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How to lubricate the peorator gearbox and how to do it right

The peorator is a power tool that is designed to perform shockwork. To increase the service life of the power tool, you will need not only to use it for its intended purpose, but also to care for it correctly. To do this, you will need the corresponding lubricant for the peorator, due to which the resource of the aggregate increases. When choosing lubricants, it will be necessary to consider that different parts of the equipment in question require appropriate lubricants.

Аккумуляторный клеевой карандаш BOSCH Gluey

Typically, power tools are maintained in autumn or spring, when a long leave for the device occurs or its preparation for the next season. In order to diagnose the power tool correctly, you must first figure out what parts on the oorater need to be lubricated. Structurally, the peorator is a complex device consisting of a number of the following elements:

  • The case is the basis of the tool inside which all the components are placed
  • The electric motor is the main unit that drives the executive body of the tool. The cartridge. The engines in the peorators have a horizontal and vertical location
  • The piston system is an integral part of the gearbox, which is responsible for the formation of shock actions
  • Cartridge. Has a special mechanism with quick fixation of the working nozzles
  • Reducer is a mechanism that transfers rotational movements from the electric motor shaft to the tool cartridge. In the design of the gearbox there is a “drunk bearing”, which creates shock movements transmitted to the piston system
  • The safety mechanism in the form of a coupling, which limits the rotation of the cartridge when jaming the working nozzle, thereby excluding the overheating of the motor
  • Working nozzles are auxiliary elements that are installed in the design of the tool cartridge

To imagine what the peorator consists of, below is the diagram of the power tool.

Knowing the design of the tool under consideration, you can figure out what parts of the penete need grease. First of all, the gearbox is needed in the lubricant of the peorator, the main purpose of which is to regulate the speed of rotation of the working nozzle fixed in the executive organ (cartridge). When working the tools, the gears experience large mechanical loads, which helps to increase friction. The lack of lubricants leads to an accelerated wear of the gear.

To increase the operational resource of the mechanism under consideration, you will need to regularly not only add grease to the reducer structure, but also pre.Remove the remaining old lubricants. Why is the obsolete lubricant for the peorater is removed, far from many people know. It needs to be removed in order to clean the metal particles and dust, which are formed during the friction process of the gear. If you do not clean the old lubricant and apply new lubricants on top of it, then the effectiveness of such a diagnosis will be zero.

It is interesting! In the process of developing the gears, an increase in metal dust occurs, which negatively affects the operation of the parts, since due to it the friction force increases, which means that heating increases and wear is accelerated.

The gearbox or transmission mechanism in the ashrater is lubricated from the plant, but you need to change the lubricant every year with the daily use of the unit. In addition to the gearbox, the tool also needs a cartridge and the seat of the installed nozzle. A drill (tail part). The cartridge (its inner part) is not lubricated from the plant, so the owner of the tool needs to be worried about this if you want to use the unit for a long time. In addition to the inside of the infantry cartridge, the shank of the installed nozzles also needs lubrication.

There are still sliding bearings in the design of the unit. They are also tested for heavy loads, therefore, in order to increase their service life, when conducting diagnostic procedures, it is necessary to add lubricants to the design of the bearings.

It is interesting! Few people know, but to improve the work of the tool, another tool knot also needs a lubricant. A collector.

What details in the oorater need lubrication

There are main details that need mandatory preventive maintenance.

Sights of nozzles

The tailings of the working tooling of the tool smear whether they have to install them. Carefully wiped before that. With intensive use of the tool, you need to watch and control the degree of lubrication of the landing site of the nozzle. There is no need to apply too much oily composition. Why this cannot be done? The lubricant will flow out, sprinkle from a rotating cartridge, as a result will be on working surfaces that are difficult to clean. The drill will rotate slower.


After the engine, the main in the ashorator is the gearbox is considered. It works in conditions of constantly changing speed of rotation, severe friction, increased heating, penetrating small contaminants and dust. After prolonged operation, a lubricant is necessarily applied to the inner surfaces of the gearbox. This will protect the shafts and bearings.


This part has no protective coating. Before you start working on landing surfaces, 1-2 g of a cooling grease is added for a replaced tool. Otherwise, due to shock loads and large friction, the cartridge will break. The layer of the composition will not let small particles and dust penetrate into the internal device.

