trimmer for grass gasoline champion which is better. Power choice

Champion grass trimmers (Champion)

Gasoline and electric braids for the grass of the known brand Champion are distinguished by increased reliability, resistance to increased loads, as well as high suitability for repair. Each model of this brand differs from analogues with the simplicity of the device, which greatly facilitates its maintenance and repair. Low for most garden tools from an American manufacturer make them affordable for almost any desired gardener.

The famous American company Champion was founded in 2005. From the day of his formation, the brand headed for the production of inexpensive and high.Quality equipment produced using advanced technological and marketing solutions. This gave the company the opportunity to quickly win a significant part of the global market and go to leaders in the number of sales of equipment for agricultural needs.

Today the lion’s share of the products of the American brand is produced in Chinese factories. A few years ago, the company entered into an active cooperation agreement with another famous American enterprise. Briggsstratton. Among the constant partners of the Champion brand are also listed companies from Europe and India.

Nowadays, a large number of cultivators, chain saws, sprayers, as well as other types of Champion brand technology are presented on the market. Particular attention in the assortment of an American company deserve gasoline and household electrical household braids for grass. They are distinguished by maximum reliability, endurance, an impressive supply of torque created and a solid starting working resource, which gives an unhindered opportunity to actively and almost continuously use branded tools for stable work in large park, adjoining or garden areas.

Stavr TB-1400LR

The rating is opened by one of the top models of the Russian brand Stavr TB-1400LR. The trimmer for grass is designed for household needs, for mowing grass and small shrub with a stem diameter up to 1.2 cm.

The model is characterized by effective power and performance in its price segment, the quality of the details. Equipped with a two.Stroke engine of 1.9 liters.With., a reliable type of Ruixing carburetor, wear.Resistant chrome piston and cylinder. The advantages include the design of the starter, with a primer for a light cold launch. The maximum number of revolutions with a fishing line of 9000 and increased spying width with a fishing line 44 cm.

The fuel tank is designed for 1.2 liters of gasoline, this volume of fuel is enough for a large area of ​​work, without refueling. At the same time, the tank is not very weighting the device, all motor skots are 7.9 kg. For the convenience of its use, a shoulder belt, a bicycle type of handle is provided.

The owners of the device note reliability in the work, good power, simplicity of control. Of the features, I like the collapsible construction of the bar, for the convenience of transportation. A good equipment that includes a reel with a fishing line and a knife necessary for maintenance tools and accessories.

Who Will Take The Crown?! (Best Trimmer For 2021)

  • Effective power/cost.
  • The reliability of the engine.
  • Lightly cold start.
  • Speasing width 44 cm.
  • Clear bar.
  • Good equipment.

Trammers for the grass included in our selection of the average price segment work on a two.Stroke engine and remain the same universal and simple. They quickly start and help save your site from almost any vegetation that can give it an untidy appearance.

In this category there is a really large selection of models that weigh not so many and have a humerous belt in the kit. At the same time, motorcycles are made of high.Quality materials, they will please their reliability and durability.

6 Hyundai Z 450

Hyundai is engaged in the production of a wide variety of products. Among the entire assortment, cars are most popular. However, the brand is also engaged in the production of snowball players, compressors, generators, chainsaws, lawn mowers and other garden equipment. All technique in the process of creation passes strict control and meets all the necessary standards, in addition, it remains affordable to the price of the final consumer.

At the sixth position of the rating is Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 Eco Aluminium. The lawn mower is equipped with a comfortable bicycle handle, the position of which can be adjusted. The folding design allows you to compactly store the device in the winter in the closet, pantry, garage or any other place. The device is equipped with a gasoline engine. Its power is 1.67 l. With., In the process, it reaches 9800 revolutions per minute.

Cutting tools are a fishing line for a trimmer and a knife. They provide a bevel width of 43 cm. Since the model weighs about 8 kg, the manufacturer put the shoulder belt with it. It will make it possible to remove the load from hand and facilitate the process of mowing vegetation.

5 EFCO Stark 25

The fifth line is EFCO Stark 25. The device is equipped with a two.Stroke engine with a power of 1 liter. With. The fuel tank is designed for the maximum volume 0.75 l. Grass cutting is carried out using fishing line and knife. Speasing width is 38 cm. The device is equipped with an anti.Vibration system, the bar is straight, and the case is made of durable plastic.

