Vibration protection gloves when working with a jackhammer

Products protect your hands from very unpleasant and harmful to health mechanical vibration. In addition, they perform a number of other important functions

  • keep your hands warm, which is important when working outdoors in winter;
  • protect against dust, moisture, dirt, debris and metal chips;
  • contribute to a stronger hand grip on tools or parts;
  • protect against chafing blisters.

Gloves make it much more comfortable to perform any physically demanding or dirty jobs. Anti-vibration products can also be used where there is no vibration as such, but other unpleasant feelings. In particular, even during normal wood chopping, the hands receive a kickback from every blow with an axe or cleaver, so even for this procedure it is recommended to protect your hands.

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Type of protection: mechanical damage, vibration.

Work environment: dry, dirty, clean, outdoors, indoors.

Technical specifications: palm vibration protection is made of an innovative vibration-absorbing material with a thickness of 7 mm; the outer side of the special layer Clarino Microfibre, as well as polyester and water- and oil-resistant membrane; additional treatment with SupraCoat Dry (fluorocarbon) moisture-repellent substance; neoprene cuff with Velcro strap for a secure hold on the wrist; inner lining made of hypoallergenic soft material Bamboo Polyester; silicone inserts on the palm; fingertips are reinforced and stitched; machine washable.

Applications: grinding, crushing equipment, pneumatic tools, jackhammer, road drill. Tools and equipment that produce vibration

Impact Gloves. Necessary protection or a marketing ploy?

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A few years ago a very interesting and, in our opinion, promising product appeared on the market. We are talking about gloves for impact protection or so-called impact gloves.

Who is the consumer of these gloves now? Anti-shock gloves are very much in demand for heavy, extreme jobs, such as drilling workers. Where massive parts move, where oil spills, where the monotonous work of horror is an insidious complication in itself, where slippery and muddy. Special protection is needed here.

Impact gloves as a form of protection

This type of glove was born in the burgeoning oil market, 4-5 years ago, when oil were up to 140 per barrel and oil companies were aggressively pursuing locations. Companies were actively recruiting new workers, whose qualifications did not always match the plans and speed of oil field development. The legitimate result of this race is injury, especially to the hands.

The rapid development of the oil market has driven the creation of new hand protection. The shock absorbing glove protection principle is the application of protective overlays on the glove made of impact absorbing materials and thereby preventing injuries to the hands.

The linings of anti-impact gloves are based on thermoplastic rubber (TPR). This molded material on top of the gloves provides impact protection on many gloves. Properly selected material optimally dissipates impact energy.

The latest liner materials reduce impact by 75-90%, nearly two-fold.

Today’s antiimpact gloves are combined with additional protection, e.g. anti-vibration protection, cut and puncture protection, grip enhancement technology.

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In addition, the design with a cuff, which in some way fixes the wrist, is often used. About the similar model of wrote in a review of the Top 10 novelties.

New anti-vibration gloves have been eagerly used in other areas: shipbuilding, construction (especially when reconstructing, destroying structures with percussive hand tools), metal work, mining.

We will show you the best samples of anti-shock gloves in the report, some of these models are already used in Russian enterprises.

Ringers (USA)

One of the well-known manufacturers, especially active in the CIS markets (Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan).

HexArmor (USA) already reported that in November, Uvex Safety acquired a stake in HexArmor.

This deal confirms the great interest of PPE manufacturers in the development of their anti-shock gloves.

According to information received by Getsize.HexArmor gloves will soon be available in Russia. Uvex representative office in Russia, Uvex-SPR company (Saint-Petersburg) will be responsible for gloves promotion and sales.


Special shock absorbing gloves are widely used by military authorities of different countries. This model is available in the company “Splav” (Russia), specializing in the production of clothing for law enforcement agencies.

TEGERA (Sweden)

TEGERA presents several models on the official web-site of the Russian representative office.

They are marketed as “shock absorbing gloves.

Ansell (USA)

The world’s leading manufacturer of hand PPE, Ansell, was one of the first in 2016 to promote anti-shock gloves in Russia through its network of distributors, the “Projeks” series. One of the first customers to use these gloves in Russia was Sakhalin Energy.

In Russia, manufacturers of anti-shock gloves, including Russian ones, have been very active since 2016.

Zeleny Bereg 21 Vek (Russia)

Zeleny Bereg 21 Century (trademark Amparo) is the first company to release on the Russian market an anti-shock glove of its own design, the Excavator model.

Manipula (Russia)

Manipula, one of the largest glove manufacturers in Russia, has developed a series of anti-shock gloves, including anti-shock gloves with combined protection (protection from vibration, protection from cuts). Manipula will launch this line of gloves in Russia at the end of 2017.

Антивибрационные перчатки и другие новинки Jeta Safety 2021. Обзор. Anti-vibration gloves and other.

Antiimpact gloves are a new breed of product, replacing the polymer coated gloves that dominate the market for industrial hand protection.

Gloves for protection against shock were developed at the moment of increasing year by year consumption of means of personal hand protection. The world economy was growing, industrial production increased, the cost of oil was steadily high. With changes in the market situation, the promotion of higher-quality, more expensive PPE has become more difficult, but not irrelevant.

Anti-shock gloves have already won their consumer. The greatest number of these glove types are found in the developed markets of the US, Canada, Australia, EU countries. But also in the Russian PPE market appreciated the extreme protection that this type of gloves provides, despite the relatively high price from 1400 per pair.

