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A must-have tool kit

It can be stated that devices to safely remove the insulation should be in the toolkit of an electrician who has to work with wiring. You can often get by with a knife, but it’s a waste of time for operations that can be performed with a stripper in seconds. In the U.S., only strippers are typically used in training: beginners are taught to use the right tools and minimize the human error that can lead to faulty wiring and equipment with subsequent insurance claims.

As a result, strippers are available in almost all professional tool kits: universal kits, but also in specialized kits for cable strippers. Some kits like the SK-17 have two strippers for stripping wires from 0.4 mm to 25 mm. That’s enough for most jobs.

weidmuller, strip, tool

STRIPAX Stripping tool WEIDMUELLER 90050000

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  • For PVC-insulated flexible and solid wire
  • The insulation stripping length can be adjusted by the stop
  • Automatic opening of clamping jaws after stripping
  • No individual wire breakage
  • Setting for different insulation thicknesses
  • Double-insulated cable in two working steps without special settings
  • No backlash at the cutter, automatic adjustment
  • Long service life
  • Optimum ergonomic design
  • Variable handle size for large and small hands thanks to removable handle attachment
  • On/off switch for partial stripping
  • Increase stripping length up to 25 mm
  • Built-in insulation cutter ejector
  • Hinged cutting blade cover for integrated cable cutter

Wire cross-section (cutting capacity) 6 mm² Cable type Flexible and single-core PVC-insulated wire Connecting wire cross-section, min. 0,08 mm² cross section of connecting wire, max. 10 mm² Wire cross-section, min., AWG 28 Wire cross-section, max., AWG AWG 7 Stripping length, max. 25 mm

Stripping tool STRIPAX 16 Weidmüller 9005610000

Professional self-adjusting tool designed for flexible and solid PVC-insulated wires, capable of handling several cables in one run. Integrated wire cutter for cross-sections up to 6 kV. mm. No damage to the cable due to specially shaped, exchangeable, self-adjusting blades. Restrictor for adjusting the stripping length. Automatic cable release after stripping operation. Double stripping in two cycles without additional adjustment.

Stripper LAOA LA815826. Overview and comparison with Weidmuller Stripax 10

Not a bad strimmer for home and for those who are not at all greedy enough to sign the Jokari N15. Good for home, not bad for maintenance of electrical equipment for money, not quite suitable for mass wiring. That’s it in a nutshell. At work often have to make reconstruction of relay protections 6-110 kV. That is, all old equipment is removed and installed from scratch, laying all the wiring. And here the issue of competent and fast stripping of wires with the same result comes to the forefront. But there are times when you need to strip 1 or 2 wires, but a good professional stripper can’t pull it off (I’ll go over that in the review below). And then you need a second tool that can do this. Yes, I have an excellent Weidmuller Stripax 10, but it so happened that I had to buy myself and a second puller insulation.

I chose this brand for several reasons:

1) Price; 2) found at the father exactly the same and had time to feel with his hands; 3) people in the reviews strongly it praised; 4) Once every five years I need to dissolve some PVS or (A) VVG, and the knife with a heel I think myself surplus; 5) the main stripper is not very good bites wires the old type with rigid PVC-isolation by virtue of its design.

Stripper ordered 29.12.2017, shipped it on January 5. I received the SMS from the post office on the 16th and the delivery took 11 days exactly. Free shipping. Weight 167 grams, declared value of 5 at the time of purchase 13.86.

weidmuller, strip, tool

The package included the stripper in a blister and a gift from the seller in the form of a branded key chain. There are also nail clippers or mini tape measure for keys. Mine can be used as a screwdriver or open a bottle of beer. Functionality, and nothing but. 🙂

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On the package there are pictures of how to use the stripper, on the back there is a diagram of the stripper in the Taiwanese language and contact information of the manufacturer. All typical and not particularly interesting. The manufacturer claims it can strip wires from 0.08 to 2.6 square millimeters (10-20 AWG). Weidmuller cleans from 0.08 to 10 mm.

The size of the stripper is 1184726 mm, weight around 150-160 grams, if you count the packaging in the total weight of the package. The kit comes with spare knives for longitudinal and transverse cutting of cable. It would be desirable to have a possibility to buy one or two more sets of knives, as I could not find such item in the store. Spare knives in oil, won’t go missing over time, plus a spare screw. That’s well thought out.

Now let’s move on to the stripper. The inscription is applied well, without smudges, the plastic is very durable and during the first day it withstood a one meter high landing on concrete without any consequences. In closed position it is locked by the lever lock located on the end face. Behind it you can see the spring. From left to right are: knife for longitudinal cutting cable, knife for cross cutting cable, jaws for gripping and pulling wire, set of precision holes for stripping wire, wire cutters. Wire stripping is done by inserting the wire into the hole we want, closing the stripper, a few turns left and right, and tearing off the rest of the insulation. On Weidmuller it is necessary to insert wire in a working zone, and to compress handles. The stripper will do the rest by itself. That’s the great thing about automatic pullers.

In today’s tests will be PVS 2×1, AVVG 3×1,5, a wire sheathed 2x1mm (I can not say the exact marking because of its absence), installation of monocore, multicore wires with vinyl and PVC insulation (PuV, PuVG, ПВ3 to 1.5 and 2.5 square millimeters and the cherry on the cake in the form of an old wire with rigid PVC insulation. The test will consist of comparing the quality and convenience of manual stripping and automatic stripper, convenience of cutting the wire with wire cutters and sheathing from the cable. And to sum it all up.