In comparison with other trimmers, this model is much easier (weight 6.2 kg). In order for the process of mowing to be even more comfortable, you can use the shoulder belt, it is included. The bicycle handle allows you to hold the device tightly and direct it in the right direction, in addition, it can be adjusted in height.

Buyers were satisfied with their choice. They praise the device for the quality of the materials from which it is made. The trimmer for the grass is quickly and easily brought into working condition, a strong knife is able to save the site not only from soft young grass, it also easily cuts rude weeds and small bushes. Many owners have been using the EFCO Stark 25 not the first year and are very pleased with the result.

  • Light weight.
  • Equipped with an anti.Vibration system.
  • It starts to start quickly.
  • There is a belt in the kit.
  • Adjustable handle.
  • Durable.

4 Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 Eco Aluminium

To put a garden area in order by delivering it from unnecessary vegetation, Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 Eco Aluminium will help. The model is in fourth place in our rating. She is good for her small weight of 6.2 kg, the presence of an adjustable handle and shoulder belt, which is attached to the kit. The device is equipped with an anti.Vibration system and a safety coupling. The cutting elements of the structure are a fishing line for a trimmer and a knife. They provide the width of the mowing equal to 23 cm.

1 liter engine. With. Equipped with a brake, the tank is designed for 0.75 liters of fuel. Buyers highly assess the performance of the device. With it, any grass, weeds and even young branches will be easily removed from the lawn. The device economically consumes fuel, quickly starts up and serves for a long time.

Oleo-Mac has existed in the market since 1972. For this long period, it significantly expanded the range of products. The brand specializes in garden technology and is popular all over the world. Particular attention in production is paid to quality, due to which the brand has received recognition from its customers.

3 Makita EM2500U

Continues the rating of Makita EM2500U. The device will delight its owner with a small weight of 4.5 kg. A shoulder belt is also attached to it, which will help to facilitate the process of working on the lawn. The model of the model has a power of 1 liter. With. And equipped with a brake. Fuel is poured into a tank with a volume of 0.5 l. To remove soft grass, you can use a fishing line for a trimmer, a knife is perfect for rough weeds and small shrubs, a mowing width is 42 cm.

The handle of the trimmer for grass is bicycle, reliably lies in the hands, in addition, the manufacturer has provided the ability to adjust its heights, so that the user is even more convenient to work with the device. Thanks to this design, a person with any growth can use a motorcycle.

The main claim of users is the coil: for someone it is unscrewed, others warn about the probability of its heating when winding grass on it. Otherwise, the model does not cause complaints, it is simple and performs its functions, it starts quickly, mows well, it does not work very noisy.

2 stihl fs 55

On the second line is Stihl FS 55. With the help of this trimmer for grass, the user quickly, and most importantly, will easily put his lawn in order, save him from unnecessary greens. It is designed to clean both low and very high grass, weeds, bushes. In the work, you can use a fishing line for a trimmer or knife, both elements are included with the device. Speasing width is 55 cm.

The model is equipped with a two.Stroke engine with a power of 1 liter. With. For fuel, a tank volume 0 is intended.33 l. The device weighs only 5 kg, a wide shoulder belt is also attached to it. Cycling handle allows you to reliably fix the device in its hands. If desired, its location can be adjusted.

Which parameter is better and more important for you when choosing a gasoline trimmer for grass?

Makita EBH341U

  • Cutting element of a trimmer for grass: a fishing line for a trimmer and a knife, a fishing line for trimmer 2.40 mm
  • Barrow structure: straight
  • ICE power: 1.4 l.With.
  • Engine type: four.Stroke gasoline
  • Engine revolutions: 10,000 about./min
  • Fuel tank capacity: 0.65 l
  • Weight: 7.1 kg
  • Knife rotation speed: up to 6850 about./min
  • Working volume: 33 cubic meters.Cm
  • Engine brake: there is
  • Additionally: shoulder belt, the ability to install a bush cutter/brush

