Water pump to power tiller with your own hands

Water pump for belt engines

We offer to buy SCOUT water pumps with belt drive from any minitractor engine as well as from a power tiller.

  • Water pump SU-25 (1′)
  • Water pump SU-40 ( 1,5 ′)
  • Water pump SU-50 ( 2 ′)
  • Water pump SU-80 (2,5 ′)
  • Water pump SU-100 (4 ′)

The pumps are designed to pump out water from swimming pools, wells, basements and in agriculture. to pump water from any source of water into the field to irrigate crops.

Case material. aluminum. Required rpm on pulley. 2600/3600 rpm.

Water pumps productivity. from 10 to 100 m3/hour:

Pumps pass through solid particles up to 5 mm in size!

The kit includes the water pump itself made of aluminum housing and primary filters (from fish, stones).

Selling water pumps for power tillers and mini tractors in our online store YOUR tractor with delivery all over Russia.

Cultivator for power tiller with his hands drawings. Hand cultivator with own hands

The simplest version of making a cultivator at home. It’s a small construction, which has enough capacity to capture a 20 cm wide strip. The handle made of metal pipe with diameter of 2.4 cm forms the base of the device. The length of the element is chosen specifically for the height of the user. On the bottom of the tube it is necessary to install a strong wooden axle. This is where the cultivating tools will be attached. Despite the simplicity of design, homemade hand cultivators can be supplemented with wheels. They can be cut from 0.3 cm thick sheet metal and fixed with nuts.

There is another variant of construction, which involves a base in the form of a strip of springy metal. In this case, the parameters of the workpiece should be the following: length. 5 cm, width. 2 cm, and thickness. about 2 mm. A wooden handle is attached to this part, which will be used for cultivation. The band is bendable, so it can be shaped into a loop, and then the edges can be filed on both sides. By diameter the loop can be any, this parameter is calculated based on the area of the vegetable garden.

Power tiller into water pump

What do power tillers come with?

The single-axle tractor itself is just a power unit with wheels. To make it able to do useful work, it must be turned into an agricultural machine, supplemented with attachments. Only then do the positive effects of this energy-saturated implement start to become apparent.

Here’s a little list of the main attachments and attachments:

  • Hoes allow the tiller to move on land.
  • Plow and tiller. From time immemorial, deep tillage has been done with ploughs. A soil tiller is a device capable of loosening the fertile layer.
  • The potato planter will ease the work of the villager and dacha owner when planting potatoes.
  • Ploughshare. it is one of the oldest tools, which is experiencing the second birth with the emergence of ideas of organic (organic) farming.
  • Turf plows. Increased root crop, as well as increased efficiency of the root system of plants is achieved by the use of riders.
  • The trailer turns a single-axle tractor into a vehicle that can carry loads on the property and public roads.
  • Snowplow extends the period of use of the power tiller, in winter it is actively used for clearing snow.

This is not a complete list of attachments for a power tiller.

water, pump, power, tiller, your, hands

It is not necessary to buy an entire set of attachments for the tiller at once. Additional tools are bought or made as needed.

water, pump, power, tiller, your, hands

Hitching the tractor with your own hands

The engine torque is transmitted to the wheels through the transmission. Sufficient force is needed to drive on arable land. It is possible to increase traction by increasing the wheel-tire traction coefficient. Therefore, the ground hitch increases this factor by several times, allowing you not to increase the weight of the power unit.

To manufacture this attachment, you need to purchase:

  • Sheet steel with a thickness of 2-3 mm, ordinary quality steel st3 is enough;
  • Equilateral angle 35-50 mm;
  • a pipe with an inner diameter of more than 25 mm.

This set of blanks is enough to start the work. It remains to choose a design or develop their own.

ploughshare can be either leading or trailing. The leading shoes are installed in place of the base wheels on the power tiller. The superimposed ones are put on top of the base wheel. often leading homemade plows are made.

Plough and tiller with your own hands

Despite its apparent simplicity, the plough is quite difficult to produce. Usually begins with a hitch. body is attached to the hitch. this is the main tool. Motor-blade plow makes undercutting of soil layer. Next, the layer is formed, and then it is turned.

The design of the plow body includes several components:

  • ploughshare. cuts into the soil;
  • The mouldboard. serves to create a given movement of the layer and the turnover;
  • field board. stabilizes the direction of travel of the entire agricultural machine.

For power tillers it is interesting to design a swiveling plough, just by moving the fixing mechanism the plough can easily change from right to left and vice versa. It is very convenient for cultivating the land on small areas.

If the plough can be conventionally recognized as a passive working attachment, the soil tiller is active. When cultivating the soil, the wheels are removed and the implement is moved by the rotation of the tillers. Working blades make rotary motion and loosen the ground.

For the production of the cutters, strip bars with a thickness of 5 mm or more are used. To reduce resistance during work the blades are ground.

water, pump, power, tiller, your, hands

Potato planter for a power tiller with his own hands

The potato-plough mechanizes the work of sowing potatoes. This attachment equipment consists of:

  • hoppers where the seed is concentrated;
  • Metering system in the form of a drum that rotates together with the wheels of the tiller, picks up the potatoes and transports them to the seed pipe;
  • A seed pipe, which guides the seeds into the soil;
  • ripper, creating a sowing furrow in the soil;
  • disc coulters that complete the potato planting operation.

