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TOP-12 rating of the best saber saws of 2021: review and characteristics of battery and network models

Sabbating saw. Overview and rating of the best devices. The selection criteria, characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of network and battery models. Key features of saberpils.

Sable electric saw is a universal tool that allows you to perform sawing wood, plastic, metal and other materials.

How to choose a saber‘s saw, what to look for when choosing and which model to give preference, we will consider in this review.

Bosch PSA 700 E

This saber saw in the ranking of the best models takes first place thanks to a well.Thought.Out case, for which it is convenient to hold the tool. The back handle D-shaped and provides a strong grip. The front is completely rubbed and equipped with an emphasis on the end. She will not slip out of sweat. The power of the saw 710 W is sufficient for high performance at the household level.

  • Fast change of canvases. If the canvas breaks, then you do not need to carry a key with you, replacement is carried out in several touches.
  • Differs in low vibration, hands do not get tired after work.
  • Weight 3.5 kg is convenient for transportation and long use.
  • Ergonomic grip at the handles of the saw and optimal dimensions to climb in hard.To.Reach places.
  • Well suited for women. Easy to master.
  • Relatively quiet move.
  • Large selection of paintings for various materials.
  • Power 700 W and the course of the canvas 2700 per minute provides high performance.
  • There is no case for transportation, so taking it with you to the dacha you have to put a tool, canvases and carrying it in a rag bag. It is possible to damage it in the train.
  • The cut is uneven. If the cut is performed on a finished product (furniture), then you will still need grinding.
  • The rubber coating on the handle is relaxed.
  • The revolutions are not fixed and when working with a thick log or a beam, you have to constantly burn on the trigger.
  • After the cut of thick bars or branches heated greatly and a break is required.
  • When disrupted, it breaks out of the hands and hovets on the index finger by the pressing on the trigger (continuing to work), so you need to hold tightly and not allow jamming.
  • The depth of cut of metal is only 10 mm. The cut of steel pipes is possible, but difficult.

Conclusion. Sable saw from a German manufacturer is good for working in the garden. With its help, it is easy to cut branches and even trunks of small trees. A flexible canvas allows you to carry out a saw at the very base. The depth of the saw of wood reaches 150 mm. The grip for two handles will not let the tool out of the hands when jaming the canvas.


Sable saw from the German brand has a power of 400 watts and the number of strokes of 3500 per minute. A distinctive feature is the design designed to hold one hand. The location of the motor behind, and the gearbox in front provides the perfect weight. The course of the canvas is made of a steel bracket that does not block the review.

  • Long network cord 4 m is convenient in most cases for work without carrying.
  • File replacement without keys.
  • It is convenient to climb into hard.To.Reach places (near the walls, in the corner).
  • A large start button is designed for several fingers, which distributes the load during a long sawing.
  • The girth place is rubberized from different sides and prevents the slippage.
  • There is a built.In diode backlighting, promising work in poorly lit places.
  • Easy replacement of coal brushes through special hatches.
  • Saw a tree in a diameter of 100 mm.
  • There is a revolution regulator (on the launch key). You can set the right value and not control it by the power of pressing each time.
  • Sable saw twitches when starting.
  • Can work with overloads in dense material, due to low power 400 W.
  • The speed is only 13 mm, so the performance is low.
  • There is a strong vibration, tedious for one hand.
  • There is no stopper preventing randomly launching a saw.
  • The tool needs to help with its own reciprocating movements, otherwise it will jam.
  • When working at maximum speeds, the canvas quickly wear out from overheating, and on a low move the file tears the material.
  • There is no electronic stabilizer. You have to wait for a set of revolutions.
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Sable saws with the best combination of price and quality can be attributed to the class of semi.Professional tools. They are more productive than households, serve as a reliable assistant in repair, small construction. This is an excellent alternative to corner grinder. Sparkles do not form when sawing, compact dimensions allow you to produce cuts in hard.To.Reach places. Often, crap saws of this class are used for car repair, dismantling in rooms with finished finishes.

Metabo SSE 1100

The model represents one of the best options in combination of price and quality. Metabo equipped the saber saw at once with several its own technologies: the Vibra Tech vibration dumping system, Soft Start, M-Quick-a fast-packed cartridge and a non-clock fixation of the stop.

The engine and the entry of the cord have enhanced protection against fine dust or spray. The case is narrow and ergonomic, which provides a reliable grip even with one hand. The tool does not have excess electronics, which simplifies the design and reduces the cost. For cuts from the bottom up, the installation of files with a turn of 180 degrees is provided.

saber, saws, garden
  • Clear and rigid fixation of thin and thick files;
  • Maintaining the number of revolutions and wood moves;
  • LED backlighting of the working area;
  • Three stages of the pendulum;
  • The presence of a case for convenient storage and transportation of the tool;
  • It comes in the case.

