5 interchangeable blades

Extra sharp scalpel with 5 interchangeable blades and handle for a secure, comfortable grip. Great for precision cutting or decorating hides and leather. Cutting out contours using tracing paper or stencil is effortless.

We recommend cutting on plastic #3464-00 or rubber #3461-01 backing. Replaces a set of 5 knives, marked with code #3036-01.

Folding wire cutters

When scissors are too big and clumsy for your sewing needs, thread cutters are a handy alternative for trimming threads. Spring-loaded mechanism allows almost effortless cutting. Pliers are great for situations where you need to cut thread as close to leather or fabric as possible. When not in use, the blades can be safely stored in the included case.

Grinding machine

This bench polisher has extensive capabilities and allows you to perform everyday tasks such as sanding, polishing and even sharpening tools. Rotation speed can be adjusted from 0 to 8000 rpm. Two independent accessory spindles maximize the range of tasks and reduce set-up time. The product comes complete with wooden ironing board (1), clip-on clamp (3), sanding drum (1), sanding drum/hub. 120 grit (1), sanding drum/hub. 80 grit (1), leather disc (2), spare graphite brushes (2), wrench (1), threaded rod (2), nut (2), universal socket wrench (1), 80 grit sandpaper (1).

Replacement parts: #3972-10 small leather polishing wheel (1), #3972-11 large leather polishing wheel (1), #3972-12 sanding drum/hub. 120 grit (1), #3972-13 sanding drum/hub. 80 grit (1), (1), #3972-14 hardwood sanding wheel (1).

Craftool tool for cutting corners

Insert a cutter knife into this fixture, with which to cut edges. Quick and easy way to trim corners “just right”. Adjustable from 1.5mm to 37mm. For right- or left-handed users. Fits 3/8″ (1 cm) blade. Replaces the tool for folding the union. Knife not included.

Leather blade dressing strap on wooden handle

Regular straightening of the rotary knife and cutter blades will allow you to get the sharpest edge and get the most out of your investment. Straightening strap is easy to use and helps to straighten the micro edge of any blade. #3323-00

Roughing tool

Used to handle leather surfaces to ensure a strong glue bond. Especially when gluing small leather parts. The large handle fits very comfortably in your hand, allowing you to press down on the leather surface with great force.

Sanding stick

Leather roughening stick. You will use it to prepare leather for gluing or to smooth out the edges of leather. A practical example of use is shown in the video above.

Rolling Tools Set

These not only functional, but also beautiful stabilized walnut tools make it easy to roll out the edge or smooth out the back of your product.

2x rollers in different sizes 1x large area leveler

TandyPro premium leather tools are designed and manufactured in China by experienced professional leather craftsmen. These beautifully designed tools are made of steel, brass, and wood-based composite material. Ergonomically designed, designed for comfort, ease and precision work and will last a long time. For professional work with high quality leather and premium leather goods.

Professional edge smoothing machine

First-class hard metal iron for polishing, bending or smoothing leather joints and edges. Well-balanced shaped handle fits well in the hand. This tool comes in handy when you’re making belts, wallets, and other thick leather goods where the heavy weight of the ironer comes in handy. Height: 12 cm. Width: 5 cm. Weight: 600 g.

Leather cutting machines

Economic Model Bamboo Wood Crafts Model Airplane Laser Cutting Machine PEDK-6040A Application: 1. Applicable materials: organic glass, acrylic, PVC, leather, textile, fabric, tissue, rubber, plastic, wood.

PEDK-13090A CO2 laser cutting machine

Stroke X: 1 300 mmStroke Y: 900 mmCutting speed: 1 mm/min. 10 000 mm/min

Product Advantages Product. InPack Technology Protects the laser components for high quality cutting results Full accessibility: freely accessible processing area can be accessed from all sides Adaptability:.

PEDK-130180 laser cutting machine

Stroke X: 1 300 mmStroke Y: 1 800 mmCutting speed: 1 mm/min. 10 000 mm/min

Introduction: Flat Bed Laser Etching Machine. is a multifunctional laser process equipment which combines the functions of drawing, engraving and cutting. Cloth etching machine adopts automatic track.

CO2 laser cutting machine LS100

Stroke X: 460 mmStroke Y: 205 mmLaser power: 25, 60, 40 W

LS100: CO2 Laser Engraver for Signage, Creative Cutting and Personalization. LS100 LASER TABLE. It is an easy to operate and compact laser engraver for cutting and marking a wide range of materials. Thanks to first-class assembly.

