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What engine is suitable for the VIKING single axle tractor? information about the VIKING rotary cultivator. What are the common characteristics of the units

The motor cultivator is indispensable for hard work on the ground and the cultivation of plants in a country or homestead. single axle tractor will help plow or loosen soil, dip plantings, harvest crops. Some models are equipped with additional options for pumping water, transporting loads and shoveling snow. All operations are much faster, easier and quicker than with hand-held mechanical tools.

Small tractors on a single-axle chassis entered the farm machinery market in the 1980s. Since then they have deservedly enjoyed success with professionals and amateurs. German manufacturer STIHL and its subsidiaries all over the world have been making gardening equipment for over 30 years. even VIKING power tillers. The models differ in weight, power and maneuverability, but what they have in common is reliability, functionality and ergonomic details.

This company is distinguished by its quality

VIKING single axle tractor

The Austrian company VIKING has been around since 1981. In 1992 this motor-car manufacturer merged with STIHL Corporation. VIKING” motor blocks are known for the quality of their assembly, high reliability and first-class service. All machines are tested in the workshop and then in the field.

VIKING power tillers from Austrian manufacturer VIKING are designed for garden and landscape work and are popular in many countries of the world.

Designation of VIKING power tillers:

  • Any work in the garden, dacha and garden plots;
  • plowing land, working with soils of any complexity and degree of moisture;
  • community work (cleaning, sweeping);
  • Domestic use, including transportation of goods.

All VIKING power tillers are designed for home use. Heavier and more powerful machines are used for industrial work. VIKING is unique in that every model line features a patented solution.

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Specificity of VIKING power tillers

Despite the wide range of models, the plowing units of this manufacturer have the following features:

  • Four-stroke motor with overhead valves for protection against dirt and dust;
  • Working width of 450. 850 cm;
  • availability of the vibration dampening system, which allows you to cultivate for a long time without interruption, reduces the harmful strain on the operator’s muscles;
  • Adjustable handle allows for mobility and adapts to the operator’s height;
  • protection of moving elements by covers;
  • ergonomic, intelligent design with an offset center of gravity downwards;
  • Availability of the attachment allows the installation of additional equipment;
  • Possibility to attach a weight on new models, allowing the machine to be heavier when working on hard terrain;
  • air intake system with dust filters;
  • combined drive scheme with the possibility to adjust the rotation speed to the operating conditions;
  • the second forward speed makes the machine far more maneuverable;
  • The motor is lubricated independently. oil is added when refilling.
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Cultivator fuel consumption

Many parameters influence how much fuel a cultivator uses. The most important ones are power and weight, but also the type of soil. Medium and light cultivators with 2 to 4 liters.с. consume an average of 1-1.5 liters of gasoline per hour. Note that 2-stroke engines use more fuel. The mixture of gasoline and oil burns much less energy, and part of the fuel escapes into the atmosphere. It is not a good idea to stockpile fuel. This applies to both gasoline and blend. Usually manufacturers indicate that it is not recommended to use fuel that has been idle for more than 30 days. If you use a fuel mixture, it is recommended that you shake it before each use.

Lubricate the gearbox as thoroughly as possible. Even noisy noises can be eliminated by correcting the lack of lubrication. But you should be as attentive as possible to the choice of a suitable brand of grease, it is unacceptable use of contaminated compositions.

It is worth bearing in mind that extraneous sounds are often associated with poor tightening of fasteners, with wear of bearings and gears. To disassemble the gearbox, you must:

  • remove it;
  • unscrew the screws;
  • remove the protective covers;
  • pull out the output shaft sleeve;
  • detach the lever and then the fork;
  • Take out the primary shaft (in close connection with the gears);
  • Remove shaft and chain bushings;
  • dismantle the shaft and sprocket assembly;
  • remove the intermediate shaft and gears;
  • Remove the clutch, half axles (assembly is carried out in reverse order).

VIKING VH 540 single axle tractor

This model for cultivating large areas with soils of all compositions and densities. The machine is 82 cm wide and the engine has 5.5 horsepower (4.1 kW). This allows you to quickly plow even an untouched agricultural area.

Four-stroke gasoline engine is easy to start. Fuel tank holds up to 2.8 liters. The handles have all the switches you need to control your power tiller.

The special feature of the VIKING 540 is the steering column design. It locks in two positions. for forward and backward movement. This adjustment is very handy when turning a fairly heavy (56 kg) machine.

The VIKING VH 540 and other VIKING power tillers have no expiration date, the manufacturer claims a lifetime warranty.