Short review

Makita EBH341U is one of the best gasoline trimmers in terms of price and quality ratio. He will leave behind only a beautiful and well.Groomed space. This result will be the merit of a four.Stroke gasoline engine with a capacity of 1070 watts. It works on ordinary automobile gasoline at the rate of 200. 300 grams per 10 acres. Based on this, it will be easy to calculate that the volume of about half-liter will be enough to clear the large site without refueling. Manufacturers tried to dispel the opinion that gasoline engines pollute the atmosphere, so they significantly reduced the noise level and made a convenient bicycle handle. It is easy to adjust it. On the handle there is a lever control of various tools. A portable trimmer for grass has a speed of rotation of a knife up to 6850 revolutions per minute. Such an unit from is the possibility of installing a bush.Cutter or brush. The weight of the equipment is 7100 grams, which is quite acceptable for back with such power. The fuel tank has a volume of 650 grams, and the shoulder belt allows you to comfortably hold the gasoline trimmer for the grass for a long period of work. For a more convenient grip of the manufacturer, we also took care of the rubberized handle, the point, this completely eliminates the slippage of the tool and make the work even more comfortable.


  • Excellent quality
  • Four.Stroke engine
  • High power
  • Relatively quiet
  • Convenient belt
  • Good solid design. In places aluminum (for lightness), but the nodes are thick and look reliable.
  • Quality assembly
  • Economical consumption
  • Refueling with clean gasoline should not be mixed with butter
  • Minimum exhaust (not felt at all)
  • Oil with a measured bottle in the kit.
  • High.Quality knife (Made in japan).
  • All.Metal drive shaft


Husqvarna 325r

  • Cutting element of a trimmer for grass: a fishing line for a trimmer and a knife, a fishing line for trimmer 2.40 mm
  • Barrow structure: straight
  • ICE power: 1.13 l.With
  • Engine type: two.Stroke engine
  • Engine speed: 7200 about./min
  • Fuel tank capacity: 0.34 l
  • Weight: 5.5 kg
  • Noise level: 110 dB
  • Working volume: 28 cubic meters.Cm
  • Hand-shaped shape: T-shaped (bicycle)
  • Additionally: shoulder belt, handle with adjustable height

Short review

The Husqvarna 325R gasoline trimmer is just an excellent device that will satisfy the needs of even the most avid gardeners and farmers. All.Metal drive shaft is designed efficiently and reliably. This tool is started with half a turn, thanks to the Smart Start system. Almost intuitive management, understandable integration, high.Quality heads and knives for grass, all this will be available to happy users. Now, in order to cope with grass and shrubs, only one tool is enough. The gasoline trimmer for the grass is equipped with a throttle flap and a primer located in a light access. Convenient belts are fixed on two shoulders, for comfortable use and load reduction. The fuel tank is completely transparent, so you can easily control the level of gasoline and observe fuel consumption. The handle has a convenient cycling adjustment. This does not need additional tools and some devices. The technique is also equipped with an optimized gearbox for mowing grass.


trimmer, grass, gasoline, champion
  • Good quality
  • Light weight
  • Convenient grip
  • The fishing line for the trimmer is comfortable and simple enough
  • Minimum vibration
  • Does not overheat
  • Warranty 2 years
  • All.Metal drive shaft
  • The ignition switch with auto.Return provides an easy re.Start
  • Smart Start (easy launch system)


Champion T433-2

  • Cutting element of a trimmer for grass: a fishing line for a trimmer and a knife, a 3 mm trimmer fishing line
  • Barrow structure: straight
  • ICE power: 1.7 l.With.
  • Engine type: two.Stroke engine gasoline
  • Noise level: 102 dB
  • Fuel tank capacity: 0.95 l
  • Weight: 8.3 kg
  • Knife rotation speed: 6500 about./min
  • Working volume: 42.7 cubic meters.Cm
  • Speasing width: 40 cm
  • Additionally: shoulder belt, the ability to install a bush cutter/brush

Short review

If you are in search of a reliable and affordable device that will allow you to comfortably and easily fight grass and excess vegetation on the site, then the gasoline trimmer for the Champion T 433 2 grass will be a wonderful choice. This tool has gained great popularity and is in the collection of a large number of gardeners. It is competition of the most popular world manufacturers and has a lot of positive reviews. Thousands of customers have already been able to evaluate high quality performance and the reliability of a gasoline trimmer for Champion grass. Modern technologies were used in production, so a powerful motor is equipped with air cooling. To refuel a two.Stroke engine, you will need 92 gasoline, and its power is 1.7 horsepower. By purchasing such an assistant for your use, you will acquire a powerful and productive tool, which, in addition to your functional features, has a convenient and thoughtful design. Ergonomic case, comfortable fixation belts, voluminous fuel tank, comfortable handle. Will make mowing grass light and simple. In addition, the gasoline trimmer for grass has a convenient design, which allows you to easily transport the unit to any place. A collapsible rod provides compact dimensions for transfer. Using a gasoline trimmer for the Champion T 433-2 grass, you can process sections of both medium and large area. With him on the shoulder, any volume of work and even the thick thickets of wild weeds.

