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To make musical instruments with children, you need to have a lot of courage. After all, falling into the hands of children, such objects often become the source of sounds, far from harmony. Yet one can hardly doubt the benefits of musical toys for the development of hearing and rhythm. Not to mention the joy that a well (or not so well;)) organized home orchestra will bring the kids.

You can fill these sticks with anything you like:

Musical hornpipe

Shell rattle

RattlesBottles of different sizes can be filled with cereals, beads, pebbles, nuts, or tomatoes. toothpicks.

And beautifully decorated bottles can easily be turned into maracas!

For the same purpose perfectly suit the boxes from Kinder-surprises, filled with all sorts of things.

7 Homemade Marking Tools for Woodwork. Scrapwood Challenge ep27

Jingling bracelets.

Music Horn Stick

Variant with bells:

DrumsBalloons can be put to good use.pic

Yes and pots. excellent percussion instruments!

Rainbow Stacophone

CastanetsPlastic lids can be replaced by coins.

Pipe Pipe


I hope that ideas will be useful and, having materialized, will give you and your children a lot of pleasure and good humor!

Mold for dolls

Step by step mold making for dolls

  • First you need to separate the doll heads from the figures, remove their hair and all unnecessary parts.
  • Next, all the empty spaces in the head are filled with mastic.
  • Using mastic we level the bottom of the mold for pouring. It is better to take a disposable mold, so as to cut it while taking out the hardened mold. Any plastic container will do.
  • Then, carefully mix 50 g of the basic silicone and 50 g of the hardener in a separate container. Stir everything thoroughly for 3-5 minutes. Bubbles of air will be released on the surface. To get rid of them, you need to knock a little capacity on the table.
  • Thinly pour ready silicone into molds. Knock the mold on the table several times to release all air bubbles. Let it dry for about 8 hours.
  • Take the dried mold out of the mold. Remove mastic and doll heads. Wash the mold under running water to remove residual mastic. Trim off the excess silicon carefully.
  • Wipe the mold dry and sprinkle it with starch. Since the mold is made of food grade silicone, you can safely use it when making cakes.

Scheme of manufacturing

Once the choice of the type of future machine has been made, it is necessary to proceed to its construction, or rather, the construction of. How to make a sawmill with your own hands:

  • Choosing the sawmill construction site. Keeping the machine outdoors is sometimes unsafe, and sometimes ineffective, because bad weather can quickly break down, as well as work in the rain or snow is unlikely to work. A suitable room is therefore needed. It should be long enough for a band saw and have convenient exits from the ends of the building. The circular saw requires space on all sides, because it can saw both longitudinal and transverse workpieces.
  • After determining the place make a drawing of the future machine or choose ready documentation for the appropriate size of the chosen room of the machine.
  • We are looking for and acquiring all that is necessary for the work: plumbing and lathe tools, the necessary consumables, parts of the future machine or material for their manufacture.
  • Drawing up a work plan with the sequence and timing of parts manufacturing. If something will be done by others, then we describe who will produce what and by what date. We make necessary orders at once and specify terms of work performance.
  • Works on making all parts and assemblies of the future machine. Below this stage will be considered in more detail.
  • Assembly of the sawmill and installation on site.
  • Testing of the mechanism and elimination of detected deficiencies.
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As you can see from this scheme, the construction of a sawmill is not a simple thing. For example, the fifth point in itself, as well as any other, is very time-consuming and difficult to organize. That’s why it should also be divided into several stages:

tools, their, hands, home
  • Making the bed of the future machine.
  • Preparing and setting up the motor. For different machines are used both electric motors, and internal combustion engines.
  • Making and adjusting the means of fixing, measuring and controlling. In order to get a part of the right size, you need to be fully confident that this part of the mechanism is in full order.
  • Homemade band sawmill is equipped with a special device for feeding logs for sawing. Therefore, for these types of sawmills it is worth setting aside a special stage for making such a means of feeding.
  • Making protection and safety equipment.

The last point is very important! A sawmill is equipment associated with an increased risk to both human health and life. So that the work on your machine is not marred by an accident, it is worth thinking about safety in advance and make everything necessary for this.

How to make a piñata ? with their own hands

After reading this article, you will learn how to make a piñata with your own hands. You will understand what tools you will need for modeling such a surprise ball, and also learn which layer should be the first and which one is the final, and how long it takes for the piñata to dry. Such a piñata is perfect for entertainment at children’s birthdays, as well as entertainment at a family dinner.

How to make your own hands paint sprayer at home

In order to make a paint sprayer with your own hands at home, you can use the equipment, which is always present at home. It can be a refrigerator compressor or a vacuum cleaner, a car camera or a ballpoint pen. In this case, the homemade device will not be inferior to the factory analogues. The homemade paint sprayer is suitable for working with both water-based and powder paint.

The character of a favorite cartoon: how to make a little houseboy Kuzya with his own hands?

To sew the little houseboy, first of all we need a pattern. It can be found on the Internet and printed out on a printer, or you can make it yourself.

Self-made template is that on tracing paper with a simple pencil in section and life-size are drawn the following parts:

  • Head 2 pieces (front and back).
  • Arms 4 pieces (front and back of both arms.
  • Legs 4 pieces (same as with the arms).
  • Torso 2 pieces (front and back).
  • Nose 1 piece.

sawmill making

To create a circular sawmill with your own hands at home is not necessary to resort to complicated drawings and diagrams. If you need the sawmill only for one time, it is better to make the construction as simple as possible, excluding all its components, which are not particularly important. In addition, the equipment created according to the simplified scheme is safer.

