VIKING hb 585 what kind of oil to use



    Engine type:


    Engine power kW:

    Maximum processing width:


    Engine manufacturer:



    Number of gears, forward motion:

    Number of gears, reverse motion:

    Direction of rotation of the cutters:

    Minimum width of processing:

    Cutter diameter:

    Number of cutters included:

    Electric starter:

    Adjustable steering column:


    Noise level:

    Engine power:

    2.3 kW
    85 cm
    No gearbox
    46 kg
    60 cm
    320 mm
    93 dB
    3.13 л.с.

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leonid kornienko

Disadvantages: Stable stalls and clicks in the engine, no faucet from what occurs flooding spark plugs, no adjustment of fuel supply, ktroche better buy a Chinese or a single-axis tractor with a subarovsky engine price is the same but you buy a tractor single-axis and not a cultivator

Comment: I do not recommend it! Waste of money. Sellers sell it as Austria but it is really Chinese

Walter White

Pros: It worked for 11 years, I plowed through a hundred or so acres. Disassembled it this spring, ordered spare parts, waiting for parts. Great motor, starts up easily and runs smoothly. Lightweight, compact, fits in the trunk of my car without any problems. No problem with parts. The bearings and belts I ordered at the online store scooter-zip, the engine filter I bought on Ali, and the NGK DR8EA spark plug I got at Exist.

Cons: Faulty gearbox. The drive shaft, which connects to the motor shaft, rotates in the cage of the support bearing. This is the most common fault, a design flaw. Some people have worm gear wear, I’m fine with it, in 11 years the wear is minimal, it will last as long.

Comment: in the kit big and small cutters, plus the protective discs, in my opinion it is ideal to work only with big cutters, the processing width is as follows


Pros: Always easy to start, works quietly, plows even heavy virgin lands in a few passes.

Cons: Filling a full tank when tilting starts dripping gasoline through the cap, also this gasoline can get on the air filter, which then swells up and tears. New filter original hundred?And it’s more expensive than the machine(

I have a great machine (it costs 1500r), but there is an Ali where they are 200r each.

Comment: pretty good machine. Plows down even if I’ve tilled the field before. If turf, sometimes winds up roots on picks and starts going fast instead of plowing. On a full assembly of 4 picks, it’s not very comfortable to rotate on a small area.

VIKING Cultivator: definition and characteristics

The Latvian company’s quality gardening equipment does not resemble its Chinese counterpart and is available only through a network of distributors.

viking, kind

The Mercedes Unimog is able to overcome an angle of elevation of 45° and even a ford of up to 1.2 m deep.

And from this article you will learn what the price of a Toyota forklift.

VIKING has been manufacturing lawnmowers, aerators, mini-tractors and similar products for 85 years.

Solid experience is accumulated, a wide contingent of users proves that new developments are implemented successfully and in a timely manner. Designed for conditioning the soil before planting or after harvest.

Digging, removing weeds, loosening, digging out seedbeds, efficient fertilizing and many other operations are performed by this tool. The manufacturer has conceived tooling sets as an additional bonus, which is not included in the package.

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As a rule, there is no need for them, because all operations are performed at the expense of ordinary loosening the soil. the only skill of any cultivator (not to be confused with the multifunctional power tillers).

It is quite another matter, what means and power the technique has to fulfill its function.

  • Enriches the soil with oxygen by digging.
  • Recycles weed roots.
  • Shreds clumps of dry soil.
  • Mows furrows for planting tuber crops.
  • Acts as a “mixer” when spreading fertilizer or sand.

The VIKING cultivator also allows potatoes to be harvested.

No running gear, so you are responsible for getting around the land.

Static load is no less demanding than dynamic load with a shovel in hand. Here, too, the Viking has its advantages:

  • Handlebar adjustment to suit the operator. They are also folded up into the transport position.
  • Anti-vibration system connects the handles and motor.
  • Low weight allows for shorter operating times.
  • Low-mounted motor ensures comfortable balance and easy movement of the device.
  • Working parts are under the panels. This reduces the risk of injury when working with a cultivator.
  • Easy maintenance requires no special skills or tools.

The heart of the cultivator is the gasoline engine, which is one of the world’s top three. It’s a Briggs-and-Stratton.

Later models already on Kohler. These engines are superior to electric ones for obvious reasons: the wire doesn’t get in the way and doesn’t restrict you in space.