Lubricate the gearbox

You need to disassemble the tool case. Follow the points:

  • Disassemble the cartridge. To do this, first remove the rubber ring. Then pry the screwdriver and remove the locking ring. Next, the outer casing of the cartridge is carefully removed, and then the clamping ring, ball and spring are removed.
  • Now disconnect the mode switch. This is done in different ways depending on the model. At the end of the article, I brought a certain number of links to the video, which tells how it is shot on a particular model. If there is no your unit among them, then you can see any similar one to understand the principle. And further, I think it will not be difficult for you to disconnect it and at yourself.
  • Free from brushes collector. To do this, unscrew the back cover of the case and remove the brushes.
  • Unscrew the screws that longitudinally tighten the body, and separate it.
  • Remove the gearbox along with the engine anchor.

Now thoroughly rinse the gearbox itself, as well as the inner part of its body. Washing can be carried out, for example, with gasoline.

After that, first the most responsible parts are smeared. And then the entire gearbox is completely enveloped in lubricant.

Well, it remains to collect everything in the reverse order.

How to lubricate the details: an algorithm of actions

Lubrication of the tail of the drill and cartridge with your own hands is very simple to perform. It is enough to perform such actions:

  • Wipe the cartridge and the tail of the drill from the pollutants (old lubrication, dust) with a rag and dust);
  • Apply the appropriate composition to the tail of the nozzle or add directly to the planting nest.

You should constantly monitor the presence of lubrication, making it if necessary. Neglect of this recommendation will lead to overheating of the drill and increased wear of the cartridge. In this case, the shank may be flattened or to break away from the working part of the nozzle.

If the tool is equipped with an open cartridge, then, having previously disassembled and clean it, smear the oil seals.

Regarding the lubrication of the gearbox, things are a little more complicated. Most modern models are equipped with containers. In them, opening the lid, pour oil or other suitable lubricants are added. The location of the desired hole is often indicated in the instructions. There is also a lid removal scheme. The whole process goes this way:

lubricant, bosch, enough, grease, drills
  • Remove the lid;
  • Drain the remains of the old lubricant;
  • Blow (for example, using a compressor) or washed the crankcase with gasoline;
  • Pour new oil in the amount regulated by the operational instruction so that its level does not exceed the existing control mark;
  • Put the lid in place, closing the hole.

If the tool is under warranty, then you need to pour only the recommended oil. When there is no special hole to fill it, you will need to disassemble the peorator. In case of warranty service, it is recommended to contact the specialists of the service center on this subject.

The sequence of lubrication of the gearbox with disassembly of the peorator

If the warranty period has expired, then you can do all the reducer’s lubrication work and independently. In this case, the following tools and materials will be needed:

  • Locksmith set (screwdrivers with different nozzles, hexagonal keys, pliers, etc.);
  • Clean rags;
  • Petrol;
  • Suitable for the instructions type of lubrication.

Lubricate the peorator gearbox, performing the necessary actions according to the following algorithm:

  • Study the instructions for operation to the device used;
  • Clean the body from dust, as well as from other available pollution;
  • Then they start disassembling the cartridge: with the help of a screwdriver, remove the rubber and stop rings (as shown in the photographs further);
  • Remove the switch of modes (in various models this is done in different ways);
  • Scam with a screwdriver or hexagon, the screws are disassembled to disconnect the brushes from the collector;
  • Rinse the taken parts and the body of the device from the inside from the old lubricant using Vetoshi impregnated with gasoline;
  • Wipe them with a dry rag and allow them to dry;
  • Lubricate the gearbox completely, as shown in the photographs further;

Lubricated elements of the gearbox mechanism

A preliminary study of the instruction is necessary not only to find out how to use the tool correctly, but also to familiarize yourself with the scheme of its disassembly and assembly.

Additional recommendations

When performing independent lubrication of the gear component, you need to take into account such recommendations.

  • It is necessary to remember exactly the location of the taken parts and fasteners, in order to install everything when assembly in its place and not leave unnecessary spare parts.
  • Disassemble the tool in order to smear the gearbox, should be only when it cools completely after work.
  • It is not required to apply unexplored structural elements.
  • The best option is the use of proprietary lubricants intended directly for the applied brand of equipment.
  • It is advisable to examine the disassembled gearbox on the defects of the gears (their wear, the absence of teeth, the presence of cracks) and other elements. This will help to replace the details in time and avoid big problems in the future.
lubricant, bosch, enough, grease, drills

Photographing the entire process of disassembling the penetrator will help to collect it correctly.