There are many different designs of potato planters. Masters use their available containers for the hopper, pick up options for making a dispenser using plywood. On some planters the air flow accelerates the movement of the planting tubers into the soil. There are very simple designs, in which plywood disks replace several executing mechanisms for dosage and placement of potatoes in the furrow. Many homemade authors have invented original attachments.

To make a potato planter for a power tiller you will need:

  • thin galvanized sheet steel;
  • profile pipes to form the body of the attachment;
  • flat steel 4-5 mm thick;
  • rolled corner of a small format.

Plowshares for the power tiller with his hands

Cut the roots of weeds, loosen the soil to a shallow depth without a turnover of the layer can such attachments as ploskrezy. The ploughshare for the tiller is quite simple in the making. For it will need:

The order of making this homemade attachment:

  • A rack is cut out of a thick sheet according to the template. Fixing holes are drilled on the frame.
  • From a thin sheet of sheet is cut out the foot of the plow. Using a template on an anvil the legs are bent according to the drawing. The plane element is assembled with rivets or welded into a single unit.
  • From a profile tube a frame is cut out of which the tool is fitted. The pattern of lifting and lowering the frame is worked out. Next, a coupling is welded, on which the elements of the ploskrez will later be installed.
  • Making a diagram of linking attachments to the power tiller. The data is transferred to the frame. The plates for securing the hitch are made. Checked for workability on lifting and lowering. All products are painted with 2 in 1 primer enamel to protect against corrosion.

Attachments are tested in the field. If necessary, adjustments are made to improve performance.

Hiller for power tiller with his hands

The riders create a soil ridge. The soil is raked up to the roots, and the feeding area increases several times as the ground level rises around the stem of the cultivated plant. A distinction is made between tillers on power tillers:

  • The residual spudger is similar in design to a plough body with two mouldboards and moves between the rows, moving earth from the furrow into the ridge. They are used when the width of the row spacing is relatively small;
  • disc coulter in the form of two discs around the ridge. When they move, a ridge is created on both sides at once;
  • Rotary (propeller), which has active plates that push the soil into the ridge.

Lister planters are often equipped with adjustable blades. It allows you to change the working width of the tool. Many people use propeller attachments for potato hoeing, but by cutting the rhizomes of perennial weeds, they contribute to field clogging.

The most common are disc coulters, they are not difficult to manipulate in the process of work. It is also not difficult to make them with your own hands.

Trailer for a power tiller with his hands

Trailer expands the capabilities of the power tiller. With it, it turns into a vehicle that can deliver different loads. The parameters of this homemade attachment for the power tiller depend on the power available. The higher it is, the more complex the cart can become.

For power-powered power tillers with engines more than 10 liters.с. Two-axle trailers that can carry up to 1000 kg of cargo are possible. Usually build small single-axle trailers, with a load capacity of 300-500 kg.

There is an important requirement. reliability and controllability of the trailed implement must meet the characteristics of vehicles operating on public roads. That is why axles or axles from other wheeled machines are often used. Many people go for prefabricated axles from cars and cargo scooters.

Scooter wheels are designed to carry more than 150 kg each. That’s why they take them as a basis for design. Some self-made trailers come with a spare wheel so that they can quickly change it on the road.

The main thing is to create a strong frame, as it will take the load from the transported materials. At the same time the safety of all road users depends on a strong frame when using a tractor-trailer on the roads where there are other vehicles.

Snowplow with their own hands

When buying a single-axle tractor, most users expect to use it only in the spring and summer period. In fact, when using a power-packed machine in winter as a snowplow, you can significantly increase the efficiency of its use in a personal household. There are times when it is necessary to remove snow from the paths and grounds almost every day.

Several types of motorized snow blowers are used for snow removal:

  • auger with a rotary thrower;
  • Bulldozer-type with a dozer blade;
  • Shovel-blade. this is a simplified type of snowblower;
  • rotary blower type.

For most users, it is enough to have a shovel blade, this snowblower is much easier to make.

The user, depending on his conditions, decides on the type of snowblower he needs. Many take to making a sophisticated auger, believing that this is the device that will help in the winter period. In fact, most are convinced that it is easier to just move the snow, freeing up the driveway and the area.

The way

We offer a variant of handheld sprayer, made from improvised materials. As a tank for liquid, you can use the tank from an old washing machine. This element is usually made of stainless steel, so it is inert to pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

In addition, these tanks have a sufficient capacity, so it is enough to treat a garden plot of medium area.

The tank can be installed on an old cart to facilitate moving around the site. The tank is fastened to the cart frame by means of screw connections. A car oil pump is needed to pump fluid under pressure.

The pump will be powered by a small electric motor, which is more economical than diesel or gasoline equivalents. The drive is provided by belt transmission, for this purpose, the motor shaft is equipped with a small pulley, the pump. with a large pulley.

The pump is mounted inside the tank, with the motor outside. Connect a copper tube to the pump and connect it to the atomizer hose. The motor can be operated by battery or electric cable.

We recommend the second option so as not to make the design heavier. Note that the cable length should be at least 30-40 meters, so that the sprayer can reach all corners of the plot.

The advantage of this design is that no spray nozzles are used here. It is quite an expensive part, which is often clogged. The disadvantages include the inability to regulate the fluid flow and atomization.

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