Blackdecker RS890K

Blackdecker developers have created a unique and very convenient saber saw that looks like an inverted electrician. With its compact dimensions, the saw has a very competent weight and excellent balancing. You can work for a long time with one hand or on weight. Small power of 500 W is more than enough to cut a beam of 100/100 mm, bring down trees. Cut even and clean, smooth start reduces starting currents. The equipment can be connected even to a low.Power gas generator. The saw has three speeds with a smooth adjustment.

  • Light replacement of the files when pressing one button;
  • A unique design. Small dimensions and weight;
  • Chic functionality;
  • Excellent equipment;
  • Three speeds.

Hammer LZK 850 B Premium

Thanks to a powerful but rather compact engine, this saber hacksaw copes with almost any household tasks. Change of cloth without a key, rubberized covering of the case in places of coverage, double speed adjustment. A rheastteed button and a “wheel”, greatly simplify the work of the operator. The proven design provides the reliability of the tool and the long service life without breakdowns, which made it one of the best saber saws in its class.

  • Non.Clue cartridge;
  • Solid assembly;
  • Convenience of speed adjustment;
  • Complete case and pre.School in standard configuration;
  • Protection against random launch.

How to choose: 12 practical tips

When choosing, you need to immediately submit the purpose of the saw. With what materials, how often you have to work, what should be the depth of the cut, etc.P. It is important to pay attention to the consumer characteristics of the model, compliance with safety requirements.

Power and other power characteristics

For home purposes, devices with a capacity of 0.9-1.2 kW are mostly suitable.

Among other characteristics, you need to pay attention to:

The material of the saw canvas

When buying, it is important to pay attention to the marking, which indicates the composition of the metal and the types of materials with which you can work with such an electric saw.

Speed ​​adjustment

You can adjust the speed in all modern models of saber saws, but this function is implemented in 2 main options:

The mass of the tool

For amateur saw, it ranges in the range of 3-5 kg. The smaller the mass, the more convenient to work with the tool, but on the other hand, the less its performance. Therefore, it is important to pay attention not so much to weight as the power characteristics of the tool.

The presence of locking

Starting the mechanism is carried out by pressing gas and removing the lock. The last function is not realized by every model, but the presence of such a button is important in terms of security. If there is no built.In latch, the risk of random launch of the tool is not excluded.

Surprising coupling

This is another element to ensure safety during operation. It allows you to protect the operator from the reverse blow that can occur when the equipment is jammed. The coupling is not present in all models, but its presence is desirable.

Isolation of live nodes

Used in advanced models, designed to prevent the operator’s current shock. Allows you to work as a tool even in rainy weather and also increases the life of the mechanism.

Supported shoe

It is not present in all models, but its presence is also desirable. The shoe allows you to rest the saw directly on the workpiece and stabilize its position relative to the working plane. As a result, the accuracy and speed of the cut increase, and at the same time the operator is less tired. Shoe is especially necessary when performing a large amount of work. It can be delivered in a set or sold separately.

During the purchase, you need to pay attention to the ease and density of the shoe attachment to the surface. Even the minimum backlash is unacceptable.

Overheat protection

A number of electric saw models are equipped with an automatic system that turns off the tool when a certain temperature reaches. This saves him from overheating and failure.

Smooth start

Electric saw should be protected not only from temperature, but also electrical overload. If there is a smooth start system, the canvas accelerates without jerks, which increases the life of the mechanism and provides additional comfort when working.

Beznstrumental replacement of the file

Many models are equipped with a convenient canvas replacement system. For this, it is enough to turn the lock lever or move the stop ring. However, some saws have to perform similar actions using a key or screwdriver, which is uncritical, but less convenient.

Vibration navigation

This system is equipped only by advanced electric pills. Allows you to work comfortably with dense materials. Composites and metal, as well as heavy wood. However, for domestic purposes, the extinguishing of vibration is not always necessary, so this criterion is not considered by customers as the main.

Varieties of electric and gasoline saws

The gasoline and electric tool has a motor or engine that provides the rotation of the equipment. Thanks to this operator, you have to make less effort, and the speed of work increases. Some versions of the tool are autonomous and are suitable for field conditions, others are network and need 220 in outlet. Here are the main features of this category of saws.

Chain chain

The saw works with the internal combustion engine. Needs gasoline and lubrication of a small cutting part. The tool differs in the length of the tire, which occurs from 35 to 60 inches. This affects the ability to cut a certain diameter of the barrel for the approach on one side.


