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trimmer for grass electric. rating of the best models subtleties of choice

Electric grass trimmer. an indispensable device for work in the countryside and on the territory of the country house. Agree that mowing vegetation with an ordinary scythe is quite problematic and difficult. And why, when on sale there are a large number of models of modern trimmers, with which the process of mowing the grass will be easy and enjoyable?

The variety of models of electric trimmers in stores can baffle buyers. By what criteria to choose a trimmer for grass, what model will cope better with the task at hand? Finding answers to all these questions alone is extremely difficult. Therefore, before you buy this or that model, it is worth to weigh all the pros and cons of the purchase.

In this article we will tell you how to choose an electric trimmer for grass, the best models, to understand what parameters the device is worth paying attention. We will provide information on technical characteristics and options of each model. Our rating of popular trimmer models will help you to choose the right device.

What is positive in an electric trimmer?

The only disadvantage of such gardening equipment is its dependence on a power source (conductive network) and the limitation of the working area by the length of the electric cable. But you and I know that such a grass trimmer is most often needed for dachas or a country house, and there is almost always electricity. And the range can be increased significantly by using an extension cord.

Choosing the best electric or battery-powered garden trimmer for the grass

1) The first thing to consider when choosing a grass trimmer is the area to be treated and the extent to which it is overgrown. You need to survey the site, and assess the extent of future work. Electric grass trimmer copes with high grass and weeds. Cordless grass trimmer. only with grass. If the area is heavily overgrown with fruit bushes, these tools will not be effective enough. a unit with an internal combustion engine will be required.

2) The power of the grass trimmer should also be chosen according to the planned loads:

  • A grass trimmer up to 400 W will handle a small lawn in front of the house;
  • General cleaning around the house and on the plot and regular mowing. the tool with at least 900 W power, equipped with an overheat protection.

3) motor location in an electric trimmer plays a very important role. Morning mowing or cleaning up after rain with a bottom-mounted motor is not recommended.

  • Bottom-mounted trimmers are pivotable and portable. Suitable for working in flowerbeds, beside stone slides and in seedbeds.
  • Electric mowers with a top-mounted motor, from this point of view, are safer, but manufacturers recommend refraining from working in wet weather.

In addition, the tool with a top-mounted motor is usually more powerful, and mixed vegetation it is not afraid of.

4) Grass trimmer cutting system for the garden can be different. Just like the engine, the cutting part should not be overloaded, and we must take into account the purpose of each type of cutting part:

  • A fishing line for a trimmer with a spool. for mowing the grass;
  • plastic blades. for grass and weeds;
  • steel blades with teeth. for continuous work on a neglected area.

Choosing a tool, look in the manual, what speed of the cutting system it has:

5) Also pay attention to the thickness of the cutting line:

  • 1.2 mm: for lawn grass, path maintenance on dry days (typical for low engine trimmers);
  • 2 mm: for mowing grass (better suited to electric grass trimmer with top-mounted motor)
  • 2.4 mm: recommended for top-mounted trimmers if you plan to mow a lot of weeds.
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6) the battery charge certainly plays a role in the choice Cordless garden trimmer for grass, and must have a capacity sufficient for 1 hour of continuous operation.

  • D-shaped: for short work along fences, around foundations, in flowerbeds;
  • J-handle: for the war against overgrowth and weeds (more often used in gasoline models);
  • T-Handle: for traditional grass cutting.

10) cutting width: the wider the cut, the faster the work. However, it is worth considering a little nuance: working on the bed with a large cutting width, there is a risk of destroying not only the grass. Therefore, a narrow cutting width is recommended for stone slides, flowerbeds, stone paths, and a wide cutting width for mowing. If you want to choose something in between, stick to the range of 30 to 35 cm.

11) The functionality of the electric / battery garden trimmer for grass is usually small. Most models are equipped only with a lopper, unlike gasoline models, endowed with more capabilities.

Let’s highlight the additional technical features that improve the tool’s performance and extend its life:

  • protection against overheating;
  • anti-vibration system;
  • turning the cutting system;
  • Grass mulching;
  • sliding boom;
  • shoulder strap.

