VIKING hb 585 cultivator oil change

VIKING 585 cultivator ( video). Features, instructions for use, advantages in 2021

Cultivator VIKING hb 585 model in 2011, which replaced the 540, during this time there were reviews of the use of VIKING 585 in the homestead.

I have used the VIKING hb 585 cultivator to cultivate a total of 30 hectares of different kinds of crops. Of the plosives I note:

  • greater working depth,
  • Very soft soil, no clods, no need for a rake,
  • it eats very little gasoline for 4 hundredths 1.5-2 liters,
  • Easy hauler fits in the trunk of the jig without closing the trunk lid,
  • Very quiet operating noise,
  • Control knobs shift to the right and left, no need to walk to trample just ploughed land (well, I do not like it when after treatment traces remain on the ploughed field),
  • Beautiful unit all the same.
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I noticed that the virgin soil does not take the first time (after all, it is light), but it takes. From the disadvantages. on the last section the belt creaks when turning on the front and as if it is skidding.

Technical features of the VIKING 585 cultivator

Power : 6 л.с.
Engine type: 4-stroke
engine: Kohler Courage OHV
Working depth: up to 32 cm
Tank capacity: 1.6 liters
Clutch: belted
Number of speeds: 1 forward, 1 reverse
Fuel type: gasoline AI 92-95
Reducer: worm
Working width, cm: 30-60-85
Easy-start system: there is
Weight, kg: 49

What do you need to pay attention to when deciding to choose a VIKING cultivator for country houses, the equipment is definitely good, but there is a significant drawback revealed in the process of operation.

“I bought a VIKING HB 585 cultivator two years ago. I like the cultivator, it has some complaints, I don’t like the annoying rattle in the handle tilt. Kept the cultivator for two winters in a dry, heated room. During two years the machine worked not more than five hours, because my garden is not very big, about 5 hectares. But this spring, when I got it in to do some cultivating, I found that the gearbox was jammed. When I went to the service center in the store where I bought it, they told me that there was water in the gearbox when they took it apart. The water was apparently long ago, all the shafts were rusty, dirty water with oil. White stain on inside of aluminum gear housing.

viking, cultivator, change

When selling it at the store, I was informed that the gearbox of this cultivator is maintenance-free, it is filled with high-quality oil and does not require changing for the entire service life. Accordingly, there are no plugs in the gearbox to check the level and drain the oil. If there was such a plug I would have surely checked the level, I would have noticed water inside and I could have taken some measures, I could have changed the oil. Since it was impossible to check this, and it turned out that the cultivator has no protection against water getting into the gearbox, I got this problem with a practically new, not even run-in cultivator. Since the warranty period (1 year) had expired, they offered me a paid repair and asked for 10 thousand rubles.

It is written in the manual, that after using the cultivator it is possible to wash it with a high pressure washer, but it is forbidden to direct the water jet on the drive shaft and seals. I didn’t wash the machine with a pressure washer but with a standard garden sprayer and didn’t spray the water onto the drive shaft seal when washing the soil and dust off the machine. So draw conclusions, colleagues, about the quality of this cultivator. The technique is beautiful, comfortable, but not thought of water protection and you can soon get in my situation. I would advise not to let the gearbox go out of order, contact a service center and have it opened and checked.

The gearbox has absolutely no gland on top to protect it from water. There is a cavity in the upper part of the gearbox, then a horizontal partition, and there is a bearing of the vertical shaft. There is no gland and water can easily get into the gearbox through this bearing.

There is one more thing: during the operation the gearbox is getting warm, after operation even if you do not wash the cultivator immediately, but let it cool down, then during cooling process (since there is no gland on top, the gearbox is connected to the atmosphere) the air in the gearbox is compressed and humid ambient air is sucked in, because as a rule you cultivate in spring and autumn. Moisture condenses in the gearbox and does not come out again. This is how the water gradually builds up inside. With this design you must add two plugs, one to drain and one to check the oil level and fill it up and write in the manual that you must drain the oil in the gearbox once a season and change it for a new one. That way there are no problems.”

It is easy to deduce from this that it is the VIKING power tillers which require improvement, because the rest of the VIKING gardening equipment is fine. How the VIKING 585 cultivator works.