The cutting element is a chain consisting of links and teeth protruding out. It is looped and moves along the oval bus with the guide. The operator holds the unit for the main and additional handles. You can drive the cut horizontally or vertically.

Replacement and tightening of the chain is carried out by a stretch mechanism on the side. If the working part is lit up in the material, then the saw will bounce. To increase the safety in it, a circuit brake is provided that triggers when a plastic protective stop collides with the operator’s hand.


The presence of exhaust gases allows you to use this type of tool only on the street. Chainsaws are often used for firing forests and firewood harvesting. Due to the autonomy of the gasoline engine, they are suitable for long.Term operation in the field.

But the tool is quite universal, so it is used almost everywhere:

  • Construction of houses and baths from a log house;
  • Cutting firewood in the courtyard of the cottage;
  • Cutting of garden trees;
  • Figure clipping of sculptures from concrete or ice.

Thanks to a powerful engine, the saw copes with dense materials and worthy tolerates serious loads. But this is an expensive tool that requires proper care.

Electric chain saws

Similar to gasoline in the type of cutting part and use the same chains. But thanks to the electricity, not a gas outlet, they have both their advantages and disadvantages. Inside their species are divided by the length of the tire and power.


The electric motor is located in front of the main handle and is installed longitudinally or transversely. In the first case, the electric saw is obtained with a narrow case, and in the second. With a shorter. This should be taken into account when choosing for use in limited space. All chain power saws of the network type are connected to 220 in. There are battery versions for 36 in.

Electric saws are easier than chainsaws, so they tire their hands less and are suitable for long.Term work during the day. They do not emit exhaust gases and are used both inside and outside the room. Their still is simpler (only an electric motor, gearbox and equipment), which is what they cost cheaper and repair is inexpensive.

But the presence of a network wire limits the maneuverability of the operator, and sometimes simply interferes (when working at a height or frequent bypass around a large workpiece). Battery electric cars are not so powerful and limited in terms of use by battery capacity.


In general, this is a universal tool, but the presence of a network cord allows you to use it only near the outlet. With their help they cut firewood in the yard, the construction of wooden houses is carried out, opened under the doors and windows in wooden houses.

Saber saw

Got a name because of the cutting element of the bent type resembling a saber. Among the masters is also called electronics.


It has an electric motor and a gearbox that makes the saw blade move back and forth. Due to such repeated progressive movements with a high frequency, a cut is made. To protect the operator’s hands, an emphasis on the second handle next to the equipment is provided. The main handle is M-shaped or D-shaped. Some models have a step switch of speed that helps set the desired turns for a specific material.

The tool is network and battery. The pros and cons of the type of power here are the same with other saws: the network limits mobility and requires the existence of a rosette nearby, and the versions with the battery remain autonomy only for an hour. For longer use without breaks, you will need a second battery. Then the batteries can be alternated, changing in the tool and charging in the database.


The main feature of the saber saw is compactness and small weight. Thanks to this, it is used at a height or in hard.To.Reach places where it is inconvenient to operate with a chain chain or disk manual.

For example, it is well suited for roofing. The model cuts not only wood. Special interchangeable canvases allow you to dissect stone, concrete, metal. There are saw canvases with which you will be able to perform a neat cut in combined materials.

Saw an alligator

Is a type of saber saw but is designed for more voluminous objects and blanks. It got its name through the use of two gear paintings similar to a double dentist row of an alligator. The tool is battery and network. The first view is much more expensive.


Has handles on a motor block and a long guide. Two canvases move along the lower part of the tire in opposite directions. The length of the course is up to 40 mm. This provides an even cut and minimizes the disposal line to the side. When the canvas swells, it is changed to a new.


Most often, the Alligator saw is used to cut aerated concrete and similar in structure and density of building blocks. It is light and suitable for sawing brick perpendicular or diagonally. But two canvases in the composition increase the thickness of the cut, which is important to consider when calculating the size of the materials.

Circular (disk) manual saw

It is held with one hand and can be used for cuts in the lower and vertical positions. Disk is called due to the rotation of the disk as the main cutting element. Thanks to this design, it is compact. There are versions with power from the 220 V power networks and batteries at 36 in.


Consists of a D-shaped one handle, a transverse engine, to which a steel disk with teeth is attached. The rotation of the working part at high speed ensures rapid cutting of wood. The circular disk is protected by a clinging casing, automatically closing the teeth after the saw from the board. The cut depth depends on the diameter of the disk and can reach 50-60 mm.

Professional saber saws with high power

Sable saws belonging to the category of professional ones are highly capacity. They can be used for a long time.

Silky Pole Saw | Light Saber of Saws

For reference! Continuous work is allowed up to 4 hours.