In addition to a plough, power tiller and rear tip, the VIKING VH 540 is additionally equipped with a special implement for ploughing heavy soils.

Nikita: I have been using it for 3 months Advantages: beautiful, handy Disadvantages: I haven’t found any drawbacks yet Review: VIKING HB 585 cultivator is a new thing in my household. First impressions are excellent. I like the way it works.

List of attachments

In spite of their low weight and size VIKING ride-on cultivators offer a lot of potential. With a variety of attachments, you can turn a small machine into a versatile mini-tractor with wide possibilities.

All Viking models have the option of using such optional equipment:

Weeder. The machine is adapted for work with disc and arrow hoes. Given the machine’s limited engine power, single-row breakers are used. They are used for ridging and weeding.

Plow. The three-point linkage cultivator can plough up to 30 cm deep with a single ploughshare. In the household, the plow is used to prepare soil for excavation and laying ditches for utilities. Depth of plow is varied with a coulter.

Planting and harvesting sets. Using potato planter and potato digger helps to keep manual labour to a minimum. Trailed and suspended devices are used.

Rake. These tools can be purchased from the manufacturer or made by oneself. Available in working widths up to 200 cm, these models guarantee effective yard clearing from fallen leaves, dry grass and other debris.

Off-road chassis. Suitable for heavy soils, wet and slippery ground. Larger diameter pneumatic tires or steel tires can be mounted on the axle.

Weights. Used to improve traction, reduce muscle effort when stubble cultivating. Weights can be mounted on the machine’s half axle or frame. Weight of a set of weights is within 30-50 kg.

Trailed devices. The most simple and affordable is the adapter. Sitting on it, the operator does not have to walk many kilometers behind the working cultivator. complex and expensive attachments are cargo trailers and combination carts.

VIKING brand power tillers do not require special storage conditions. Simply sweep the unit clean of debris, place it in a dry, ventilated area and tarpaulin. The device does not need additional lubrication.

VIKING, Austria has been around since 1981. Since 1992 this motor appliance manufacturer merged with STIHL Corporation. VIKING motorcycles are known for their high build quality, reliability and first-class service. All units are tested in the production department and then in the field.

VIKING power tools made by Austrian manufacturer VIKING are designed for gardening and horticulture and are popular in many countries worldwide.

The purpose of VIKING power tillers:

  • All work in gardens, orchards and vegetable gardens;
  • plowing land, working with soils of any complexity and degree of moisture;
  • communal work (cleaning, clearing);
  • Domestic purposes, including transportation of goods.

All VIKING power tillers are designed for your home use. The heavier and more powerful machines are used for industrial work. VIKING stands out with patented solutions in every model range.

Mounted equipment

Additional attachments on the VIKING rotary cultivator greatly expand the possibilities for this compact and lightweight mini-tractor. In addition to sprockets, the following are also used for loosening soil:

  • Hillers. disc or arrow shaped devices for cutting furrows. Used for planting and then mowing potatoes and other crops.
  • Plough. reversible or semi reversible for deep plowing of compact soil. Each successive layer overlaps the previous one.
  • Cultivator. for light loosening of soft soil. Mounted instead of wheels and moves single-axle tractor over area.
  • Mowers. rotary or segmental attachments for cutting grass or small shrubs. Rotating tools work on any terrain, whereas horizontal tools work only on level ground.
  • Potato planting and harvesting kit. suspended or trailed devices that automatically load or retrieve tubers from the ground. Root crops can be planted in 1 to 4 rows at a time; can be used for fertilizer application.
  • Weights. increases machine weight to reduce operator’s physical effort while plowing.
  • Trailer. carts for transporting loads weighing up to 800 kg. Available bundled only with strong power tillers.
  • Snow blower. a shovel in the shape of a blade for raking and moving snow.
  • Tines are designed to increase traction on sticky ground.
  • Rake. tines for breaking up clods of earth, cleaning up the field.

The chassis for cross-country ability is used in conjunction with cleats or large wheels in wet or slippery conditions.

Important! Attachments used according to implement power. Overloading is not allowed, causing early failure of the engine and power tiller parts.

How to stay safe and store it properly

Basic operation of VIKING cultivators:

  • Check that all parts and accessories are in good condition before operating the machine;
  • Check the engine oil and gasoline reading periodically while operating the equipment;
  • keep a sufficient distance from the rotating cutters;
  • Do not leave the machine in direct sunlight for a long time;
  • Always use a brush and water to remove clumps of dirt and debris after use.
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