The product is already on the market, looks attractive, definitely needed and useful. But in the promotion of anti-shock gloves requires a special approach, it is necessary to clearly explain to the consumer the pros of the product and take into account the cons. Let’s try to give an objective picture here.

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Pros and cons of anti-shock gloves

Today, this type of products is purchased by companies, for which the entire protective potential is extremely necessary and evident, as well as subsidiaries and joint ventures of major oil companies with high international requirements to PPE, Sakhalin Energy as an example.

According to Getsize.he various manufacturers supplied more than 10 thousand gloves to end users in Russia in 2016. pairs of anti-shock gloves, in 2017 manufacturers plan to double the supply.

Unlocked potential

The product is very important and necessary for many professions, significantly reducing injuries at enterprises. Already today gloves are used in various spheres: military departments, drivers of motor vehicles.

Unfortunately, there is very little information about anti-shock gloves in Russia. Companies manufacturers and their distributors place the gloves in their catalogs, but don’t actively promote them. Sales managers have not yet assessed the sales potential of the product, maybe they are embarrassed by the price. But the protective qualities of these gloves, especially in models with combined protection, more than compensate for the purchase costs of enterprises due to injury reduction and convenience, which is most important. believes in the excellent prospects for this type of hand protection with increased promotional activity by both manufacturers and distributors.

The new revision of EN 388-2016 already includes anti-shock gloves

Gloves, as a protection class, do not yet exist in the Russian standards. European manufacturers of antiimpact gloves were quick to respond to the new opportunities and already in 2014 began to develop changes to the EN 388 standard for hand protection.

A new standard, EN 388-2016, was approved in 2016 and will be implemented in 2018.

The standard defines the term “shock-proof gloves”, marking them with the letter P, and also test methods.

This is a good example for Russian and foreign manufacturers working in Russia to react quickly to changes in the PPE market.

We are sure that the PPE Association, as a self-regulating organization, would support the initiative to amend the Russian standard for hand protection.

We urge manufacturers to be proactive in this matter.

Lev Shapiro, General Director of Uvex-SPR:

I consider anti-impact gloves to be a very promising hand protection tool.

Uvex-Safety actively develops and introduces anti-impact gloves to the PPE market, at the end of 2017 we will introduce new models of anti-impact gloves to the Russian market.

We have added improved anti-slip properties to the new models of our anti-impact gloves, they are additionally important because hand slipping and impact occur most often when the oil grip is unreliable.

Surprisingly and unfortunately, hand blows are not considered serious injuries under Russian law, unlike cuts, punctures and mechanical impacts.

Hand blows as an injury are possible in any workplace. I started my working career as an automotive repair shop supervisor and have seen hundreds of times in my life when people have injured their hands from an impact. Such trauma is very painful and dangerous, it leads to disability.

A special evaluation of working conditions should give a more accurate assessment of where such injuries are possible. And the employer must eliminate or at least decrease this risk through the use of antiimpact gloves.

Norms and corporate standards must be changed to accommodate this new form of hand protection, or the mass use of anti-shock gloves in Russian production will be difficult.

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In addition to standards, I would like to draw attention to the need for special care for this category of gloves washing, cleaning. The thing is not disposable, requires careful attitude, will be issued for at least a year.

Vladimir Nichikov, General Director of Manipula Specialist:

Injuries to the back of the hand are a common occurrence at work. In any line of work. Whether it’s oil and gas or confectionery. The latter also includes warehouses, stackers. And these jobs are no less dangerous for the hands than the jobs of a miner or a well-driller.

Our company in 2014-2015.г. At the exhibition BIOT offered to get acquainted with a whole series of shockproof gloves.

It was very interesting at the time-but the market doesn’t need it now. But we continued to work on these hand PPE.By the end of 2017, we plan to introduce and offer our customers several models of anti-impact gloves with unique protective properties.

New PPE, made with expensive quality materials, can further instill a culture of glove use in all types of work. It’s a good thing.

It requires an effort by the entire professional community to develop and adopt a standard for impact protection, as is done in Europe and reflected in the EN 388-2016 standard.

We need to consider this risk when evaluating the workplace, include it in the technical regulations, and reflect it in the t.ч. In the standard industry norms, if, of course, they will still exist by then.

The same kind of meticulous and professional approach is needed, as was once the case in the market for electric arc protection.

Then the professional community and market will quickly accept and appreciate such protection. Already accept. Because convenient, reliable, effective.

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How to choose quality PPE?

To buy gloves to protect against mechanical impacts, as well as vibrations, you should carefully select the appropriate models. The list of requirements for personal protective equipment is specific for each company. Combined protection against different hazards is usually required. These are cuts, punctures, impacts, and elevated temperatures. Therefore, anti-vibration gloves are tested according to several criteria, and often protect the worker from a whole list of potential risks at once.

  • It is worth considering the specialization of the products specified by the manufacturer;
  • In the documentation, the manufacturers specify the permissible loads;
  • the most reliable materials are chosen to reduce the wear and tear of the means;
  • For price, it’s important to choose products that fit your budget;
  • It is important that products comply with GOST;
  • The manufacturer’s certification will help to make the right choice of products.

Anti-vibration gloves can reduce the risk of injuries at work. They are necessary when working with peorators and demolition hammers, when creating reinforcement belts on construction sites, when interacting with various types of industrial equipment. If low-quality protection is chosen, employees will suffer cumulative effects on their musculoskeletal and nervous systems. In this case, the company violates the laws on labor protection by failing to provide employees with the necessary protective equipment.

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