Champion T233


Good equipment (shoulder belt, comfortable handle, protective glasses, protective gloves, a fishing line for a trimmer, though there are not many, 600 ml canister for mixing with oil with a convenient scale for a cat. The proportion of mixing is indicated) a long rod knife in the kit


Upon closer consideration it is clear that China is also a braid for the grass of the eminent manufacturer Earth and the sky in quality, although the difference in price is also almost 3 times. An inconvenient knife mount, in order to install it, you need to put several goals, grover, nut and a slap, and the reel with the luke simply screws on the thread.


I haven’t used it yet, so I can’t say, I will write it off later, but it seems to me that my money is worth it.


Price-quality ratio. The possibility of assembling and disassembling for transportation. The engine is easy to start. The ability to work with both a knife and a fishing line. Universality and maintainability.


Of course, there are shortcomings, but, for this price and with such a complete set, they are leveled. An uncomfortable regular shoulder belt, the simplest protective glasses.


For a long time I chose a motorcycle for a summer residence (10.5 acres) and leaned in favor of this model. The most decisive factor was that my family in a village on a plot of 12 acres is operated by another lawn mower of this manufacturer (Champion T334) and without much complaints. So, knowing and. The motorcycle from this manufacturer performed the following before operation. He handed all the mounts (although he forgot to stretch the knife mount for trimming and lost it. I bought a new one, put it and forgot), lubricated the details of the friction with a syringe-oil and bought a trimer head of the semiautomatic device (since I don’t really like the full-time).


Cheap, everything that is stated, a good set, the availability of service and spare parts, mows well


Poor fastening of the mowing to the belt over the shoulder, it is not very convenient to hang, the standard fishing line for the trimmer is bad


What to say is bought for 5100, it starts with half a turn, it doesn’t mow it for two hours, there was no more need, I bought it in a specialized store, provided that they are not a lot and maintenance, they said and do not worry, after the warranty, we will fix it too, after it, after it, too, The quality of execution is 4, there is not much noise, I didn’t notice the vibration, everything is written taking into account the experience of Khusevarna 327 RDH


Everything sits))) well, probably except concrete pillars


Small vibration, although maybe I’m finding fault, not got used to it yet. Yes, and others did not work for comparison.


Swims everything in a row. The consumption acceptable on the tank of the benz, its jug of 10 acres passed with a bang. The fishing line for the trimmer includes sucks, so do not regret immediately buy a normal. Took a fishing line for a trimmer a twisted square, a trimer with her is just gorgeous. Champion he is champion. And don’t be afraid that China. Made in the factory, and not in the basement, this is already talking about something. Well, do not let me overheat, that is, let the engine cool to work at idle. And everything will be buzzing!!


Price-quality ratio by 5. Given the fact that this is a Chinese, of course. Following the instructions starts easily. Pouring 100 grams for 4 liters when running.


The case is fragile. The drum does not work for the fishing line (when replacing each time you have to disassemble). Trimmer fishing line in the kit when buying as well as bad glasses. Very noisy at work.


Impressions are just a fire, mowed both a knife and a fishing line. The fishing line for the trimmer mows well to zero. The knife mows tall and thick grass and thin rosehip. The orange fishing line for the trimmer includes is bad, it immediately breaks. The glasses immediately fell off the darling. I bought immediately with a cracked case, made a discount (but if you use it correctly, then not critical). Squeezed the plot of 18 acres. Later I will add a review.


Low.Power, suitable only for low grass. In weeds and high grass stops, or gets stuck, or you need to mow in very small portions. 2. Intelligence is a plus, but there are also disadvantages here, after about 2 years of not very strong operation, the connection place was ill into the trash. I had to get a garadushka self.Propelled to eliminate this. 3. The reel for the fishing line is not high quality, broke. 4. An inconvenient belt.


Suitable only for not thick grass knee.Deep, very small power.


It mows perfectly, easily change the fishing line for a trimmer, is convenient for tall people, there is everything in the kit (bottle, mittens, glasses (it is better to buy a large mask-lover), belt holder, blade).