No need to prepare the fuel mixture. The engine is pre-lubricated, so you pour only gasoline, no oil.

Combining worm and V-belt gears has both advantages and disadvantages. This feature allows the tool to loosen soil effectively with low weight and low fuel consumption. But the belts wear out pretty quickly.

Attachments and replacement parts

Thanks to a wide range of attachments, you can expand the functionality of the devices. Standard base set necessarily includes a tiller. Usually there are from 4 to 6 pieces. You can always buy parts and thereby improve the quality of cultivation. VIKING ABS 400, AHV 600, AEM 500 machines even have a special option to add milling cutters.

Potatoes can be planted with an auxiliary tool called a “digger” or “planter. This part is sold under the AKR 600 series. It is suitable for all VIKING versions. It is also allowed to use Pubert, Robix, Solo additives.

Tiller is available for VH 400, 440, 540, 660, HB 560, 585, 685 series cultivators. Suitable tool: VIKING ABU 440, 500, AHK 701. The tool not only allows you to mow between the rows, but also to cut furrows, loosen the soil.

Cultivator can weed between the rows if the planter is available. Available in widths from 24 to 70 cm. Two machines can be used in combination or one at a time. Combination is possible if the attachment units of the machine and the supplement are identical.

VIKING offers the same brand of ploughs for its stubble cultivators called ADP 600, AWP 600. The first version is reversible and the second one is semi-turnable. Soil quality dictates the choice of equipment. For example, reversible plows provide optimal deep plowing and loosening. Reversible types are able to plow more land. A pre-sowing semi-turn plow provides good weed removal and harrowing.

Different snow plough brands are available for the majority of VIKING machines. Equipment from the manufacturer is in some cases not essential for quality. It is possible to choose universal sets of wheels, running shrinkers, couplings and other spare parts that can improve the machines operation.

Heavy-duty power tillers and light tillers are not specified in the instruction manual. This rule especially not to be violated by people without the appropriate skills and knowledge of power tool technology.

model range

VIKING power tillers are represented by a wide range of models. The following models are among the most popular and up-to-date.


Moto-block model, equipped with a powerful motor of the American brand BriggsStratton. This power tiller can cope with a variety of agricultural tasks, it is compatible with most types of attached components. Recommended for use on private farms. Single-axle tractor is powered by a gasoline engine, which has a capacity of 5.5 liters. с. The machine is powered by the manual starter.

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This modification is recommended for use on small areas, the unit operates on a gasoline engine Kohler with a capacity of 2.3 kW. The unit has two travel modes so it travels equally well forwards and backwards. The unit is steered with an ergonomic steering mechanism that can be adjusted in several heights. The machine housing has special polymer pads for protection against possible defects during operation. The weight of the machine is 50 kilograms.


Compact design for up to 10 acres of lawn. Maneuverability is important and therefore suitable even for women. The single-axle tractor has stable wheels at the rear of the body, the machine is controlled with two handles. Features two-stage rear transmission belt as well as air damper control in the gear. The single-axle tractor comes standard with a selectable range of high-quality tillage tools, so you can adjust their position to match the width of the field. Tiller weight is 40 kg.


Manufacturer’s recommended high performance tool for all terrain conditions, including hard-to-reach or rugged terrain. The machine is designed to work large areas of land, the engine power of the device is 2.9 kW. According to the owners’ reviews, the cultivator stands out with its efficient carburetor and ease of operation. The integrated equipment cuts the ground instead of digging it up, a feature that makes the implement run smoother. In order to increase the weight of the cultivator, it is possible to use weighting elements, the weight of which can be 12 or 18 kg. The weight of the unit itself is 48 kg, but the engine capacity is 6 liters. с.


Gasoline-powered machines are designed for low-volume operation. The machine stands out for the high quality of parts and housing, which significantly prolongs its life. The single-axle tractor can be used as agricultural equipment for working the ground, as well as in the role of a traction unit. The machine is compatible with various types of attachments, which multiplies its functionality. The machine is distinguished by a special configuration of the steering wheel that has a positive impact on driving comfort. The weight of the walking tractor is 46 kilograms.


Gearbox is a special device included in the design of any power tiller. It is this part that is responsible for converting and transmitting the torque that is generated by the mechanical gears. In fact, it is the gearbox that drives the single-axle tractor and makes it work.

