Trim saw with his own hands from the angle grinder

Grinding saw out of the angle grinder with my own hands

A circular saw is designed similarly to a circular saw mounted above a work table. Its main advantages are compactness and light weight. Therefore use saws not only in workshops, but also on construction sites. Often, self-made tools are quite bulky, not heavy. It is convenient to operate them in stationary mode.

Trimming saw is designed for the only task. trimming the ends of lumber at various angles. Due to the fact that at the time of cutting the workpiece on the table is stationary, the cut is neat not clean. Masters who deal with woodworking trust these tools more. over, self-made saws have been successfully used for years.

How to make with their own hands from an angle grinder circular, slicer, handheld electric saw

It is too expensive to have an assortment of electric tools at home. For example, a circular saw at home is required quite rarely. Sawing boards can be made with an upgraded angle grinder.

Electric hand saw

Electric hand circular saw is made of angle grinder by replacing the standard cutting disc with a disc for wood.

However, this variant is suitable for short cuts in sheet materials or for cutting thin laths. When cutting long lengths or thick bars, there is a risk that the disc will be tilted and get jammed. It is much easier to hold the saw if the handle is not perpendicular to the axis of the tool but extends the body of the saw.

It is not recommended to remove the protective cover, as it prevents sawdust from getting into the face.

Folk craftsmen also make a manual chain saw from an angle grinder. But it is dangerous for the user because the lack of a chain stop can lead to unpredictable consequences. In addition, the chain is not lubricated, which leads to quick wear.

Circular saw

Trimming, i.e. crosscutting at right angles to boards or squared timber is best done with a saw unit.

From the angle grinder can also make such a machine tool with their own hands.

  • To do this, angle grinder with a disk on wood fixed to the swivel bar perpendicular to the direction of the length of the board so that the plane of the disk is directed strictly vertically. One attachment point must be in the gearbox area and the other at the opposite end of the machine.
  • The gear housing has threaded holes for attaching the standard handles. With the help of angles and these holes, the angle grinder must be attached to the moving part of the machine.
  • The rear part of the body is attached to the board with a clamp. Disc protector can be used on any appropriately sized power tool.
  • It is necessary to fix a thrust angle close to the vertical support. It should be placed strictly perpendicular to the plane of the disc, both in vertical and horizontal directions.

The spring at the back end of the blade should be used to return the guide bar to the home position after the cut is completed. The horizontal table must have a cross groove, in which the disk enters when sawing a board. Disc diameter must be chosen according to the width of the boards. This way you can be able to cut in one go. The main thing is that the inner bore of the disc must be in line with the mount on the gearbox axle.

When working with this type of machine, it must be remembered that the drive power is not designed for high load. That’s why the rotating saw blade must be brought smoothly to the surface of the workpiece to be sawed, and the cut must be made without strong pressure.

Circular saw on the table

Sometimes the need arises to change the width of a board or the thickness of a bar. A circular saw is best for such work, especially if there are many boards. For cutting boards of short length (1-2 m) the table variant of the circular saw is very useful. Do not necessarily buy such a machine, it can be made with their own hands from the same angle grinder.

Design of a circular saw is much more complicated than a crosscut saw. The contact time between the saw blade and the wood is quite long, so the angle grinder’s body must be secured to the frame more securely.

This is what one version of a tabletop circular saw might look like.

In the photo you can see that the work table consists of two planes:

The disc goes through the slot in the upper surface. If the angle of contact of the two planes is equipped with swivel hinges, it will be possible to adjust the working height of the saw blade to reduce the area of rubbing surfaces.

On the upper surface of the table you can clearly see the head of the bolt that secures the angle grinder. A protruding bolt limits the width of the board to be worked. This problem can be solved by laying another layer of plywood.

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It is rather inconvenient to turn the angle grinder on and off with a button on the housing. If the key can be fixed in the working position, it is worth installing a socket with a switch on the outside of the machine.

An angle bracket must be as long as possible to avoid the plank deviation from the sawing direction. It is better to mount an angle so that it is possible to change the working distance between it and the disc: then the width of the cut part can also change.

Stationary circular saw

The angle grinder can also be used as a working mechanism in stationary conditions. The frame in this case will have a slightly different design. A stationary version requires plenty of free space and a large amount of work. Therefore, the entire structure can be made more thorough, more massive and, therefore, more reliable.

The frame of the base can be made of angle bars by means of a welded joint. Bolt and other types of detachable fasteners lose their grip from the constant vibration, and the construction begins to wobble.

Work table made of wide board or thick plywood is fastened on top of the metal frame. The workpiece will move along it. The support angle has a movable mount to adjust the cutting width.

It would be a good idea to provide for adjustment of table height or disk elevation above its surface. then you will be able to saw longitudinal grooves in the board.

On the side of the machine there are controls: a socket and on/off buttons. In the stationary version of the button on the body of the angle grinder makes sense to exclude from the scheme. If there is enough space, you can use a high-power grinder as a drive.

How to make a sawmill from an angle grinder is shown in this

The nuances of using a homemade circular saw

It should not be overlooked that the angle grinder by its main purpose. angle grinder. Therefore, when using it as a homemade circular saw, you need to pay attention to the nuances.