LS100 EX fiber laser cutting machine

Stroke X: 610 mmstroke Y: 305 mmWay Z: 145 mm

LS100 EX: CO2 laser engraving machine for signs and small series LASER TABLE CO2 laser engraving machine LS100EX. is a medium-sized machine for engraving and cutting. Its engraving area is the size of ¼ sheet, making it.

LS900 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Stroke X: 610mm Stroke Y: 610mm Laser power: 60, 50, 40W

LS900, a large laser engraver that can do everything LASER TABLE The LS900 industrial laser engraver, Co2, Fiber or Edge (dual source), is ideal for high speed marking and cutting medium to large media.

CO2 laser cutting machine CJG-160250LD

Laser power: 130WRepeatability: 0.1mm

Laser cutting machine with camera and projector. For leather products wide format precision cutting. Simplify the complex processing of cutting natural leather to four steps: Inspection; Reading; Embedding; Cutting. High precision digital system.

JMCZJJG(3D)170200LD CO2 laser cutting machine

Introduction: This carbon dioxide laser system combines galvanometer and XY gantry with one laser tube. The Galvanometer offers high-speed engraving, marking, peeling and cutting of thin materials and the XY Gantry allows.

ZJ(3D)-170200LD CO2 laser cutting machine

Laser power: 150, 300, 600 W

Introduction:. Laser engraving, beveling and cutting can be done in one step Dual drive system with toothed rack Optimized galvanometer system Maximum speed and large format processing. CHARACTERISTICS.

SP series CO2 laser cutting machine

Stroke X: 1 245, 1 500, 1 680, 2 210 mmStroke Y: 2 510, 3 210, 710, 1 250 mmLaser power: 40 W. 400 W

The SP series laser machines are manufactured with a CO2 emitter. Large working field size and the ability to lay items on any of the 4 sides of the machine allows it to process wide-format materials. High performance and optimal.

LDQ-450 knife cutting machine

Model LDQ-450 Automatic specimen cutting machine. is a kind of rugged cutting machine, specifically designed with sample preparation in mind. It is the ideal choice of large sample preparation machine because of its mighty function.

GTQ-5000A knife cutting machine

The GTQ-5000A precision metal cutting machine is suitable for processing metal, electronic components, crystals, hard alloys, rocks, ores, concrete, organic materials, biological materials (tooth.

ST-3020-40 CO2 laser cutting machine

Stroke X: 300 mmStroke Y: 200 mmCutting speed: 1,500 mm/s

General information of the machine Our ST-3020-40 desktop laser engraving machine is mainly designed for engraving and carving stamp and small artwork, which can be put on a table that is very easy to move.

CO2 laser cutting machine ST-9013-80

Stroke X: 900 mmStroke Y: 1,300 mmSpeed of cut: 1,500 mm/s

General information of the machine Our Model ST-9013-80 is mainly designed for cutting non-metallic materials such as wood, acrylic, leather, PVC, Plexiglas, plastic, rubber, clothing, paper, etc.д. Our High Precision Engraving Machine.

ST-1325-100 acrylic cutting machine

Stroke X: 1,300mmStroke Y: 2,500mmSpeed of cut: 1,500mm/s

General information of the machine Our Model ST-1325-100 is a high power model, basic for cutting non-metal materials such as wood, acrylic, leather, PVC, plexiglass, plastic, rubber, clothing, paper, etc. These are the types of engraving.

Taurus leather cutting machine

Static leather cutting system Taurus II in seconds captures the shape of the skin and up to four defects using a digital camera. It then analyzes the image and automatically nests parts to optimize skin output. Maximum.

CO2 laser cutting machine 3XL-3200

Stroke X: 3 210 mmStroke Y: 3 200 mmCutting speed: 0,001 m/s. 1,414 m/s

Laser cutting machine 3XL-3200. is the “Colossus” of the eurolaser series. Our laser cutting systems are based on a fully modular design. So we can always take a flexible approach to customer requirements

2XL-3200 CO2 laser cutting machine

Stroke X: 2 740 mmStroke Y: 3,200 mmCutting speed: 0.001 m/s. 1,414 m/s

The 2XL-3200 laser cutting system is one of the largest systems in the LCS family. Workable area is 2740 x 3200 mm (107.9″ x 126″), which allows for precise cutting and engraving of large-sized materials such as textiles

1825PCSII cutting machine

Stroke X: 2 500 mmStroke Y: 1 800 mmCutting speed: 200 mm/s. 800 mm/s

AOL cnc vinyl leather oscillating knife cut, punch, pen drawing plotter machine with automatic feed conveyor system special for cutting soft material like fabric, leather, clothing, fur, textile, plush materials ect, in.