The knife does not hold very well. When hitting the ground, the fastening weakens and there is a split vibration due to an imbalance. But he is not needed. Only the trees with a thumb is sawing, but they are easier to a secateur. As already written. Snap the knee. We must get used to.


I have a version of T264, I drove a friend. I took T266. No differences, just changed the number in the name.I have been using my own for the 3rd year. A plot of 8 acres of weeds. 8 acres go 1.5 liters of the mixture. I interfere in the bottle that came with it. Conveniently. With my frail physique 70×190. I do not get tired at all. I only take a break after one tank, so that the engine has cooled, then I finish the site with a half.Bacon. A fishing line for a trimmer cuts everything in a row, why does a knife still do not understand. Takes everything, from shoots and sedges to the waist, to peas that grows with washcloths.Backing with 1, maximum 2 times. The secret of success is to use fuel pumping into a carburetor (not a word about this in the instructions). Click 10 times on a rubber pipette from below, with an average damper, we start with the 1st times. Close the damper. Kosim.Whatever the bar is warm. There are oils of the oil. Unscrew and press the grease for trimmers there. I update it before starting the summer season.Oh, yes. I recommend buying Berushi, they are not included, and this is all the same 2x engine.


Dear gentlemen, before using the technique, carefully read the instructions for use! I have been using Champion for more than 3 years, I haven’t even climbed into a trimmer for grass. Starting on the cold with the 3-4th jerk of the starter, hot from half a turn.


I put 4 only because of a not very high-quality plastic and not very comfortable belt (not to compare with Echo). But for this money I am not sure that you can find better))).

trimmer, grass, gasoline, champion


Carefully prepare the fuel mixture, check the gearbox (for the presence of lubrication), conserve and store it correctly for the winter at plus temperatures. And you will be happy!


It is difficult to say what advantages she has. After two years of operation, the tool as a native arranges almost everything in it


It’s easier here:. The neck of the fuel tank is not very conveniently located (although it is like that);. The fixer of the connection of the bar can only get into an attempt after an attempt.


The factory coil cracked after 20 minutes of work, bought Khuskvarnovskaya, which I still use. Factory was sealed with self.Tapping screws, sometimes I also use. Somewhere on the 7-8th launch, the starter’s handle came off, carried it to the service, there they dismantled-the plastic starter turned out to be broken down in the trash-they put a new one. I spat on the “Chinese” plastic for a long time, but then I realized that he was to blame for himself. When the trimerr factory, when you pull the starter cord, you can’t abruptly throw it or let it go. The cord is wound unevenly, it will be confused and the starter will come to the end of the starter. Excellent to hot launch, at first it was difficult to start up (missed the clap in the muffler, flooded the candle and twitch at least until blue), but then I got up and now I will conquer in 20 seconds. In general, he came to two conclusions: proper operation is the key to the long life of the tool, regardless of its price and the second, it is necessary to choose a trimmer for the grass depending on the expected volume of work.

Eminent manufacturers do not always produce high.Quality models, so you should carefully study the technical characteristics of a particular copy. To simplify the choice and not read many contradictory reviews, we have prepared for you the rating of the best, according to owners, gasoline trimmers.

Mobile for xt141c premium

The lightest gasoline trimmer for grass in our ranking. Its weight is only 4 kg of 490 g, so women can also use it. Equipped with a high.Tech High Perfomance engine, which is 20% more powerful, while having a minimum level of vibration and noise. The manufacturer also declares its even greater reliability, the resource is increased in 3.5 times.

The new Mobil K Highspeed Conical Geer CG1, equipped with high.Quality bearings and a hardened conical pair, also contributes to a decrease in vibrations. A distinctive feature is the Comfort Start system that facilitates the launch of 2 times. Thanks to her do not need to make sharp jerks and there is no reverse blow. The ergonomic handle and the shoulder belt will allow the most evenly distributed the weight of the tool.

Huter GGT-2500T

German unit with a capacity of 3.30 l.With. Designed for those who monitor and care for their site. Keeping the device tightly in the hands when working on a large territory allows a figurative handle with rubber lining. For convenience, its position can be changed, and the icons about the safety rules are drawn on it. Fuel volume 1.2 liters are enough for 2 hours of intensive work of the trimmer for grass.