Let’s start with cutting wires. Weidmuller‘s Stripax has separate wire cutters that, due to the long handles, make it easy to cut all the wires in the working range. There are no problems with cutting the hard wire on the manual stripper, except for a very loud popping noise when the plastic parts collide from the sharp clamping. But when cutting stranded wire there is a chance to not cut it to the end.

It may be connected with the not very good profile and the sharpening of the knives. There’s still a little bit of residue. Now let’s move on to cutting cables with sheathing. Here Stripax has no chance, because it’s not designed for this. LAOA has a trapezoidal blade for longitudinal cutting. With its high apex it plunges into the shell from above and with a movement from itself cuts it. The applied force depends on the material properties and thickness.

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PVA: the sheath is not cut all the way through in some places, apparently, it is too thick for it. The wires are intact inside, but I had to get to them by tearing the jacket with my hands. Not critical, but unpleasant.

AWBG: no questions here, everything is fine. The cut is smooth and light.

Unclear cable without marking, with thin sheath: similar to AVVG, no complaints.

Wire Stripping with Weidmuller Stripax 9005000000

I was afraid that the knife will cut through the insulation, but for some clever reason it does not happen, although at work I cut a lot of scraps on principle, and no matter what. Or maybe it’s just my luck?

Cross-cutting. Here, no matter how I tried, but except for cutting spiral tape from the PVA shell, I got nothing. Most likely a lack of skill, because the obscure cable was relatively easy and simple. Though, if to believe the pictures on the internet, more famous pullers use more than one knife for cross-cutting, which makes more sense. Here we decided to do with one. The strands, again, are either the same or intact.

When stripping wires, I don’t see the point in showing the Stripax result every time, because it gives the same result with the same excellent quality, except for the toughest materials. A separate plus I’d like to mention the possibility of adjusting the stripping length and the clamping force of the blades. On the LAOA, you have to do everything by hand.

When stripping with a hand-stripper the first flaw came out. the American system of cross sections. The fact that we have no cross sections of 0.8 1.6, 2.6 mm, there are 0.75, 1.5, 2.5. And this small difference is already beginning to affect the quality of stripping.

Wire 2.5 mm, stranded in vinyl insulation (PV3). When I try to clean the window at 2.6 mm the insulation is cut and not removed completely. Besides, there is a piece of insulation stuck between the knife and the handle that needs to be pulled out. When trying to clean in the 2.5mm window some of the wires are cut, as expected.

PV3 monocore wire, 2.5 mm. The 2.6 mm window doesn’t scrape at all, it scrapes at 2 mm without any problems. There is a suspicion that the wire itself is not 2,5 mm, although it is declared as GOST.

Flexible stranded PVC-insulated wire. Similar to the multi-core vinyl-insulated, there is no sense to even attach photos. AVVG 3×1,5. It cleans without problems in the 1.6 mm window, does not leave any burrs on the wire. The photo shows the blue wire stripped with Stripex, the yellow one with LAOA.

Generally speaking, I see no point in continuing to show the rigid and flexible wires of other cross sections and brands, because it cleans multicore wires badly, monocore wires well.

And now the cherry on the cake, the Soviet rigging wire in rigid PVC insulation, and the insulation is really thick.

And this is where German Stripax blows up frankly. It doesn’t have enough clamping force and depth of approach of the blades to tear the insulation. If you set the control to the maximum setting, it still takes 2 or 3 steps and the wire is still burnt by the knives.

But the Chinese wire stripper strips the insulation the first time and is excellent.

Bottom line: This tool is definitely worth its money. It is great for home craftsmen who do not need to clean 10-50 wires per day, it does not take much space and weight, perfectly assembled and very functional. Originally purchased more for a home tool kit, but after a day of using it, I decided to take it to work before buying myself a Jokari N15. For it copes much better with thick insulation, and the possibility of accurate cutting the cable is attractive. For everything else there is a Weidmuller, it is designed for purely professional use. As for alternatives, I can recommend some KVT Series WS-09, it will be cheaper, but with less functionality. Series WS-11 and the like (which are reviewed here many times), I personally do not particularly like using, about cheap pliers, which are made like wire cutters or have a screw for adjusting, I will not even say. This is complete crap, which you can buy only for a very rainy day, IMHO.

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WEIDMULLER stripper 1468880000 (WDM-STRIPAX-ULT)

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Adjustment of insulation stripping

The Weidmuller stripper also has a regulation for gripping or dipping blades of blades, but it is not primarily designed for different cross sections of wires, and for quality work with different material of wire insulation.

If the cable is tough or you are working in freezing temperatures, slide the adjustment dog to the plus side. And if the insulation is soft, then on the minus side.

This function is also useful when working with non-standard wires, with non-standard insulation. Such adjustment is especially actual for wires of small cross-sections from 0,08 to 0,5 mm2. Where the risk of stripping a wire is much higher.

weidmuller, strip, tool

You can also set the desired stripping length. The maximum possible. up to 25mm.

The stripping of this 25mm is just as perfect as the 5mm. For your convenience there is a scale on the stripper body with applied numbers for accurate setting of the stripping length in millimeters.

This is useful if you know the depth of the lug and can thus filigree precisely strip the insulation down to the depth of the connector.

The greatest advantage of the stripping depth control is that it gives the same result every time. No need to worry that the slider will move by itself by a couple of millimeters during work and you will have to correct it back to the previous place.

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