25 series blade cutting machine

Stroke X: 1 800, 1 600 mmStroke Y: 2 500 mmSlitting speed: 800 mm/s. 1,500 mm/s

Digital leather cutting machine 1. Digital leather cutting machine has such features as scientific rational design, simple flexible control; 2. Good stable quality, durable construction, no noise, safety.

PC series knife cutting machine

Stroke X: 1 600, 1 800 mmStroke Y: 2 500 mmSpeed of cutting: 800 mm/s. 1 500 mm/s

Half skin machines eliminate the need for expensive stamps and reduce manpower requirements while efficiently processing leather, sole, lining and dressmaking materials to the highest quality standards. AOL.

ELECNC-2030ATC-O knife cutting machine

Stroke X: 2 000 mmStroke Y: 3 000 mm

Features: Heavy duty with big working area for woodworking. Compared with 1625 CNC Oscillating cutting knife, this machine has been made with Changsheng 5 cooling spindle.5 kw ATC, 24000 RPM, with excellent quality.

cutting machine with 1625 blade

Stroke X: 1,600 mmStroke Y: 2,500 mm

Features: New CNC knife cutting machine can cut and engrave Leather, all kinds of clothing flexible material, Sponge composite leather, PVC. Strip adsorption, air cylinder, can adsorb different material.

ELECNC-1326 CO2 laser cutting machine

Stroke X: 1,300 mmStroke Y: 2,600 mmCutting speed: 1 mm/min. 1 000 mm/min

Features: Blade worktable for hard materials such as wood, acrylic, helping small cut pieces; And soft material such as leather, cloth. To keep the material as flat as possible. If you work on hard and soft.

Spider Jumbo cutting machine for engraving

Laser power: 100, 250, 400 W

Laser power up to 800 W and a large working area of 1500×1000 mm are the main features of the Spider-Jumbo, suitable for industrial production of engraving, ablation and cutting. The offset of the working table, performed by 4 controllable.

PERFORMA cutting machine

Laser power: 60, 80, 100, 150 W

Performa. It is the ideal solution for small and medium-sized businesses that require a high degree of flexibility for both the materials to be handled. fabric, leather, rubber, synthetics, plastic, wood, glass, ceramics. and for applications. clothes.

Spider cutting machine for engraving

Laser power: 100, 250, 400, 650 W

The laser power up to 800 W and the large working area of 1500×600 mm are the main features of the Spider, which makes it possible to add unique and special devices to the traditional cutting table, such as those for.

pure waterjet cutting machine cut expert variojet

Stroke X: 2 mmStroke Y: 1,600 mmCutting speed: 70,000 mm/min

Multifunctional CAM cutting system using pure waterjet technology for 2D cutting. Scope: cutting foam, plastics, technical textiles and other flat, flexible, non-metallic materials. Cutting area.

cut expert ecojet leather cutting machine

stroke X: 2 900 mmStroke Y: 2 700 mmCutting speed: 70 000 mm/min

cut expert ecojet. CAM automatic cutting system with pure-waterjet technology without abrasive for 2D. Fields of application: Cutting of leather hides. Cutting capacity 120. 150 leather skins in an 8-hour shift.

leather cutting machine cut expert doublejet

Stroke X: 2 900 mmStroke Y: 2 800 mmCutting speed: 70 000 mm/min

cut expert doublejet. CAM multifunctional cutting system using pure-waterjet technology with 2 cutting bridges and 2 cutting heads for 2D cutting. Applications: Cutting of leather and other leather, non-metallic materials

water jet cutting machine ECJET III

Stroke X: 1 000 mm. 2 000 mmY travel: 1 000 mm. 3 000 mmCutting speed: 10 000 mm/min

Economic standard version, it takes only very few options and is not evolutionary in time! The whole complex is controlled by FANUC CNC (worldwide) of the latest generation, which ensures easy use and reliability.

LCJET III water jet cutting machine

Stroke X: 1 000 mm. 1 000 mmY travel: 1 000 mm. 1 000 mmCapacity: 6 200 bar

LDSA, the French leader, designer and manufacturer of waterjet cutting centers, presents its high-accuracy “LCJET III” 3 or 5 axis model. The system is based on a homogeneous and user-friendly assembly using all modern technologies.

BF EV Multilayer Cloth Cutting Machine

The BF EV multi-layer static table cutter has been designed to meet any production need, thanks to its modular design and the possibility to configure it both in length and width, for maximum utilization.