Direct hard shaft makes it possible to mow running areas with thick grass with a fishing line or knife at a speed of 9500 rpm. The cutting element has a mowing width 255 mm. To lengthen the fishing line for the trimmer, you do not need to disassemble the coil, it is enough at large speeds of the device not to hit the ground much. The protective casing is equipped with a regulator of the sequence of mowing area. Thanks to the upper location of the engine, it does not overheat and vegetation does not clog into it. So that the back does not get tired of the weight of the device of 7 kg, the humer.

  • It copes with dry grass of different lengths. As well as with shrubs.
  • It starts to start quickly.
  • Comfortable.
  • Low price.

Interskol KB-25/52V

The most inexpensive gasoline trimmer for grass in our rating with a mowing width 43 cm. This device is not inferior in performance by famous brands. The knife is able to accelerate to 7500 about./min. The fuel tank is designed for 1 liter of fuel. Half a liter of the mixture is enough for half an hour of active work. The configuration includes: belt, knife and fishing line for trimmer.

Fubag FPT 43

This model of a gasoline trimmer for grass belongs to the average price category. Thanks to the Primer and Easy Start option, the engine is quick to launch. Power 1.75 l.With. Even large grass is enough for mowing, while saving fuel. The handle folds, which facilitates transportation. In addition, you can choose the size of the main rod suitable for you.

The width of the knife 255 mm increases the speed of the surface mowing. The casing has a metal mount, which increases its reliability. You can configure the device using an adjusting screw without using tools. Inexperienced rod increases the strength of the structure.

Hammer MTK25B

This model is created for mowing in complex places: near the walls, stairs, trees. The fuel pump allows you to independently pump gas to the carburetor, and this, in turn, allows you to run the device without jerks even after downtime. A large casing protects against flying vegetation. The cutting system. A fishing line for a trimmer, is ideal for a tuberous surface, since when in contact with solid objects it will not be damaged. It will not be difficult to manage the device, due to the small weight. 5.6 kg.

The curved bar allows you to place the unit for different angles and get to hard.To.Reach places. Protection against random inclusion is represented by the subject button. Thanks to the collapsible structure, the gasoline trimmer for the grass is easy to place in the trunk. The fuel tank cover is connected to the tank using a special holder. Rubber buffers extinguish vibrations.

  • Light, hands and back do not get tired.
  • Convenient design with a curved rod.
  • Cut width 38 cm.
  • Grass does not clog during work.

Patriot Pt 555

This model has earned quite a few positive reviews of the owners of gasoline trimmers. Engine volume is 52 cubic meters. Cm, which allows even real weeds to mow, using a knife in the kit. Thanks to free access to the filter, the device is easy to maintain.

  • Good equipment.
  • High power allows even complex sections to mow.
  • There is an anti.Vibration system.
  • Quality assembly.
  • Tough shaft.

Champion T523

Good gasoline trimmer for grass with a capacity of 1.9 liters.C who can mow grass of almost any stiffness. The rod is collapsible, so it can easily be transported even in the trunk of a small car.

With maximum load, the consumption of the fuel mixture is 0.62 l/h. Fishing line supply. Semi.Automatic. The kit includes a fishing line for trimmer 2.4 mm and knife.

Makita EM2500U

A light structure weighing only 4.5 kg will mow thickets with a girth of 42 cm. A trimmer is stored for grass in a corporate bag that goes in configuration. Smooth cutting element: knife or fishing line for trimmer. It is possible to install a bush cutter/brush. When winding thick grass, the brake is triggered, which allows the engine not to burn out. Thanks to the Robin engine, the number of toxic gases is minimized.

TOP 20 of the best benzotrimmers presented on the market

The rating below included both budget, but worthy attention of the model, as well as models of medium and expensive price segment, characterized by good reliability and durability.

Stavr “TB-1700LR”

Universal gasoline trimmer for grass, capable of cutting vegetation up to 1.2 cm thick. Thanks to the collapsible rod, the device is easily folded and placed in the trunk.

It is equipped with a 2-stroke engine with chrome cylinder, which provides a long service life and work without breakdowns.

The device is equipped with a hard shaft, a special protective casing and has an air cooling of the motor.

  • Bevel width, cm. 44;
  • Rotation speed, rpm. Up to 9500;
  • Motor volume, cube. Cm. 53;
  • Power, kW / l.C. 1.7/2.31;
  • Fuel tank, l. 1.2;
  • Pen-folding, T-shaped;
  • Weight. 8 kg;
  • Producer Country-China (brand-Russia).