  • Duration of continuous cutting should not exceed 15-20 minutes to avoid overheating of the motor.
  • Standard disk protection is not suitable for circular saws. The protective cover can be used from a real grinder or make it yourself.

Making a machine with your own hands

Before proceeding directly to the manufacture of the machine, you should pick up the components used and drawings of the cutting machine with their own hands from the angle grinder. The simplest variants have the following design elements:

The base is performed in the form of a steel frame, welded from profiled pipes. Working platform-table can be made of sheet metal, which thickness is not less than 3 millimeters.

A bracket is attached to the made plate, on which the pendulum plate is mounted by hinges.

You can easily find the necessary drawings for the base for the angle grinder with their own hands, which will greatly simplify the manufacture of such equipment.

To fix the workpiece to be processed, one or two stops are mounted on the platform of the pipe cutter, which will ensure the immobility of lumber and metal products when they are cut by the cutting wheel. Some models of facing machines imply a rotary device with a protractor, through which the cutting disc can be rotated to any angle, which allows the complex processing of parts.

In the metal platform in the place where its saw touches the cutting wheel, you must make a small kerf, whose width should be equal to twice the thickness of the cutting wheel of the angle grinder

The presence of such a kerf will greatly simplify the work with the tool, eliminating damage to the unit in case of careless handling of the angle grinder pendulum mount.

from the angle grinder, including replacement of the angle grinder used or installation of additional fasteners for the workpieces to be machined. The latter allow for the most precise processing, including the manufacture of the same size wooden or metal products.

It is not difficult to make an angle cutter and a cutting machine from an angle grinder. You only need to pick up a quality performance scheme of such equipment, which subsequently will be assembled and the desired machine

The easiest way to perform such a unit is from the angle grinder, which is attached to the pendulum and the base of the metal angle. With the help of such simple equipment can be processed wood, cut lumber or work with various metal blanks.

What you can make an electric saw with your own hands

If during the work there is a need to saw boards or other material for the following butt joints, and pendulum saw is not available on hand, you can make it with your own hands from the tool you already have. For this will suit any electric tool, in which the working element is the saw blade.

Parts of the mechanism

All mitre saws have a lightweight design that is essentially the same for the various types of this tool. Their main elements are:

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Main structural elements of the end saw

  • bed with a round rotary table (some models have an extending in both sides, an extension table on built-in supports);
  • Swivel lever, attached to the bed with a special pivot with a returnable spring, which holds the saw blade and the handle with keys to start and brake the blade, such a lever is called a pendulum, hence the name of the entire tool called the pendulum saw;
  • electric motor located on the pendulum to the right of the saw blade (in some models, it is mounted on the back of the pendulum for better visibility;
  • disc tilt adjustment unit, allows to turn the cutting head of the tool from the operator to the left by any angle up to

45o, turning to the right is not possible because of the motor positioned on this side;

  • sawdust outlet, to which you can connect a vacuum cleaner hose or a bag to collect swarf;
  • stops for easy positioning of the workpiece and clamps for its secure hold-down.

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On the table of the tool there is a special tray-type insert in the area of the cut, which allows the saw blade to cut through the workpiece up to the end, making a clean cut. There is a scale on bed, for table turning to both sides up to certain angle. In the right position the table is secured by a screw clamp. The saw blade of the tool is protected by a special transparent cover that gives the master a good view of the place of the cut. For convenience, many models of trimming saws are equipped with a laser indicator that shows in what place the cut will be made and the table light.

To understand in more detail the design of the coping saw, the purpose of its main nodes, as well as to see how they are used in the work, you can see in the following video.

Circular table saw with your own hands

If you often have to work around the house with wood and cut planks wide, you can not do without the home-made circular saw. To make it with your own hands you need to assemble a long and fairly wide table top with a slot in the middle for the circular saw blade.

Separate attention deserves an angle grinder used for these purposes: the larger in diameter you can install a disk on it, the better. Small angle grinder, with a 125 mm wheel is not suitable for this, so it is better to use an angle grinder, the working disk is not less than 210 mm, or even more.

It won’t be a problem to fix the tool under the table top. As you can see in the photo, under the working base on which you will be sawing the wood, it will be enough to fix one more base made of thick plywood at a certain angle.

Finished product comparison

Circular saw HitachiC10FCE2 RedVergRDMS2101200 DeWaltDW711 MakitaLS1040
Power, kW 1,95 1,2 1,3 1,65
Cutting height, m 0,06 0,06 0,06 0,09
Width of kerf, m 0,14 0,12 0,14 0,1
Tilt, deg 52 45 50 52
Speed of rotation, rpm 5000 4500 2750 4600
Weight, kg 11,9 6,8 20 11
Dimensions, m 0,460,5610,628 0,430,5270,445 0,590,620,49 0,530,5320,476
Cost, 13676 6290 30432 15826

Different types of saws are priced differently depending on the application of the model and the fame of the manufacturer. The most famous brands:

The crosscutting type includes the following parts:

Collector motor does not require regular tracking and lubrication of parts, while the asynchronous one stands out for its long and quiet operation. There are variants where the motor is mounted on the back, which makes visibility much better when working by hand.