Modern peorators are quite easy to serve. The lubrication of their working nodes does not take much time. The main thing is to use the composition recommended by the instructions or suitable for its purpose (or universal) composition. During the complete disassembly of the equipment, you need to work as carefully and carefully as possible to get a quality result. Safety should also be observed by lubricating the tools disconnected from the supply network.

Brand lubricant materials for the working tips of the penetrator

Each manufacturer of the power tool is interested in its performance, at least within the warranty period. Despite the uniform approaches to the composition of the additives, the products are slightly different.

Bosch grease for drill

Developed by order of the tool manufacturer one of the leading oil refineries. It has excellent adhesion: lubrication literally sticks to the surface and does not erase at loads. Binds abrasive dust, prevents it from acting on metal. Very small consumption.

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For the Boers Makita

Produced in several packaging options. Long life: can be used for several work shifts if the boat does not change.

Neutral to rubber seals and plastic. The only problem is that the lubrication of Makita is incompatible with other compositions, so when changing the oil, thorough cleaning is required.

For Boers Interskol

Semi.Synthetic composition containing molybdenum, lithium. Additives provide water resistance, anti.Corrosion protection, increase the life of the tool.

Disadvantages: low upper temperature threshold, only 130 ° C. In addition, Interskol lubrication wear out quickly, so the consumption is high compared to the analogues.

Universal grease for drill

There is no binding of the tool brands to lubrication. You can use the universal composition, the main thing is that the packaging has information about the purpose. To prevent the negative impact of incompatible compositions, when changing the brand, just wipe the drill dry, and cleanse the internal cavities of the cartridge.

Top- 4 lubricants for pouorators

The lubricant for the drills of the penetrator is individually selected by the brand of the tool itself, but there are several universal compositions. They are distinguished from the total mass, but the use remains behind the solution of the operator of the penetrator.

The following are good for construction and domestic conditions, so they are used quite widely.

Lubrication for the Pearater: Makita 196804 7

Purpose: processing the shank and the inside of the cartridge.

lubricant, bosch, enough, grease, drills
  • Lack of decomposition and transformation into wax;
  • Reliability in work and high levels of surfaces;
  • Convenience of storage containers.

Impression: even mode of operation with long hours of operation.

Lubricant for the Pearator: Arsenal AR 401 100 g Patriot

Purpose: processing of any interchangeable drills used in rotation up to 4 thousand revolutions per minute.

  • Retention of dusty pollution. At a height;
  • The power of protection is just for intensive work with the mine consumption of the tube;
  • Sufficient initial fluidity for quick and reliable processing of complex configuration;
  • Practical packaging that allows you to get the minimum number of composition.
  • The heated fluid has increased fluidity, which slightly reduces operational characteristics;
  • The tube sometimes gives out strong spray, the price of which is the lost composition and contaminated surfaces;
  • There is no familiar relief. To open without removing gloves or with wet hands problematic.

Impression: decent lubricant at a not too high price, which is enough for a long time. How to use. Intuitively understandable.

Lubricant for the peorater: ZSB ZSB 125

Purpose: Replaceable tools with difficult working conditions (crown, chisel, drill), under cartridges of any configuration.

  • Reinforced chemical system to withstand extreme loads;
  • Resistance to moisture and the formation of water emulsion;
  • Confident protection against corrosion and high tribotechnical properties;
  • Relatively low price;
  • Significant working temperature interval: from.50 to 130 degrees.
  • Relatively rapid acquisition of liquid condition;
  • A departure from a rotating cartridge is possible;
  • It is poorly rubbed from absorbent materials.

Impression: a semi.Synthetic substance packed in a convenient tube, performs its work qualitatively, but you need to get used to its slightly more reduced viscosity.

Lubrication for the Pearater: Elitech 2006 000100

Purpose: counteracting the friction and corrosion of a shift tool and cartridge.

  • Powerful working temperature range: from.55 to 140 degrees;
  • The scatter of individual drops does not take place;
  • Universality of application. Suitable for any type of tool and any working conditions.

Impression: reliable material at affordable cost, which will not turn into liquid oil.

What manufacturers produce lubricant for the gearbox?