The kit includes a reel with a fishing line, a 3-lobed knife, a shoulder belt, a hexagonal keys (2 pcs.) and wiper 8×10 mm, candle key, screwdriver, mounting kit and guidance. Price. 5800 r.

  • Fishing limiter.
  • Rich equipment.
  • Relatively small weight.
  • The engine starts the first time.
  • The ability to mow any grass without problems.
  • High power.
  • Collapsible bar, which allows you to achieve maximum compactness.
  • Grass is often clogged between the casing and the coil.
  • Large consumption. About 2 liters of gasoline for six “acres”.
  • Thin belt and weak carbine.
  • Low quality of the native coil for fishing line.
  • Large weight.

Stavr TB-1700LR-a powerful gasoline trimmer for grass with a collapsible bar, convenient to use, transport and storage.

Differs in light start.Up, rich in equipment and acceptable noise. Rightfully enters the top and takes the 20th line of our rating.

Oleo-Mac Sparta 25

Model of a gasoline trimmer for grass with light access to an air filter, which simplifies service and allows you to quickly replace a contaminated element.

The bicycle handle simplifies control and allows you to work for a long time without fatigue.

The bar is made of aluminum, which excludes the appearance of rust and extends the service life of the product.

trimmer, grass, gasoline, champion

Governing bodies are displayed on the handle, which simplifies control, there is a system of extinguishing vibrations and noise. A primer for quick starting is provided.

  • Bevel width, cm. 40;
  • Rotation speed, rpm. Up to 9000;
  • Motor volume, cube. Cm. 25;
  • Power, kW / l.C. 0.8/1.1;
  • Fuel tank, l. 0.75;
  • Pen / bar-T-shaped / straight;
  • Weight. 6.2 kg;
  • Producer Country-China (brand-Italy).

In addition to the lawn mower itself, the package itself includes a nozzle for grass, a suspension, a set of tools for assembly, instructions. Cost. 18,000 r.

  • The main elements are made of metal, which indicates high reliability.
  • Easily mowing thick grass with a fishing line with a square section.
  • Quickly starts “on hot”.
  • Low vibration level.
  • Substantial and reliable engine.
  • High.Quality plastic.
  • Increased reliability even with active use.
  • Convenient management.
  • Difficulties are possible with the launch of the “cold”.
  • Not a very comfortable belt.
  • A container for downloading gasoline and oil is not provided.
  • The engine is poorly pulled if it is necessary to cut thick grass.
  • Expensive spare parts.

OLEO-MAC SPARTA 25-a reliable gasoline trimmer for grass with a slight weight, a smooth launch and a large resource of work.

Despite small Комментарии и мнения владельцев from the users, the device deservedly fell into our rating and is on the 19th line.

ST-65M Stavmash (3.4 liters. C, 2500 W)

Benzotrimmer with a comfortable T-shaped handle and the upper engine location. Thanks to a thought.Out design, allows you to work for a long time without much fatigue.

The engine has air cooling, which allows you to do without oil. The lock button is provided, the ability to work using fishing line and disk.

  • Bevel width, cm. 44;
  • Rotation speed, rpm. Up to 9000;
  • Motor volume, cube. Cm. 52;
  • Power, kW / l.C. 2.5/3.4;
  • Fuel tank, l. 0.95;
  • Pen / bar-T-shaped / straight;
  • Weight. 7 kg;
  • The manufacturer is Russia.

The equipment is standard. Cost. 5800 r.

  • Easily mows grass of any thickness.
  • High power.
  • Small cost.
  • Convenient management.
  • Upper location of the motor, which simplifies control.
  • The ability to cut with a fishing line or disk.
  • Reliable gasoline motor with a good resource.

ST-65M Stavmash is a universal apparatus from a well-known brand that is in demand among customers and is one of the best solutions among budget models. Located on the 18th line of our rating.

Champion T523-2 trimmer or “I want to be a check

I did not write on the blog for a long time, I decided to write about my new acquisition-the Champion T523-2 trimmer. Why is he to me? Mow grass in the country, more precisely, be an auxiliary to Stihl FS250. It should replace it MTD 990, who died with a collapsed knee. It was immediately interesting for me to compare the trimmer for grass for 100 and 300 at. E. In itself, trimmers for grass are very similar in terms of application. 1.9 mares of the champion, 2.2 Shtil.