Its quality, as well as the proper lubrication of its components, will determine the service life of the entire power tiller, as well as its normal operation.

For more information on reducers, see

Depending on the model of power tiller, be it Caiman, Patriot Ural, Patriot, Texas, Pro Arab or any other, gearboxes may differ from each other by some design features. Conventionally, reducers can be divided into several types:

  • Gear Reducers. In this case, the transmission acts as an intermediary between the engine and the wheelbase of the walking tractor.
  • Reduction gears. These units increase horsepower figures by reducing overall RPM. Such gearboxes are the most preferred, because their design includes an air cooling system, which allows to work at maximum loads.
  • Reverse gearboxes. The main advantage of such gearboxes is the ability to reverse the motoblock. However, units equipped with this type of reducer do not show high performance and speeds.

Regardless of which particular gearbox is used in the design of the motoblock, they all consist practically of the same components:

  • shaft;
  • gearbox housing;
  • Flange and mounting
  • Pulley with V-belt transmission (or chain pulley);
  • Ball bearing
  • sprockets;
  • drain plug;
  • Steel washer and nut;
  • input shaft.

Traditionally, these components form the structure of the gearbox itself. How well they are lubricated will determine their performance and service life.

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If they are not lubricated sufficiently, the parts will otherwise wear heavily as they come into contact with one another during operation, and the friction generated adversely affects their surface.


Before the first start-up or after a long downtime, a running-in period is mandatory, which extends the life of the engine and gives all parts a chance to rub against each other. The running-in procedure takes little time and does not require much effort.

Certain steps have to be taken:

  • Check availability of engine oil.
  • Run the engine and allow it to run at a low speed for 30 minutes, then periodically change gear.
  • Use the machine at half-power for the next 8 hours.
  • After the running-in period, drain all engine oil and replace it with new oil.

Such actions will help keep the engine and major components in good working order. Remember, lubricant and gasoline should be filled according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Ремонт редуктора за 30 000. Культиватор Viking HB 585

Here is a quick video overview of how easy it is to work with the VIKING HB 585 power tiller

As all models are equipped with a 4-stroke engine, you need to fill the oil accordingly. Also much depends on seasonality. Most oils have a viscous structure, so the use of semi-synthetic oils in the cold will not be effective.

As the cooling system on VIKING power harvesters is air-cooled, it is important to keep it clean. Dust is a particular hazard when working in dry conditions, as it penetrates the housing and settles all components and parts of the cultivator.

In conclusion, all VIKING products boast:

  • Efficiency, because they do not consume much fuel
  • quietness
  • easy to start;
  • Comfortable operation;
  • Durability, as many owners cannot get enough satisfaction from their purchase;
  • easy transport.

It is difficult to predict what will be the next transformation of power tillers, but one thing is certain: the company is improving and always tries to simplify the work of its customers. Thanks to its development work, working the ground gradually becomes a pleasant and easy task.

Specifics of VIKING power tillers

Despite the wide model range, plowing units of this manufacturer have the following features:

  • four-stroke motor with overhead valves to keep dirt and dust out;
  • Working widths of 450 to 850 cm
  • availability of the vibration dampening system, which allows cultivation for a long time uninterrupted, reduces the harmful strain on the operator’s muscles;
  • The handle is adjustable, allowing the mobility of the unit and adapting to the height of the operator;
  • protection of moving elements with covers;
  • ergonomic, intelligent design with an offset center of gravity downward;
  • The linkage allows the installation of auxiliary equipment;
  • Possibility to attach a weight on newer models, allowing the machine to be heavier to work on hard terrain;
  • air intake system with dust filters;
  • Combined drive system with the ability to adjust the speed to the operating conditions;
  • The second forward speed makes the machine far more maneuverable
  • Motor is independently lubricated. oil is added during refilling.

Do I need to add oil to gasoline for my power tiller?

It’s hard to imagine household and farm work without the use of specialized equipment, such as power tillers. They have firmly entered our daily life, their functionality has long been used year-round. It all depends on your imagination and the availability of a variety of attachments. But when buying such a machine, everybody wonders if it is necessary to add oil to petrol for a power tiller? Of course, this aspect should be mentioned in the operating instructions. There you can also find information about what kind of fuel to use to ensure the efficiency of the device.

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