Design of a VIKING 585 power tiller

The VIKING HB 585 cultivator is powered by a Kohler Courage four-stroke petrol engine with an output of 2.3 kW at 3000 rpm. Engine model XT-6.75 OHV SC has top mounted valves. It has a working volume of 149 cm3. The forged crankshaft and liner cylinder form the core of the machine. The machine internals are hidden under a tough metal cowl. Additional protection is provided by polymer pads on the sides of the design.

The VIKING HB 585 has two forward and reverse gears for each direction of travel. Height and width adjustable steering handle changes the trajectory. The unit is easy to work with since it has a relatively low weight (46-49 kg depending on configuration), an adjustable working width and the ability to turn by means of the steering wheel. The working depth is 32 cm. The VIKING HB 585 can be started manually with a cord.

The castor wheels are on the rear and are foldable and therefore easy to operate. There’s also a brake spur to adjust the speed and depth of plowing. The ploughing set consists of 2 groups of 3 working units.

The VIKING HB 585 single axle centaur MB 1080D has an integrated vibration damping system which reduces the sound power level to 93 dB and the sound pressure level to 80 dB. If a tractor-mounted model is required, there is a stubble cultivator.

Advantages of VIKING power tillers

Compared to other machines for cultivation, the range of VIKING power tillers has its own significant advantages:

  • affordable price
  • High quality;
  • durability;
  • multifunctionality;
  • wide model range;
  • powerful quality engines
  • ease and simplicity of operation;
  • economical fuel consumption.

Significantly easier to perform agricultural work thanks to the cultivators


Despite their light weight and average power the VIKING power tillers are in demand and popular. VIKING attachments significantly expand the machines functionality, and good build quality and engine parameters make this equipment a reliable assistant at any time of year. The manufacturer offers a wide variety of implements for this type of motorcycle.


VIKING is equipped with 4 or 6 tools (depending on the power tiller model). The cutter bars are available in optional kits: VIKING ABS 400, VIKING AHV 600, VIKING AEM 500 and others.

Assembly and installation of cutters on these machines is similar to the installation of cutters on other light and medium weight motor blocks. picture 1 shows the front attachment.


VIKING ABU 440 (for VH 400, 440 models), VIKING ABU 500 (for VH 540, 660 models), VIKING AHK 701 (for HB series. 560, 585, 685).

Main purpose of this equipment: grooving, loosening, hoeing.


VIKING lawn mowers are a separate type of equipment, which the manufacturer sells on a par with power tillers. Do not use a large, heavy-duty mower with a VIKING chain block.


Cultivator models: VIKING Premium 34 cm, 340×110, WM-500. Pubert, Husqvarna, Glendale, Robix, Solo tillers can be used.

Potato digger

Potato digger model suitable for all VIKING modifications: AKP 600. Potato diggers from Pubert, Husqvarna, Gleindale, Robix, Solo are acceptable.

viking, cultivator, change

Potato planter model for VIKING power tillers: Any model designed for easy power tillers, e.g. one-row potato planter with 20 l tank capacity and tuber diameter 50-100 mm.

Optional equipment from the manufacturer, which may be required less than those listed above: kits for plowing soft soil, universal hitches, walking shrinkers, sets of wheels, rippers, kits for removing moss.

VIKING 585 tiller

The manoeuvrable petrol unit with household power. Equipped with a Kohler Courage 4-stroke motor with 2.3 kW thrust. Functions in 2 modes, allowing you to move forward and backward through the handy steering wheel. Due to the 2-position adjustment its height can be set to the individual requirements of the operator.

  • Economical gasoline engine with advanced cooling system
  • ergonomic side-folding handlebar with anti-slip pads;
  • Wear-resistant worm gear reduction unit connected to a belt-driven clutch;
  • Compact metal body with plastic side guards;
  • Reduced resistance of the starter rope;
  • Specially shaped row knives with side shielded discs to protect the crop.

Technical characteristics of the VIKING HB-585 power tiller:

Attached equipment

Despite its low weight and average power, the VIKING power tillers are in demand and popular. The attachments significantly expand the functionality of the machines, and the good build quality and engine parameters make these machines a reliable helper at any time of year. Manufacturer offers a wide range of implements for these types of machines.


VIKING 560, 560, 585, 685. depending on the model of the walking tractor. is equipped with 4 or 6 axle cutters. rotary tool kits are available as an option: VIKING ABS 400, VIKING AHV 600, VIKING AEM 500 and others.

Assembly and installation of cutters on these machines is similar to the installation of cutters on other light and medium weight power tillers. Picture 1 shows the cutting assembly diagram.