Hacksaws with this characteristic are used in furniture factories and factories. Despite the high cost, professional saws are also in demand.

According to expert opinion, the best in this category became:

The manufacturer equips professional saber saws with a large number of additional functions.

How to choose a suitable device

When choosing a saber‘s file, it is necessary to take into account the main characteristics of the device:

  • Speed ​​setting. This characteristic allows you to adjust the effect of the tool to materials of various densities. The speed adjustment by changing the pressure on the starting key is largely convenient, but it requires a certain dexterity for the accurate selection of the desired cut intensity. Models with a switch in the form of a slider or wheeled make it possible to set certain speed values ​​without the risk of exceeding the desired indicator.
  • Connecting equipment. Saw canvases can be mounted with or without a key. The second option is more preferable and is more common in modern devices, as it helps to increase the convenience in operating the tool.
  • Power. Determines the productivity of the tool when working with materials of various structures and density. It affects the length and speed of the stroke, as well as the type of sawdust equipment used.
  • The depth of sawing. For soft materials (wood) can reach 300 mm, when working with solid (metal). 130 mm.
  • The speed of the course. Limiting in modern units is about 3,000 moves per minute. It is better to opt for models with the ability to configure this parameter to adjust the cut for different types of material.

Sable saw battery can be built.In or removable. The possibility of rearranging a spare battery allows you to perform tasks without a break to recharge the device. When breaking the power source, it will be enough to replace only this part, and not buy a new tool, as in the case of the unsuitability of the built.In battery.

Most of the files of the files are sold without a battery in the kit, which reduces the total cost of the device. In this regard, it is better to purchase battery tools of one brand and supplement them with a pair of universal batteries, which can be rearranged from one device to another if necessary.

Pruning with a Reciprocating Saw

The saw canvas can be made of various alloys that differ in the scope of application:

  • Instrumental steel (HSS). Suitable for sawing metal surfaces;
  • High.Carbon steel (HCS). Works well with plastics and wood;
  • Combined steel (BIM). Combines the types of HSS and HCS, is used for processing wood and plastic products;
  • Hard alloy (HM/CT). Cuts materials with a solid structure and abrasive, such as tiles and steel.

Not all models of devices are blocking, but it is important to observe safety and eliminates the accidental inclusion of the tool. When choosing a model, it will not be superfluous to check the convenience of the location of this button relative to the start key.


Like most other power tools, saber saws have their own classification.

The determining is the gradation of tools in the field of use:

Household are designed for home use. As a rule, he has a low price and mediocre characteristics. The reliability of components and assemblies is designed for sparing operating conditions. This is logical: at home the device will be used from time to time, for a short time. In addition to low cost, manufacturers try to endow the device with compact dimensions and low energy consumption.

An amateur segment occupies an intermediate niche, being a transitional between household and professional. The price of it is average, and power indicators and the possibility of long.Term work vary in wide redistributions, allowing you to choose a saw for a certain range of tasks.

A professional tool is expensive, because it is done with maximum reliability, it is laid out the opportunity to work for a long time without overheating and breakdowns. In addition, a good device is distinguished by thoughtful performance. The presence of several stages of adjustments, as well as the ergonomics of the handles when holding and a more pleasant grip.

Depending on the source of electric current, all saber saws are divided into cord and battery. The former are connected directly to the outlet and have a fairly long cord, which would allow you to work in comfortable conditions. The second can be sawed almost anywhere, but sooner or later they will have to be put on charging. In good devices, there should be at least two batteries. While one works, the other is charged.

Rules for caring for a saber’s saw

The tool requires constant care. If you do not serve the device, then it will fail or worsen its performance. How to properly care for an electric saw:

  • Before operation, it is necessary to check the performance of all components of the mechanisms. If there are malfunctions, then you should not work with such a tool.
  • Periodically check the degree of tightening of the bolts of the device case. The painted case can cause more serious breakdowns or injuries.
  • You can not leave the tool in a room with high humidity, in the cold or simply put on a wet surface.
  • It is not recommended to put pressure on the tool or canvas during the cutting process. This leads to engine spoilage.
  • In order for the engine to cool and recover, it is recommended to let the device rest. 1 stop after 30 minutes of continuous operation.
  • After work, clean the tool from the remnants of the material, dust. It is enough to wipe the already cooled device at first with a slightly damp cloth, and then dry.

To avoid damage, it is worth storing the device only in a special suitcase designed for the tool.

Sable saw. An indispensable assistant in working with different types of materials. It is enough to install a suitable canvas and start work. There are several types of devices with different technical characteristics, paying attention to which you can make the right choice.

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