General.Purpose brands such as Castrol, XADO, Ravenol, Shell, etc. Of course, the admission of the manufacturer of the peorators, on these products there is no. But the description must have information that this is a lubricant for the electric tool gearbox. You just have to choose the right consistency. Information about this is in the technical documentation of the tool.

  • Profile brands: Bosch, Makita, Lubcon, Aeg. This is a more correct choice, but when buying you should be more careful. In the documentation for lubrication, there may be a list of specific models of the manufacturer of the peorators. Compatibility with instruments of different brands is determined by consistency and similar characteristics.
  • Interesting product: semi.Liquid lubricant for Ultra gearboxes. This is a compromise between the consistent composition and liquid oils.

The lubricant easily goes into a liquid state with a slight heating, at the same time it has excellent adhesion. Thus, this product can be used both in crankcase and leaky gearboxes.

Proper care for a drill with the function of the peorator

The function of the penetrator is a hybrid of two types of equipment used to create holes in various materials. Unlike a classic peorator, such a drill has some constructive disadvantages, which makes its maintenance more complex and not too comfortable. Such disadvantages, in particular, include:

The main care of the drill with the functions of the penetrator is that after each use of the drill of such equipment (including the tail part), it is necessary to clean well of the drilling waste, and before inserting such a tool into the drill, a small amount should be applied to its shank. Lubrication (you can use ordinary solidol). If the amount of lubricant on the shank is excessive, this will not harm the tool and the equipment used, but can negatively affect the appearance of the surface that you are drilling, since the excess lubricant will be sprayed from the rotating cartridge.

As a rule, drills with the functions of the penetrator are purchased for domestic use, since their price is quite affordable, and with their functions when performing simple repair work in the house, they cope quite well. Despite the fact that these power tools are distinguished by the features mentioned above, caring for a poorator drill does not take much time and does not cause problems even not too experienced users.

Lubrication of electric tool gearboxes (on the example of corner grinder and drill)

One of the most painful issues when performing the power tool is a lubricant. This post about lubrication. I am not an expert in this area and do not earn a living by repairing a power tool. There is a golden life rule: “If you want to do well, do it yourself”. A large number of materials on this topic have been studied and viewed. I will outline what I endured for myself. Perhaps this information will be useful to someone. The post does not claim absolute truth and collected information published on the basis of reading many forums and Internet resources devoted to the repair of power tools.The tool accumulates. I think everyone. I have, most often brand. When Chinese breaks, it’s easier to buy the same and not puzzle over the repair and restoration. Often. This path and cheaper. When it comes to Makita, Bosch Professional or Fein. The best option to do then. This can save a noticeable amount of banknotes in the future.

The winter period is the best time to conduct that, checking and preparing it for spring-summer-autumn work.

At first glance, lubrication problems. As such. Any manufacturer has a full range of lubricants for different nodes. However, not everyone can purchase them. Most often, everything rests on accessibility and price. As a result, anything goes on to the matter, including Litol and Solidol. The consequences can be extremely deplorable. The breakdown of the tool.

Everyone knows that it is desirable to use lubricants recommended by the manufacturer. The pluses are undeniable. They are checked and are guaranteed to be suitable, and there should also be no refusal of warranty repairs.

For those who, for various reasons, are ready to sacrifice a guarantee I give recommendations of service centers.

1) For the gearboxes of the majority, including not the Boshevsky tool, Bosch lubricant is suitable (Small information is just below. A list of consistent lubricants, oils and ups prescribed for service operations when servicing power tools). Her high performance characteristics are not in doubt. However, she is extremely expensive. If for your tool an original (that is, recommended by the manufacturer) you can’t find, feel free to take it.

2) Also for gearboxes such a tool as drills, lobe, corner grindow. Good Optimol Longtime2 Castrol production.

3) of alternative lubricants that attracted attention were the lubricants of Huskey.

Bosch grease turned out to be very expensive. Castrol lubricant could not be found. There are lubricants on sale with the inscription Makita, but judging by the price is some kind of incomprehensible Chinese craft. I decided to try Huskey. The originality of doubts caused. Reviews are positive. There were several dealers in Kyiv. There are also dealers in many other countries. The support forum is available. As they say, the optimal ratio of price and quality. Universal lubricant. There was a lubrication of Huskey Coolube, which successfully works in gearboxes of all types of power tools. But for the gearbox, each type of power tool needs its own consistency of the lubrication of Huskey Coolube.

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