Manufacturer offers the following bit models for VIKING power tillers: VIKING ABU 440 (for VH 400, 440 models), VIKING ABU 500 (for VH 540, 660 models), VIKING AHK 701 (for HB. 560, 585, 685 models).

Main purpose of this equipment: ridging, loosening the soil and ridging the rows between the rows.

Adapter, trailer

It is not recommended to attach heavy trailers or adapters to lightweight models of power tillers.

Recommended model for all VIKING models: VIKING Pick-up 300 tipping trailer. The machine can be operated with lightweight carts with a maximum lifting capacity of 300 kg.


VIKING lawn mowers are a separate kind of equipment, which the manufacturer sells on a par with power tillers. Do not use a large, heavy mower with a VIKING tiller.

Recommended plough types: VIKING reversible and semi reversible, type ADP 600 or AWP 600.

Aerial tillers

Groomer models: VIKING Premium 34 cm, 340×110, WM-500. You can use Pubert, Husqvarna, Glendale, Robix, Solo.

Potato digger

The following potato harrow fits all VIKING models: AKP 600. Potato tillers by Pubert, Husqvarna, Glendale, Robix, Solo are acceptable.


VIKING potato planter model: Any model that is suitable for light-duty tractors, e.g. one-row potato planter with 20 l tank capacity and a tuber diameter of 50. 100 mm.

Manufacturer’s optional equipment that may be needed less frequently than listed above: soft soil plowing kits, universal hitches, walker shrinkers, wheel kits, rippers, moss removal kits.

VIKING VH 540 single axle tractor

This model is suitable for large areas of soils of all compositions and densities. The working width of the machine is 82 cm and the engine has 5.5 horsepower (4.1 kW). This makes it possible to plow a field that has not been cultivated yet.

The four-stroke gasoline engine is easy to start. The fuel tank holds up to 2.8 liters of fuel. The handles have all the switches you need to control your power tiller.

The special feature of the VIKING 540 is the steering column. It has two locking positions for forward and reverse travel. This setting is very handy when turning a fairly heavy (56 kg) machine.

VIKING VH 540 power tillers and other models have no expiration date, the manufacturer claims a lifetime warranty.

The VIKING VH 540 is an optional accessory for the tractor. In addition to the plough, tines and ridging bar, it also has a special implement for ploughing heavy soils.


Additional attachments on the VIKING power tiller substantially expand the possibilities of this compact and lightweight mini-tractor. In addition to sprockets, the soil ripper is used to loosen the soil:

  • Hillers. disc or arrow tools for making furrows. Used for planting and then mowing potatoes and other crops.
  • The plough is a reversible or semi reversible implement for deep plowing on heavy soils. Each successive layer overlaps the previous one.
  • Cultivator. for light loosening of soft soil. Mounted instead of wheels and moving a single-axle tractor across a field.
  • Mowers. rotary or segment mowers for cutting grass or small bushes. Rotating elements can work on any terrain, whereas the horizontal elements can only work on level ground.
  • Planting and harvesting sets. suspended or trailed devices, which automatically load or retrieve tubers from the ground. Plant root crops simultaneously in 1-4 rows, can be used for fertilizing.
  • Tiller weights increase machine weight to reduce operator’s physical effort during plowing.
  • Tractor-trailers. for transporting loads weighing up to 800 kg. Complete with power tillers only.
  • Snow blower. a blade shovel for shoveling and moving snow.
  • Grit hooks are devices that increase the traction area in cohesive soils.
  • Rake. toothed attachments for breaking up clods of earth, clearing the site.

Crawler undercarriage for good flotation. used with cleats or large wheels in wet or slippery conditions.

Important! Attachments are used according to the capacity of the unit. Overloading is not allowed, causing early failure of the engine and parts of the power tiller.

Operating manual

Before using the cultivators, it is necessary to fill the engine crankcase with special oil; during operation it is recommended to check the level and replenish the liquid reserve. Keep feet away from rotating cutters while ploughing. The machine is not designed for sloping terrain, longitudinal driving on slopes is prohibited. The power tiller is not designed for driving on slopes steeper than 15°.

When work is complete, remove dirt particles with a wooden spatula, flush with running water and brush away the remaining dirt. It is allowed to wash equipment under pressure, the jet of water must not be directed at rubber sealing sleeves. Dirt caught on the engine ribs is removed during operation. Ground adhesion to the surface of the head or cylinder impairs heat transfer and leads to localized overheating of the power unit.

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