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The creation of the sawmill takes place in three steps:

So, having decided to make a sawmill with your own hands, you must first of all acquire the materials and tools that you will need for this. As for the necessary tools, they are all usual. It is not necessary to look for any exotic, hard-to-reach devices. And certainly do not have to spend a lot of money to purchase them.

The main element of the sawmill is an electric motor, so it is necessary to take care of its purchase in the first place. For the manufacture of other parts of the equipment you will need metal plates, fasteners, planks, wooden or metal construction scaffolding. You can buy it all at any construction store.

Once all the tools and basic elements of the future sawmill will be prepared, it should be decided what kind of equipment will be made.

The advantages of lego brick pros and cons

This building material is in demand by professional builders because of its quality characteristics. The high demand for the product is due to the following advantages of the brick:

  • high strength characteristics;
  • small weight;
  • ease of installation and reliability of adhesion;
  • durability;
  • eco-friendliness;
  • aesthetics.

Properly organized advertising campaign will always find a consumer who needs a quality and reliable building material.

The main drawback is the lack of GOST for lego-brick products due to the novelty of its use. This disadvantage is easily offset by the observance of all the recommendations for the technology of production and storage of products. Time will pass, and you yourself will not notice how rumors about the quality of your high-tech building material will spread among people.

Stone processing at home

It all starts with the search for a stone. These can be both minerals and ore rocks. Jasper, agate, crystal brushes, and flint have received special attention. But this is just the beginning. The next step is machining, in the course of which the stone is cut with cutting discs, which can be found at any diamond tools store. Amateurs prefer discs with a diameter of 125 to 200 mm and use a 150 to 200 watt motor with a belt drive. After cutting, it is important to cool the disc on both sides.

Making a machine for processing stones at home

It is easy to make a stone cutting machine in simple conditions. If you look at the design, you can easily understand where the cooling is supplied, and where what parts will be located.

Grinding rules

Sanding stones to create flat plates can be done even on plain glass using abrasive powders. You should sprinkle the glass and apply a little powder and you are ready to go. When grinding, the powder is added little by little, as the abrasive wears down, and water is needed to maintain a methane-like mass.

When sanding from coarser to finer powders (by fraction), the stone, glass and hands should be well washed with soap and a brush: if even a little of the larger fraction powder gets into the smaller fraction, everything will be ruined.

After the stone is polished, it is necessary to polish it on a felted mechanical wheel, the diameter of which should be between 140 and 200 mm. Chromium oxide in powder form and water should be used in the polishing process. The rotation of the wheel should reach a speed of 410 to 700 rpm.

This is only one method of treatment, though there are many more. For those who fell in love with the hand-cutting of rocks at home, we offer an excellent design of a small stone-cutting machine. Since the diagram is very simple, we will only give our recommendations.

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Dry cleaning of the stone

You can use dry cleaning to remove surface plaque. Its advantages are that the specimens are practically free of chips and scratches. If you touch the stone at home, you can use a 5-15% oxalic acid or hydrochloric acid solution.

Important: Before using these acids, make sure that the minerals to be treated are not dissolved in it. Aragonite and azurite should not be treated with acids.

Care must be taken with lapis lazuli and turquoise as they dissolve, albeit slowly. The stones are soaked in acetic acid to soften the organic residue. Fat compounds are perfectly removable with acetone and gasoline.

tools, their, hands, home

Some household chemicals can be very effective for dry cleaning, for example anti-tikipin, which is an excellent way of removing calcium carbonate encrustations from the minerals. Use Progress detergent for hard-to-reach areas. In the final stages of treatment, you can clean the stones with glass cleaners and crystal glass cleaners.

The effect would also be obtained by “chemical bathing,” i. e.е. you boil the mineral in a pressure cooker. Thanks to this method, the steam will penetrate even into places inaccessible to humans. After the treatment, the stones should be rinsed well under running water.

Cutting and splitting stone

Stones that have already been washed and cleaned should be sorted. Some collect only beautiful specimens or fossils, rare species. Most people sand and polish all found material, and this helps to reveal the beauty of the stones. Experienced people sometimes find such planes in the sands that when cut open a picture of colors, bizarre landscapes and even portraits.

As a result, some people just collect stones, while others use them for crafts, combining them with wood and metal.

But before you begin, you should split the stone and remove the excess. For this process (dissection), we make a special device to help us work with large specimens. We will need a clamp with two hardened metal prongs (alternatively, use a vise, which will be embedded with 2 angles with teeth from pobedite).

tools, their, hands, home

The stone should be cut with diamond circles or saws

The grinding and cutting machine can be made on the basis of an electric drill or an EZS-1 lathe. In this case, we will have 2 shaft outputs, one of which will be chuck 6, and the other will be an emery wheel or a wheel with a diamond coating. The power of such a device will be 250 watts, and the rotational speed of the machine will be 250 watts

For processing stones for jewelry at home you can take and other electric motors, the power of which will be in the range from 250 to 500 watts and speed from 1400 to 3000 rpm. Use a box with a hinged lid as a support for the machine. Bolt the machine-tool to the cover. This modification of the working tool will make it possible to set the machine at an angle.

To the box on the side of the chuck attach the table. Its height can be adjusted so you can work with wheels of different diameters. We put a strip of duralumin angle 2,52,5 cm on the side table. A blade guard should be installed on the side. Draw a center line along the guard rail and the table to help in positioning the stone for cutting.

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