12) If you decide to choose a tool with steel cutting heads rather than a fishing line, the ability to replace and the ease of purchasing spare parts is very important.

trimmer, grass, electric, best

Over time it requires replacing the filament spool. Make sure the grass trimmer manufacturer has a representative office in your area.

Electric trimmers reviews

On this page we publish the rating and reviews of buyers about electric trimmers: users who have had the experience to assess the pros and cons of a particular model, share with you their own opinion. We hope that their Комментарии и мнения владельцев will be helpful to you.

Lightweight, reliable, I use the 10-12 years, the shaft and gearbox can not serve at all, build quality, constant electronics.

The price is high, but I have Italian, it is worth its money.It switches off when the grass gets warm, but it’s rather a plus.Uncomfortable for tall people.

I use it for 10-12 years the whole summer season 2-3 times a week, a plot of 10 acres.Convenient between trees, flowerbeds, paths.Cope even with the high t. Read entire

Powerful grass trimmer, the drive shaft is made of a steel bar, the metal of the tubes is thick, when connecting the two parts of the boom tightens well.

Powerful trimmer for the grass, the drive shaft is made of steel rod, the metal tubes are thick, when connecting the two parts of the boom tightens well

For the most part, this trimmer can level the lawn, or just mow the grass at home. Power is enough for simple grass, but on the floor. Read all the way

Sufficient power. Bicycle handle. Controls on the bike handle are duplicated by the control on the shaft (whatever you want). In co. Read all the way

The bobbin with a fishing line is weak. After mowing about 6 hundred acres of grass, the button on the semiautomatic line feeder is almost worn out. No plastic spool

If there is electricity on the site, the grass trimmer is an alternative to gasoline (easier, no need to deal with gasoline, cheaper operation)

Lightweight, handy. Power of an electric trimmer is enough for works on your area. In an hour of running my gasoline trimmer, my family’s budget st. Read in full

1.The factory version of the trimmer for grass is not suspended correctly. The ring securing the grass trimmer’s boom to the suspension clasp is located very close to the el. motor. Read in full

I bought my grass trimmer with more than 15 years of experience with benzotrimmer. Regulations (according to the manufacturer’s instructions). Lubrication intervals, working hours. Read in full

Rating of the best electric trimmers for grass: tips on selecting designs

To buy a grass trimmer for the grass, you first need to study the design and characteristics of such a device. These products are lightweight, allowing them to be used not only by men, but even by women and teenagers.

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Such designs are an excellent solution for cutting grass in yard areas. The grass trimmer works by means of electric power which drives the cutting parts. Useful designs have the following device:

Most often, individual models differ in technical parameters. Electric units differ from gasoline units in their light weight and ease of operation.

The choice of equipment is quite extensive, so it is difficult to make the right choice. Models differ not only in manufacturers, but also in characteristics, equipment and service life. An important parameter is the compactness of the design, since some places in the garden can be very difficult to reach.

All trimmer designs are equipped with a spool of fishing line, which rotates and trims the grass. the line thickness can be 1,2-2,5 mm. The thicker it is, the thicker stems can be cut with it.

Instead of a spool of fishing line, you can put a knife. This makes it possible to cut not only grass but also small bushes, dry grass and young shoots. Such designs use blades with 3 or 4 blades. The blade materials are plastic and metal.

This kind of technique has the following advantages:

  • Environmentally friendly design, as there are no harmful emissions;
  • the use of a mechanism to dampen vibrations and noise;
  • Can be quickly prepared for work, as there is no need for refueling;
  • Networked models can take longer to work than gasoline-powered units;
  • significant power and high level of performance;
  • easy to start the engine.

Also such devices have certain disadvantages. For example, the radius of movement of the operator is limited by the length of the cable. In this case, you can use an extension cord or a battery. In addition, the cable can interfere with the work.

For your information! A small electric grass trimmer can easily handle flowerbeds, areas near garden furniture and benches, as well as grass between trees.

Rating of the best models of gasoline trimmer for grass. An overview of manufacturers and models, as well as useful tips from experts discussed in this review will help in the difficult choice among the many models of devices.