Why Champion? I had such requirements. It is not difficult to find spare parts and not at the price of a cast.Iron bridge (hello to the woodpeckers from MTD, where the crankshaft is 990 as this trimmer for the grass assembled and the piston rings of 4500), as well as a separate bar, which would be when it is easy to transport a trimmer for grass to another place of work. They are suitable for our Kaluga city realities Champion, Echo, Stihl and Husqvarna. Theoretically, there is SC on Huter and Patriot, but there are all sorts of small ipshniks, but the fate of which is still in the current (post) coronary realities.

Trimmer for grass in the family he is the 4th, the first was Stern GGT950B, which still lies in the form of a bunch of spare parts after the death of the ignition coil. Then the four.Stroke MTD 990 was purchased, which died this year, then the Stihl FS250 was bought, now this champion. Kosim cottage about 27 acres about once every 2 weeks from May to September. So I have some experience in this matter.

Shpule under the fishing line for a trimmer I also saw this typical Chinese miracle in the photo. Those who write that the coil is normal-you have not used a normal coil, such as the Stihl Autocut 25-2 (the coil to the check, but it is not equipped with a reel) or echo z5 (redid it under the MTD 990, which has a native Spool is even worse than Chinese).

I didn’t even put my native spool to try, since I got a good removal from the MTD to the champion. I think it will suit other trimmers with a similar reel.

Mixing canists from Champion chainsaw 256-18 and Champion T523-2. Why is a trimmer for the grass not equipped with a normal canister like their own chainsaws?

For operating experience. A dioecious crankshaft solid advantage. How to determine a dive knee? Starter from the opposite part from the bar. What is a good dioxide? Typical death of one.Open. A broken neck of a connecting rod.

The air filter has one drawback. The case does not hold very well. I knocked it at the first meters of mowing. So you need to follow him.

The handle consists of two halves. How reliable it is, that question is still.

Strange duality here. Mini protection on the gearbox stands on 3 screws on the tops of the triangle, for a typical protection mount. But the fastening and protection of a la STIHL was made, and on a high console, which raises questions to the reliability of this design, in the calm the protection is screwed directly to the gearbox. I think they shortened the usual Chinese gearbox here, but they wanted something different for the flagship (whether they have larger?) models, and blinded the adapter.

The second question is. What kind of protection and plug under the lubricant under the pH screwdriver? The slot will break up over time and fig you will unscrew it. And nearby imbuses (hexagons) everywhere. Not even saving, which would be clear, but it is not clear that.

In the collection. Small tuning in the form of a pillow between the motor and suspension, a la mtd. Significantly reduces vibration.

Mannol and 92 gasoline oil from the shell gasoline mixed in a ratio of 40 to 1 mixed. Yes semi.Synthetics, some can say that mineral water is enough. With normal work, I interfere in the region of 45 to 1, a little with a margin relatively recommended 50 to 1 but in this oil they work calmly from the Tsigan saw to the STIHL FS250 and without problems. And smokes little, even in mixtures 25: 1 and 20: 1. Played a couple of tanks for a pair of tanks in working mode. Well, the pros and cons of Champion T523-2.

Price. Trimmer for grass for about 110 bucks (8050 in rubles). He mows, respectively, his 1.9 mares. FS250 is a little better, but there and 2.2 mares, but not 3 times (Stihl FS250 costs around 300. E. Or about 24 thousand).

Noise. He is relatively quiet, relatively wildly howling. The headphones are pleasantly mutter like a diesel. Without. Howl like a howl. Chemop has a volume more and less working turnover (40.2 versus 51.7 cm3 and about 12,000 RPM versus about 8000 revolutions)

The weight. FS250, it seems, is also not a light trimmer for grass and it will be difficult for women to communicate with it, but this one is even harder than it. It is tangible so heavier.

How to Select the Right Trimmer or Brushcutter

Heat. There is nothing to get on how to do. Heated to the state “hotly like at Satan’s ball” almost everything. The clutch and the engine casing is hot. FS250 does not have this

Coil. Mow it not to respect herself. Compared to normal coils, this is the bottom. As for the fishing line, mowed the Ekhov red stars 2.4 with Ekhovskaya Z5. For a trail she is thin, which will tear her as much as to do. Mows well, you can try to put 2.7.

Conclusion is a suitable unit for its money, even in comparison with the STIHL FS250, which in itself is a rather demanding unit in terms of consumables. But the devil, as they say, in details.

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