trimmer for grass Patriot which line for trimmer. The advantages of Patriot trimmers

Trimmers for Patriot grass (Patriot)

Patriot electric and gasoline braids for amateur and domestic use differ from their market analogues with high traction parameters, good balancing and worthy quality of factory assembly. Patriot‘s branded trimmers are unpretentious in care and do not need frequent repairs. This advantage makes it possible to use the garden technique of a well.Known brand not only more experienced, but also to many novice gardeners.

Patriot is a relatively young brand that was founded in 2000 in the USA. From its very entry into the market, a young enterprise has headed for the active development of its own innovative technologies, which were introduced into proprietary equipment. At the time of education, the American company did not have its own factory, so since 2003 the brand has established the production of its equipment at one of the Chinese factories, where the products of many famous European enterprises were produced.

Today, Patriot actively produces gasoline and electric saws, snowball players, cultivators, motoblocks. The list of products of the enterprise also contains different types of construction equipment: concrete mixers, water heaters. Among the domestic gardeners, special attention is deserved by branded electric and gasoline trimmers for the grass of the American brand Patriot. Among their main advantages, experts highlight endurance, decent build quality and good ergonomicity. Each model of the Patriot brand is as easy to operate as possible, which makes it possible without special preparation to begin its operation to any novice gardener.

TOP-10 best manufacturers of fishing line for grass for grass

The American company Patriot is not easy. She experienced very popularity, change of name (Patriot Garden), and then the return of the former logo. Many production sites are located in China, which allows you to supply products to the Russian market at the best price and in beautiful packaging. This fully applies to a fishing line for a trimmer for grass. Cord is most often bought by summer residents and novice owners of motorcycle. Buyers are attracted by a stylish appearance and affordable cost. As for working qualities, you can find many critical words in the thematic forums addressed to Patriot fishing line.

The assortment of the American-Chinese brand contains different in cross-section and diameter of the cord. Already at the stage of winding on the spool there is a confusion of the material. In the future, frequent snacks are observed, which is explained by the softness of the cord.

We fill out a fishing line for a trimmer trimmer for grass.

I wish to intend the current theme of summer residents and gardeners of the entire post.Soviet place “How to refuel a fishing line for a trimmer to a trimmer for grass”. Not many trimmers manufacturers in their own operating instructions answer this question. Therefore, ordinary gardeners are hard to figure out how to do it correctly.

Какой триммер выбрать для дачи//PATRIOT PT 443 обзор бензинового триммера/Лучший бензиновый триммер?

I wish to start with a concise description of the technical features of trimmers.

So, trimmers for grass are electronic and gasoline. The cutting element of trimmers can be a fishing line for a trimmer and a knife. The fishing line for the trimmer is ordinary, 4. Pyathedral and intertwined (in the form of pigtails). Knives are from 2, 3 and 4 lobed knife. Knives are also plastic and iron.

The system for feeding fishing line from a trimmer for grass is manual, automatic and automatic.

Development engineers who make new models of trimmers correctly calculate the diameter (thickness) of the fishing line for the trimmer and the number of knife blades, according to the power of the trimmers. In an unpleasant occasion, the engine is overloaded, which ultimately leads to its breakdown. And this is additional and significant costs.

With one nozzle. Only Leskova. With 2 nozzles-Leskova and three-four-blade knife. With one nozzle-only a three-four-blade knife.

Our Kulibins have long learned to improve any mechanisms. So, for example, certain gardeners make successful, to their gaze, substitutions of fishing line with an iron cable, or a fishing fishing line for a trimmer. But with all this they do not think about the safety of their own and their own loved ones, therefore, as a cable with the power of a working trimmer for grass, can simply break out and not only injure the mower and others, but throw crippled for life for life. The introduction of a fishing fishing line can and gives the best effect, I have never tried personally, if a fishing line for a trimmer for a trimmer for grass, but such work has a number of inconvenience: when contacting with hard objects, it is located or can simply indefinitely stretch out of the reel.

So what is called closer to the topic. I give an example of how to refuel a fishing line for a trimmer in a trimmer for grass (a trimmer for Bosch Art 30 grass). Everything is simple. Started.

After you have chosen a fishing line for a trimmer for refueling, you need to cut off the right amount of fishing line, therefore, like the entire fishing line for a trimmer in a skein in a coil is not wound.

Remove the coil and a protective casing from the coil.