The motor works by means of a mechanism that transmits the rotation through a belt or toothed wheel. The first option reduces noise and there is no shaking of the cutter, while the second option does not allow the saw to slip when cutting in case of heavy pressure.

Nuances of use

A saw, even a self-made one, can cut types of materials such as:

The maximum weight of the product is 28 kg, which is due to its characteristics. This type makes it possible to perform joints in “whiskers,” they are common in baguette and furniture shops.

The price of a tool that rotates 360 degrees is much higher. Its inclination can easily be adjusted. However, know that to figure out what angle is required, you need to decide what materials we will use.

How to make wood trimmers with your own hands

A wide variety of equipment can be used for woodworking. This kind of material is amenable to processing, which determined its popularity in the production of various things. To change the size and shape of workpieces, a crosscutting machine is used. Its design is similar to that of a circular saw, but there are several differences that determine the popularity of the machine. The main advantages include low weight and overall dimensions, which allows you to install the equipment in a home workshop. You can make a wood trimming machine with your own hands, but as a rule, self-made will be more cumbersome and less productive. It is convenient to operate this equipment in stationary mode.

Purpose of the facing machine

In contrast to the through circular saw, the end trimming machine under consideration can be used exclusively for trimming the ends of various lumber. Some models allow to maintain a certain angle. In this case, the facing takes place when the workpiece is stationary, which determines a better cut. This point determines the fact that the homemade facing machine in workshops is quite common, because only with its use it is possible to make a clean, even end. Saws, created by hands, can serve for several years without overhaul.

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Trimmer on the basis of the angle grinder

An angle grinder is often used for the task at hand. It is ideal for making your own end trimming machine. Self-made version of the performance will have the following technical characteristics:

  • The rotational speed of the angle grinder disc should not be less than 4500 rpm;
  • Cutting length is 350 millimeters. Note that this indicator is significantly higher than that of the factory tool, which belongs to the middle class.

Created design allows you to remove the angle grinder from the table and use it as an ordinary tool.

When considering how to make such a version of the performance, let us note the following points

  • the cutting tool is installed on the axle, which is represented by a car wheel. This point determines the possibility of facing at an angle. To fix the swivel mechanism uses a bearing with a diameter of 150 millimeters. To fix the angle grinder uses a special mechanism that is attached to the rotary axis. After a certain time, it is recommended to lubricate this axis, as there is a possibility of squeaking;
  • To fix a certain angle in the production of the machine, special ears are welded on the outside of the bearing. Fixation should be carried out with a screw, e.g. M6. It is necessary to mount the lugs so that there is not a big distance between them. Otherwise there is a possibility of a strong backlash, which will significantly reduce the accuracy of processing; Pole-saw on the basis of the angle grinder 3D-model (drawing) of a self-made crosscutting machine Self-made model made on the basis of a circular saw
  • it must be ensured that swarf does not enter the bearing. this is because swarf inside the bearing causes the bearing to wear and the cutting tool does not rotate smoothly. the chips may be sufficiently fine to cause rapid bearing wear. The addition of a lubricant also prevents the bearing from rapidly wearing out;
  • the pulling force can be created by using a shock absorber. It is recommended to choose the versions from trucks, as they are more resistant to the environment. Broken shock absorbers can also be used. To prepare the shock absorber you need to remove oil and drill holes, which become a kind of ventilation. The holes should be tightened with a mesh with small holes in order to eliminate the possibility of wood chips in the ventilation system;
  • In order not to feel a strong jerk at the beginning of work, it is necessary to equip the angle grinder with a soft starter module. This module reduces the number of revolutions at the very beginning of the start and spins up the disc to the operating speed gradually. You can not make the soft starter module by yourself, it must be removed from another device or purchased separately.

The last stage of production can be called the creation of a shield for the saw. This element prevents foreign bodies from entering the cutting zone. The crosscutting machine can be used in the home.

However, the design in question has significant disadvantages that should be taken into account. They can include:

  • A crosscutting machine made by your own hands is very noisy. This is due to the peculiarities of the work of the angle grinder. During the processing there is noise, which is almost impossible to reduce;
  • Trimming machine is used for high-quality processing of end surfaces. That’s why quite a lot of attention is paid to the accuracy of the location of the angle grinder with a disc with respect to the workpiece. To adjust the location of the angle grinder with a disc are used trimming bars. The rod should be fixed with a bolt, after which you can carry out processing.

The drawings of the facing machine determine that it can be installed quite easily in almost any workshop. Take into account the fact that the design is small, and the workpiece can be quite large. In order to exclude the possibility of loss of accuracy during processing, it is necessary to carry out the fixing of the structure to the base.

Particular attention is paid to the type of disc installed. The angle grinder was originally designed for processing metal, which determines the presence of a large number of discs for metal. But there are also discs for wood, which have their own features.

Note that there are quite a few drawings that can be used when building a crosscut saw. Some are simple enough to implement, others are difficult to perform.

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