What electric trimmers for grass is better: an overview of the main characteristics

When considering the rating of the best electric trimmers for grass, it is necessary to consider general technical parameters.

  • Power ratings for such devices range from 250 to 1800 watts.
  • The type of power is carried out with the help of a battery device or from the network;
  • The weight of the product is important, it can reach 7.5 kg;
  • The shape of the boom is angular, curved or straight;
  • types of cutting tools. They can be with a fishing line and a knife, as well as with each option separately.

The main characteristics on the example of one model

The choice of power depends on the size of the site. According to reviews electric trimmer for grass of small capacity is suitable for a small area. where. then to 6 acres. At the same time, the main task of such a device is the maintenance of garden paths and flower beds.

If the area of more than 6 acres and densely overgrown vegetation, the power should be more than 1000 watts.

The type of motor also matters. Battery-powered units are not as massive and powerful as corded equipment.

It is worth bearing in mind that the required power depends on the density of vegetation. The larger the size of the site, the more powerful the machine must be. Cheap equipment is designed only for thin grass. There is a variety of nozzles, which are used for both practical and decorative purposes.

For your information! In order not to overheat the motor you need to work with breaks.

How to choose an electric grass trimmer for power

When choosing the best electric trimmers for grass, the most important indicator is power. If the site requires increased attention and care, you can pick up a model with a high power level, as well as with a straight type boom. Remember that the more power, the heavier the construction will be.

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Low-power devices will not be able to cope with heavily overgrown areas. They are only used to keep lawns and flowerbeds tidy. They can remove vegetation in hard-to-reach places. For the light version is enough power of 500 watts, and more powerful devices must have a power of at least 1000 watts.

Strong devices allow to process even impassable thickets

Rating of the best electric trimmers: engine parameters

Also in the rating of electric trimmers, the characteristics of the engine are also taken into account. First of all, you need to decide on the type of power. Designs, working from the network, are more powerful. But models with a battery are more mobile. The motor can be positioned either on the bottom or on top of the unit. If the motor is located in the upper part, the cutting element will be located at the bottom.

Electric grass trimmers

In contrast to the gasoline trimmer for the grass, electric is more environmentally friendly, but it is not mobile enough, so it requires additional use of an extension cord, however, there are battery trimmers for grass. It is lightweight and makes virtually no noise when working. This type of grass trimmer is great for a small area.

  • dependence on the outlet, which means the difficulty of processing a large area;
  • Dependence on weather conditions. dampness can provoke a short circuit;
  • Does not have a wide range of functions, compared to the gasoline trimmer;
  • Malfunctions more often than with gasoline mowers.
trimmer, grass, electric, best

What is the best trimmer for the grass

Before buying a garden trimmer for grass, it is important to decide where and how often you will use it. For regular use is quite suitable cordless or electric tool with low power.

Battery-powered equipment is convenient in those cases where there is no possibility to connect the trimmer to the mains. If you need to mow grass 1-2 times a month in a holiday home near the house, it is better to choose a model with mains power and a motor power of 1000 watts and more.

And most importantly, when choosing the right option, remember that equipment from reliable manufacturers rarely breaks down, and maintenance and repair of quality electric trimmers in general is cheaper.

How to choose the best model for mowing grass in the country?

The ideal purchase is the one that is of good quality, has high performance and does not cost a penny. To ensure that the grass trimmer model does not turn out to be thrown away money, it is worth paying attention to the main criteria of choice.

  • The most important. power. If you need a grass trimmer to keep the grass well groomed, up to 1000 watts of power will be enough. Remember that the more power, the heavier the device will be.
  • The location of the engine in the trimmer affects the cost. Not recommended models, in which the motor is located in the lower part. As a rule, such trimmers for grass fail faster because of grass, moisture and poor cooling. models with top-mounted engines are equipped with special shoulder straps. Pay attention that the manufacturer has them in the complete set.
  • The choice of “handlebar” control depends on the preferences and needs of the user. D-shaped handlebar is put on trimmers that are maneuverable. serious models have a “bicycle” handlebar.

Electric grass trimmers make labor much easier by making it easy to get the job done. Maintaining a well-groomed garden with mechanical help is much easier.

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