Removed. We fix one end of the fishing line into the gap and neatly and moderately wrap the fishing line for the trimmer.

The amount of fishing line should be so that the protective casing of the coil is closed and the fishing line for the trimmer on the coil is slightly unwound.

The 2nd end of the fishing line is seated in the hole on the protective casing.

Then take the coil and the protective cover of the coil. We sit the end of the fishing line from the coil to the iron hole on the protective cover of the coil. Speedly pull the fishing line for the trimmer.

We put it all on a trimmer for grass. Turn the coil clockwise to click.

Fastened. Now we connect a trimmer for the grass to the network. Put a trimmer for grass in the initial position for work. We turn on a trimmer for grass. Excess fish length will be cut off on the trim blade.

It is stored in the highest part of the trimmer body for grass.

Such a fishing line for a trimmer is installed in a coil to pain simply. According to the internal scheme of the coil of the coil. The center of the fishing line with iron mount is inserted into the highest part of the coil, and we draw the ends of the fishing line along the grooves and remove.

Триммер аккумуляторный Patriot 235 Li. Независимый обзор.

You can see the material

Little advice. Try to make a fishing line for a trimmer when haircut does not contact with hard objects. With this contact, the fishing line for the trimmer will be cut off. And because in this trimmer the supply of fishing line is not automatically supplied, then for you you will have to stop the work every time, remove the coil and Ponova release a fishing line for a trimmer.

Such a coil for a trimmer for grass is attached as well as a coil with a regular fishing line.

How to refuel a fishing line for a trimmer trimmer for grass

The technique of winding the thread on the coil depends on the model of the gasoline.Thorough. In devices with fishing line and in the sample with the possibility of changing the cutting element, the algorithm of action is different. We will analyze each option separately. The diameter of the fishing line is indicated on the side of the coil or in the passport of the tool. For winding, choose a fishing line for a trimmer specified by the manufacturer.

Lines for a trimmer with a diameter of 2 mm is considered a universal. It is used to cut grass of any stiffness. The thicker the working thread, the more solid vegetation it cuts off. But, if you insert a too thick fishing line for a trimmer into the coil, the engine will begin to overheat, as the resistance to rotation of the shaft will increase.

How to insert a fishing line for a trimmer into a trimmer for grass?

Refueling a mowing coil of cutting thread for a trimmer for grass is not a complicated occupation, however, novice gardeners will have to practice a little to be able to quickly insert the cord into the existing household trimmer for the grass.

trimmer, grass, patriot, which

There are several ways to refuel a mowing head of a trimmer for grass. The first method is the simplest and is well suited for beginner gardeners.

In this case, the cord is inserted into the coil in the following sequence:

  • First, you will need to reinforce from a common spray of about 6 m fishing line for a trimmer for grass, and then cut the resulting segment in half. As a result, 2 threads should be obtained, 3 m long;
  • Then, at one of the ends of the first segment, you need to make a peculiar hook, and insert it into one of the through holes located in the upper part of the spool;
  • Next, you need to start wrapping the fishing line on the spool in the direction indicated by the arrow. During winding, it is necessary to ensure that the fishing line for the trimmer evenly lays on the surface of the spool, and does not go beyond its upper section. It is not necessary to wind the segment until the end, about 15 cm of thread should remain in the hands;
  • The remaining free end of the wound cord will need to be inserted into one of the recesses located in the upper part of the spool;
  • Further, the same procedure will need to be done with the second piece of fishing line. It will need to be wound on the lower section of the spool;
  • As in the first case, you do not need to wind a fishing line for a trimmer to the lower section. The remaining piece of thread will need to be inserted into the second groove of the spray.

After the operation performed, the coil will need to be installed on a trimmer for the grass and start it. To check the reliability of fastening the thread, you will need to press the gas lever to the end so that the engine reaches maximum speed. If the fishing line for a trimmer does not fly out of the head, then the fishing line for the trimmer is held reliably, and during the mowing of the grass it will not fly out of a braid coil.

trimmer, grass, patriot, which

Characteristic features of fishing line for a trimmer for grass

Husqvarna fishing line is considered a standard for any garden technique. The consumables of this brand differ among themselves in the color palette:

  • Blue. Its diameter is from 1 to 2.5 mm. Products are recommended for low.Power battery trimmers. Such a model is referred to as a universal version;
  • Green. The volume of such a fishing line is from 2.5 to 3 mm. You can use such a model to mow lawn grass, thin shrubs;
  • Yellow. The diameter of such a fishing line is from 3 to 4 mm. Most often, such a model is chosen by utilities for processing large areas.