R1150 band saw machine

Stroke X: 2 200 mmStroke Y: 1 800 mmCut speed: 0 m/s. 18 m/s

R1150 band saw machine is designed for cutting upholstery foam in blocks. Key Features:. Tape knife. is a powerful and versatile tool for cutting fabric, leather, cardboard, foam, rubber or paper upholstery With this.

R500 bandknife cutting machine

Cutting speed: 0 m/s. 14 m/s

DW-1390 CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

Cutting Speed: 0 mm/min. 24 000 mm/min Laser power: 100, 130 W

Working Area 1300900mm Laser power 100w (optional 130w) Laser type co2 sealed laser tube Cutting speed 0-24000mm/min Cutting speed 0-60000mm/min Resetting positioning accuracy ±00.05mm Power supply 110V-220V/50

DW-1610 CO2 laser cutting machine

Cutting speed: 0 mm/min. 10 000 mm/min Laser power: 130, 80, 100 W

DOWIN 1610 100w 130w Co2 Laser Cutting Machine for Plastic Card Sheet Leather Wood Felt Clothing Processing Scope: 16001000mm. Laser tube: 80W (optional100W/130W). Engraving speed: 0-60000mm/min. Cutting speed: 0-10000mm/min

DW-1610/DW-1825 CO2 laser cutting machine

Cutting speed: 0 mm/min. 10 000 mm/min Laser power: 80, 100, 130, 150 W

DOWIN 1610 CCS Camera 100w 130w Co2 Laser Cutting Machine for Plastic Card Sheet Leather Wood Felt Clothing Processing Scope: 16001000mm/18002500mm. Laser tube: 80W (optional100W/130W/150W). cutting speed: 0-60000mm/min

HT-1390 laser cutting machine

Cutting Speed: 0 mm/min. 50 000 mm/min Laser power: 90, 60, 150, 130 W

Feature This kind of machine is a kind of laser engraving system equipped with Co2 laser tube, it is used for engraving on acrylic, PVC, rubber sheet, plastic, crunch, glass, wood, bamboo, oxhorn, figurine.

CO2 laser cutting machine HT-1410

Cutting speed: 0 mm/min. 50 000 mm/min Laser power: 60, 80, 100, 130, 150 W

This type of machine is a kind of laser engraving system, equipped with two Co2 laser tubes and two heads, can work together or individually, it is used to engrave on acrylic, PVC, rubber sheet.

HT-1610 cutting machine for engraving

Speed of cutting: 0 mm/min. 50 000 mm/min Laser power: 80, 100, 130, 150, 90 W

Feature This kind of machine is a kind of laser engraving system, equipped with two Co2 laser tubes and two heads, can work together or individually, it is used to engrave on acrylic, PVC, rubber.

cutting machine for engraving SL 5030

Stroke X: 500 mmStroke Y: 300 mmCutting speed: 1, 1.7 m/s

SL 6040 cutting machine for engraving

Stroke X: 600 mmstroke Y: 400 mmCutting speed: 1, 1.7 m/s

hollow-cutting machine SL 9060

Stroke X: 900 mmstroke Y: 600 mmSpeed of cutting: 1, 1,7 m/s

hollow-cutting machine DP-1200J

Automotive styrofoam hydraulic type big size die cutting machine 100ton automatic feed car leather roll cutting machine. It is the materials for cutting roll balancing dies with excellent performance.

XCLP3 series hollow-cutting machine

Stroke X: 1 250, 2 000 mmStroke Y: 700 mm. 1,500 mm

Automatic Feeding Hydraulic Flat Sponge Automatic Feeding Hydraulic Flat Sponge Cutting Machine Four Column Precision Hydraulic Die-cutting Roller PVC On Machine Cutting Machine.

hollow-cutting machine DP-TJ series

Stroke X: 650, 800, 810 mmStroke Y: 600, 1 000, 1 400 mmLaser power: 5 500, 7 500, 11 000 W

Auto Roll to sheet hydraulic die-cutting machine Auto Roll to sheet hydraulic die-cutting machine Four column precision hydraulic PVC die-cutting roller on sheet cutting machine, electric.

CO2 laser cutting machine SCM2000

Stroke X: 600, 800 mm Stroke Y: 600, 800 mm Laser power: 180, 250 W

SCM2000 High Speed Leather Laser Cutting Machine Description The SCM2000 high performance Dynamic CO2 laser marking machine is the ideal solution for marking, engraving and cutting paper, cardboard, natural.

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