According to users, such a fishing line for a trimmer is considered strong and wear.Resistant. In the process, she makes a little noise.

Champion trimmer fishing line is considered one of the best consumables. Low cost and high operational qualities provide an excellent result on the garden site.

The manufacturer offers several varieties of fishing line for a trimmer for grass. Each option is distinguished by a section and volume. The diameter of the product can vary from 0.5 to 4 mm. Thickness directly affects the ability to mow vegetation of different sizes.

Oregon is considered one of the leading manufacturers of garden equipment and consumables. They offer several cord options. Each model is distinguished by its shape and diameter of the section. In the special departments, you can purchase a round, square, twisted square or seven.Circuit fishing line for a trimmer.

  • Another advantage of this manufacturer is its ability to divide the consumable material into two types.
  • They are intended for low vegetation and dense grass.
  • For low types of plants, options with a volume of 2 to 4 mm are suitable.
  • To remove large plants will need square or seven.Circuit models.
  • The diameter of the cord is from 3 to 5 mm.

The Russian brand Gigant offers to use a fishing line for a trimmer for grass with a reinforced basis. Such products have a bright color. Round, multifaceted and square types are presented on sale. Such a brand is considered a guarantee of strength and endurance.

Patriot offers consumables for professional motos. Most summer residents choose this brand due to its high performance characteristics.

Low cost is considered one of the important components of this product. You can use such a fishing line for a trimmer for a trimmer for grass in conditions of dense vegetation. This option copes with the design of garden areas and park zones.

Storage. One of the main criteria for durability

It’s easy to choose a good fishing line for a trimmer, but not everyone can make it so that it serves the maximum term. For this to happen, attention should be paid to the storage of the material. If you do not comply with the basic rules, then the cord will deteriorate, which is why wear will occur 3-4 times faster.

If a person does not engage in professional haircut and buys skeins of 15 meters, then the question of storage for him is the very last. The opposite case when a person acquires bays 250 or 500 meters. Then the correct storage will save him from an empty waste of money.

Incorrect storage of the cord leads to problems such as:

  • Increase in wear with inaccurate operation;
  • Loss of performance, reducing the quality of work ongoing work;
  • The material is quickly destroyed, because of which it is necessary to constantly change it.

So that this does not happen, it is important to follow the storage instructions. This will extend the service life and maintain efficiency for the entire use of. All recommended conditions are on the package or you can find out about them from the consultant.

About company

Patriot in 1973 was founded by American engineer Andy Johnson. At first she was engaged in the production of oils and lubricants for garden equipment. Over time, it turned into a solid company. In 1993, the assortment expanded, the production of engines for a small garden tool began. In 1997, the company began to produce trimmers for grass and chainsaw. To make the products cheaper, the main capacities were transported to Korea. Today Patriot is one of the world leaders in the number of sales of this kind of garden inventory.

How to refuel a fishing line for a trimmer trimmer for grass?

To change the fishing line for a trimmer on a trimmer, it is necessary to disconnect it from the network and turn off the engine. Then remove the mowing head, open it and pull out the coil, on which the fishing line for the trimmer will be wound. You can wound a fishing line for a trimmer to the coil of a trimmer for grass in two ways:

  • Charge a trimmer fishing line into a single.Section coil. The harvested thread must be folded in half and put into the spool. Following the indicators of the arrow, it is necessary to wind both ends in the indicated direction.
  • Winding for a two.Section fishing line for a trimmer. The prepared thread is seasoned in the same way as in the first version, only the ends of the thread should be fixed to the grooves on the opposite sides. After that, the thread is inserted into the reel and placed in the mowing head, closing with the lid.

There is no difference how the process will be carried out. The thread refueling is carried out by one of the proposed options. The difference is that when using a gasoline braid for grass there are no restrictions on the cable that is present on the electric.

To date, in free sale, you can find fishing lines of different quality, cross.Section, individual properties. On sale, they can be seen both in the form of holes and segments of the desired length. We will leave the volume of volume for the reader, and the rest of the selection criteria and the best models can be read in the review. The choice should be treated with special responsibility, because the fishing line for a trimmer will facilitate the process of mowing the grass and extend the life of a trimmer for grass.

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